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Tunic With Leggings-What I Wore

Tunic With Leggings-What I WoreLast January I styled a polka dot tunic for Glamour Farms. I had just started styling some clothes for them and they weren’t ordering a lot of extra, I styled this and it sold out quick!

Since styling this tunic, I get emails from women who see it on Pinterest and want to know where to buy it. Glamour Farms also gets emails and calls about it.

Glamour Farms decided to have it made so I could style it again. This one is made in the USA and is still one of my favorite tunics!

The weather was sooo cold, and windy, and dreary and it was snowing when I took these pictures. So if  you see white flakes in my hair and I look cold, it’s snow and I AM COLD!

I styled this two ways, one with black boots and the other with my brown boots.

Tunic With Leggings-What I WoreThe wind is blowing and I can not keep my hair out of my face!!

Tunic With Leggings-What I WoreI added a silver necklace from Glamour Farms to my outfit, it’s called the Plateau necklace.

Tunic With Leggings-What I WoreNext, I styled it with my brown boots and a black scarf (the scarf was added because by this time I am numb from the cold weather. My husband on the other hand is taking the pictures in a huge warm coat. Just thought you should know that!)

Tunic With Leggings-What I Wore Tunic With Leggings-What I Wore Tunic With Leggings-What I WoreThis is such a comfortable tunic. The black material has some stretch in it so it doesn’t feel tight.

Tunic With Leggings-What I WoreOutfit Details: The Julia Tunic (Size reference: I’m wearing a small)//Black leggings//Black Cami//Necklace//Scarf (similar here)//Brown boots//Black boots(similar here)

Use Discount Code: Spivey925 for $10 off a $20 or more order. (This tunic has sizes Small-XXL)

Do you like it better with the black boots or the brown boots. I can’t decide!

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Beauty For the Heart~~Yesterday I spent the day working on posts for my blog and picking out some spring clothes I wanted to style in March.

I was looking at other bloggers and what they were wearing and by the end of the day I realized I am not as “cool” as some other fashion bloggers my age. I started thinking I have to be “cooler”.  What happened to me and when did I lose it? Ha!

Then I thought about Psalm 139:14, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

God made me and I have to be me. Whether I’m cool or uncool doesn’t really matter and the comparison game is not healthy.

I think we all do it at times, but we need to remember we are each fearfully and wonderfully made! We are unique and God has a purpose for each of us.

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to other women?

Have a blessed day!

**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!!

***All clothes are given to my by Glamour Farms but the opinions are my own.

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      1. I just ordered the tunic and can’t wait for it to arrive! Thanks again Cyndi! You are always such a bright spot to my day!

    1. Mary the chambray is attached to the tunic. This is all one piece. But I’m glad you asked because someone else might have wondered that too.

  1. Hi Cyndi, your post made me smile because I too compare myself all the time to other women my age and it always leaves me feeling inadequate. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who does that. Thank you posting scripture to remind us what is real and important.

  2. I am totally with you on being “cool”! I still think of myself as young and fun but in reality there’s a 40ish woman in my mirror everytime I look!!! How did that happen!?!?! Always enjoy you and your blog, have a great day!

  3. I think I like the brown boots too! I’m really bad at comparing myself to other people…thanks for the reminder that if everyone was the same it would be an extremely boring world!!!

  4. Cyndi, you always look lovely, really! “Cool” is relative & also probably very overrated! Besides, from your blog I believe your ultimate purpose is to be a godly example & shine Jesus, not just to merely be cool 🙂 Keep being you! Oh, and I like both ways you styled the outfit!

      1. Marcia and Cyndi,
        This is exactly what I was thinking when I read the blog today. We are not always called to be cool which is very relative by the way, but we are called to be set apart for God’s glory.

        Cyndi, this is why I love following you because you are cool in my book and always style great fashions with such grace! Not everyone can do this…

        When my wandering heart begins the old comparison game, I always think of the quote that comparison is the thief of our joy which is so true!! And we should never allow anyone to steal our joy!!

