Trunk Club Unboxing

I am gearing up for my spring series and looking for some new pieces to share with you. I decided to try a Trunk Box and today I’m sharing what was in my box.

For those who aren’t familiar, Trunk Club is a fashion styling service owned by Nordstrom. You actually have your own personal stylist, my stylist is Erin. She likes to chat on the phone with you and get to know you and your style before she sends your first Trunk, and you can email or call her at anytime afterward.

Believe it or not, my husband also gets a Trunk Box and we have the same stylist. He also uses Stitch Fix and he’s becoming quite stylish. I can hardly keep up! 🙂

Trunk Club Unboxing

All of this merchandise is currently available on the website. You pay exactly what the items are going for on the website, so if something goes on sale before you make your final decision, you will get the sale price.

You have 5 days to try on and return the products you don’t want, and shipping is free both ways. They have recently instituted a $25 styling fee, but that can be applied to anything you purchase from your Trunk.

Here are the items that were sent in my Trunk. This one wasn’t my favorite but it doesn’t cost me anything to try the clothes on and shipping is free.

Joise Devitri Floral Silk Blouse ($278)-This is 100% silk and is such a cute blouse but not $278 cute. I’m wearing an extra small and it fits good.

Trunk Club Unboxing Vince Camuto Cold Shoulder Shift Dress ($148)- I love the color of this dress! She sent me a size 8 and if I lift my arms, the dress is too big. I’m sending this one back.

Trunk Club UnboxingTrouve Ribbed Lace-Up Sweater ($89)-I like this sweater but the color is orangey and I am not a fan of that color on me (I’m wearing a small). It’s very comfy and it does come in different colors. I’m sending this one back.

Trunk Club UnboxingHalogen Bateau Neck Top ($39)-This top is a great price point but I didn’t love it. It is made from a jersey knit fabric and it’s comfortable (I’m wearing a small). It also comes in several different colors. I’m sending this one back.

Trunk Club UnboxingTopshop Ella Off the Shoulder Top ($65)-This is cute and I love the sleeves! It has to be worn off the shoulder and I think it would be cute to wear on vacation with a pair of palazzo pants (I’m wearing a size 6US). I’m sending it back.

Trunk Club UnboxingHalogen Rosina Laser Cut Wedge Sandal ($99.95)-These are definitely on trend with the cut outs and they are a low heel, perfect for work wear. I like them but they are going back. These run true to size.

Trunk Club Unboxing Caslon drawstring linen pants ($59)-I need a heel with these pants but I like these. I think they would be a cute spring look with the right top. I’m keeping these (I’m wearing a small).

Trunk Club UnboxingEliza J stripe shift dress ($158)-I am a huge fan of Eliza J dresses but I didn’t love this one. It felt a little snug in the hip area. It’s going back (I’m wearing a size 8).

Trunk Club UnboxingHudson ‘Nico’ Super Skinny Jeans-($198 but on sale for $139)-Hudson is a designer jean and I really like this brand. I haven’t decided yet but because they’re on sale, I might keep them (i’m wearing a size 28).

Trunk Club Unboxing Hudson Beth baby bootcut jeans ($198)-These are pricey but they are a cute pair of boot cut jeans. I’m wearing a size 28.

Trunk Club Unboxing They have flap pockets on the back and I don’t like to accentuate that area. These are going back but they are a good bootcut jean.

Trunk Club UnboxingFelicity & Coco fit and flare dress ($118)-This looks like I’m a big piece of pink bubble gum. Not a fan at all. This one is going back (I’m wearing a size 8)!

Trunk Club UnboxingHudson high rise crop flare jeans ($210)-I have to admit I absolutely love these jeans. They are a flare crop and I didn’t think I would like them but I do. They would be so cute for spring and summer but they are pricey so I’m sending them back. I think, yes they are, but they’re so cute. No, they are going back! I’m wearing a size 28.

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I was looking for more cute spring tops. I want ruffles, bows and bell sleeves! The great thing is I can tell my stylist and hopefully she can send me some soon.

