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Trend to Try: Bike Shorts

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Hey there, ladies! Today I want to share a trend with you that I keep seeing….bike shorts.

I’m wearing Zella brand bike shorts, which are exclusive to Nordstrom. Nordstrom is one of my favorites stores because they have free shipping and free returns. They have a whole section dedicated to Wellness this month, so be sure to check it out.

They also have all the latest trends, which makes shopping easier. For more fitness and Spring outfit inspiration, I’ve created 20 new Looks for you all on my Nordstrom Looks page.

Bike shorts are not just for riding bikes. They have officially popped back up on the fashion scene, and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere anytime soon.

Trend to Try: Bike Shorts

I’m styling them casually, but I’ve also seen dressier bike shorts styled with a blazer and heel. Personally, I will be more inclined to wear them to work out.

Trend to Try: Bike Shorts

I paired them with a soft and stretchy long-sleeve top with a banded hem and cuffs.

Trend to Try: Bike Shorts

My sneakers are Adidas and have a cushioned insole. This outfit would be perfect for a brisk walk when the weather warms up a bit.

Trend to Try: Bike Shorts

Have you tried bike shorts yet?

Trend to Try: Bike Shorts

Long Sleeve Top (I’m wearing a small)// Bike Shorts (I’m wearing a small)// Sneakers (I typically wear a size 8 in sneakers, and that’s what I’m wearing)// Water Bottle// Hair Ties

Nordstrom has a great selection of bike shorts if you want to try a pair.

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Have a blessed day!


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  1. Cute work out outfit.. I’ve never tried but I’m on board but for work out only.. can’t see me ever wearing these any other way. Question.. Are the outfits on the Nordstrom page ones you’ve put together? Or from their own website? Great BFTH and so true.

  2. I’ve worn bike shorts for years for running. Personally, I think they look ridiculous with heels, but to each his own, I guess!

  3. Bike shorts are very comfortable and I like the length. I can’t see ever wearing them for a dressy occasion or with a blazer, but I did have a blazer and Bermuda shorts suit I work to work back in the 90’s…

  4. The Blank NYC shorts you linked might be cute for summer evenings. I’d love to see what you’d wear on top with them!

  5. Bike shirts are an awesome article of workout clothing. They offer flexibility and also compression. And….I actually love them for BIKING too!😊. Not sure I’d sanction them in a dressy outfit though…but to each her own! Thank you for always providing us with the latest trends and with daily spiritual encouragement! I so appreciate your efforts!

  6. I would definitely consider wearing bike shorts for my kickboxing class. I haven’t seen anyone wear them yet but leggings do get very warm after we do an hour of cardio. I like that you choose a longer top thats longer in the back 😊

  7. There are some trends I will not get on board with – I’m thinking this is one – LOL. I would and do wear bike shorts to work out, run, etc. but that’s it – I’m sorry, they are basically long underwear and not appropriate outside of a gym or outside activities. I know, they are basically short leggings and yep, those are now acceptable in almost all situations depending what you wear with them, but…
    Thanks for always sharing the trends, we appreciate you letting us know what’s coming even if we personally won’t wear them.
    TY for the BFTH today – spot on!!

    1. Not a fan of bike shorts. Especially for anything other than working out. Also beware of camel toe when you wear them.

  8. I have had a pair of bike shorts for years. Wear them in the summer to ride bikes or to do strength training at the gym. Would not wear for any other occasion.

  9. I love that you are willing to try out the trends. It helps me see how things outside of my comfort zone could work for me. Thanks so much for being brave with fashion. Awesome post!

    1. I thought this was a blog for 50+ women. I don’t know anyone my age who would wear those other than working out or bike riding. The model(s) look to be in her 20’s

  10. I’d only wear bike shorts in an excercize situation or maybe working around the house…..only! My 38 year old trendy, very slim daughter would look great in them in a dressy outfit with a blazer.

  11. Nope, no way, no how, not happening, just NO! Nothing against them for those with slender thighs but that is definitely not ME!.

  12. Cyndi you are just so adorable but ….. I have never seen bike shorts look good on anyone no matter the age or shape of the woman. Little girls look cute in them though. 😂

  13. I wear bike shorts when I’m riding my bicycle long distance. They truly are a must… however, even when wearing them, I still wear another pair of shorts over them. I’m not that modest, however, bike shorts are sooo tight fitting!! I’m rather tiny, but wearing them even for a walk without other shorts over them would be a huge NO for me.

  14. I’m constantly trying to minimize these hips, so this is a def no for me. However, I would wear them to yoga class, where we dress for comfort and there is no judgement.

    Thanks for sharing something different. You would look good in a potato sack. Just sayin’.


  15. Cyndi, I’m glad that you show us all things trending but I don’t think bike shorts fall under fashion. i personally believe that fashion has become way too broad with what we tend to wear in public and call it fashion. Sorry but this is one that is best suited for physical activities and not leisure wear in public. But, you look cute as can be in them. Keep on keeping us informed.

  16. Hi Cyndi,

    Thanks for sharing the upcoming trends and I LOVED your video! I even shared it with a close friend of mine that is also a coworker. One of our old boss’s said, “do it afraid” all the time. LOL!

    I do have a question and not sure if you plan to cover it… Valentine’s Day! We have a triple date and we’re going from an escape room to a nice steak dinner. How do I dress for that without looking over/under dressed?


  17. Love bike shorts. I’m 63 and I wear my bike shorts to walk and yoga classes. I think they are slimming on most women Just wear a longer shirt to cover anything you don’t like. Bike shorts are also a nice alternative in the hot Florida climate.

  18. Thank you for the BFTH. I needed to hear that. I wear bike shorts at the gym & biking. I usually wear a longer shirt to cover my butt.

  19. Just say no to bike shorts as trendy wear. I wear bike shorts to run and padded bike shorts to bike, I’m not going to wear them around as a fashion statement. Nope!

  20. Wow! So much negative feedback! I’m over 60 and wear leggings for working out, so what’s the difference to have them shorter in the warm weather. (My butt is always covered, as your was with that long grey top.) Keep up your amazing blog. You bless so many!

  21. Love the bike Shorts. Especially the longer ones. At my age 66 I don’t feel.comfortable in the shorter shorts that we’re trending last summer.

  22. Unfortunately, bike shorts should never be worn outside of the gym, or a quick run or walk, especially for us 40 and up gals. These fashion gurus are simply running out of ideas, and some trends are just plain ridiculous, but Cyndi gave us fair warning, and allowed myself and most others to realize it is a definite NO! Trends are simply trends, some good, some bad, and some age appropriate, and some not, but thank you for allowing us the choice to choose what works, and what simply doesn’t work, by modelling the latest trends🙂