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The Top 10 Summer Fashion Essentials

You can create a summer wardrobe with a handful of summer essentials. During the summer, I keep it simple with 10 summer fashion essentials, and I wanted to share them with you today.

The Top 10 Summer Fashion EssentialsThe Top 10 Summer Fashion Essentials

1. White Dress

A white dress is easy, effortless, and essential for the season.

The Top 10 Summer Fashion Essentials

White Dress (I’m wearing a small) • Earrings • Sandals (Sold out)

2. Summer Sandals

Having some easy and versatile slide-on sandals (flats and heels) that go with everything is important for hot weather.

The Top 10 Summer Fashion Essentials

Wit & Wisdom Jeans (I’m wearing a size 4) • Plaid Shirt (I’m wearing a small) • Slide Sandal (I sized up 1/2 size) • Earrings

3. Jean Shorts

Denim shorts are my go-to for summer, so they’re absolutely essential in my book.

The Top 10 Summer Fashion Essentials

Tie Shoulder Tank (I’m wearing a small) • Denim Shorts (I’m wearing a small) • Sandals (TTS) • Earrings • Bracelets

4. White T-Shirt

Denim shorts go great with a white t-shirt. White t-shirts don’t show sweat, go with literally any bottoms, and are low maintenance.

The Top 10 Summer Fashion Essentials

White Tee (I’m wearing a small) • Denim Shorts (I’m wearing a size 6) • Sneakers (TTS) • Earrings • Necklace

5. Casual Dress

Casual dresses are great for hot weather and so easy to wear.

The Top 10 Summer Fashion Essentials

Swing Dress (I’m wearing an XS) • Earrings • Sandals (TTS) • Necklace • Necklace • Necklace

6. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must, so consider treating yourself to a new pair of shades since we wear them almost every day!

The Top 10 Summer Fashion Essentials

Knit Ballet Dress (I’m wearing a small) • Earrings • Bracelets • Yellow Bracelet • Wedge Heel (similar option here) • Sunglasses

7. White Jeans

White jeans are a summer wardrobe staple!

The Top 10 Summer Fashion Essentials

Cyndi Ruffle Placket Button Front Blouse (I’m wearing an XXS) • White Jeans (I’m wearing a size 4) • Wedge Heel • Earrings • Necklace • Bracelets


8. Non-Denim Shorts

Having a flattering, versatile pair of non-denim shorts in your summer wardrobe is essential when you don’t want to wear denim shorts.

The Top 10 Summer Fashion Essentials

Mixed Media Henley Top (I’m wearing an XS, cyndi10 for 10% off) • Shorts (I’m wearing a small) • Earrings • Bracelets • Lace-Up Sandal (runs big I sized down 1/2 size)


9. Summery Blouse

I love lightweight, easy, breezy summertime blouses.

The Top 10 Summer Fashion Essentials

Striped Collar Blouse (I’m wearing a small) • White Jeans (I’m wearing a size 4) • Earrings • Wedge Sandal (TTS)

10. Summer Skirts

Skirts are a great option for summer. They are effortless, calm, and comfortable.

The Top 10 Summer Fashion Essentials

Camisole (I’m wearing a small) • Maxi Skirt (I’m wearing a small)  • Earrings • Sandals (TTS) • Necklace • Necklace • Necklace


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  1. I love these type of posts and glad your back to doing them. I ordered several pieces including the Mansy top from Amazon, which I’ll be wearing to work today. Thanks you!