Trunk Club Box Unboxing and an Online Class

Happy Thursday! Today I’m sharing the Trunk Club Box I recently received and an invitation for you to join me Saturday morning for a live video class.

If you have been using essential oils for a while or are new to them or you just want to know what all the fuss is about, sign up below. If you can’t be there Saturday morning, but want the replay, make sure you sign up. You will receive the link to join the class, early Saturday morning. 

It is more fun in person, and you can ask questions, and we get to chat but either way, I would love for you to sign up. (You have to verify you’re not a robot. I’m trying to get that removed but no luck so far.)

Trunk Box Unboxing and an Online Class
Now let’s get started with my Trunk Box. I got some different styles with the tops, and I thought my stylist did a great job with the price points.

This one is a cold shoulder, and of course, I love it. I will need to steam it, but it’s a keeper for me.

Trunk Box Unboxing and an Online Class Ruffle Cold  Shoulder

I feel bare in this in the dead of winter, but I will wear it with a blazer, a cardigan, or a denim jacket. This is such a cute camisole. It’s a keeper!

Trunk Box Unboxing and an Online ClassLace Trim Camisole

This top is cute, and I like the style, but I’m on the fence. I think it would be perfect with white jeans for spring.

Trunk Box Unboxing and an Online Class Off the shoulder top

I liked the uniqueness but this top wasn’t comfortable, and the sleeves didn’t stay up on my shoulders (if that makes sense).

Trunk Box Unboxing and an Online Class Ruffle off the shoulder top

Yep, I feel naked. It hangs way too low under my arm, maybe if it was a smaller size, but I’m not keeping this.

Trunk Box Unboxing and an Online Class Ruffle one shoulder top

I like this sweater, but I will have to wear a strapless bra. So I’m debating. It’s soft, and I love the color! It’s a perfect date night top.

Trunk Box Unboxing and an Online Class Cold shoulder sweater

I love the color, but this one is too big. If I sized down maybe, but I’m sending it back.

Trunk Box Unboxing and an Online Class All tied up top

I did a poll on InstaStories last night, and the consensus was no on this sweater. The cables are too big looking, but I do like the color.

Trunk Box Unboxing and an Online Class Power Cable Sweater

I love, love, love this blouse. It’s soft and feminine and of course the most expensive item in my Trunk Box but it is on sale. Hmm…what to do. I’m also wearing these wedge heels. I liked them but decided not to keep them.

Trunk Box Unboxing and an Online ClassBell sleeve silk top

All in all, it was a good box, and I’m glad I got to try on some different tops. Have you tried the Trunk Club Box service?

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Beauty For the Heart~~I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Let those of us who are mature think this way, and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal that also to you. Only let us hold true to what we have attained. (Philippians 3:10-16, NIV)

This means:

Let it go, people! Move on. Greater things await you. Don’t look back. It’s no good for you. You won’t gain any traction on the plans that God has for you. If you choose to look back then you need to grow up because that is not where your promise lies. If you are mature in your faith you will believe the gospel. When you are forgiven … You. Are. Forgiven. Believe it. What Jesus did for you and me covers anything that we lay at His feet. Fully. -Gwen Smith

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Do you mind if I ask where you found the picture hanging above your headboard? I love it!!
    Thanks, and you look wonderful in everything, as always 🙂

  2. Love the first two and the last. The others, not so much. Thanks for sharing about Trunk Club. Have not tried it yet.

  3. The pink striped off the shoulder top is adorable on you. You should keep it! I love the BFTH today, spot on! Warmer days are coming even though we have 5″ of freshly fallen snow on the ground here in CO!

  4. I love love love that cami! It looks very cute on you. And i really like the white top. Other than those two, ah, not so much. I like the wedhes too

  5. Interesting group of tops. Each is unique in its own way. I was just looking over my spring summer and decided this year I am not buying anything and donating what I would spend to some needy families. I am really starting to hear Ezekiel 16:49 “Sodom’s sins were pride, gluttony, and laziness, while the poor and needy suffered outside her door”. inside my head.

  6. I think you look great, better in every way with aging. With this said,I think you are becoming overly thin. This in itself can be very aging. Just don’t over do it!

    1. I promise I’m not trying to lose weight. My shoulders are the thinnest part of my body. I don’t know why but that’s just the way God made me.

  7. Oh wow what a selection.. I agree with your picks. I love the Camisole, and the one shoulder blouse would’ve been cute if it came with the other arm ha! Love the blue silk blouse. ( those shoes are cute too😉). The tie up top is nice too but yes too big. I honestly think they could send you a bag to try and it would look great on you. Love your hair… I also love the picture over the bed. Is it wayfair by chance?
    Thanks for the BFTH 😀

  8. I ABSOLUTELY love the BfH, Cyndi! 👏
    Oh, my gosh, those are some cute shirts. I love the striped one. You look beautiful in all, but the one sleeve one does sit too low. I wouldn’t be comfortable in it either! Looking good, Cyndi! Blessings!

  9. Thank you for sharing these styles with us. All look good on you – I think you can wear just about anything and look great. I may be a little out of the loop – but are you now using Trunk Club instead of Stitch Fix?

  10. Hi Cyndi,
    Lots of cute tops in the bunch!
    On a different subject of essential oils, I feel the need to caution against comments that would make the public think these are absolutely safe. As you know, people can have many natural things as allergens. I have had two family members recently test positive for severe allergy to specific trees, natural fragrances, etc. People need to be given and taught proper dilution rates per specific essential oil. I watched one of you and your sister’s videos about Young Living, and I feel this needs to be included.

