Top 7 Most Asked Questions About RVing

Happy Thursday! We packed our RV and headed south. We are now in central Florida, enjoying some warmer temperatures.

I get asked a lot of questions about Rving, so I thought I would answer some of my most asked questions.

Top 7 Most Asked Questions About RVing

1. Why did you decide to get an Rv?

We love to travel, and there are so many places across the country we want to visit, and this seemed like a great way to see them. I crave adventure!

2. What type of RV do you have?

We have a 2021 Keystone Cougar Travel Trailer, the model is 32RLi, and it’s about 35 feet long.

3. What do you cook when you’re camping.

We have a full kitchen with a stove and a microwave. We like to cook outside best, and we purchased this Blackstone grill. We grill our meat and veggies on the grill. Super easy!

4. What are the pros of traveling with an RV?.

    • You can feel at home on the road. You can take your favorite things with you. I can hang my favorite family photos, have my favorite coffee pot, take all the clothes and shoes I want. It really does feel like a home away from home.
    • Work remotely from anywhere. Since I already work from home, I can take my job wherever we travel.
    • It’s an adventure! You get to really experience the journey. When you travel by RV, you get to actually see the country, and there are so many beautiful things to see.
    • You get to meet lots of people, and we have found the RV community to be so friendly.
    • You avoid the hassle of airports!
    • You can prepare your own food (that can also be a con if you don’t want to cook).

5. What are the cons of traveling with an RV?

  • It takes time to get there. Traveling by RV allows you to be on your schedule, but you need to plan time to get wherever you’re going. It’s a little more exhausting than driving a car, so we don’t like to drive more than around 5 hours if possible with our RV.
  • Unexpected things always happen. When something breaks, it’s up to you to fix it or wait until you get back and get it fixed. That can be annoying.
  • There’s a learning curve, and you have to know black tanks, grey tanks, leveling, etc.
  • If you’re hungry on the road, you can’t drive through and grab fast food (that could be a pro because fast food isn’t usually good for you. Haha!).
  • It’s not necessarily less expensive travel. There’s maintenance on your RV, storage, and it costs to get started.

6. Is it hard to find places to camp?

Cutout Long Sleeve (I’m wearing a small) • Denim Shorts (I’m wearing a size 27) • Leopard Belt • Sneakers (similar option here) • SunglassesEarringsCrossbody bag

It’s not hard at all, but the best places book early, so you have to do some searching. There are sketchy campgrounds, and I try to avoid them at all costs!

7. Have you boondocked yet?

Boondocking is when you camp in your RV without water, sewer, or electrical connections. We have not boondocked, and I don’t plan on doing it anytime soon.

I will if we have to, but I prefer all the amenities! Some gorgeous views might make me change my mind in the future.

8. Would you want to live full-time in your RV?

No! We love our home and have no plans to live in our RV.

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    1. We have RV’d for many years now. One con with a towable is you need a strong truck which may ultimately be your every day vehicle. If you prefer to tow a vehicle you can purchase a motorhome. We borrowed my dad’s once and I will say it’s nice if you need to use a restroom you just go (as long as you’re not the driver of course. The con to a motorhome is they are very expensive compared to a travel trailer/fifth wheel RV. For us, we need a vehicle when we land so the expense of a motorhome isn’t worth it, since you still need to tow a car.

  1. Great post. We use to tent camp and pull our boat for years with our kids as they grew up……less in their later years when they got Summer jobs, sports etc. But, since we pulled our boat for recreational fun…..and we sure had fun, we had to tent camp. Back then I didn’t think anything of it……..3 kids and a puppy at times too. Oh my, it makes me tired thinking about it now. Tent camping is WORK and I never plan to do it again. 🙂 We want to get an RV sometime soon, in the next few years and I know we will enjoy it. We have friend who have one and so we have heard the pro’s and the con’s. Our daughter and her husband got one over a year ago, when they wanted to travel safer during covid and they have gone sooooo many places. Nothing too far from home, and like you said met so many people just around our neighborhood in Oregon. This was fun to read and hear your thoughts. I’m sure you will have a great time now that you are settled in one place and can relax and enjoy the sunshine. What is the temperature in Central Florida? I’ve only been to Florida once to visit a friend in Miami….didn’t’ like Miami and we drove to DisneyWorld together and that was fun. My husband and I flew there with our first baby at 6 months old from Oregon.

