Welcome To Our Home!

Welcome to Our Home! I wish I could have you over and we could sit around and talk all day. Wouldn’t that be fun?!

Since I can’t do that, I thought I would welcome you in my home with some pictures. Our new home still looks pretty sterile right now because I have only hung one picture.

The painters just finished painting yesterday and I’m enjoying all my walls without nail holes at the moment.

I’m super pleased with how my hard wood floors and my stairs turned out!

House picturesJust as a reminder here is a before picture and this is how they look now.

before and afterMy walls are painted with Alabaster paint from Sherwin Williams. My stair rails are Iron Ore from Sherwin Williams.

House pictures

I’m not sure what I’m going to do in this area but I will keep the lamp. I recently purchased it from Pier 1 Imports.

House pictures-1Again, it’s pretty sterile in here because I can’t put any rugs down yet. I have to wait a few weeks since I just had my floors done. Our floors are a sugar maple wood (which is harder than oak) and I used Early American wood stain.

House pictures-6This is the before picture of my great room.

I will probably change that light but there are several other lights in the house that have to be changed first. I bought this table and had it painted white (I feel like white is the theme around here. Ha!)

IMG_7766Here is what it looks like now. I have ordered my chairs for the table and they have not come in yet.

House pictures-2This is the chair I ordered for the ends of the table.

30AIDENSL3This is the chairs for the sides of the table. (Both of these chairs I purchased from Arhaus.)

30CADAECHRI had a hard time getting pictures of my kitchen. This is the best I could do and I’m not finished decorating in here. I have several shelves that I need to add to.

House pictures-11 House pictures-12 House pictures-13 House pictures-3Now, for the outside, this might be my favorite view. Memorial Day we had all my family over for a cookout and swim party and boy did we have fun!! Again, we will need to landscape and add flowers but all in time.

House pictures-4We have a deck that extends over the entire back side of our home. The deck has not been sealed so guess what my husband is doing today?? 🙂 I purchased all my outdoor furniture from Pier 1 Imports. They keep these pieces in stock year after year so I can add to them.

House pictures-5Lastly, we have three large rooms upstairs. One is a media room, one is going to be used for my business and the other one is this playroom for Colt. (He doesn’t sleep up here but I put a bed in it in case we need it.) Colt loves his playroom!

playroomThat’s where we are so far! I’ll share updates as we go a long. Right now we are enjoying being here and hoping to fill our home with wonderful memories with our family and friends.

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Beauty For the Heart~~Hospitality is not about inviting people into our perfect homes; it is all about inviting people into our imperfect hearts. –Ruth Soukup

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrews 13:2

Have a blessed day!

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  1. What a wonderful home, Cyndi!!!
    I painted my staircase like you did only I also made the posts at the end the darker brown!
    Don’t you just love the feel of a newly decorated house?
    Your kitchen it just lovely—a perfect place to congregate!!
    ps…I can’t believe you’ve done so much in 2 weeks!!

    1. Love your new home, Cyndi! We have recently moved and are still working on our new home. We are doing a lot of the work ourselves, so that takes awhile! 🙂 I would love to know the color name of your granite countertops. Blessings!

  2. Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful home!! Love the way you redid the staircase.Where did you get the the pillows on your couch? Thank you again. I have been enjoying all of your posts.

  3. Cyndi, your new home is absolutely gorgeous!!!! After reading your sister’s blog where she said you had a pool I was hoping we would get to see pictures soon. Your back yard really makes me miss Kentucky!

  4. Everything looks lovely Cyndi! Your staircase and wood floors are beautiful!! I guess Wayne needs a tractor to mow all that grass now! HA! 😉 The pool will definitely be so much fun for Colt and all your nephews. Wishing you God’s blessings in your new home 😉

  5. Your house looks beautiful already! It looks like you live on a big property and it is gorgeous! I really like how your table turned out after it was painted! I can’t wait to see more as you had to your house! I also love the lamp from Pier One! I recently bought lamps from there too for my master bedroom update and I’m very happy with them.

    Thank you for sharing and I would be great to sit around and talk all day!

  6. Looks beautiful. With your gift for decorating, I know it will keep evolving to become all you have on mind.
    Blessings in your new home.

  7. Your new home is simply gorgeous!! Congrats on it and all you’re getting to do Inside and out!

    Blessings to you and your family!!