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Beauty For the Heart~~But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer. Luke 5:16

My Mom had this written in the margin of her Bible about Luke 5:16, Our quiet moments with the Lord are what empowers us to face the challenges of the day. The busier our day the more time we should spend in prayer preparing for it.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I remember thinking that I wouldn’t be into these kind of boxes when they first came out because I like to shop. But I have to admit that it’s interesting to see what others pick out for you.
    I know you didn’t like the orange sweater or the pink dress, but (at least in these photos) I thought those colors looked good on you—almost like you were glowing more, Cyndi!!
    Do we get to see Wayne’s box too?? 🙂

    1. YOU are just so stinkin cute!!! Most of the things are way over our budget ….although a good pair of jeans is worth ALOT 🙂 I really thought you would keep the pink dress… it looks like you and you look amazing in it!!! … the orange top I thought would be really fun with a pair of white crop pants and some fun sandles in the summer (or even cute jeans with tennis shoes 🙂 )

  2. Nooo , don’t keep those pants…. they look like pajamas….
    But probably you will style them very nicely, and make them look gorgeous 🙂
    I really liked the pink dress!!
    Thank you for sharing!! I love shopping and prefer to find great bargains and choose for myself.

  3. Cute clothes! You might like to check out Loft for kick flare jeans at a lower price point. I got some last summer & tried them on. I didn’t think I would like them but the dark rinse and cute kick made them a winner. I love a longer than mid calf crop, around ankle is perfect for me and prefer the dark rinses when I can because washing them will lighten them eventually. I love to show off cute sandals or Yellow Box flip flops so no long burning up jeans for me in the summer. Hope some of the clothes worked for you – they were all cute & I love pink……every shade ! 🙂

  4. Fun to see! Thanks for sharing! It seems like they sent you lots of higher priced items. Can you tell your stylist to keep the prices lower? Or are these normal prices for Nordstrom? I guess I am more used to Loft!

  5. I have tried Stitch Fix twice….the first time I loved the one pair of shoes they sent but sent them back, I think they were around $88 and I would have got a lot of use out of them but still returned them (I still wish I had bought them) the 2nd box arrived last week….I don’t know what the stylist was thinking when she sent the items, they would have fit my 12 year old granddaughter in style and size! It was evident she didn’t read my size requirements or pinterest boards….very disappointing and I felt like the $20 should have been returned as the items were soooo wrong for me but my loss. I sent everything back that same afternoon.

    I agree about the PJ looking pants, not a good look for you and you look good in most anything. I think Trunk Club items are a little more than Stitch Fix. I do like the idea of someone else picking out some clothes for me but I do pretty good on my own so will stick with that method as it works for me.

    Have a great week Cindi!

    1. I had the same experience with Stitch Fix and they refunded my styling fee. I explained in great detail why I didn’t like the items. I’d give it another shot if I was you. Not only did they refund my fee they’ve offered a third box with the fee waived.

      1. I just sent Stitch Fix an email stating how disappointed I was in my last box. So it was “funny” when I got your message as I was hoping they would refund my fee and maybe offer another box styled by someone else.

        Thanks for your input Lisa!

    2. Thank you Lisa C for your reply to my comment. It’s funny b/c I had just sent Stitch Fix an email expressing my displeasure at their box explaining why and that I was unhappy to be out my $20. Maybe I’ll be as lucky as you!

  6. Hi Cyndi, All the clothes look great on you. It would be hard to decide which ones to keep and which to send back. I especially like the drawstring top that you are wearing with the jeans but there is no link for it. Would you mind providing it please? Thanks!

      1. I happen to have that same top that Cyndi is wearing in those pictures. It’s from the Gap, last fall. Maybe they still have it, or something similar?

  7. I love this idea since I no longer enjoy going clothes shopping BUT I DO love new clothes! The price points are way over my budget though. 🙂 Nevertheless, I enjoy your blog because I can take many of your ‘too expensive for me’ ideas, and translate them into pieces I can afford from local stores. Thank you for a modest but stylish blog!

  8. I love the top you’re wearing on the jeans/pants pictures. Can you let us know where that one is from? Love your fashon tips and also your heart for Jesus!

  9. Loved the pink dress on you! I wish more moderately priced stores were doing this, just can’t shell out that kind of money.