  2. Love that you posted more info about your RV and experience camping. I have always thought it would be so much fun to have one, but haven’t bit the bullet yet to buy one, so this is very helpful. Don’t think we would buy one that big however. My son has a 27 ft and says that is bigger than what he would like and they can’t get on the road if it is windy at all. Anxious to see what others have for comments on their experience. We just got back before Christmas from spending three weeks exploring places all the way from the Everglades up to St. Pete’s using our time share and loved the gulf area beaches. Enjoy!

  3. Sounds wonderful!! I’ve always been a hotel/ resort person but now a days this seems to be perhaps the safest way!! I grew up with many long road trips our family never flew but drove everywhere and when our kids were young we did the same until they got older and then.. well, we started to fly they weren’t as excited about the long road trips! Have a great time!!

    1. Morning from Chilly Massachusetts!
      This is a great post! We are looking at campers now. We love to have adventures!. We are headed to Vero beach in less than 2 weeks. All the Cons in your post is what my husband was telling me. I like the idea of bringing my “home” with me. Enjoy🌴

  4. We glamp too…. one suggestion is we use Good Sam for finding places to camp. When we camp we are basically using it as our “motel” and we go places to sightsee….we happen to be good sam members BUT you don’t have to be to use the site – what I like is you can pick places with bathroom ratings (ha) or ametities so you can say you only want places that people gave them a 9 or above rating (out of 10) so it helps get tricked by pictures they might put on sites that don’t look that way when you get there (happened MANY times). Also I LOVE organization so for my cabinets I love buying the fabric cubes from the dollar store (cheap and you can change out without lots of cost) to stores items in so they don’t move around or another trick is those magazine holders that are kinda angled – I use to store my foil, wax paper, etc on top of each other in a cabinet for easy access.

  5. Your RV is gorgeous and it compliments you and Wayne and your lifestyle. Our daughter got an RV similar to yours last year. Word of Warning – make sure your truck is capable of pulling it. They did not plan that out or do the research and totally ruined their truck. So now the RV sits and gathers dust. Everything requires due diligence does it not? Have fun in Florida – my second favorite state after Texas.

  6. PS Could I ask a question…….do you guys have to wear mask in Florida? Covid has really gone crazy here in Oregon lately…..yesterday I just found out my son-in-law tested positive and my daughter feels like she is getting it. They have a 2 yr. old daughter. Of course I’m concerned. Right after my daughter told me this, my son, who is a paramedic/fireman called and he was on his way to test, as he was really sick and knows he has it. He was sure he got it on his last shift. His wife and baby are okay, so far. So, I sat right down to pray. When I see your Florida trip picture in the sunshine, I too crave a get away from all this. When I prayed this morning, when I woke up early, I asked the Lord to please have mercy and allow this to be taken from us, but if not, give us strength to continue to live with it and learn what He has for us. I feel like I have covid fatigue. My husband and I had it for awhile over Thanksgiving into December and it wears you down.

  7. You and Wayne should really try boondocking! We actually prefer it! Like you said there are so many gorgeous sites to wake up to outside of an RV park or campground! It’s nice to do for a few nights and then get to a campground to dump tanks!

