Travel Day Outfit & Our New Adventure!

Happy Monday, friends! Well, I hinted on Saturday in my newsletter that I had a little announcement today. This is our new adventure! We have bought a camper!

It’s a 2021 Keystone Cougar, and it’s about 35 feet long (some on Instagram have asked about the brand and size).

I may have lost my mind, but Wayne and I have so many places we want to see, and we are hoping this will help us see them. I also want to do more glamping than camping! 😂

The great thing is I can take my job with me and of course take outfit pictures in different places. We would love next year in January and February to head south to warmer temperatures.

First on our travels is a campground near Nashville to visit my sister and see her home. They moved in July 2019, and I can’t believe I haven’t been there yet. Covid kind of messed us up.

We are leaving today, and I can’t wait to try out our camper. It’s going to be a learning experience for us, but we are always up for an adventure.

Nashville is not too far from us, and I’m wearing this Gibson jumpsuit. It’s so comfortable, which makes it great for traveling.

(Use code cyndi15 for 15 % off anything at Gibson.)

Gibson Jumpsuit (I’m wearing a small)//Earrings//Denim Jacket (I’m wearing a small)//Necklace//Sandals

I took some pictures of the inside of our camper. I like this camper because of the white cabinets. It has a refrigerator, stove and oven, t.v. and a small fireplace below the television.

I also liked the island, although I hope I’m not doing that much cooking. We’ll see!

The camper has a king-size bed and a big closet in our bedroom. I needed room for my clothes, of course.

There is a small bathroom before you get to our bedroom with a sink, shower, and commode. There’s a couch that makes a bed so we can take our grandkids with us at some point. We just need to get the hang of it first.

I’ll share more over on Instastories this week. If you have experience camping, let me know your best tips.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by my blog. I’m also on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Beauty For the Heart~~Failure isn’t part of life; it’s much of life. The rest is just learning how to grow from it. -Bob Goff

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalm 73:26

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!




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    1. Beautiful rig! My husband and I just bought a 2021 motorhome but haven’t had a chance to get out in it yet. It is just 24 feet long but perfect for us and our doggie. With all this Covid business and turmoil in the world, we decided we wanted to see as much of our own country as we can and support all of our own American businesses along the way. We also have a 1961 16 ft. Shasta trailer that we use for vintage trailer events. “Camping”, whether in a new modern rig or a vintage trailer is so much fun. We are blessed to be able to travel and explore the most beautiful country in the world. Only advice I have is make reservations wherever you plan to go because it seems at least 1/2 the U.S. population has the same idea. All the rv sales lots in our area are at least half empty from overwhelming sales.
      Happy Glamping!!

  1. So excited for you. We bought an RV last July and are loving it. I am more of a glamper too. We go with friends and just returned from a group trip( 5 RVs) The girls had matching t-shirts😊Can’t wait to see your trips and more importantly camping attire.

  2. OMG! We just bought a 25ft Jayco feather lite and picked up about 2 weeks ago. We live right outside Tampa, FL (originally from Lexington, KY) and will be taking it out Father’s Day weekend. Hubs and I grew up in camping families and camped many years with our kids and after they left home. This is the biggest we’ve had and we have white cabinets also! Love my new home away from home. We have a week trip planned in July to Gatlinburg, TN. We’re retiring in about 2 years so can’t wait for some long trips in the near future! Have a great time.

  3. So fun!!! My husband and I are considering doing the same thing once our daughter graduates from college! We Iive on a lake in Ohio, so let me know if you ever head this direction!! We have a beautiful lake and great hiking, lovely little downtown area too!

  4. Love your new rig! My husband and I camp too. He camps but I glamp! We’ve been doing it since 2007 and it was great family fun when our girls were young. Like you, we have all the comforts of home. I would recommend using paper and plastic at mealtimes when at all possible. I use a utensil caddy that has room for plates and napkins. And it’s easy to bring in and out if you’re eating outside. And it makes clean up so much easier! Oh and don’t have your blow dryer and curling iron/flat iron plugged in at the same time. You will trip the circuit breakers. I get teased about this all the time!! Enjoy your new adventure and safe travels!

  5. We have a 42ft motor coach and although we are not yet retired, we hope to use it during the winter months to park ourselves some where warm. In the meantime, we’ve enjoyed short getaways…it is a large thing, which prevents us from some of the more secluded, or out of the mainstream parking areas, but going smaller was not something we wanted to compromise on for the future plans…It’s a whole different way of life, but once on the road, it’s a lot of fun! ENJOY!

