Weekend Casual Fashion

Happy Friday ladies! It’s the weekend and that means I’m sporting some casual fashion. We don’t have any big plans this weekend and I am so glad.

I leave next week for the Haven Conference so I have several things I need to get done. Mandy and I are finishing up our presentation that we are giving and I need to start thinking about what I’m wearing. 🙂

I’m in love with these comfortable Dear John striped shorts. I might be styling these every week with a different top! Ha!

Weekend Casual Fashion
Yesterday I shared a bucket bag on sale at Nordstrom with you. This is the bag and I love it!

Weekend Casual Fashion
This is my kind of summer casual style. Simple and comfortable.

Weekend Casual Fashion
Weekend Casual Fashion
Weekend Casual Fashion

Lace top-Stitch Fix (41 Hawthorn, Milan Lace Print Back Pleat Blouse)//Bucket bag-Nordstrom//Shorts-Stitch Fix (Dear John, Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short)//Sandals-Old navy//Necklace-Baublebar//Earrings-Stella & Dot//Bracelet-Ann Taylor

Weekend Casual Fashion
What are your plans for this weekend??

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Beauty For the Heart~~Satan loves to lie to us. He loves to make us think we need to be perfect, look perfect and have perfect homes.

He uses magazines, blogs, Pinterest, Instagram etc. to make us think everyone else has it all together. Can I just say, I don’t have it all together and I’m far from perfect!

I think we as women are feeling extreme amounts of pressure to appear perfect. Let’s just admit that we aren’t.

The Truth? God does not expect perfection from us. Why else did Jesus come to save us? The only perfection God asks from us is a reliance on Him who is perfect and to strive to be more like Him.

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. Ephesians 2:8-9

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Thank you for the scripture and honesty Cyndi! I agree that society puts pressure on us to be perfect. I’m grateful that in Gods eyes I am perfect. We are helping out some family in Fleming Island, FL, where it’s extremely hot with a very high heat index. God bless!

  2. Cyndi….I have to admit as I’ve gotten older, that is one thing I realize that is not important (perfection). As you know from the dental field…it’s hard to admit that, but I think it makes us more empathetic to others to realize our flaws can be good! I just read a quote that said (something like)….we compare the highlights of other’s lives to the backstage of our life.” Interesting, huh? jodie
    ps…the outfit is wonderful…simply casual yet interesting!!!

      1. Jodie, I like “real” people- not perfect ones. My friends are real & I love them. But I do have one that is OCD. 🙂 I love her too.

  3. Very cute outfit! Beauty for the Heart was meant for me today, I definitely needed to hear this. I am so blessed by your blog! 🙂

  4. Cute and casual! I’d be chilly in that outfit today– my part of KY has no sunshine. Thank you for the message, feeling discouraged today. I don’t want to be perfect, I’d settle for pretty good.LOL! But if I don’t have the info I need, I can’t be good. Maybe the Lord is trying to soften me– a little humility.

  5. Love simple and casual. Esp when so hot like here in Savannah. 99 right now. You are a breath of fresh air to our day in both your fashion and spiritual post. Thank you.

  6. Darling outfit! I like the tee and you’re jewelry! Beauty for the heart is right on and your words are wise. The other day I read this quote from Shiela Walsh: “God’s princess is not about being perfect, it’s about being perfectly loved (by God)”!

    Enjoy your quiet weekend. We have no plans this weekend either and my husband and I are welcoming the tranquility!

  7. I really needed the reminder today about the emptiness of striving for perfection. Sometimes. I consider my grandmother’s life in comparison to mine. We are/ were both moms and teachers. Yet she has such a clearer focus on Godly priorities.
    She understood the value of maintaining our physical health. Yet she was also interested in the health and wellness of others. She took food or visited friends with new babies/ illness/ recovery/ grief. I will be honest that I can not remember the last time for a friend that I did more than call, heck email or text.
    The pressure for perfection is in its very nature if self focused- the very opposite of our loving Savior.
    I do not mean to be a downer, just remembering my grandmother, and trying to figure how out to let go of the worldly pressures and embrace the the Lord’s view of how my time is best spent.
    Perfect summer outfit, comfortable, yet feminine! Enjoy the weekend, ladies:-)

  8. I like your outfit. Not sure about the purse. The last time I had one like that I found it hard to find things in it. I seem to have that problem with most purses. Have you ever tried one of those organizer purse inserts? I think that regarding perfection, we bring a lot of that on ourselves by constantly comparing ourselves to others. I think we have to learn to love ourselves and be gentle with the things we tell ourselves. I heard a quote regarding how we would never say things to others that we say to ourselves. Looking forward to ideas you bring back from Haven.

  9. Perhaps a way to combat “striving for perfection” (as alluded to by others here as well) is to not focus as much on ourselves as we do on others. It’s harder to be preoccupied with being perfect when our minds are on the needs of others. Sometimes it doesn’t take that much on our part to be a real blessing to others! Sometimes it takes a lot of our effects. But, to me, it’s far wiser to spend time seeking to help others than trying to love ourselves. In the process, God will bless us, and we will have joy.

    1. That should have read “Sometimes it takes a lot of our efforts, not effects. “. Autocorrect got me again! ????

  10. Your outfit looks really pretty.
    My husband is off today and tomorrow we are just relaxing at home.
    I often put pressure on myself to be perfect. Being a teacher people often expect you to be perfect. Thanks for the scripture.

  11. This is my idea of a perfect summer look! I have a similar bucket bag but I tend to lose things in it! I love how it looks though! I hope you have a relaxing weekend! Susan