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Top 10 Reader Favorites for April

Happy Thursday! Since we are winding down the month of April, I thought we would take a quick look back and see the top 10 reader favorites for the month of April.

Top 10 Reader Favorites for April

Top 10 Reader Favorites for April
1. Loving Tan– This gives a nice tan with no smell.

2. Floral Print Flutter Sleeveless Dress– This dress is so cute, I shared it HERE.

3. V Neck Lace Trim Casual Tank Tops– This tank comes in several colors and patterns. It works well under a blazer or wear it alone.

4. Casual Short Sleeve V-Neck Dress– A great casual dress for spring and summer.

5. Floral Print Short Sleeve Dress– I shared this dress HERE during the 23 days of spring fashion.

6. Crop Slim Straight Leg Jeans– I shared these jeans HERE, I love the light wash.

7. Carfia Polarized Sunglasses– Sunglasses are a must for spring and summer. I shared the Best Amazon Sunglasses HERE.

8. Long Sleeve Babydoll Top– Cute babydoll style top, I’ve already worn this several times this spring.

9. Puff Short Sleeve Sweater– Such a nice lightweight spring sweater.

10. Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops– Add these to your lotion for a sunkissed tan.

Did you grab any of these reader favorites?

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  1. Thank goodness for self tanners.
    I remember you taking about having your closet redone, did you show us pictures? I think maybe you showed us before pics but I don’t remember seeing the after? I hope you were happy with the outcome.

  2. I bought the wit and wisdom jeans. Down sized and still too big. So ordered another size down. Thought they’d be okay but just not comfortable. Disappointed as I really like them. Was going to try another size 2 incase fit tighter but all sold out. Still looking for a Spring/Summer Jean to wear. Not loving the styles on me. You look great in them all. Might try the Jcrew button front you styled.

  3. PS. Decided to check site for the wit and wisdom jeans size 2 again. They had 1 left. Just ordered it to try again. Question…. I know you said yours were a little big and you hoped they’d shrink some. Did they? Did they stretch out? The first size 2 I tried fit but I was afraid they’d stretch too much and they bagged a little in the front. Hope these work. I have the mules you wore with them and love those. Wearing today. Thanks for great recommendations. 🙂

  4. I don’t seem to be receiving your daily email anymore. I signed up again thinking it just was starting fresh, and I received a thank you for subscribing, but still don’t get your daily email. I was wondering if it was something I have messed up on my end or if others have the same issue. I really enjoyed your email!!

  5. All of a sudden I stopped receiving your emails. Nothing has changed on my end! Just wondering if you have any ideas? I have resubcribed several times and still not receiving anything.

  6. I have stopped receiving the daily emails. I signed up again but no news so far. Thanks so much for letting me know what I should do.