  5. I love this but…..I’m thinking it is probably not a style for a 59 year old?? I don’t want to look like I’m trying to hard. Looks so cute on you and I love the black scarf with it. You do look cold…hope you got warmed up!!

    1. I am sixty and I just ordered it,I love the look! And as I operate a daycare I like comfy, casual but nice looking clothes that I can move in ( think getting up and down off the floor all day, and picking up children),I think this fits the bill as I do a lot of the Glamour Farm clothes.
      I say go for it! Wear what is comfortable and works for you!

      1. Mandy…thanks for the reassurance. I am kicking myself now because I had it in my cart trying to decide if I thought it was age appropriate for me and went to an appointment and coming back reading your post decided to order and now my cart is empty. Guess they don’t let you keep it in there very long so now I missed out on it. 🙁

  6. Looks like I’m in the minority but I personally don’t like the “shirt tail” hanging down. I love the tunic part and even the chambrey at the cuffs. I know this is “in style”, but, if I bought this tunic I’d cut the tail off. You look cute but just think how much more put together it would look without the tail. Just my opinion. 😁

    1. Guess I should add that I am a 60+ lady – so this is cute for the “younger” crowd. 😉
      I think We all compare ourselves to others – whether it’s our weight, our hair, our homes – no matter our age. Some days I’m better at not doing it than other days, but aren’t we all? Just keep on trying – as long as I have more “happy with me” days than comparison days I’m happy.

  7. I’m so glad they brought this tunic back! I ordered one as soon as I got your email this morning. Thanks! I love it with both black and brown boots, but I’m leaning toward the brown.

    I think most of us compare ourselves to others from time to time; I know I do. It’s human nature and it’s hard not to feel like we are less. That’s why I just love that Francesca Battesteli song “He Knows My Name.” It’s a great reminder that by the grace of God, we are never less.

    By the way, your blog is by far my favorite, and for all its worth, I think you are cool. Have a great day, Cindi!

  8. The outfit definitely looks a bit more dressy with the black boots…and less so with the brown. So I guess it would depend on where you were going, etc. Cute on you! (I’m not sure I’ve got the build to pull it off, though…I tend to leave the leggings for ultra cold days under something else, at home, or exercise ones for Zumba!)

  9. I just ordered it!! YAY! I remember you wearing this last year and I really liked it, so thank you for sharing again.

    BTW – I love your posts. I don’t comment on them much, but I look forward to them every morning. Thank you!!

  10. It’s so cute and slimming on you ~ but I’m short and a little larger (size 8) and worried that it might be too much pattern on my petite frame. 🙁
    I liked it before and just may have to get it this time. Thank you for braving the cold weather to take pictures for us. Enjoy a hot cup of tea on us!

  11. This is adorable! It seems so you too. I can see this one being a huge hit again for them! I really love both versions too, I’m not sure I could pick a favorite.

  12. First off can I just say you look AWESOME in this outfit…..that tunic makes you look for thin and fit (not that you aren’t by any means I’m just saying there is something out it that just really works). I prefer the black boots but that’s mainly because I’m a matchy person in that sense and that is what “I” would feel comfortable in.

  13. Love this outfit! That tunic is adorable (and so are you)! I like it with the black boots for a slightly dressier look, and toned down to a more casual look with the brown. It’s a great look!

  14. The tunic is adorable and as always you look great. Having read way too many blogs, Grace & Beauty is the only one I’ve stuck with . Just want you to know that I look forward to your post every morning. I don’t comment much, but I think you’re cool 🙂 Now off to order that tunic. Have a wonderful day.

  15. I’m going to order this tunic. Fingers crossed its not sold out! It’s so cute on you, Cyndi. The black boots dresses it up and the brown dresses it down. Both boots look great, and I like it with the scarf, too. This tunic would look great with white jeans, too!!