  6. So exciting! You camper is beautiful and here’s to many fun adventures! My sister and her husband have one and they love it!

  7. Many of our vacations when I was a kid were spent in a motorhome traveling around the country. We even made it to Alaska in the motorhome! I have some of the best memories from those trips. As I was young, I don’t have any real, meaningful tips, but it is such a great and different way to see our country! I sure hope you enjoy it a lot!!

  8. We tent camped with our five daughters. Living on a pastors salary/one income motivated us to try this in order to have vacations. My girls are grown and married now and they say that was some of their favorite memories.

    1. We have a camper before covid we traveled to Arizona for 2 1/2 months and loved it. There are some good bloggers on on you tube that give really good advice about camping. Ideas about storage and items to bring,. Yiu will have a great time!!

  9. Love this! You’ll have so much fun traveling in your new RV! We bought a Motorhome last year and love it! Blessings!!

    1. I’m excited for you! We’ve rented a motor home three times over the years. It was a great way to vacation with three kids. What we did find the last time we went south in the winter is you need reservations at most RV resorts or camp grounds. They fill up real fast. Enjoy!

      1. Thank you, this is good to know, as winter 22/23 we will be driving it down the Baja from southern B.C.

        1. Ah, plan your route and book! We found the state campgrounds down the coast from BC to be the prettiest. But, there were some we were over their size limit so check that too. You’ll love it!

  10. How Fun! My husband and I are in the process of purchasing a travel trailer as well!

    It’s beautiful, ENJOY!!

  11. Three years ago, my husband and I took our two teenage kids and rented an RV. We drove from Kentucky across the United States for two weeks. We went to so many national parks like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Badlands, Arches national Park, etc. I was kind of worried about staying in an RV that long since we had never done it before, but we all absolutely loved it and agreed it was our best vacation ever. Now that we are soon- to- be empty-nesters, we are considering doing what you and Wayne are doing. I’m really excited for you and can’t wait to see your adventures. Before we invest in one permanently, I am going to wait and see how you like it first! Happy trails!

    1. Your camper is beautiful. You will love camping and meet some of the nicest people
      Make sure to get a campsite long enough for the camper and your truck. We keep a journal that lists all of the campgrounds we have stayed at and list the sites we like so if we ever visit again we can request that site. Happy Glamping!

  12. Cyndi, I Love your new camper! That’s camping in style! May you and your husband get many enjoyable trips out of it!

  13. This is Wonderful Cindi! Congratulations on your motor home. We have a few friends that travel this way and they love it. Enjoy your new Journey!! Be Careful and Be Safe.❤🌹🌺🌻🌼⚘❤

  14. How exciting!!! We are also looking at compers!!! I LOVE your’s. color, layout, and everything!!! Did you get to pick your interior??? Cant wait to catch more info on Instastories!!!!! We were blessed by my husbands boss years ago to use his, and we LOVED camping!! Good luck, and hope to follow all of your journeys!!!

  15. This is a beautiful trailer! I’m so jealous! Lol. I would love to do this but one, I’m single and can’t afford a travel trailer.. not even a small one! Two. I have no problem goi g and doing by myself but not sure how comfortable I am about traveling alone as a single female in today’s world. Have fun and cheers to many more adventures! Prayers for safe travels abs safety!

  16. we bought a tt last year too, its an cougar as well. oh you’ll have so much fun! i think we looked at one exactly like this w the island but we chose a different one, anyways you’ll enjoy it!

  17. The camper is so beautiful. What great adventures you and your husband will have. It’s so perfect for your stage in life and with your job. I’m glad you will be taking us along.

  18. Wow. Camping & campers have come a long way. What a beautiful way to enjoy our gorgeous country. Happy Travels!

  19. Enjoy your great adventure!! Can I ask what type of vehicle/truck you are using to pull it? We’ve started looking at purchasing a camper and have been researching options. Safe travels!!

  20. We have a new camper we bought lat Summer when we traded our other one in, it’s fun, you’ll like it.

  21. Loved when you shared this on your Insta stories! What a beautiful trailer.. we’ve often thought about the same thing( maybe on a smaller scale) but my husband is only 59 and runs his own business.. unfortunately for me he’s not ready to retire yet( and I work with him doing the paperwork) but maybe someday 🤷‍♀️.. for now we just look forward to being able to travel again when the borders re open🙌🏻! Have a wonderful time and I look forward to following you on this journey. Also will you be taking Gunner along?

