Tie Front Top + Denim Skirt

Welcome to Day 17 of our 25 Days of Summer Fashion! Today I’m styling a tie front top and a denim skirt. Which after taking these pictures, I think the skirt is too short. If you’re a petite lady this skirt will work great for you!

I’m not sure that it makes it any better but I was in Las Vegas (enough said) and and it was over 100 degrees. Keeping cool was a high priority.

Tie Front Top + Denim Skirt

Everyone says Vegas is what you make of  it and I think that’s true. We shopped, ate some amazing food, and looked at all the beautiful buildings. We stayed at The Venetian Hotel and it was gorgeous!

It was a bad weekend to be in Las Vegas because there was a concert going on called, EDC (electric dance carnival). There were over 300,000 young people dressed very strange and very risqué.

Tie Front Top + Denim Skirt This tie front top from Lucky Brand is perfect for the hot weather. The colors are red, white, and blue so it would be cute to wear for the upcoming 4th of July holiday.

Tie Front Top + Denim SkirtThese wedge heels are also from Lucky Brand and they are on sale.

Tie Front Top + Denim SkirtHere is our photo bomber, he was having fun!

Tie Front Top + Denim SkirtTie Front Top (I’m wearing a small)//Denim Skirt (I’m wearing a size 2)//Wedge Heel//Crossbody Bag

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Beauty For the Heart~~We please Him most not by frantically trying to make ourselves good, but by throwing ourselves into His arms with all our imperfections and believing that He understands everything and still loves us. A.W. Tozer

So thankful he loves us, imperfections and all!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Vegas is certainly the place to people watch, right, Cyndi??
    When my mom (the 70+ model on my blog), my stepmom (the 60+ model) and I went out for Christmas last year, we took some photos in front of this same area for our scarf post!! How fun you got the gondolier rider involved–ha ha!!

  2. The skirt, seems a bit to short for my liking. Also, something my teenage daughter would wear. However, the top and wedges are adorable.

  3. Super cute outfit – and too short – no, especially for Vegas :-). Looks beautiful, and certainly on my bucket list of places to see.

  4. The photobomber was a fun one! I agree that Vegas is a little crazy and not my favorite place to vacation. However, there is more than just casinos to see so I hope you did find some fun things – like watching the fountain presentation at, I think the Belagio hotel and going up in the Eifel Tower and watching the volcanoes erupt at another one of the hotels. We went to the wax museum and it was a ton of fun to take pix with these wax figures and act like they were real! hahaha I love those shoes you are stylin’ too. And your Beauty For The Heart was something I absolutely needed to hear today as I was just praying this morning for the Lord to please help me overcome this need for perfection. No one is perfect and I do well at accepting that one minute and then turn around and realize I’m striving for it again. Thank you for the reminder. Enjoy your trip!

  5. Cute outfit, especially the top. Looks like you’re having a fun vacation! I grew up in CA and live in AZ, so if you think Vegas is hot…come here. :). Yes, it’s way too hot to layer with a cami. Be sure to stop in Camarillo or Ventura on your way to Santa Barbara for lunch or dinner at In-n-Out Burger. They are the BEST. Order your fries “animal style” and you will love them. :).

  6. Such fun pictures! Everyone is having a good time there! I don’t think the skirt looks too short but I ‘m with you, if it doesn’t feel right, you just gotta be true to your gut instinct! So happy you and Wayne are having a blast!
    Blessings on your day!

  7. I live in Florida and I especially like the summer outfits!! Can you please post more of them that are geared for hotter climates? I love following your blog!!

  8. Love your photo bomber! I laughed reading about you experiencing the heat some of us live in and why we can’t wear a tank under our tops. It can be really miserable. As much as I love my tops from Glamour Farms, I am hesitant to order from them a lot because so many of the tops they sell require a tank to look nice. Enjoy the drive up the CA coast. I’ve heard how breathtaking it is!

  9. Well, I have enjoyed your trip along with you. I have been to Las Vegas with a group of girlfriends years ago. We don’t gamble and it was 103 Hot Hot with all Cemdnt. I went , I Saw, I won’t go again. Not my thing. I did enjoy the musical shows. I Can’t wait to see what you think of California. BGreen

  10. I am thoroughly enjoying all your pics of this much needed vacation for you and Wayne. My husband and I went to Las Vegas a couple of years ago at the end of September/early October. We stayed at the Bellagio and it was absolutely breathtaking. Fall is my favorite time of the year and it was decorated with mums, a waterwheel, scarecrows, a talking tree and other Autumn decor. We walked around inside Caesars Palace which was incredibly gorgeous too. It was slightly over 100 degrees then. I agree with you about dressing light. We do not gamble however, we enjoyed the amazing food. We ate at the Eiffel Tower restaurant and was able to get a window seat that overlooked the fountain show of the Bellagio. I wished Celine Dion would have had a show there during that time because I would have enjoyed going. We did see a Las Vegas show about how many celebrities got their start in showbiz……..very talented entertainers. Praying for your safety as well.. ~Lisa~