  10. 100% agree with your decisions, and while I personally think it all looks great on you – no, orangy is not your color, the pink dress was meh – noting special, I like the striped dress – really cute, and the blue dress too. The floral blouse is beautiful, but wow! pricey $$$. The black off the shoulder blouse was very pretty on you, but it’s one of those pieces that you have to have the right place/time to wear.
    Very interested in seeing you style the linen pants…but those are hard to wear unless you stand up all day since they wrinkle, wrinkle, wrinkle.
    Thanks for sharing all these! Looking forward to your spring options. Have fun in Nashville!

  11. I always love these types of posts! I actually really like that Halogen top -but I have a weakness for stripes! Love all the jeans too (my other weakness, lol..especially Hudson, they are my fav). Excited for your spring series 🙂

  12. I love Hudson jeans and you can often find them at Marshalls or TJ Maxx for under $80 which is much more reasonable. They apparently are from previous seasons but still stylish.

  13. I LOVE those shoes – super cute! This is a great idea. We do have a Nordstrom’s here, I might have to check it out. Wish Stitchfix was in Canada. 🙁

  14. Gosh I wish we lived next door to each other…then we could share😉. I kept looking at those Hudson jeans in every picture thinking they were very flattering, but $210? OUCH…too rich for my blood. I loved the lace up sweater as well, but like you said maybe in a different color. The off the shoulder was cute too, but I’m guessing you thought it was too short. That’s what I would have felt. Happy Wednesday Cyndi!!!

  15. You are coming to my city! I so would love to meet you sometime. You inspire me to try a fashion blog-my longtime dream.

    Love your posts!


  16. I’ve used Stitch Fix before, but have not heard of Trunk Club. I just signed up and am excited to see which I like best. Thank you for sharing.

    I just love your style and grace.

  17. This is a fun post. Thanks! I do have a question: the red and pink patterned shirt you’re wearing with the jeans–I didn’t see any information on that. Did I miss it? I really like that one!

  18. With three in college right now these pieces are not in my budget range but some very cute pieces!
    I too had a disappointing experience with StitchFix…I gave it 4 months but couldn’t seem to get on the same page with them.
    Specifically asked for nothing that was sleeveless and received a box with everything that was sleeveless. A bit gun shy now!! Lol

  19. Lot of the items are too pricey! I feel that spending that amount is not being a good steward of my husbands hard earned money.

  20. Thanks for sharing. My favorite is the black off the shoulder top although I’d prefer it longer. Looks great on you!

    I do like some of the jeans……..just wish I was able to give that much for jeans.

    Have a wonderful day!

  21. Had my first Stitch Fix shipment last month and actually loved all the pieces. I went into great detail on the survey though and specifically asked for items that were more colorful, yet still warm for February. I got a skirt, 2 tops, Blazer and a necklace. The only thing I sent back was the Blazer b/c I had a navy one and it was $98. The necklace was $34 but unlike anything I had and I loved it, and the other pieces were too cute not to keep. I’ve got it set up for every other month. It’s definitely higher priced than searching yourself, but if you work or don’t have time to get out and shop much, it’s not a bad trade-off, plus fun!

  22. Thanks to you, I am a stitchfix and trunk club customer. I love working with Karrie (from stitchfix) and Erin (from trunk club). They are great to work with.

  23. I only like the laser cut wedge sandals. Thanks for sharing. You really look good in anything you style. 🙂 Can’t you start the Spring series early?…..can’t wait. Ha ha.

  24. Just bought the same linen pants at Nordstrom last week! We’ve had a warm week and I’ve worn them already.😊 I thought maybe they would look like pj’s, but with a cute top and sandals they don’t.
    I bought black too. I’m tempted to buy all the colors 😬 Thanks for sharing your trunk!

  25. I really liked the striped dress on you and the striped shirt. You make everything look cute. I’m surprised you kept the linen pants, they were my least favorite item from your box.

    1. I thought the exact same thing. The striped shirt is my favorite on you and I don’t like the linen pants at all. You do make everything look cute, but they look like pajamas. I hope you share more trunk boxes. Love your blog. Blessings to you.

