Unforgettable Gifts For Moms | Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up, so today, I’m sharing unforgettable gifts for moms that will make them feel loved and appreciated. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your mom, sister, or someone you care about, here are some ideas they will love.

 Silk Pajamas | Ice Roller | Perpetual Calendar | Glass Cup | Purse | Bath Bombs | Flower Earrings | Locket Necklace | Heart Earrings | Jewelry Tray | Throw Blanket | Candle | Slippers | Mug | Blush & Glow Palette

Mother’s Day | Gifts Ideas

ice roller, face ice roller, pink facial ice roller

1. Ice Roller

Great for de-puffing your face in the morning.

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silk pajamas, satin pajamas, women's pink long sleeve silk pajama set

2. Silk Pajamas

The perfect pajama set for spring/summer and the silk material is great for hair and skin health.

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white slippers, fuzzy white slippers, house slippers

3. Slippers

Soft and comfortable slippers to wear around the house.

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bath bombs, rose marshmallow bath bombs

4. Bath Bombs

The best stress relief gift for bath lovers.

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perpetual prayers and blessings calender

5. Prayer & Blessings Calendar

The perfect thoughtful gift, full of daily wisdom, inspirational quotes, positive affirmations, and scripture.

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charlotte tilbury blush and glow palette

6. Blush & Glow Palette

This beautiful blush palette from Charlotte Tilbury is the perfect makeup find for spring/summer.

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hot pink purse from nordstrom

7. Purse

A cute bag for spring and summer.

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best mom ever mug, pink and gold mug

8. Mug

Perfect for the coffee and tea-loving moms.

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pink flower stud earrings and white and gold ceramic jewelry tray

9. Flower Earrings & Jewelry Tray

This jewelry tray is perfect for holding smaller items, especially these beautiful flower stud earrings from Nordstrom.

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pink and white checkered throw blanket

10. Throw Blanket

This pink throw blanket is so cute and soft.

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11. Earrings & Locket Necklace

I love this locket necklace from J.Crew. It’s dainty, and pretty, and you can personalize it with pictures inside.

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glass coffee cup with bamboo lid and glass straw, number 1 mom cup

12. #1 Mom Glass Cup

The perfect on-the-go cup for moms who always take their morning coffee to-go.

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candle, blackberry rose candle

13. Candle

This candle has a rose scent that’s perfect for spring and the glass jar design is beautiful.

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Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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  1. I have been following you for years and recently moved to Lexington and love would lo meet you in person. May I ask what church you are speaking at?

    1. Hey Susan, Welcome to Lexington!! I’m speaking at a church in Southern Indiana and it’s for their church but maybe we could meet for coffee.

  2. I love the verse on BFTH. I’m going to memorize this one. It’s a beautiful verse to wake up to and speak it to the Lord.
    Thank you for sharing it. ♥️

  3. Perfect verse for this morning! I definitely understand about your mom. Mother’s Day was the holiday I missed my mama the most in the beginning. Now that my daughter has children, I try to keep my focus on them, understanding what her grands meant to her. Circle of life…..

  4. I love the BFTH today.
    I like the glass can shape drink glass with straw. The sayings are so fun on it. I still have my mom but am loosing her with dementia. She still knows me but has changed so much and I don’t know how long she will know me. She is 85. I started following you in 2015, but read back in your archives about your moms journey. I wanted to know her since she has impacted you and your family so much. She sounds wonderful. I wish your church message was going to be videoed so you could share with us.