#ThrowbackThursday Winter Fashion

#ThrowbackThursday Winter FashionI was looking through some of my pictures from last winter to see if I could find something to wear. Yep, sometimes I forget what I have so I go back and look at what I wore.

I’m going to be honest and say it’s painful to look back at some of my outfits. I definitely have some “misses” when it comes to my outfits. Which wouldn’t be so bad except I have it documented for everyone to see. Ha!

Anyway, when I was looking back I found a few outfits I liked from my winter fashion posts. Last winter was brutally cold and I spent the whole month wearing scarfs.

I know everyone doesn’t love camo pants but I loved wearing these. I still have them but they have faded a little so I think I need a new pair.

#ThrowbackThursday Winter FashionI don’t like taking pictures inside so it’s not the best quality picture but I do love this striped Gap dress. I still have it and need to wear it this winter.

#ThrowbackThursday Winter FashionI purchased this warm cardigan from LOFT last winter and I had it on yesterday, still love it! The blue scarf is from Gap.

#ThrowbackThursday Winter FashionThis plaid scarf is one of my favorites but it is bulky. My blue jacket was sent in a Stitch Fix box and I still wear it!

#ThrowbackThursday Winter FashionThis is a throwback picture I took before Christmas and the outfit never made it to my blog. I couldn’t decide if I liked this sweater and I think it might have to do with the boots. Not sure!

#ThrowbackThursday Winter Fashion

Outfit details: Sweater//Necklace//Skinny jeans//Boots//White shirt

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Beauty For the Heart~~ Romans 8:31 says, What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Wayne and I have Romans 8:31 inscribed in our wedding bands. It’s a good reminder to us that God is for us!

Maybe you need to be reminded of that today too. No matter what you’re facing today, know that God is with you and he is for you. He is on your side and he loves you!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. The mention of snow in Ga, sends people into a frenzy, ha! North Ga had a little snow yesterday, but I live east of Atl, so none for us. We have a small chance of seeing some flakes again on Fri or Sat.

    I think all your outfits are cute, Cyndi! Stay warm!!

  2. Just want to say how much I love your blog. I look forward to it every morning. I’m 64 and careful about what I wear, but I love to incorporate your outfit ideas. I also love the encouraging scriptures. Many days they’re exactly what I need. Blessings to you and thank you!

  3. As soon as I saw your last pic, my immediate thought was “I love those boots!” – so I had to laugh when I read your comment about them! They look great….and they are awesome with leggings too. (I know – because I have a pair almost the exact same! 😄)

  4. Hi Cyndi! I enjoy yiur daily posts. Do you have any suggestions for a nice t-shirt that can be worn under cardigans that are thick enough to hide imperfections and loose enough to not show the dreadful “jeans meet belly” spot? Ha! Thank you!

  5. You look great Cyndi. Is that last sweater from Target true to size? Sometimes the cardigans can run large… just wondering if you get a chance. 😉 thank you … P.S. I finally bought some large rollers and tried using them on my hair and I love them!! thx for sharing that tip. They do give nice volume!! the problem I’m finding now with all this cold/dry air is static! yikes! 😉

  6. Love the Cardi on the last post!! Boots are cute too…..a tad different….but that’s a good thing! Have a wonderful day!

  7. Actually, I love the cardigan and boots from Target on your last photo! I remember you being hung up on the boots and the lower heel than your used to. I would love to see examples of outfits you looked back on and wondered what you were thinking if you’d consider sharing some of those.

    Have a blessed day, Cyndi and stay warm and safe!

    1. I really like the boots with this outfit , as well. they definitely have a current feel about them and look super comfy. I think the sweater hangs in the back (;don’t know if that’s by design) and could definitely use another top. Perhaps a black turtleneck? the white just contrasts too much and the neckline is a little too exposed for such a chunky sweater.

      These were all hits in my book. I especially like the loft cardigan; don’t know how I missed that one first time around.

      P.S. I’d be spending a fortune on clothes if I replaced things when they started fading. The dyes used today are so bad. I think the camo look can be worn faded.

      PPs. I think a post of your “misses” would be, funny and actually informative if you said what made it a miss in your eyes.

  8. I have the LOFT hooded cardi in navy. I love it! Wore it the other day. So cozy! Thought about getting another color. BTW I like the black/white/red cardi in the bottom picture. The boots aren’t bad but maybe would be better with long boots?

  9. It’s those dang boots! 🙂 I like the sweater alot but I would probably have pulled out some flats. Sometimes (for myself) if the sweater is longer I don’t like wearing my tall boots. I feel like I’m scrunched together. At a whopping 5’3″ I try and elongate myself as much as possible!!!

  10. Loving all the outfits! I would love some camo pants!!!
    I think they would be super cute in spring also with a
    pastel top.
    You are always stylish and beautiful. I have never seen a
    “bad” outfit or picture!

