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Top 10 Posts of 2015

Top-10-Posts-of-2015I shared with you yesterday that I’m looking back over the past year. It’s good to look back but I’m also looking ahead and excited about 2016!

I love to look at trends in fashion and beauty and I’m already looking at 2016. One of the trends for 2016 is covering up. No more bare naked dresses! Ummm…I’m so glad I didn’t jump on that trend!

We’ll look at trends in 2016 over the next few months and I can’t wait!

Today on my final post of 2015, I’m sharing my Top 10 Posts of 2015. I was kind of surprised that all of them are from December and that the striped dress didn’t make the top 10. Lesson learned on mismatched stripes. Ha!

Here are my Top 10 Posts of 2015:

1. 3 Ways to Wear Leggings

Top-10-Posts-of-20152. Red Hunter Boots -26 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 13)

Top-10-Posts-of-20153. My 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Top-10-Posts-of-20154. 25 Days of Winter Fashion Review

Top-10-Posts-of-20155. Navy Blue Tunic

Top-10-Posts-of-20156. Casual Holiday Dress -25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 15)

Top-10-Posts-of-20157. Macy’s Friends & Family Sale-25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 14)

Top-10-Posts-of-20158. Casual Winter Style For Women Over 40

Top-10-Posts-of-20159. Red Tunic for Day 21 of 25 Days of Winter Fashion

Top-10-Posts-of-201510. Mixing Patterns on Day 23 of 25 Days of Winter Fashion

Top-10-Posts-of-2015Have a safe New Year’s Eve! I will be spending New Year’s Eve at home watching the ball drop in my comfy pajamas. Just the way I like it!!

Do you have New Year’s Eve plans?

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Beauty For the Heart~~“The longer we live in him, the greater he becomes in us. It’s not that he changes but that we do; we see more of him. We see dimensions, aspects, and characteristics we never saw before, increasing and astonishing increments of his purity, power, and uniqueness.” ~ Max Lucado

Praying I become more like Him in 2016!

Have a blessed day!

**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!

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  1. Really disappointed that you are promoting Trump on your blog. I have loved your blog because it has always been so positive. This offends me as it should all women. If I continue to see those pop ups I will no longer visit your site.

        1. I have never seen anything about Trump or anything political at all on Cyndi’s blog. In my opinion, Cyndi would always take the high road regarding any subject…

  2. I haven’t commented much lately, but I read each and every post, Cyndi. Looking forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for us! Wishing you a wonderful New Year, Cyndi! I’ll be in my pjs as well!
    xo Heidi

  3. I have truly enjoyed finding your blog this year and am inspired daily. I love the Faith you have and how you share it with your readers. But most of all I want to go shopping with you! Have a blessed and happy new year.

  4. I am still thinking about the blue striped dress. I love it! It has just been so dog gone warm here! But, would be perfect for church or casual wear. I would probably wear with tights and boots or booties! It made my top 10 list!!!
    Happy New Year and many ble to your family🙌💗🎉

  5. I love reading your posts each day, Cyndi. Thank you for all that you do. May 2016 be a happy one for you and your family.

  6. I’m sorry for the comment about Trump coming up on your post. It is something imbeded in my phone . Trying to delete it. It just shocked me when those ads started popping up on your site.

    1. Carol, I’m so sorry that those popped up. Believe me when I say I would never endorse a candidate on my blog. Who I vote for is very personal and something I pray about and take seriously.
      I have it set so that no political ads should be on my blog but spammers do sometimes get in. Again, I’m so sorry!!
      Happy New Year,

  7. Our primary home is 10 minutes away from the small city where we live outside of Atlanta. They put on an awesome FREE, very safe & family friendly New Years Eve extravaganza that we enjoy going to. The country radio station we listen too is hosting it again tonight, and the main show will be The Brothers Osbourne. But, we are at our home way out in the country with more hunting land than neighbors to keep our Standard Poodle more calm by being away from all of the fireworks. If the rain stops, we will have a bonfire at our lake house & shoot a few fireworks over our lake, with a few of my husbands hunting buddies and one neighbor. But, we will be back in our home to watch the new year roll in from NY. Happy New Year everyone!

  8. Thank you for another year of sharing your style and faith with us, Cyndi! You are my favorite fashion blogger and I enjoy your posts each day! Have a blessed 2016!

  9. Happy New Year to you and your family! You are the first blogger I ever followed, and are still my favorite! Thank you for being a real person, with happy days, hurts, and all the things the rest of us experience.. I love your beauty for the heart- often it is exactly something I needed that day. You have surely been a blessing to me.

  10. Staying in tonight, as well. We might even make it to midnight. Lol
    I’m looking forward to your trend prediction for 2016.
    Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Year! I just started following your blog this year. I enjoy it so much and wanted to thank you. I even bought the Kensie polka dot tunic in grey 😃. I have tried to buy some others things, too, but just haven’t been quick enough to snag them before they sell out. I love the fact that you share your faith along with your fabulous fashion sense!

  12. Love your fashion and inspiration, inside and out. Looking forward to your 2016 visions for us!! You’re the best. Happy New Year Cyndi!

  13. We stay home as well 😊 I feel so blessed to have found your blog this past spring. Thank you so much for all your inspiration!! Blessings to you for a great 2016!!!

  14. My husband and I stay home and watch the ball drop while taking down the Christmas tree.
    My family has been blessed and I pray God will continue to work within me this year.
    Happy New everyone!!!

  15. WOW! Just opened The DTC Connection and see that YOU are the featured blogger! Awesomeness! Happy New Year! Love your blog & outfit choices! Thanks so much for the suggestions for us “women over 40”.

      1. DeKalb Telephone Cooperative, Inc (DTC) has been the local telephone company serving areas in Alexandria, Auburntown, Gordonsville, Liberty, Milton, Norene, Smithville, Temperance Hall, Woodbury, and Woodland since 1951 in middle Tennessee. The DTC Connection is a small magazine they put out a few times a year. The article is a Q&A with you; but not sure exactly who did the interview. I can scan you a copy if you’d like.

  16. After such an amazing New Year’s Eve spent in New York City ringing in the new year with our family at The Big Apple Circus, this year we are spending it at our home in Ohio and missing our daughter who lives in NYC and praying that this new years is safe for everyone! I am so excited for the new year, welcoming our new granddaughter in January and watching our large family grow.

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. You have helped me so much to keep in style and find things I enjoy wearing. I found the red boots. My favorite too! I have 7 outfits – and a lot of compliments – thank you!

  18. Hi Cyndi,
    This is the BEAUTIFUL YOU, and I love every bit of it!! Every fashion outfit is just up my alley and perfect! I really wouldn’t know what to do with all those clothes, if I were to buy all of what you show us, but I have enjoyed every outfit and every style you modeled for us in 2015, and looking forward to more this year 2016!!! Great Job on the blogging and such a sweet heart you have! God Bless you and your family this New Year!