Trend Alert: Slouch Boots Fall 2017

Say hello to the 80’s this fall season! We are talking slouch boots and if there was one shoe trend that dominated the fall fashion runways, it’s this boot.

The slouch boots are a looser-fitting style, either slouched at the ankle or throughout the whole boot.

Trend Alert: Slouch Boots Fall 2017

If you’re wondering how to wear the style, many of the designers styled the boots under calf-length skirts, or with jeans tucked in.

Here are some slouch boots that you’ll see this fall season at different price points.

Steve Madden Savas Boot

Trend Alert: Slouch Boots Fall 2017Montague Boot


Trend Alert: Slouch Boots Fall 2017Audrey Brooke Angie Bootie

Trend Alert: Slouch Boots Fall 2017Slouch Western Boots

Trend Alert: Slouch Boots Fall 2017‘Laurel’ Peep Toe Bootie

Trend Alert: Slouch Boots Fall 2017The Flat Scrunchy

Trend Alert: Slouch Boots Fall 2017Manolo Blahnik

Trend Alert: Slouch Boots Fall 2017
What do you think about this boot trend?

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  1. I’m not sure I’m loving the slouch boot, I don’t like a fitted boot, I like a boot with a little room in the calf and slightly over the knee, I actually like a little more tailored/traditional look. I do thank you for sharing this style with us! Have a great afternoon!

  2. Not sure if it’s for me… don’t think I’m a fan of the baggy look around my ankles or legs.. as long as I see the riding boots out there that’s what I’ll be wearing😀Along with my wedge booties.

  3. I’m not a huge fan of the slouch boots, except for the last pair. $995! Lol! Maybe I will find a much less expensive pair at DSW or Payless, but most of the time I’m sure I’ll be wearing my tried and true cowgirl boots or riding boots. However, I will be interested to see how you recommend styling the latest trends!

  4. I am not sure about this one, even though I had my share of 80’s trends. The older I get, I seem to stick with classic pieces. If I want a little “oomph” then I will add an accessory as part of the trend. However, not sure if there will be slouchy accessories LOL!!! These may have to grow on me. Will you be styling any this fall? ~Lisa~

  5. Argh! What is with these designers and the heels, heels, heels! Don’t they realize that there are some tall women who want to wear cute things, too, but don’t want to be looked at as giants?? I must say I was relieved as I scrolled down to see that there were some flat boots out there, but when I shop what I find is mostly heels, heels, heels. It is crazy frustrating.

  6. I think I kinda like these. I have terrible skinny ankles inherited from my grandmother and mother and these give a little body to my almost not there ankles. Also I think they would look really chic with skinny jeans or leggings. Thanks for sharing these, Cyndi! Blessings to you!!!

  7. The only one I care for is the Steve Madden.
    I will NOT be jumping on the train 🙁

    Thanks for the heads up!

    “Gripping His hem” daily.

  8. I am not sure. I have large calves, so if this style is more roomy, I am all for it. I think I would have to see them styled to make up my mind. I do like the boots with the “all-over” slouch rather than in one spot.

  9. Being only 5’2″ I will probably pass on this trend, especially since I can’t wear a very high heel anymore. When you’re petite, you don’t need a lot of attention or heaviness around your calves and ankles to chop you down to looking even shorter.

  10. I sort of like the slouchy western boot, but I already have cowgirl boots no have just ordered western booties, so I’m all set. Another great Beauty For the Heart!

  11. I still have my tan suede boots from Target, that you featured a couple of years ago and they still look great and are a little scrunchy……so I can embrace the trend but my more structured boots….well lets just say, I am going to wear them anyway! 😉

    1. The slouch boots were brought back because we all now have boots with shafts that are not slouchy. That way, we’re forced to buy more boots to be in style. Maybe we should all reject the trend so as not to be manipulated! I’ll be wearing the “not slouchy” boots I’ve already invested in!

  12. This is why I hate to get rid of things…I had the perfect slouchy boots in college. It always takes me a while to get on board, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to embrace this or not. Have a great day!

  13. I have small calves and my boots are always big and tend to slouch anyway even when I don’t want them to. So these “intentional” slouchy ones work for me. I wish narrow calve boots were as easy to find as wide calf boots. Maybe that could be a post one day 😉

  14. Yay! Two years ago I bought a pair of slouch boots and a pair of slouchy ankle boots at Payless. I always had some buyers remorse because they weren’t quite the riding boots and ankle boots I was looking for. Now I can wear them with confidence! Who knew Payless Shoes was so fashion forward!

  15. I am keeping an open mind. Remember Jesus is our Fount of Every Blessing. I know you know that,it’s good to see or hear it now and then

  16. I’m saying no, for now, at least. I just got my first pair of ankle boots last fall and now it’s on to another trend. I’m always behind the times it seems.

  17. Didn’t like them in the 80s, don’t like them now. I will stick with classic styles. No need to follow every trend.

  18. I just can’t bring myself to do it, Cyndi. Though I’m sure they’ll look great on others, my philosophy is that if you remember living through a trend the first time, it might be aging the second time around. But, I’m sure a couple of stylish posts from you could change my mind.

  19. I kind of like the suede slouchy ones but not so much the smooth slouchy leather. And the bootie sryle is cuter than the full boot. But that’s my opinion. As a vertically challenged woman i prefer booties over full knee height boots as thsy do zero for me and i have a hard time finding ones with a shorter shact,– most hit me in the back of my knee and ate uncomfortable. I work with a lot of taller women and and live to see them in their heels -they own their height!

  20. I actually kind of like these, but like one of your other readers, I like them in suede not so much in smooth leather. They are very casual to my eye, though, and I’m not sure I would like them with a dress or skirt.

  21. I think it’s cute on the tall leggy girl, but not so sure on the shorter women. I bought my first pair of Frye riding boots over the summer when they were on sale, so i’ll be wearing them. I have a pair of suade over the calf’s that always slide anyway, so i may try the trend using those. You’ll have to style some Cyndi so we can see them with an ourfit or two!!!

  22. So glad to see that I won’t have to ditch my black suede flat slouchy boots. They are super comfy, and like wearing them with midi skirts.

  23. Back in the 80’s, I worked for a shoe manufacturer of women’s designer shoes for about 10 years before I got married. I had A LOT of shoes! Imelda Marcos had nothing on me! LOL And one of my favorites were my slouched boots. I had the slouched ankle boot and high shaft boot in suede and in leather, low and high heel. I was so spoiled when it came shoes.

  24. I like the Steve Madden boots I n cognac but my size is already sold out so I guess that takes care of that! I don’t care for the scrunchy look in leather. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the latest trends!

  25. I don’t really love or hate them. I don’t remember them in the 80’s. Don’t remember wearing boots then. If I was to wear a pair it would be lower heel and bootie style and suede. Don’t care for the leather ones. They look cheap to me, like someone else mentioned. Cyndi…..are you going to style a pair? As for the person who said leggings and jeggings were out……I don’t think so. Depends how you wear them.

  26. As of today, I can’t embrace that look! hahaha Maybe the more I see them. I didn’t care for the cold shoulder tops for a while and then I bravely tried one and really liked it. So I reserve the right to change my mind! 🙂

  27. Like the slouch boots! Looking forward to see how you style the different types with outfits. Thanks for keeping us updated with the latest fashions!! Sometimes it’s good to step out of the box and try new things!!

  28. Love this trend and will buy one in every color! I had them in the 80’s and have been wondering when they would return. I will have fun with it!

  29. I have underdeveloped calfs and ultra skinny ankles…all my boots slouch eventually! How would you suggest styling the slouch look?