  22. So pretty!! I am excited to hear about all your adventures!! It’s sooo nice to have your own clean bathroom, and to be able to make a sandwich in the camper while traveling!!

  23. Looks beautiful Cyndi!!! Something I would live to do!!! Enjoy!! The KOA in Nashville is beautiful. We stayed in one of the cabins there 2 years ago.

  24. Beautiful, Cyndi.
    Wishing you both safe travels and thanks for your willingness to share your new adventure!

  25. That’s absolutely stunning, what a beautiful camper! Hope you have many wonderful adventures in it! ❤️

  26. Camping is awesome! I don’t like settling into new places so taking our home on wheels everywhere is perfect. We have everything we need and I’ve made sure it’s as comfortable as our actual home. I highly recommend it to anyone. Enjoy!!!

  27. How exciting. A few years ago, we decided we were going to buy a trailer….we call them trailers and when we went to the RV shows, I was disappointed in all the dark interiors. I’d like one option, but then I’d not like the flooring etc. etc. We took a year off from looking and then Covid hit and the prices went wayyyyy up. I see now they are offering more lighter interiors and my daughter and her husband bought a beautiful one the size of yours and its light inside. My husband is about 1 yr. from retirement, so we might wait until he does and see if the prices go down some or keep looking for a good deal. I am glad we waited for the fact, I think we plan to go smaller than we first had planned. One, the bigger size like yours is just a tiny bit too long to fit in our shop he built and I think we want smaller, as the older we get the easier to handle in traffic and some places the larger ones don’t fit, we’ve heard. Like some of the national parks. But, you are right, we want to see places too and its a way to do it and not have to spend the price of flights and eating out ALL meals if you don’t want too. With my food allergies, it really is the best route for us for traveling, coming up. I’m excited for you both. We camped….tent with our boat the whole time our kids were here, growing up, but because of the boat, we couldn’t pull a trailer. I have NO desire to tent camp anymore. LOL Enjoy your trip to your sisters. How fun. It really is good to travel close to home first to learn all the in’s and outs first and then venture further. Lots to learn. I’m sure your husband is excited. My 3 adult kids all plan to buy one, so another reason we might go smaller than we had figured, as before we had planned to get big enough to take one of them and their kids but we need to just plan around us and they can come along with theirs. 🙂 Yours is beautiful and very similar lay out to ones we’ve liked but we don’t plan to get an island. Happy Camping!!!

  28. Beautiful rig!! We just purchased a motor home in January so we can drive back and forth from our house in California to our cabin in Montana. We are excited to explore places in Montana that we have never seen. You will have a lot of fun and have the comfort of home with you! We are experiencing many full campsites when we go online to book reservations, I think everyone has the same idea! Safe travels!!

    1. Cyndi, I now know why I follow you. Our tastes are so similar. My husband and I just purchased a 2021 travel trailer with the same set up as yours. The only difference I see is ours is smaller at 28 feet long. We took it out once for a couple of days to get use to driving, packing and seeing what we forgot to have before our big trip to Nashville and Pigeon Forge. We even purchased tickets for the Grand Ole Opry Any suggestions on what to wear? We will be there the second week of June. Thank you so much for:all you do for us and for your strong faith.

  29. PS I’ve heard you have to make reservation on the site sooooo far in advance to get anything, so you have to be prepared where you want to go to book in advance. Its been so long since we’ve tent camped and made reservations and it wasn’t on the site, I have NO idea the method now, but I’m sure plenty of your followers will. Is Wayne retired? His job must give him lots of time off if you can leave in Jan. and Feb. Great idea though.

    1. Congratulations!!! We just purchased a 35foot Flagstaff, but haven’t had time to go anywhere! Would love to get good information on campgrounds that you discover, and fun ideas on glamping and camping! Enjoy!!!!

  30. Wow…we too are RV/glampers 🙂 That’s a long one to get used to right out of the gate but good for you – I say that only because I enjoy eating at cool places and sometimes finding parking is a challenge unless you just stop at cracker barrell Ha Ha. You will LOVE to glamp – it’s “so in” now days. We usually take 2 = 2 week vacation/trips each year, bucket list type trips with another couple and then do the normal weekend trips more on a local or within 3 hours of our house many times during the year. ENJOY!!!!!

