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What I Wore + 31 Days of Winter Fashion

Happy Hump Day! Today I’m sharing What I Wore and a review of my 31 Days of Winter Fashion. Several of you asked if I would put them all on one page so that you can print them off. Yikes!

I can’t begin today without saying a HUGE thank you to all of you for your sweet comments on my post from Sunday and Monday. I told my husband I want to sit in the floor and cry. I had no idea when I started a blog on fashion for women over 40 that there would be any interest.

Throw in the fact that I love Jesus and I was sure this blog would fail. But God……don’t you love that?! God has a way of showing up and when he does, watch out!!

I wish I could hug each of your necks but can we just pretend I have? I love you and thank you for supporting my crazy adventure!

Now for my outfit. We can title this week as the week of basics pieces. Monday I shared my chambray shirt and skinny jeans. Both are must haves for me.

Today I’m styling more basic pieces. The temperature is going to climb into the 50’s today and I have a ton of errands to run!

What I Wore + 31 Days of Winter Fashion
Since it’s a little mild, I’m wearing my open toe heels plus I got a pedicure on Monday. 🙂

What I Wore + 31 Days of Winter Fashion
If you don’t like thick scarves, this leopard print scarf from Target is for you! This is my favorite scarf!

What I Wore + 31 Days of Winter Fashion
We’ve talked about the ponte pant, they’re a go-to pant for me. Comfortable and stylish.

What I Wore + 31 Days of Winter Fashion
Lastly, let’s not forget a denim jacket. It’s a must have for me! I can wear it now but I also take it with me everywhere in the summer when it’s hot outside but I walk inside and it’s freezing from the air condition.

What I Wore + 31 Days of Winter Fashion

Denim jacket-LOFT//Leopard print scarf-Target//Ponte pant-Kut from the Kloth(similar here)//Shoes-Rack Room Shoes (out of stock)

Now here’s a recap of my 31 Days of Winter Fashion.

What I Wore + 31 Days of Winter Fashion


What I Wore + 31 Days of Winter Fashion


What I Wore + 31 Days of Winter Fashion


What I Wore + 31 Days of Winter Fashion


What I Wore + 31 Days of Winter Fashion


I think I’m going to have to title it 28 days of fashion since I don’t post outfits on Sundays!

What are your basic must have pieces in your wardrobe?

Don’t forget about my giveaway!!! It’s a way of saying thank you for stopping by, go here to enter!

Beauty for the Heart~~One of the things I like to do is pick a verse for each of my family members and pray that verse over them. I’ve picked one for Wayne, Courtney, Cory and Colt. Each one is different. I write their name in my prayer journal and then the verse that I’ve chosen.

Depending on what’s going on in their life, the verse can change.

For instance Courtney is a single mom and it’s not always easy, so the verse I picked for her is Deuteronomy 31:6, “Be strong and have strength of heart. Do not be afraid or shake with fear because of them. For the Lord your God is the One Who goes with you. He will be faithful to you. He will not leave you alone.”

Everyday, I pray that verse over Courtney. Have you ever prayed scripture over your family?

If you aren’t sure what verse to pick, google verses to pray over your husband, children etc. You will find lots of resources!

Have a blessed day!


***There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Walking in Grace & Beauty. Thank you!

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  1. Hi Cyndi. My sister and I have not been getting your emails the last couple of days. Have you had any other followers with the same problem? Do you know if there is an issue with your email provider?
    Kind Regards,

      1. Cyndi, a couple of days during the past week, my e-mails came a day late. I googled your site to read the daily post. Just letting you know.


