Understanding Essential Oils

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Most of you all know, I love sharing about my essential oils. I use them everyday!

I feel like I might have put the cart before the horse. I’ve shared with you the essential oils I use but I haven’t explained what they are and how they work, etc.

What can Young Living Essential Oils help with?

  • support the body’s natural immune defenses
  • purify and cleanse
  • relax and calm the body
  • encourage focus and concentration
  • support normal respiratory function
  • and so much more!

1. So, what are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are volatile liquids and aromatic compounds that are distilled from plants, trees, shrubs, flowers and stems and seeds.

Sometimes called the “life force” of the plant. They have an indefinite shelf life unlike medications.

Essential Oils are the purest, most potent form of an herb.

  • 1 drop peppermint=26 cups of peppermint tea
  • 5,000 pounds of rose petals=2.2 pounds of rose oil

They are the oldest known form of medicine, dating back to 4500 BC.

2. How do essential oils work?

Essential oils quickly penetrate the tissues of the skin so you can place the oils on different places on your body such as forearm, bottom of the feet, neck, and over your heart.

Essential oils are also aromatic, and when diffused may provide air purification, can eliminate household odors and fill the air with a fresh, aromatic scent.

Therapeutic grade essential oils such as Young Living oils can be ingested (read the label on the ones to ingest).

3. Why purchase the Premium Starter Kit?? Many of you all email me and ask, “Can I order an oil without ordering the Premium Starter Kit, I don’t want those oils.”

My answer is always, Yes!! But truthfully, you’re missing so much by not ordering the Premium Starter Kit.

The Premium Starter Kit is a $300 value for $150. This kit will get you started on your “oily” journey.

Plus if you order the kit, you become a wholesale member and get 24% off retail price of all your orders. That’s a huge savings!

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You do not have to “sell” essential oils to be a wholesale member. You can easily get a wholesale discount for LIFE simply by signing up for a Premium Starter Kit, which is Young Living’s best value.

After signing up, you are not obligated to participate in an autoship or purchase anything ever again if you so choose. There are really no strings attached to this amazing membership.

The Premium Starter Kit comes with…

  • A diffuser is one of the best methods of inhalation and this diffuser retails at $96. You are getting an amazing value in your kit right there.
  • Lemon – cleaning properties, relaxing, uplifting, supports the body’s natural detox functions.
  • Lavender – Use this for anything and everything. Great for claiming the body.
  • Peppermint – Supports a healthy digestive system, increases energy levels
  • Joy – Helps uplift the mood and increase feelings of joy. This is often worn as a perfume.
  • Tea Tree – Great for scalp health, oral health and supporting the immune system
  • Citrus Fresh – Wonderful for uplifting mood and supporting the body’s natural detox functions
  • PanAway – Helpful in relieving muscle discomfort
  • Stress Away – Every mom’s best friend, this blend does exactly what it says it will.
  • Purification – Helpful for purifying the air, dirty diaper pails, or getting rid of pests
  • Thieves – Supports the immune system. Always be well stocked with this one in the winter.
  • Frankincense – Amazing to Youthful Skin and for immune support
  • Roller balls
  • Samples – Essential oils samples to hand to friends as well as Ningxia Red samples!
  • Product Information

Here’s a great graphic on how to use these oils that come in the Premium Starter Kit.

Everyday Oils Clock Infographic
I know you will not be disappointed in the products! My desire is for you to successfully use Essential Oils to help your family and those around you experience a more vibrant life.

I hope this has helped you understand Essential Oils. Go here if you want to sign up and get started on this amazing journey!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I’ve made my own soap and many facial/eye cleansers from scratch for years and so I’m very familiar with using EOs . I’m glad to see the interest, but as an additional disclaimer, you might mention that many essential oils are skin irritants for alot people due to their concentration and chemical make-up. They can also lead to photo-sensitivity and irreversible skin pigmentation changes when applied directly to the skin.

    1. That’s not meant to discourage their use. The joy of fragrance is amazing, but they are powerful, concentrated chemicals.

  2. Hi Cyndi: I’m really very interested in the essential oils, and am curious how you mentioned that they can help with menopause and female issues. Can you expound on that, or is it more suitable for an email explanation? Thank you!

  3. Thank you for sharing your faith! I enjoy getting your emails daily. The song you posted on Palm Sunday touched my heart. Thanks also for sharing your life stories and walking with the Lord!