  16. As usual…..too cute for color TV!! Don’t know how you do it, but you always do. You look a bit chilly, however….brrrrrr. I’d love to have the polka-dot top, but I know better than to try to get it b/c once you wear it on-line, it is sold out completely, never to return. *sigh*

  17. I remember that tunic, and it’s so cute!! But, Cyndi, I’m sure I speak for others when I say don’t stand outside in the freezing cold for pictures and get sick! We won’t mind at all if your husband takes your picture inside when the weather is frigid. I appreciate all the outside pictures with the varied backgrounds, but, in the end, it’s YOU we are looking at, so don’t make yourself sick for any picture!

    And, yes, I fight comparing myself to other women. I’m too tall, I’m too old (neither of which I can do one thing about!), too introverted, etc. But God doesn’t need us all to be the same. His work won’t get done if we all have the same characteristics.

    Have a happy day and stay warm! It’s cold in Kentucky.

  18. So cute and would love to order it….I’ve never ordered from them before and am a little reluctant due to the return policy. I just don’t know how their sizes run for my body type (XL and am 5 ft. 9 in), so hate to find out too late that it won’t work for me. I usually only order from stores that offer free shipping/returns….but, for now I have it in my “cart”…..arrrrghhhh! Just can’t quite pull the trigger.

  19. How interesting that the tunic sweater part has the denim attached. I was thinking it was two pieces at first….but it’s a great idea of something you could do with what you own too!!
    I was laughing that your husband is in a heavy coat while you’re freezing—I know that feeling all too well!!
    I very much like both looks—I think the black boots seem a little more dressy and the brown ones a tad more casual!! jodie

  20. You are very cool, and I agree with the other reply. I have read other blogs, and I have stayed with you! I have a tremendous problem with the comparison game! I had just been praying about it this morning, and I couldn’t believe that was you topic today! I really feel God was speaking to me through your words. That is what makes you special! I appreciate you and your blog so much😊👠👗!

  21. Good Morning! I think you are super cool😊 I love the brown boots with this tunic.. Which surprised me because I usually like to match my leggings with my boots. Thanks for all you do!! Your blog rocks!!!

  22. Love it both ways. I’ve just began following your blog and enjoy your reflections and scripture passages. I will look to see if the tunic is still in stock. Blessings to you and family.

  23. Cyndi, I usually don’t leave comments, but you triggered something in me today…about comparing ourselves to others. My 87yr old-wise mother just said this the other day… “We all need to look the best we can and be happy we look as good as we do.” 😊 We were discussing how some people can just never be satisfied. It’s sad!! Beauty goes deeper than the surface.

  24. I think many over 40 women try too hard to look “cool and young” They end up looking ridiculous and much older than they are.
    I think you are classic, and vey stylish.
    You are a great inspiration to many women.

  25. I ordered the tunic! Can’t wait to receive it. I too, find that I compare myself to others on occasion, especially when in the presence of what I consider to be a young, much more hip, chic! But, then I remember that my path has been padded with Grace and Mercy and I have arrived a much more confident and, hopefully, a much brighter light then when I began. We don’t loose our “cool” factor. When we clothe ourselves in Christ, it just becomes SWAG!
    Thanks for sharing your journey!

  26. Not comparing ourselves to others (at 54) is a natural day to day challenge when we are bombarded by all types of images on social media daily. All of my college friends are short and I always thought they were so cute. But then I realized I can eat more because I’m taller. But then it’s harder to buy tunics long enough for leggings. It’s always a trade-off. We must remember He created us and we’re the exact height he created us!

  27. I think the black boots make you look taller and the brown boots chop up the look. Just my first reaction!

    You’re so very cute, and when you get into your 50’s you’ll not care as much what others think of your style or other things. It’s like the magic decade!!

  28. Guess I have to check my email earlier in the day – it’s already sold out!! Ask them to reorder again! I had my credit card in hand!