  11. Love all of your outfits! You always look so pulled together and in style. I’m never sure how to wear the boots with the jeans cuffed though, my ankles get so cold when the weather is so nasty out. BRRRR!!!! Any tips? (Can I just go ahead and leave them tucked into the boots or do I end up looking like an old fuddy duddy?) Or do you just put up with cold ankles for the sake of fashion? As my mom always said when I complained about having my hair done or trying on clothes or anything else that had to do with fashion – “that’s the price you pay for beauty.” Boy did I hear that a lot growing up. LOL

    1. I’m the same way–cold ankles and cold feet!! When I wear my booties this time of year I wear regular socks (usually the brown, my booties are brown) and still cuff my jeans. My jeans come to the top of my booties when cuffed to you can’t really see my socks anyway. I’ve seen other people do it this way too. I think the key is wear a pair of sock that won’t stand out.

      If I’m cold all day long I don’t really care anymore if I’m fashionable or not!! 🙂

  12. I love all the outfits. Today, I especially needed the scripture from Beauty for the Heart. Thank you for your faithfulness and courage in sharing God’s word, His work in your life, and His love.

  13. Hey girl! I think you look great in all these outfits. Ill be on the look out for new camo pants for you. 😊
    Stay warm!

  14. I have several of the long cardigans like you show in the last picture. I’m 5’6″. I lurk on Nordstrom’s website until they put them on sale. The weight is perfect for Dallas weather. I usually don’t have to wear a coat when I wear them. I think the white blouse looks nice with it. I enjoy your blog (and the comments!).

  15. I really like your questionable cardigan with the boots. It looks like a great comfortable/practical/stylish outfit to run errands in. If you don’t want it, I’ll take it! 🙂

  16. I love that Target sweater you’re not sure about; unfortunately it’s not available on online and seems to be sold out at all the stores anywhere near me. Maybe you’d like it better with a red or black top?

  17. Refreshing to hear honest comments about not loving all your outfits, glad it happens to you too! Can you tell me where the navy coat is from? The one in the picture with red plaid scarf. Thanks Cyndi!

  18. It is refreshing to see that you too have misses! I am learning how versatile long cardigans are and wearing them with leggings keeps the booty covered. Here in GA they are predicting winter precipitation beginning late tomorrow, so we’re going to buy groceries this afternoon.

    Be safe and have a blessed day!

  19. Hi Cyndi.

    I do think the boots are cute with this cardigan you are showing. You showed them before with something else, but I can’t remember what. (My memory isn’t the best lately!)

    I love the camo pants. I was able to find a pair at Kohl’s in the junior department this year. I saw some on another blog and happened to spot some on a trip to Kohl’s.

    We are supposed to get that storm as well. As long as the power doesn’t go out, I’m good. Be safe. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Hi Cyndi I’ve gotten your blog for a while and really enjoy seeing how you put things together. I have a question though. I’m only 5’1″ so I need to purchase petite clothing if I want the proportion to fit correctly. It’s more than just having something shortened. Can you recommend any boutiques or other stores that carry nice petite clothing? So many stores think that petite means matronly and only elastic waisted garments!! Thank you

  21. Hi, Cyndi. ..I personally love the sweater you’re not so sure about. It looks so comfy and cozy and versatile with other colors underneath.
    I’m in KY too and have the snow and waiting for more throughout the evening and weekend. One thing’s for certain, all this snow equates empty shelves at our local Walmart and IGA…lol… Stay safe and warm!

  22. I really love the last outfit on you! I’m a teacher and I think I may have to go find those boots or something similar.

  23. I’ve probably commented this before but that’s my favorite bible verse which I memorized as a child I loved it so much. Love the cardigan from December that wasn’t posted.

  24. Hi Cyndi,
    I love my camo pants too. They are very comfortable. Here in the Carolinas we are bracing for snow, sleet, freezing rain tomorrow through the weekend. I’m a teacher don’t really want it on the weekends.
    Keep warm and safe everyone.
    Peace be with you.

  25. I like the sweater that you are unsure about. Especially love the pop of red and think it would be fun to play off the color with red jewelry. Just a thought.

  26. I really like the sweater! They are all great!

    It is wonderful to have a few positive, fun, and HONEST blogs to look forward to each day, and yours is at the top of my list! Thanks, Cyndi!

  27. Love the cardigan and the boots. We are bracing for the storm in NC, our local grocery store shelves were bare yesterday. Stay safe and warm. Thanks for all the tips and inspiration you provide.

  28. I’m a day late and catching up. I typically read your blog at work but our IT dept. has blocked you…ugh! I’d be willing to bet ESPN isn’t blocked
    Anyway, I LOVE all the outfits, including the patterned sweater, but I’m going to say I’m not a huge fan of those particular black boots either. There’s just something about them just doesn’t look quite like you…I don’t know why.,,
    I want some of those camo pants but LOFT doesn’t have them now, and I don’t like the ones they do have as well.
    Stay warm! I know you’re neck of the woods is covered in snow…it is starting again in Knoxville and is shaping up to be an interesting weekend.

  29. I love your blog and outfits; they are a nice part of my day. I also enjoy seeing what winter looks like in other parts of the world. Living in Calgary, Alberta means long, cold and snowy winters. Kentucky looks like a great place to live!