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Transition Your Summer Wardrobe

Happy Hump Day! I know some of you are still dealing with hot weather but our weather is feeling like fall. We’re having mild weather for August so I can’t help but think fall fashion!

It’s fun to think about how to transition your summer wardrobe to a more fallish look. The weather can still be warm in the fall so I wear my sleeveless top but I add a pair of  flare jeans from LOFT, and leopard heels (instead of sandals).

flare-jeans 1After taking these pictures, I realize I needed an inch higher heel with these jeans but I love a pointed toe heel with flare jeans.

flare-jeans 2This crossbody bag is from Forever 21 and they also have it in black. I love the tassel, I might have to get the black one too!

flare-jeans 4
flare-jeans 3Sleeveless top//Flare jeans//Crossbody handbag//Leopard print heel//Watch//Bracelet

I have started my August Fit Challenge with around 100 ladies. We are working hard but the general consensus of the group is we are all sore!

I have been wanting to get some Zella workout clothes from Nordstrom. If I’m going to be sore and working hard, I might as well have some bright cheery clothes to wear, right? I purchased these during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.

workout-gear-zellaNow I want more of these tops and leggings. They’re so comfortable and this is my favorite top ever!! They have it in different colors and I’m wanting to order another one.


Zella short sleeve tee//Zella capris//Nike training shoes//Water bottle

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Beauty For the Heart~~Getting dressed is something we do everyday. It’s a part of our daily routine. I love what Isaiah 61:3 says about what we should put on, “a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair”.

Today add praise to your daily routine. Write down your praises if you need to, and when your day gets rough, look back over them. There is always reason to praise God!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Love the leopard heels. I really need to get a pair. Also, so sorry I missed out on the Fit Challenge. I signed up but maybe space was limited? Hopefully next time around…

  2. I get so many ideas from your blog, Cyndi. Some I can use and some I don’t. But just because I don’t wear sleeveless any more. Or short dresses. I think you have a great blog and you always look great!

  3. Love the athletic look! What do you think about wearing it while out and about running errands? I’ve heard two sides to this and would like to hear your thoughts . Thanks!

    1. Hi Diane,
      In my opinion I think the workout clothing looks fine if it is pulled together with a nice jacket. I have a black Nike jacket that I have had for years and it zips up the front. It “dresses up” the workout wear a bit. I have also put it with casual jeans and a simple shoe for running to grocery store etc. It has be used a ton and should replace it at some point. Just my opinion….have a great day

    2. Hey Diane,
      I rarely ever wear my athletic outfits to run errands. I won’t say NEVER but I will say rarely. If I do, I would add a jacket too.
      I hope that helps!!

  4. Hi Cyndi,
    I love your cute exercise outfit!!! Bright colors are perfect for the cooler weather !! I will never forget my supervisor in our private school, always told us… it is good to dress in bright colors on dreary days to lift your spirits!!!
    I have a question about the blue jeans and black blouse. I have heard rumors about NOT wearing black and blue together and I was once told very sternly not to ever wear black and navy blue together cause it was not a fashion to do so. Is this truth or just a made up rumor? I hope it’s not actually true, because I love to wear black with navy blue or blue jeans!!! Anyway I love that Fall-ish outfit on you also!! 🙂

  5. I bought my first pair of bright leggings back this past Winter for indoor workout, and have never worn them outside yet….. getting braver too, and maybe I will soon… 🙂 Your blog gives me an idea for my next project for my fashion group. Thanks!

  6. You look great in both outfits. Your hair is getting so long. Love the ponytail.
    Do you have any tips for wearing high heels? I love the look but oh the poor feet.
    Good luck with your workout activities. 🙂

  7. Love the fall look with the flare jeans. I workout everyday and started a diet with my husband the day after mother’s day. He is down 45 pounds and I am down 19. We are both 49 and working toward a healthy start t 50 next year. I love workout clothes, you will find me in them most of the time unless I am with clients.

  8. Love the workout clothes! I agree that cheery clothes make my run a little easier. Also, keep on with the Loft items. My daughter just got a job there, so you know what that means for me!! Ha! Getting my garment of praise ready for the day. Thanks so much for your continued daily inspiration.

  9. You look stunning Cyndi! Ahhh, makes me want to pull out my blue jeans but it’s too hot here in CO! It’s supposed to be 98 this weekend. I love summer though so will soak up my summer fashion as long as I can because the cold will set in soon enough! Awesome verse from Isaiah today! You’re a blessing Cyndi, keep up the good work set before you!

  10. Cyndi,

    Would you call these a “boot cut” jean? How is the sizing?

    Love the workout clothes and wondering about your sizing on those too? What is the black showing through your pink tee? Sports bra?

    Lisa ?

  11. Cyndi, your hair is amazing! Have you added some hi-lites? I think it looks beautiful either long or short. It frames your gorgeous face and that smile perfectly.Happy Wednesday.

  12. I’ve noticed while shopping online and now on your blog an increase of flared/boot cut jeans. I recently purchased a pair of skinny flared jeans from LOFT that I love. I am reluctant to purchase any more of these type jeans (flared/boot cut) because I fear they may not be that popular for the fall season. Any thoughts on that?

    1. I think flared might be around for a while but I’m like you, I’m not going to buy too many. One or two pairs of each style usually works for the season.

  13. Cyndi, I just love your hair style. My hair style is similar, but your hair always looks so nice and full of body, is it because you use the rollers as well as teasing? I love your whole style! You look fabulous 🙂

    1. Aww thank you Lina! I typically only back comb the crown of my hair. I fluff it a little on the sides but I don’t really tease it.
      The rollers definitely help with fullness.

  14. Hey there, I love this outfit, so funny I had just tried on a black top, jeans, and leopard print flats to wear to work tomorrow, lol, I wish I had seen Beauty For the Heart before I went to work today, I’m gonna print this out and post it in my car!?

  15. Hi Cyndi,

    I am a huge fan of leopard accessories and single pieces! The print really adds polish to an overall black look.

    I so agree with you about the exercise clothing. It really does make a difference to put a little thought into what you wear to the gym. A nice outfit can help lift your mood when you are sweating it out 😉


  16. PROUD of you all for your commitment to your health!!!! I would have joined you all but I had developed my own program for myself a year ago and it has worked beautifully for me, so I didn’t want to change a thing – you know the old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” I am a runner, so my daughter and I run 6 miles 4 times a week, and 7 miles 3 times a week. It’s our special time together to talk or share what’s going on – she’s all grown up and on her own, so we value this precious time!! We both are in amazing shape!!

    It’s been really hot here these last days, otherwise we’ve had a milder summer too. Thinking of fall and transition pieces – I love the “pop” of your shoe with your flair jeans – cute!!! It really becomes the focus point because you have chosen darker colors in your top and jeans – love the look!!

  17. Would you consider hemming your jeans? I have a similar pair of jeans and the manufacturers just make them sooo long these days, I hemmed them up an inch and they are still long enough that I have to wear some sort of heel. I feel like I am average height at 5’6″. You could hem those and keep the same heel height that you have.

    1. Brenda,

      I think you could hem the jeans, just make sure you use a tailor who is familiar with hemming denim and will make it all look original to the style.