Top 10 Household Items from Amazon

Happy hump day! We are enjoying a few days in Tennessee camping, and we will head back home tomorrow. The weather has been warm, but it’s been a little rainy. We’re still having lots of fun!

Today on the blog, I’m sharing my top 10 household items from Amazon that I use every day. I could have added more, but I tried to keep it to my very favorites.

The robe I’m sharing is the one I wear during the warm months, when it’s cold outside, I wear this one.

Top 10 Household Items from Amazon

Top 10 Household Items from Amazon

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Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder • I purchased this last year, and we have used them ever since. We love them!

Robe • I have this robe in the black color and the pink. I wear it every day when getting ready.

Flexible Magnifying Mirror • I purchased this earlier this year, and it’s been the best purchase. I don’t have to bend over and put my makeup on.

Jewelry Stand • I’m always looking for places to put my jewelry. This stand is great for my necklaces.

Unbreakable Tritan Water Tumblers • These are great for outdoor entertaining, but we use them for everyday glasses too.

Essential Oil Diffuser • I have essential oils going all the time, and this is an easy and pretty diffuser.

Matte Gold Silverware Set • When I changed my knobs and handles to gold in my kitchen, I ordered this matte gold silverware set (I ordered two sets), and we use them every day.

Leakproof BPA Free Drinking Water Bottle • I try to drink water all day long, and I use this water bottle.

Microfiber Facial Cloths • I love washing my makeup off with these. I have the gray color.

Porcelain Mugs • I have two sets of the multicolor mugs in my kitchen and one set of the white color in our camper.

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  1. Great list. I bought the robe in black per your recommendation months ago. Love it. I’ll have to check out the mirror. I don’t like bending over to do my make up either.
    Glad you are having a fun trip. Yes, things can go wrong but so good a window was open. 🙂 I forget you have a puppy. You never seem to complain about all the work of one. 🙂 lol. Sounds like your weather is what we are having in NW Oregon too. Safe travels home.

  2. I attached a small keychain with extra keys on my dog’s leash. I have both a house and mailbox key on there. The only time I take the keychain off is when I drop the dog off at the groomer or vet. Getting locked out once is one time too many! 😉

  3. I still laugh thinking of you climbing through a window! 😂… love this Amazon list! I have those grey facecloths and love them for washing off my make up. I’m putting that robe on my list I’ve been eyeing it in your videos. Is it soft to wear?

  4. FYI I’m sure we’ve ALL locked ourselves out of our trailer/RV …..just a little secret, most keys or at least some are universal and you can sometimes check with either the office where you are staying or other campers (i know no one ever wants to bother people but ya do what ya gotta do) cause we locked ourselves out once and trust me we have a very unique RV (at least for our area) and the office was able to find a key that worked which was awesome cause it was over 100 degrees that particular day

    1. Sharon…. this isn’t good news to hear. Id hate to think other campers, if they wanted, could get into our trailer. But, from our camping experiences, most people who camp, you can trust. I hope anyways. 🙂 Never heard of universal keys though. I’ll have to tell my husband. Thanks for heads up. We plan to buy a trailer soon.

  5. One more comment cause i failed to read post first….re #5 the tumblers any chance these DON”T sweat? I’m trying to find cute plastic glasses that are either insulated or the like so that when they are filled with ice and a drink they don’t eventually sweat and leave water rings on tables, etc. the only things i’m finding are ugly yeti style stuff.

  6. I love the jewelry holder. I bought it after Kay posted it on her blog.
    I bought the make-up mirror you like, but no matter what I do, it does not stay up. The suction does not want to work on the bathroom mirror. Oh well! When we finish our new house, I will have a make-up mirror like I had in our old house, wired in and hanging on the wall.

    If not….maybe Cindi can send you an email. 🙂
    They have beautiful vessels that are unlike the manly looking Yeti.
    Some of them come in a Carrara marble finish, animal print, aqua, red
    and more. I have been using them for quite a while and they do not sweat even if you have ice in them! Good luck.
    I think you’ll really like the different styles and colors.

  8. We are campers from Florida. Tell us your favorite campgrounds near you. Kentucky and Tennessee are a long drive for us, it’s nice to have good recommendations when we’re camping that far from home!
    Love your blog!