  8. Enjoy your time in Florida. I know the milder temperature is quite a draw for visitors. Living in Florida and knowing our governor is not pro mask mandates I would just say be careful with exposure to Covid. Our Covid numbers have gone up substantially. Have a wonderful time:)

  9. We started camping just before the pandemic because of a live bed big incident in a nice hotel. {Shudder}. My husband had been trying to talk me into for a few years before, I’m truly sorry I waited so long. It’s especially nice with Covid, we are able to travel and we can stop and use our own bathroom and eat at the dinette before getting back on the road. Also, it makes traveling with our dog much easier. My husband is a hospitalist and has been slammed since Covid. This sums up the best thing about having the camper – on one of our first trips since Covid hit he got up the first morning and was drinking his coffee and said it felt like he’d been off for days.

  10. Some of my best memories of my kids childhood are from when we were camping. We have been camping in a travel trailer for about twenty years now. We always try to stay at State park campgrounds. They are usually less expensive than other places and most all that we’ve been to have been nice. Amenities will vary for each one but it seems a lot of the state parks are really improving their campgrounds because camping is so popular.

  11. So happy to read this blog! We have a Tiffin RED, 38 ft and travel al lot in it. Everything you said is so true about RV life! We do plan as far ahead as possible so we aren’t at the mercy of low end campgrounds!! I, like you, would never give up my brick and mortar home but seeing this beautiful country in a RV is such a great adventure!! Safe travels and enjoy the weather…

  12. What bracelets are you wearing regularly righ tnow?

    I absolutely love following you. It is a joy to see your posts and follow along. We like to travel and camp to so I was so glad to see you offering some information on your travels and camping experiences. Maybe we will cross paths.

    Thanks so much,

  13. Very interesting post! I can see the appeal of RV travel. My husband has ‘threatened’ me with it, but I haven’t given in yet. 😉

  14. So fun to see you going for a get away in your camper! My hub and I got our first one, that I gutted and remodeled- got SO hooked we sold that one and got a brand new Rockwood 2608BS and have had so many adventures! It is so fun to be able to just drop everything and move out for a week or two. We take our dogs with us- just like being at home, but not! Thanks for sharing your life and your faith!

  15. How exciting Cyndi! My husband and I bought a Winnebago RV this Fall and are traveling from MN to FL on Monday for 3-months! We had a Travel Trailer with bunks when the kids were little and enjoyed it so much that we decided to do it again with a new “home on wheels” that suits the two of us better in our “newly retired” years! I love not having to pack a suitcase every time we move and having our personal things with us, as well not having to eat at restaurants every day! I hope you and Wayne have a wonderful trip!!

  16. RV traveling can be fun, but also a lot of headaches. We have been RVers for over 20 years, having 5 different motor homes. My husband does all the driving. You have to watch out for the other drivers pulling out in front of you because you can’t stop a 38 foot motor home plus tow vehicle on a dime. Watch out for traffic and weather. Plus watch that fuel gauge. If you don’t have a NEXT EXIT book (you can get at Camping World),you need it because it tell what at each exit and that can become very important!

  17. So happy you are in Central Florida. I live here in Sebring, Florida, and absolutely love this state. Enjoy your time and the sunshine 🌞 Highlands Hammock is a wonderful small state park for camping.

  18. Beautiful lady, I love your heart for Jesus and your wonderful life! Im so jealous of your RVing fun and wish I was in Florida wearing shorts on the beach! How do you know what parks are sketchy to avoid? What do you do while youre RVing somewhere and how do you choose your spot? Enjoy!

  19. Hi Cyndi,

    I have been following you for years, and I have to say that I am so proud of the way you have grown your business. Bravo girl!

    My husband Keith and I are also RVer’s and we completely enjoy the glamping life! I was wondering if you can share some of your go to resources for campground recommendations?

    Thank so much!


  20. Hi Cyndi, thank you so much for all this great info and sharing your experiences with your travel trailer! We have the Keystone Montana and it really is so convenient! This is new to me as we did lots of tent camping when our kids were younger, so this feels like the Ritz! Ha! Appreciate your sincerity and love for the Lord! Enjoy your time in FL!