TopShop Off the Shoulder Top + White Jeans

Hello from the sunny state of Florida! I talked to my sister this morning and she said it was still cold in Kentucky so I had to rub it in a little that the weather here is beautiful. Haha!

A few months ago I purchased this black off the shoulder top because I thought it would be perfect to take to the beach. It wasn’t on sale when I purchased it, but it is on sale now for under $40!

There is a store in our mall called Bevello. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it but they have the cutest clothes and accessories. I purchased this clutch and I have styled it with several of my outfits. I think it looks cute and summery.

The gold and silver necklace is from Glamour Farms and is on sale and the chandelier earrings are from Francesca’s.

One thing about being at the beach, it’s typically windy so I keep my hair up most of the time. I shared how I do my half up hairstyle here.

If you’re on Instagram, I’m sharing about our vacation on Instastories. I’m also going to be giving a sneak peek at my outfits from J. Jill that I’m wearing the rest of the week. I’m curious to know how many of you shop at J. Jill??

Off the shoulder top (I’m wearing a size 6)//Clutch//White jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Necklace//Earrings//Wedge heel (These are from TJ Maxx and this color is sold out but they have gray and coral. Soooo comfortable!!)

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  1. I used to frequent J.JIll quite a bit, but the last couple of times I was there, I wasn’t loving the selections—they seemed too plain. I’ll be interested to see what you’ll be showing and if it’s changed at all!!
    I love this jewelry Cyndi!! It really adds so much flair to your outfit!!

  2. I agree about JJill….I love the fit, the fabric, but it will be interesting to see how Cyndi styles their clothing too!

  3. Have fun in Florida! I currently work for J.Jill but shopped there before that! I just love their clothes; classic, comfy, and they throw in some cute “trends” every season. I have items that are 8-10 years old that still look GREAT with some of their current items. Their colors and quality are always great as well. Can’t wait to see how you style some of them!

  4. We were just down the beach from you last week. I think your week will be warmer!
    Love J.Jill! Pretty much a classic look with a twist! Great quality and many timeless pieces.
    Enjoy the beach and watch the sun, it can sneak up on you in a hurry!

  5. I love the look of the off the shoulder tops and bought 2 of them. So far I’m having issues with every time I move my arms up the top snaps up with me and I keep having to readjust it. Do you have these issues as well? I’m assuming that’s one of the drawbacks with these OTS tops (or maybe it is just the 2 brands that I purchased). Curious as to your thoughts or others on this blog.

  6. I love that you’re going to be doing JJill! I always drool when their catalogue arrives in the mail.

  7. Good Morning!

    I absolutely love your outfit! There is something about classic black and white that gets me every time. I’m really crazy about the off the shoulder trend and I have several tops…….also love your necklace and earrings.

    I’m not familiar with J. Jill however it sounds like a great place.

    I’m following your story on Instagram and I just loved seeing the beautiful beach yesterday. Gosh I can hardy wait till I get to the beach this summer.

    Have a wonderful time.
    Patricia Greer

  8. I will have to live thru your vacation as we won’t be taking one this year 🙁 – can’t justify a vacation with my husband out of work – booo! I hope you and your family have a great time – you’re in my favorite part of Florida – the beaches there are beautiful!
    Love this outfit – I can’t seem to embrace the OTS look on me, but you wear it well – and that necklace! oh yes!
    J. Jill – I will have to save my comments until I see you wearing the clothes. We had a J. Jill in our mall a few years ago, but it closed – there may be another one in town – I think. While I believe the quality of clothes there is good, it all felt “frumpy” to me – of course things may have changed, and I’ve learned to never say never.

  9. J Jill closed up shop in my city. We now have Soft Surroundings. Are you familiar with that store?!

  10. So excited that you are going to be featuring clothes from J.Jill. I’ve been shopping there for years. Like Sue, I started working there part-time a few months ago. J.Jill has a very loyal customer base because their clothes are stylish without being too trendy and designed to fit women who do not have perfect figures – which is really nice for most of us!