  8. Love, love your new home, especially the pool! I am interested in the maintenance on it. We moved s year ago and I have always wanted a pool but my husband thinks it is too much work.

  9. Cyndi, thank you for sharing your home with us! I know that you’re enjoying decorating it. The whole place is beautiful! In KY, is there an issue with snakes getting in pools, like here in GA?

    I love the quote in Beauty For the Heart!

  10. Just beautiful Cyndi.
    Love the floors. What color stain did you use?
    Showed pics to hubby. He says we can try to do our floors.
    Enjoy your home home. You are truly blessed.

  11. Beautiful new home and spectacular views! It was like watching house hunters- thank you for inviting us into your new home.

  12. Love your home. In addition, your beauty for the heart is so right on. I spent so many years not entertaining guests in our home because I didn’t think it was good enough or that we didn’t have the right things or everyone else’s house was nicer. I’m so thankful that God has changed my heart. I’m now thankful for what we have. Our house may not be the best or biggest, but it’s clean and hospitality and warmth comes from the heart not from what we have. I’m not saying I don’t like pretty things. Oh I do and I try to make our home lovely. We had guests last week, that just moved back to the States from Romania in January, and they said they felt the most at peace at our home than they have felt since their return. Thank you Lord for helping me get over myself.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us. It’s amazing what paint and floor stain can do for a room. It’s just gorgeous. That backyard is so serene and the pool is awesome. Congratulations!

  14. Congratulations, Cyndi! You have a beautiful home. I love all the natural light and the views out your windows!

  15. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. Letting us in on your beauty secrets, lovely home decorating, and beautiful heart on a daily basis truly reflects your generous spirit. You are a blessing to me and to so many others. Thank you for all you do and for sharing your hard work and talents with us!



    P.S.- the throw pillows on your couch are lovely! Could you let me know where you purchased them? I HAVE to get them! Haha!!

  16. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us! I love all of the changes you have made! Have a great weekend!😊

  17. Love the floors and your kitchen table/chairs. JoAnna Gaines would be proud! 🙂 Thank you for sharing pictures of your home and for the Scripture and quote. I read your blog everyday and appreciate your ideas. God bless!

  18. Thank you for sharing Cyndi, you have a beautiful home. Your beauty for the heart really struck ‘home’.

  19. Just lovely cyndi !! A lot of hard work but all worth it in the end .. Thanks for sharing your home and decor with us . You are beautiful inside and out .

  20. Wow- you are such a breath of fresh air! Thank you for not only encouraging me to care and give thought to how I look on the outside, but also for being a great example of balance. It is clear that you care about your soul. So thank you for this. Your blog is a delight!

  21. Such a beautiful home…. God is so good! This looks like a perfect home to entertain and have fun. I bet your grandson wants a horse now. Blessings to you…..

  22. Cindi, it is all so peaceful and gorgeous! We’d love to find some property like that but right now have to stay “in town” as my almost 96 year old mom is in a nursing home here and I visit with her quite a lot. I love those chairs you’ve ordered for your kitchen….in fact the x-back ones are some I’ve considered to replace the old ladderback chairs I have now, I already have 4 white slipcovered slipper chairs borrowed from my DIL and thought to use 2 with 2 x-back ones.

    I love your floors! You’ve done a great job so far and can’t wait to see how your home evolves.

    P.S. Colt’s room is darling. We have to have those spaces for grandbabies, don’t we? Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. I love your home!! You are doing a beautiful job with the design and decorating!! What a gorgeous location too……you will have so much fun with landscaping!!

  24. Its a beautiful home. You have a great start! Your back yard is so big and green. It’s just lovely too. Lots of great spaces to share with family and friends. Enjoy.

  25. Cyndi, thank you so much for sharing your blog. I take care of both my parents who have dementia. I always manage to get smiles from mom when I show her your photos. 🙂 We then able to have moments of sharing Gods word..because I’ve caught their attention at this point. (Dad can still remember some verses)

    I’ll always remember how your blog gave me a few treasured moments to converse with mom and dad. Thank you so much.

  26. So beautiful and homey. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your blog so much, keep doing what you are doing. Your mom would be so proud. May God bless you in your new home and sharing his love.

  27. How beautiful! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Can I just go live with you? 😂😂 Seriously, you are doing a great job with it all. Enjoy your new home and land!