  11. Hey, my friend & I were there for a conference last year & we think your photobomber was our gondolier! So fun!

  12. I really wish you were here in sunny California for a conference, I would love to have met you. I grew up in the L.A. area and then moved to Vegas. I am now back in California, so it’s fun to see you in all my old stomping grounds.
    I enjoy your blog and great fashion advice daily. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  13. My husband and I did Vegas a few years back.
    It was August when we went. We stayed in the Venetian as well. Beautiful.
    We enjoyed the sites on the strip. All of the food was delicious.
    Enjoyed sinking of the ship at Treasure island.
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  14. You’re in California…YAY FOR YOU!!! Yeah, it’s truly a challenge finding clothes for the southwestern summers. And it’s also true that Arizona is even hotter than Las Vegas. I got a few linen t-shirts from Eileen Fisher, (even though they were a little too expensive for me), and they’re a big help if you live in extreme heat. I even ordered a few extra ones on Ebay. They’re modern and stylish, and super comfortable even when it’s 110 degrees. The white ones can be slightly sheer, but not the colored ones. Well, you certainly saw Vegas at one of our worst times, with the heat wave and that particular concert. But thank you so much for stopping by in the Mojave Desert…it’s great to be visited by one of the best fashion bloggers! I know you’ll have a lovely time in CA!

  15. Welcome to Cali Cyndi! I’m a Cali native
    One of the few left here! Ha! Be sure while in Santa Barbara if you want the best clam chowder, go to Brophy Brothers at the harbor, by far the best!
    If you want a great place to watch the Sunset and perhaps run into a star or two, go to the Four Season’s Hotel in Montecito (‘Cito is what the locals call it) also Butterfly Beach right in front of the Hotel is great for sunset watching too!
    I truly left my heart in Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara Zoo is a fun stop with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Riding the pedal bikes along Cabrillo Blvd is fun but can get really crowded. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or need more ideas for Santa Barbara! Safe travels.

  16. Well, you have great legs to pull off wearing a short skirt. You do look great but I am not crazy about the cut-off skirt look. You are such a classy dresser and this skirt is just not doing it for me. Love the shirt and the wedges, just not the skirt. Enjoy your trip!

  17. Cyndi, you have the shape and legs for that cute skirt, so go for it :). Looking amazing as always!!!

    Glad that you and hubby are having a great time!

    I went to Vegas a few years ago, and loved it. I agree, pass on the gambling, but enjoyed everything else about it.

    Continue to enjoy your trip 🙂

  18. Sorry Cindi but your post gave me a little chuckle. The EDC is known as the Electric Daisy Carnival and it’s not for the faint of heart. My daughter use to photograph the weekend long event for the LV Review Journal newspaper and I was always concerned if she would get out alive. lol

  19. What great memories you will have of this trip! Love the skirt…don’t think it is any shorter than those skort things we use to wear. In fact when they were popular as one piece dresses with the skort bottom I use to wear to work if dressy enough fabric. You have got great legs….flaunt it while you can I think 🙂

  20. You will have a wonderful time in Santa Barbara! It will be warm but it has coastal breeze. I suggest walking down by the Harbor & waterfront . Shop all along State St and the at Paseo Nuevo. (I live in Santa Barbara and have followed your blog for a couple years now;-) )

  21. I love your sense of humor and kept in the pic of the photo bomber!! As always, you look so cute!!!

  22. Looks like your having a blast. My husband and I visited Las Vegas years ago, and the lights and buildings were gorgeous. Not sure if we will return though( other places we would like to see). The outfit is cute, and while the skirt is not my style your away so why not? I’m also not one for layering and we don’t get too extreme heat here where we are in Canada, but come summer the fewer layers the better, even in the 80’s and 90’s. Winter comes soon enough and I can layer then. lol Safe Travels

  23. also just a side note, but in heat like that I think I would have found a long following maxi dress much cooler, with say a tank style top. Just what I would have probably wore in that heat. I don’t find denim to be too comfortable on hot days:) You look great never the less.

  24. Oh wow. You are North. You need to come to my state Oregon. So beautiful here. My husband and I are in Bend Oregon vacationing some and it’s 98. Heading home now more coastal. We have beautiful mountains to see in Oregon. Love your top.

  25. Love the picture with the photo bomber. And Cyndi, my niece and her husband were at that EDC event. Yes, it is very strange, I don’t even understand it, they are on my prayer list. Looks like you’re having a great trip. We live in TX and have been on vacation in MS so we’ve just gone from heat to heat, would have loved to see the snow you posted. Enjoy your travels!

  26. My husband and I were there a few years ago when that event was going on. Some of those kids were a SIGHT. Vegas is always a fun place to people watch. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Be safe.

  27. The west is having a major heat wave. I am finding that I am too hot even in denim capris. Enjoy the time on the coast.

  28. You look great in the skirt but we all have a comfort zone, and being comfortable and not self conscious is important! Welcome to California! I live 150 miles from the Oregon border on I-5 and it was 113 yesterday! (Redding.) I hope you have a wonderful drive through the state! Enjoy your vacation!

  29. Cute top….would be great for the 4th of July. Did you and Wayne plan out your trip or did you just head out and plan as you go? So much to see in each state, don’t know how you did it. Enjoy the West….my part of the state, even if hot. 🙂

  30. California is a great state! They have so much to offer. Driving down or up the 101 is breathtaking, one of my favorite drives. Lots of cute towns to stop in. The beaches are beautiful…Vegas is fun too! Yes, it is hot, very hot.

    Cute outfit and it sounds like you are having a great time.

    Hopefully, you can head further south and see the beaches near orange county…lots to see and lots of shopping!!

    Have fun and enjoy California we sure love it.

    Nicole Long and family