  31. That is great looking! My son bought one this past year and hasn’t stayed home until March. ha! He does entomology and owns a business so this is his busy time, YOu will for sure love it I bet! Have fun & enjoy!

  32. Wow I love the camper! So much fun! And a great way to travel. We use to camp while our kids were small (before 16) and hope to get back into it in a few years for retirement 🤗

  33. Have fun Cyndi! I love the Rig you guys picked, all the comforts of home! Can’t wait to share your adventures on the road!
    PS, there are tons of ideas on Pinterest about tips and tricks when road traveling in RVs. I have a whole board full!

    1. That’s awesome, my husband and I just bought a truck and are getting a smaller camper to travel. I also livein Nashville and love it! Have a blast!!

  34. Wow! What a gorgeous camper and what fun adventures lie before you! Since you are interested in “glamping,” if you ever make it up to Massachusetts, check out Normandy Farms Campground in Foxboro. It is a glamper’s paradise! Have so much fun!

  35. Oh how fun! The adventures you will have!! The camper is the prettiest one I have ever seen! Great choice! We used to camp a lot & took our youth group up in the mountains for a huge church camp in CO for a week. My biggest help was a crockpot!! There are so many great crockpot recipes out there of course. We did anything from turkey & stuffing to crockpot pizza & lasagna. Of course, get those disposable liners. 😉 Enjoy all of your adventures & I hope you LOVE IT! Be safe! I will say a prayer for you. 🙏❤

  36. Absolutely gorgeous camper! Have fun! My goal in a few years is to travel our country! Enjoy all the great adventures. Prayers for safe travels!

  37. Absolutely the prettiest one I’ve seen, I am not a camper but could definitely camp in this!! So happy for you and all the fun and bonding memories you will have! Good for you and definitely great idea to go south in those winter months, I lived in Charleston and Jan & Feb were beautiful, you wont regret going where it’s warm for a bit! Congratulations on your new adventure!

  38. Congratulations on your new glamper!! We bought a class A in 2016 and love taking vacations in it. If you’re ever stuck without a Rez at a campground, use the app RVParky. It will tell you all the places you can just pull into and people give reviews about the area – safety, where exactly to park, etc. We found a Walmart in Oklahoma that was better than some of the campgrounds we’ve stayed at. I love having an outdoor area rug, picnic table /bench covers, and a portable gas grill and griddle for outside cooking – keeps your rig clean and smell free! Oh! And a gas fire pit is great – hooks up to propane tank – so no stinky hair and clothes (clearly I’m a glamper!). Add folding sling chairs and check out the gorgeous sky! Feel free to em me if you want Amazon links!!

    1. Hi DJ,
      We bought an RV recently and I agree, the RVParky app is really helpful.
      We are going on our first 2-week long ‘adventure’ in June, and I can sure use some additional tips. If you wouldn’t mind sharing your Amazon links, I would greatly appreciate it.
      Thanks, Luci

  39. Your camper is beautiful. My husband and I love camping. Hope you have the best times ahead!!!

  40. Oh my! You are living my husbands dream retirement, still a few yers away, got one still in high school. We watch all fo the RV shows on tv. I love the white cabinets, did you have to special order them? The interiors can be very dated but yours is so current looking! I am guessing you have a pickup truck to pull it? Happy Adventures !!!!

  41. What a beautiful camper. We don’t have one yet but are retired and thinking it would be a great way to see the US. We will probably buy a motor home. MY SON BOUGHT A 28 foot 2 years ago and realized the first year if you didn’t make reservations months in advance you won’t be able to get a space,especially for big campers like your and his. He also realized on a windy day you do not want to be trying to pull this size camper down the highway. Make sure your truck can easily pull that size camper. My son thought his truck would and it was hard on the motor so had to trade for. Much bigger pickup this year. But they love getting away here in Colorado. You will love it

  42. Oh I’m so excited for you. Please share all the things. I’ve thought of doing something like this but like you I’m clueless about campers and what it entails. Can’t wait to follow along!

    1. I’m so happy for you guys. It’s really beautiful. It’s on our bucket list to travel. We are still too young to retire right now. Looking forward to see your camp style. Happy travels.

  43. WOW! That is quite an adventure! You look so happy. That’s the way to camp; that RV is gorgeous. Have fun! I look forward to seeing your adventures on the road!