  11. Such a nice vacation outfit! I love black and white, so classic. I’m anxious to see your outfits from J Jill. I haven’t shopped there in a few years b/c although I want to love their clothes, they have always been too long and frumpy on me. I’m petite and always thought their lines are geared more for the taller, lanky gals, which I wish I were. 😉 I’m always willing to give them another try though!
    Blessing on your day!

  12. I recently discovered J Jill and love their clothes. I cant wait to see how you style the outfits. Enjoy your family and the beach!

  13. Hi Cyndi!
    Love your outfit! We’re going to Playa del Carmen next month and it will be warm and humid down there. I purchased the top on sale from the Topshop hoping I might be able to wear it at night if it cools down enough. Hope you enjoy your vacation in Florida. Can’t wait to see what you style each day. No, I have never shopped at J. Jill. Take care. Blessings!

  14. Enjoy! I use to have a credit card at J. Jill but never used it. I didn’t find a lot in the store that I wanted to buy.

  15. Love Jjill! Clothing is classic, comfortable and love the unexpected details. Looking forward to seeing you add your touches to their style.

  16. Love Jjill…they also have petite sizes. Clothing is classic, comfortable, and I love the unexpected details. Jewelry and accessories match my style. Looking forward to seeing you add your style!

  17. Wondering about your jeans, which look great on you!

    It looks like they have a true “side” seam rather than a forward placement side seam. Any chance you’ve noticed that difference when YOU wear them?

    I find the traditional side seam is more flattering to my shape but harder to find in better denim.

  18. I have never found much at J.Jill. I also feel that it has been a little frumpy on me. I like very famine pieces and trendy pieces. I think they are more classic. We have a Talbots’s in the same area. If I want nicer clothes they do a better job keeping up with the trends. I still prefer Loft and Macy’s because of the sales. Having said that I’m really excited to see what you style. You always look stylish. May have to check them out again, Love the outfit your wearing today!!!

  19. I love JJill! Their clothing is very modest. I can not wear skin tight pants or off the shoulder tops. So I love the fact that JJill is there for me.

  20. Cute outfit! I’m pretty busty, so I tend to stay away from anything where I have to wear a strapless bra. However, I always take the inspiration and make it my own!

    I like to buy basics from JJill I think the Pima cotton t-shirts are the best! Great fit, washes well, and the light colors are not see through!

  21. I love this outfit! I used to shop at J Jill quite a bit, but then it started to seem like the clothes were too relaxed, almost like yoga outfits, for a while there. Looking forward to seeing what new things you style from there. May have to give them another try.

  22. You look Fantastic!!!!
    I want to like J Jill but it never seems to work out. I have tried different pieces over the years but end up looking frumpy. Even though I am 5’4″ 127 i but don’t feel I am tall enough for there pieces. And then I end up jumping through hoops to buy a piece on sale.

    1. I am also 5’4″, Bernadine, and you are right! I think jjill clothes fit a tall person with wide shoulders so the clothes will drape well. However, I have found some tunics and other tops that I have really enjoyed. It is a hit and miss sometimes.

      1. Oh the shoulders!! That makes sense now; mine are small and sloping. No wonder I looked frumpy! lOL

  23. This is a gorgeous outfit! I used to shop at J Jill, but haven’t found anything there in a long time. I do appreciate the excellent quality of J Jill clothing, just wish they would add some trendier styles maybe? Looking forward to what items you style!

  24. Your on vacation and still thinking about us, Oh Cyndi, that’s so sweet of you. I Love the jewelry. I hope you and the family have a fun time in Fla. Take lots of pics !!!

  25. Beautiful outfit! Love the whole thing. In answer to your question, I do shop at J. Jill often. I find so many things on sale and mostly shop online. Love their jewelry too. Have a wonderful, relaxing time on vacation!