  28. Your new home is just gorgeous! I’m positive you and your family will fill it with wonderful memories and lots of love.
    You are blessed and loved!

    Kathleen from Oklahoma 🙂

  29. A beautiful home, Cyndi! Hope the KY weather begins to cooperate some so you can enjoy the pool! Thanks for sharing!

  30. So beautiful and welcoming! God bless you and your family in your new home. Hope it’s all you dreamed and prayed for and that you create one great memory after another! Thanks for sharing, hope you will share more as you get settled.

  31. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations and God bless you your family in your new home. Pray you really create one sweet memory after another. Please share more pictures as you get settled in.

  32. Cyndi, now you’re speaking my language 🙂 I have been a wallcovering installer in Boise, ID for 27 years. I absolutely love what I do, even after all these years. Interior design is to me what fashion is to you. I wish I could come install a wonderful wallcovering for you, maybe in your Powder Room 🙂 A bit of a drive though from Idaho to Kentucky, seriously though you’re doing a great job. Love your blog.


  33. Cyndi, I just love your blog and you. Thank you so much for sharing your home with us. It’s absolutely beautiful. The space by the front door would make a beautiful spot for a Christmas tree. Remember it will be here before we know it. The kitchen is awesome. I hope you and your family enjoy many happy and healthy years there making memories that will last a lifetime.

  34. Thank you for sharing your new home. It’s just beautiful! It is so open and airy,,and that back yard with the pool. Wow. So happy for you and your family. That rolling green grass just looks like Kentucky, even though I have never been there.

  35. It’s lovely! Thank you so much for posting! The floors came out amazing!! Enjoy your home and God bless!

  36. Thank you for sharing pics, your home is beautiful! I love the before/after of the stairs. Love the way you updated them. Congratulations!

  37. What a beautiful home. I love all your selections. Enjoy and may God continue to bless your home.

  38. Very nice home. Congrats and thank you for sharing your home, your fashion advice and your heart!

  39. The floors turned out fantastic! Beautiful home, congratulations! Your mom must be smiling down on you and how proud she would be. Thank you for sharing!

  40. Gorgeous!!! That backyard view….STUNNING! I would make the back porch my office! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  41. What a lovely new home! Thanks for sharing … and please keep us posted as you continue to settle in!

  42. Love what you have done so far in your new home! What area of the country do you live? It looks beautiful.

  43. Cyndi, thanks fur sharing. Your staircase turned out beautiful. The toy room is precious. I love your style

  44. Hi Cyndi, Beautiful home! I love your choice of whites with bits of color! Every room is an expression of your preference… and very pretty! God Bless, Glad to hear your enjoying your new home!

  45. Cyndi – what a beautiful home! Love everything about it!

    May God bless you, your family and your beautiful new home!


  46. Looks lovely! I’m looking to downsize – so I’ll certainly be checking out your progress to get ideas for my new place! Love the white table I was considering revamping my dining room set with a cream paint.

  47. I’m so glad you quoted Ruth Soukup at the end today. She is one of my favorite bloggers and has inspired me in many areas (as you have.) Blessing!

  48. hi – thanks for sharing …. can you tell me where you found your lamps flanking the sofa in your great room?

  49. SO IN LOVE WITH YOUR NEW HOME!! That view from your dining area? WOW, all that green grass! Oh how I wish I lived where you do, Arizona is just not green and pretty like that! You are doing such a lovely job with your renovations. We have such similar taste in decorating!! xo

  50. Hi Cyndi, I love your new home! Thanks for sharing pictures 😊
    Have a blessed day

  51. The transformation of the staircase is pretty remarkable! Congratulations on your new home, Cyndi. Can’t wait to see the rest of it take shape. May you be blessed with many happy memories there.

  52. Cyndi – your home is REALLY coming along!! You’ve made quite a bit of progress in such a short time! It is absolutely beautiful inside and out, and will grow into a remarkable home and space for your family, especially with your touches!! Blessings to you all as you add to and transform this beautiful place into an even more beautiful home!!

  53. Hi Cyndi,
    Your new home is beautiful!! You may not remember me but my husband Jackie and I met you several years ago briefly. I would love to learn more about your business! And one of these days Jackie and I would enjoy visiting with you and Wayne.