    1. I completely understand! I will stand behind the statement these oils are safe but every oil might not work for everyone. There is a difference betwwen safe and allergies. Peanuts are safe unless you are allergic to them.

  11. I am with most the other girls, I love the first three tops also. The others were okay but not special. The wedges were also very cute. I think we are all ready for spring. Thanks for the inspiring message as well.

  12. Hi love the blouses …. wondering why you choose Trunkbox?
    I started receiving Stitch-fix a couple months ago and love it.

    1. I love Stitch fix!! Sometimes it’s confusing but this is a full-time job for me. I get inspiration from lots of different areas/services. I share different services with my readers and you all can pick which one you like the best. I hope that makes sense!

      1. Totally – keep inspiring:-)
        My greatest compliment is when I come to work and my coworker says “nice outfit …you look like grace and beauty today.”

  13. ok you wsapped your part over!!! I love to see what you do youre a lot of fun!! Thanks for keeping me entertained!! Loved the Gwen Smith quote!! Lysa Terkuerst will be at our church tomorrow night for a ladies nighjt I am SOOOO pumped..of course gonna wear my favorite Cyndi outfit!!

  14. Love the white cold shoulder top, Cyndi. Also, the sweater is such a pretty color. I agree it would be great without the huge cable stitch running down the front. Hope you will consider another top in that color. It looks so good on you.

  15. I agree that some of those items are really cute but I am jut not a fan of the cold shoulder look. It’ s not the look so much as it’s just weird to have my shoulders out in a top that has sleeves. A bit off the subject but I am looking for a neutral color of paint and I noticed the walls in your photos. Any idea what brand of paint and the color? Thank you.

  16. Thank you for sharing your trunk club , I love the ruffled cold shoulder top . I hope the cold shoulder hangs around for awhile , I love wearing them . I also love that camisole,it is very cute . I am with you on the one shoulder top and the cable sweater , those were not my favorites but I did like all the other ones . I am trying not to buy any clothes right now , I just started the Adore Your Wardrobe class and am doing my measurements today . I am excited to see if my body type is what I think it is . Anyway it is very very hard not to buy anything especially after seeing all these tops . By the way , I think you look great .
    Have a wonderful afternoon.

  17. Hi Cyndi- You always look so great in everything but I still haven’t gotten on board with cold shoulder. That’s just me. Do you think they are here to stay for awhile? I love the cami. I read reviews and some say it runs small in chest so not sure what size. Also, signed up for the essential oils class! Thank you! Love your picture above the bed and your BFTH is just what I need today! Always love the scriptures and your inspirations! Have a blessed day!

    1. I feel the same about cold shoulder. Feel it has run its course but know others like it so that’s ok. Just not for me. very cute cami.

  18. BFTH – Love! good advice to never look back – not going that way :).
    I like the same tops you like on you. The cami is adorable. The pink stripe is a cute top, but the color doesn’t do you justice IMO. You’re beautiful and the top isn’t highlighting that, again my opinion.
    Thanks for sharing new looks with us, and even though I can’t wear the cold shoulder look, it looks very good on you.

  19. Love the first top, but never been a fan of the cold shoulder … sorry. Also really like the blue top. I tend to lose weight in my top half and shoulders too, so I keep strength training, biking and my yoga regime while eating clean. (Yay Whole30!!) I agree with the person about being careful with how much weight we lose as it can age us. Hang in there!

  20. I liked the burgundy cold shoulder sweater a lot–looked so cute on you! I also liked the bell sleeve silk top–even though it may be expensive I think it would be a fun very comfy top–plus it seems a bit unique. (I also liked the first two). Very fun!

  21. LOVE!! You can’t go wrong with any of the tops you’re wearing in these photos! They all look precious on you, pretty lady! I just received my starter kit of essential oils today!!! 😃 I signed up for the class so that I might get some tips on how to use them! I am so excited and I can’t wait to start using them!!!

  22. You really are loosing weight. Did you have to replace your whole wardrobe from last year? You look cute in everything but you are right, not a fan of the one shoulder one. Too low. I’m ready for Spring tops. I think January was the longest month this year. Glad to see Feb. today. 🙂

      1. Hi Cyndi, I have been following you for a while but I have missed why you are renting. I thought you purchased a home last year. Will you share your moving story with us? Love your blog! Thanks!

  23. I think everyone has styles that are good for them and others not so good. This cold shoulder style looks great on you. I love the first two blouses on you. I also love the burgundy even though you have to use a strapless. And I love the navy one. I didn’t think the others were as flattering for you as beautiful as you are. I didn’t like the shoes.
    I truly appreciated the BFH today and have heard this twice this week in devotions. God speaks. Thanks for sharing!!!

  24. Cyndi,
    Question how are styling your hair to get the curl and
    look full. I sure like that much curl. Please let me know so I can try.
    Thanks always for your ideas.
    Have a Blessed evening.

  25. I love the cami and the adorable wedges on you. You always look so,good in your clothes. Having said that, the sleeves on the first top look too long on you (the white ruffled top). Proper/improper fit makes/breaks The way a piece of clothing looks. Not a fan of cold-shouldered tops. I hope this doesn’t sound critical. I don’t mean it in that way.

  26. Oh my goodness – such cute and adorable tops with the exception of the cable knot sweater. Love the sandals!!!