  29. A note on the comparison trap. Sandra Stanley has written a short devotional book on the subject of comparison. It’s a good four week small group study with video. Highly recommend. I think you look very cool Cyndi — thanks for confirmation that even the cool girls are sometimes struggle with comparison.

  30. The older I get, the less I compare. I have found through experience those I’d compare myself with had a whole unique set of flaws & problems that weren’t apparent at first. Now I know we are all just imperfect people trying to get by in this world. That makes me equal to everyone else — no better, but no worse.

    I also compare less since I’ve found blogs like yours and Jo-Lynne’s. I like reading both of your content because you seem to be regular people — albeit beautiful and with a better wardrobe — who encourage us by example to be the best us we can be.

    The third thing that assists me in this is the Fashion for Women Over 40 FB group. What a delightful group of ladies from all over who care about, support, and often pray for one another’s concerns. We don’t have to all be a certain size or type to be accepted and celebrated!

    I feel comfortable just being me. At 48 I’m glad I’m finally giving up the comparison game. Too much life to live to waste time with that. I’m great just the way I am. 🙂

    1. Jennifer, I have to agree with you. The women who comment on Cyndi’s Blog are so precious! Gives me a glimpse of the wonderful company we’ll be sharing With in Heaven! They are a testament to the glory of God and His work in people’s lives! And Cyndi is such a darling role-model of a true sister-in-Christ! Blessings to all the gals on this Blog! XOXO

  31. I think you are plenty cool, Cyndi! I have often felt the need to be different, be loud, talk more, be “more”. You helped me acknowledge the beauty of my gentle and quiet spirit. Don’t even think of changing who you are. We all love you…you can see it in the comments each time you post.

    Oh, and cute outfit! You look skinny (we can’t hear that too many times).

  32. oh my goodness you’re adorable! I love your style! Unfortunately, we do compare ourselves to others, and it never turns out well. I love this tunic and leggings! Thanks for sharing

  33. Yeah! So glad that this adorable tunic is back! Was disappointed last year when I tried to order it and it was sold out, so will be heading over to Glamour Farms next! LOL Cyndi~ I can’t begin to tell you how much your “Beauty From the Heart” means to me!! I love the fashion etc. but my favorite piece is the “Beauty”!! I am re-reading The Power of a Positive Woman by Karol Ladd. Psalm 139:14 is the “remember” scripture verse for chapter one! Isn’t God amazing!! Blessings to you and your family!!

  34. I’d LOVE this outfit without the denim. Just don’t like the blue, especially from the back. Looks like I’m the minority again ha ha.

  35. Since I saw that the tunic is sold out, I’ll have to hold off ordering it. I really like the scarf with it. Like you, Cyndi, I don’t know if I prefer the black or the brown boots. Even though you were freezing out there, it doesn’t show in he photos, so good job! In am terrible about comparing myself to other women, but I’m worse at comparing my size now to what I was 10 years ago, which makes me very unhappy.

    I hope you are having a blessed day!

    1. Love this tunic…tried to order the xl but already sold out..hope there will be more. I think I like the black boots best, but i like the brown too!

  36. Your message today, was exactly what I needed. I had a major birthday yesterday. I find myself comparing myself way too much with others, especially since I’m getting older. Thank you for reminding us that God indeed created us all differently.
    I love this tunic on you, and can understand why it sold out when you styled it the first time. You look beautiful both ways, but I prefer it with the brown boots. I would have thought only to wear it with black boots, but you’ve taught me that black can be worn with brown. I now do so! So, again, I prefer the brown boots with your outfit.
    Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration.

  37. Hi Cyndi, comparing myself to others does happen every now and then, but I usually remind myself that I am one of a kind and just as wonderful as the next person; which usually helps. I have loved reading your posts and want to thank you as I now look for them everyday and as much as I like to see what you are styling I also love to read your words.
    Thank you and blessed be.