  44. My husband and I purchased a camper last August and have loved being able to take off when and where we want. Safe travels,

  45. Cyndi

    I never thought I would be a “Happy Campet” but I love it. Of course I’m talking about glamping. No sleeping in a tent ⛺️ or not taking a shower for this girl. Now I love getting away for a few days or an entire week. Fall is my absolute favorite time to camp.

    Hope that you will have many fun adventures & create memories.

  46. So exciting! My husband and I have a class A motorhome and have been RVing for years. But 6 weeks ago he decided he wanted to retire, sell our house and become full time rvers. So that’s what we did. Sold the house and moved out in 4 weeks. He still has to work full time for 6 more weeks but then we will be on the road. And I am more of a glamper than a camper.

  47. Cyndi, I hope you love camping, er “glamping” as much as I do! We started when our kids were small and it was a pain with early bedtimes being stuck in a hotel. We just went for a month out west. Enjoy!

  48. So exciting! My husband and I have a class A motorhome and have been RVing for years. But 6 weeks ago he decided he wanted to retire, sell our house and become full time rvers. So that’s what we did. Sold the house and moved out in 4 weeks. He still has to work full time for 6 more weeks but then we will be on the road. And I am more a glamper than a camper also.

  49. Welcome to the wonderful world of Camping I have been camping all my life. Already have several up coming trips Can’t wait to see, a what to wear while camping blog. I am not the sloppy tee shirt wearing kind of girl with ratty shorts so can’t wait to see what you come up with. Have fun

  50. How exciting! Wishing a great journey in your home away from home! Oh the memories to make and share as you are doing life together!

  51. We are looking at Campers also. We have had a pop up for years. We really enjoy the campground vacation style vs hotel. At a campground, everyone seems relaxed and friendly.
    Best tip, put the things in your camper that you truly need (don’t overfill) and leave them in there. Example: We keep a rubbermaid of sheets and towels. We wash everything at home and return them to the camper. Then everything is alwas in the camper ready to go. Don’t repack everytime you leave. We only pack food and clothes.
    Have a great Adventure! I hope to run into you sometime.

  52. I grew up camping every weekend, and never wanted to after that. But after reading your post, my husband won’t fly and we both would like to explore our USA….so maybe in the next few years…i may re think this!!!! I also want all the luxuries. That’s what i had growing up….none of this no water, electricity or showering :))))

  53. We own a RV Vacation rental company here in S.E. TN. We used to have 21 units we rented out but it is more than we can handle & have down sized to 8 or 10. We have RV for over 25 years. It is hands down the BEST way to see things. The west has so many beautiful places that I cant even begin. The N.E does too. Maine is breath taking. We drove to Alaska 6000K miles in 2019 all the way through Canada and Banff. amazing views. You will really enjoy it & your grands will love it too. Its a wonderful way to spend time with your family. If you email me I can send you an iteniary for a couple west trips. We share these with our guests. We have routes planned out as well as suggested stops. Your Rv is beautiful and I wish you many many years of memories!! They are some of the best. Blessings from S.E. TN

  54. Fun! My husband and are doing the same thing! Maybe for the guys it’s just a reflex to being quarantined 😬 I’m definitely a “glamper” and not a “camper”, but really have come to love RV’ing! I do have one tip, get an RV outdoor rug (they are like a giant beach mat that are very light) it will transform your outside area!)
    Have fun – looking forward to the pics 🏕 🏖

  55. Welcome to our world, Camped with 4 children & ex-husband in 3 different popups and loved it. My husband & I now have a toy-hauler. Great to haul our Harley, bicycles & all the things I buy when we are gone. Enjoy & be safe.

  56. Your camper is magnificent! We bought one last summer and made a cross country trip to see kids, grandchildren and siblings. We felt so free after being isolated for months. We did not have to get in an airplane or stay in motels. In April we camped in Ashville, NC in the mountains and had a great time with my sister and her husband. We are planning a beach trip for our next adventure.

  57. Oh, YAY, I’m so happy for you! My hubby and I bought one about 5 years ago, and we love it. We’ve been talking about going up in size, and yours sounds perfect. Ours is 27 ft, and we’d love to have some extra room and the slideouts on both sides. IT’s been great, though. We have learned a lot. We call it “camper-ing.” HAHA. Enjoy!!

    Oh, and welcome to Nashville!!

  58. Congratulations on your camper!!! My husband & I are saving up for one, for when I retire in a few years! It looks beautiful. Do you mind if I ask what power or make of truck do you need to pull it, & how long is the camper? (I’m still in research mode.)