  26. You look smokin hot in those jeans and black off the shoulder top!!! That shirt would look so cute with white jeans too….I;m just sayin…..

  27. It’s funny to read everyone’s comments, as they all have different opinions!! I guess that’s why fashion is personal. Here’s my personal opinion…I absolutely LOVE that pink dress on you. I also agree with you on all those jeans. To those who are sticker shocked by the price, you can always get them for cheaper on ebay, poshmark, and thrift stores! That’s how I am able to wear designer jeans, yet stay on my budget.

  28. Cyndi , Thanks for sharing your trunk, I love the linen pants and the pink dress was definitely bubble gum pink but it was cute , Have a great afternoon

  29. PS Its getting that time of year to bring out the sunless tanner. Can you let us know the one you are going to use this year? I know last year you shared one, but I can’t find the link in the archives. I have a hard time finding one not full of chemicals, not orange color and streaks or has that sunless tanner smell….. we all know about. 🙂 I’ve used Jergens brand before, but it still has a smell. Thanks, Cyndi

  30. This was fun to see–I think you are spot on with your analysis of every piece. Thanks for sharing and for your “Beauty for the Heart”. I enjoy it all and learn from it all, too!

  31. the cut out sandals were so you – I was shocked you were not keeping them………also, LOVED the striped dress.

  32. Cyndi, I cracked up when I read your description of the pink dress! LOL! I love the black off the shoulder top; did you try it with the black striped linen pants? With heels, it might look cute and sexy at the same time. I also like the ribbed tie up orange sweater but will check it out in another color. Have fun in Nashville!

  33. I love the black off the shoulder top with bell sleeves….wish I could wear that style. It looks great on you…keep it!

  34. Hi Cyndi. I have to say I actually love the linen pants… Also like the black top! You should keep. So cute on you.

  35. I also liked the pink patterned top with the drawstring at the neck. was curious as to where you got it? the one you were wearing with the jeans.

  36. Been reading your blog for a month or so! Keep up the good work. Please send back those linen pj pants! There have to better options in a similar style… but, I’m sure you’ll style them as best as you can… 🙂

    I think the stripped dress is a stunner and perfect for a date with your husband! and classy on you! The lace up sweater is nice, but maybe in a different color (they offer white and black, too). Otherwise, save your money! 🙂 But I agree, all the jeans are nice, but really, do we need MORE jeans? 🙂 And I also want to know where you got your cute bow flats…:) Thank you for trying it all on for us! Have a blessed day!

  37. Enjoyed your post today and glad to see that stripes are still in for spring, because I love wearing them!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  38. I loved the shoes and I thought you looked great in the striped dress. The black top was cute but short. Thank you for sharing your trunk club with us!!

  39. I really enjoyed your post today Cyndi. I love the blue dress. I’m curious if anyone else has noticed a difference in the quality of the clothing at The Loft. I used to love their clothes, but recently noticed that everything is so thin and see through.

    1. Sue, I realize you are talking to Cyndi, but I saw this and had to add that I’ve been a Loft fan for years and after several winter purchases this past December I am done… Every item I bought was way too thin for the price I paid. They don’t wash well when they are that delicate… I’m looking for a new on line store for future Winter purchases. Of course I love Cyndi and she looks amazing in all the Trunk items!

      1. I have to agree, used to love Loft- but the styles are looking too Dress Barn for the price point and the quality is way off. I have been visiting Banana Republic more and more and have found J Crew also.
        Cyndi- you looked great in everything!

  40. I loved the pink patterned top you were wearing with several of the jeans, can you tell us about it?

    I have been thinking about trying this service, you talked me into it! I love the striped dress and the black top on you!

  41. It was fun to see your trunk box! I would love to see future posts where there are more styles from Macy’s or at least options from them. They have great sales and really good coupons. I love Nordstrom’s but so much of their clothing holds a hefty price tag.

  42. I was shocked at how expensive so many of the items in the box were. I can’t imagine paying almost $200 for a pair of jeans. Are you able to lower the price point (A LOT) for these boxes?

  43. Curious about Trunk Box and StitchFix, how many pieces of clothing do you usually keep vs. return? I feel guilty sending them back–should I?