  38. I sometimes compare myself to other women too… think “they look so pretty” or “seem to have it all together”… but try to remember like you do that I am how God made me!!! You always look beautiful and cool to me Cyndi :). Hugs to you! Karen

  39. I love this tunic! I like the contrast with the brown boots. The black seems to dress it up a bit so I would wear brown for casual and black for dressier.

  40. Brown boots! Love this top. Hope they still have it in March. Over budget right now – too many great ideas from you and jo Lynn!

  41. To all of the women wanting the Julia tunic, I just now heard from Annie Zimmerman of Glamour Farms that they tried very hard to get this piece back again, but they are no longer cutting this garment. Very sad.

    Cyndi, I have been following your blog for several years and thoroughly enjoy it. You are not only a style guru, but an inspiration to all of us 40+ women. Thank you for being you!

  42. Cyndi, I adore this top! I love it with the black boots the best.

    I looked at the website and this tunic is already sold out. Please let us know when it will be back in stock.

  43. So cute! Sadly out of stock. Let us know when it will be back in.

    Definitely like the black boots better. The brown boots create a horizontal line that cuts off your legs and makes you look shorter. The black boots create one long vertical line making you look thinner (if that is possible) and taller. Love that necklace!

  44. Sure. I do compare myself to other ladies my age (62) but I feel good about what I wear where some are still trying to look like a teenager. I love your tunic with both the black and brown boots.

  45. Adorable, adorable Cyndi! You are beautiful inside and out so be the sweetheart God made you! I like both colors of boots but am partial to the brown. I like the contrast. Stay warm!

  46. Cyndi,
    I work with a group of women and I am the oldest in the group. I catch myself comparing myself to them sometimes. I have to remind myself that even though I am the elder statesman, age is just a number and it’s all in our attitude and the way we decide to go through our day that matters.
    By the way, I like the black boots best!
    Have a blessed day,

  47. Hi Cyndi,
    I must tell you this…. I have also been surfing other blogs and I’ve found that you – Grace & Beauty, Cyndi Spivey, are the absolute “Coolest” when in comparison(which we shouldn’t do, but we do)!!! Maybe it’s because I seem to love almost every outfit you style, or maybe it’s because you are beautiful in every style you model… but Dear Cyndi, you ARE COOL and you style clothes perfect for your age, perfect for your body type, you do not try to wear something that makes you look younger or older, or out of your league… You dress with finesse and are adorable in everything you style!! That is hard to pull off and dear, you pull it off perfectly in every blog! I would go as far and say, I know you would make it big in Hollywood! But I don’t want you to move out there, so stay right here in KY and keep giving all us millions of ladies something to keep us grounded and beautiful ! 🙂 Have a blessed week and Happy Valentine’s Day !

  48. LOL and I thought that was just dandruff in your hair, from all this dryness, due to all the snow… hee hee hee Another success and beautiful outfit…. Loved the Beauty for the Heart also!

  49. I love this outfit !!! I would not have thought to put a tunic over a denim dress (that is what you did right?) I adore both looks but if I had to pick one I lean just a smidge towards the look with the brown boots and black fringe scarf. You are “killing” the cool look you sweet girl (: Party on Cyndi (:

  50. I am not sure my previous question went through…..so here goes again…..Last year you had a pic of a green utility coat from old navy and I think you wore a black and white striped tee….could you post or send the pic to me….I can’t remember what else you were wearing.

  51. I found a sweater similar to the polka dot on sale at Chico’s. J. Jill’s has a denim shirt dress, but I’m going to wait for it to go on sale or get the one from Target. Loved that outfit and to have SOMETHING like it!

  52. I managed to grab this top and I’m wearing it today. I wonder why they didn’t put a chambray collar on this? It would add so much, I think.

  53. I love this tunic! I bought it-wearing it for the first time today…already gotten 5 compliments!!! It’s awesome-lightweight and versatile. I’m an apple shape, but the tunic looks great with leggings! Thanks so much to you & Glamour Farms!!!