  26. You look very beautiful today! I love the whole outfit. I like JJill, but rarely buy from them. As a petite, I have to be careful…some of their things are too voluminous for me. I’m interested to see what you style this week.

  27. Cyndi – you look so cute and relaxed today!! I do shop at JJill. I have found some really cute things and others are a little too relaxed for me. I’ll be looking for your post!

  28. Didn’t really expect you to post much on vacation. Nice you are thinking of us not vacationing. 🙂 If we aren’t on instagram will we see the J Jill outfits? I’ve never shopped there.

  29. Love everything about this outfit. We’re on the road, 2 hours out from Orange Beach and I can’t wait for a week of fun in the sun with my family. Watching your vacation on Insta😊. Enjoy every minute🌴☀️🐬

  30. Once again Cyndi, I wouldn’t have thought of
    buying this top from the sight but I love it on
    you!! Enjoy your vacation and God Bless.

  31. Hey Cyndi, glad y’all are enjoying your vacation. I’m counting the days til we go to the beach. Anyway, I like JJill, but it’s pricey so I only shop during sales.

  32. Yes, I agree, the fabrics are so soft and nice at J Jill, but nothing ever seems to fit me properly. I always feel kind of shapeless in their clothes.
    You look super cute in your outfit Cyndi, and I love your hair pinned up like that. Happy vacation!

  33. its interesting that you ask about J Jill. we don’t have them in Canada, so I tend to shop on line from them. I buy quite a few items each season from them. I follow both yours and JoLynne’s blogs but have never heard you mention them before. I look forward to seeing what you have to show us!!! Have a wonderful vacation!!!

  34. Cute outfit and you look amazing! I just ordered some NYDJ white jeans from Macy’s and excited to see how they fit. I love wear black and white and would totally wear this to the Texas beach. I’m just not comfortable with wearing the off the shoulder tops, not sure why? Maybe because I have a lot of freckles on my shoulders and I think my family might think I’m trying to dress to young and sexy. Lol. But I have no problem with the cold shoulder tops so I now have several. Enjoy your time at the beach!

  35. I love today’s outfit! I’m always a big fan of black and white. Love the off the shoulder look and can’t wait until it’s warm enough here to wear the two tops I bought recently. I have gone in J Jill a couple of times, but never found anything that appealed to me.

  36. Love this outfit, I have a photo of me in the same sort of outfit but with cream ankle length pants.

  37. I like JJill and shop there as well as Talbots. Talbots is probably my favorite, and JJill is sometime hit or miss with me, but cute clothes! JJill has cute jewelry at good prices. Both stores have sales quite often.

  38. I haven’t shopped at J. Jill in years. I felt the fit of their clothes were rather boxy on me. I felt frumpy. I love the black and white outfit today. You look adorable!

  39. This outfit looks so stunning on you. Love it! I love the off the shoulder look shirts and dresses but somehow, it always slides up on me and will pop back onto my shoulder. Any pointers?

  40. I love JJill! Their Wearever line for travel doesn’t wrinkle. Also love Pure Jill items for comfort. While I find their clothing comfortable, many pieces can be styled to serve as dress clothes (less casual) also. I am long-waisted, and many of their styles work great for me. I find I must try on jeans from JJill– I have three different cuts, and three different sizes in my closet. Can’t wait to see what you will style from JJill!

  41. I like the classic look of black and white with the sandals and clutch to make it summery/ beachy. I haven’t shopped at J Jill before, but I’ll be interested to see you style some of their clothes.

  42. Is my understanding you went to Disney World? If so did you take any pic’s of what you wore? If so, where can I find and see them.

  43. What type of bra do you wear with the off the shoulder tops? If you wear a strapless bra, is there a particular one you would recommend??
    Love the black and white!!

  44. Love that shirt on you. I read the reviews and they all.say the shirt is short and if you lift tour arms up the shirt goes up. I am.5’2. What do you think??

    1. I think you’re fine at 5’2″. It does go up a little but I’m typically not lifting my arms up that much for it to bother me and I’m taller than you.