    1. You might want to look in your “trash” folder. Even though I have Cyndi in my
      contact list, the emails still go to the trash folder. 😉

  2. Cyndi. I was searching Pinterest for how to dress in your um….mid-late 40s. I would like to say I’m a young hip grandma and I dress professional for work. I came across your blog about a month ago and I absolutely love everything about it. I look forward to checking my e-mail everyday to see your post and your inspiring words. From what I can see and read, you are a beautiful person inside and out. I get teary just reading your posts almost every day. Now, I do have a question. Since my casual wardrobe isn’t so cool, I’m trying to figure some things out. I struggle with the “white” t-shirt under your outfits. I am short waisted so I struggle with that also. I want to wear my shirts out but need something slightly fitted so it doesn’t ride up and show everything. Can you give me some brands to check out?

    Thank you and enjoy your day.
    Shellie P.

  3. I love this classic look. I am hoping to add a pair of open toe wedges to my wardrobe soon. But the temperatures have to hit 40 first:) I felt the same way about my blog. Who would ever be interested in what I have to say? But I have met so many wonderful women through this forum. I am certain that God has a plan in this. I will never be a rock star blogger, but I am really enjoying trying new styles and encouraging other women to break out of their yoga pants rut! Happy Wednesday! Susan

  4. You can’t go wrong with having a denim jacket in your wardrobe. I find myself reaching for mine quiet often! You can dress it up or down. I love the shoes you have on today. I recently tried on a pair in Belk on clearance ( wish I had got them) ! A great shoe to transition into Spring from Winter. I’m so ready to open up my toes!!
    I love everything about your outfit today! Thank you so much for putting all your looks on one page!!

  5. Hi Cyndi! Can I just tell you- I think you are adorable! ( hope you don’t think that’s a strange comment).. from a 55yr. young blog friend to another beautiful & young fashion savvy lady! You glow from the inside out. I am feeling so blessed that I found your site earlier this fall. I have been able to replicate many of your ideas and have received so many compliments form my 18 & 23 yr. old daughters as well as my high school students at the school I work at! It’s been great to pull together layered looks from pieces I already own and put some combinations together that I wouldn’t have considered before. I believe we all tend to get in a rut and end up wearing some of the same favorites regularly. Your ideas have also been a real money saver for me! I’ve been finding some ‘brand new’ wardrobe ideas with things I’d forgotten about 🙂 A couple of other quick comments…1- You look fabulous in pops of color! love the bright blue sweater on day #13 and coral on day#22! and #2 I am so Jealous of your lovely mild weather! and the chance to wear open toed shoes in February!! It’s 11 degrees in Chicago today and snowing on top of the 20 inched we got this Sunday 🙁 yuk! Enjoy the wonderful day!!

  6. Hi Cyndi!
    Quick question….white long sleeve t-shirt underneath? Or? I like the longer
    length with the pointe pants.
    Thank you!

  7. I love to pray scriptures over my family too. I pray Psalm 91 and Ephesians 3:14-21 over each of them and also specific ones for them that pertain to things they may be going through in their lives. I have seen the Lord do amazing things. It is very exciting. My youngest is 16 and my four other children are all young adults now. It can be hard because I feel a bit powerless to protect and guide them at times. Praying the Word over them reminds me who has really been the One protecting and guiding them all along and will continue to long after I am gone.

  8. hi Cyndi. I have that scarf and it is my favorite as well. I probably wear it more than I should b/c I like it so much and it’s so versatile. I love the picking of a verse and praying it for family members. I think I will look for one for my daughter and start that practice. thank you for the idea!!

  9. I love the idea of praying a certain scripture over each family member. I’m definitely going to do that!

    I enjoy seeing your daily outfits. Maybe sometime you could do a scarf tutorial?

  10. I think this may sound odd, but, thank you. You have helped me so much as I have recently gone back to work after many years as a stay home mom. Fashion is not something I have thought much about the last several years. Also turning 40-something this year has been hard for me; I feel my life has past me by….
    Anyway, I found you through pinterest and have been able to put together some great outfits learning from your example.
    Also want to thank you for your example of following our Savior. I feel so uplifted reading some of your messages.

  11. Thanks for the recap of the month. I have really enjoyed each day of fashion along with the scriptures and quotes. You are such an inspiration!

  12. Yes, I link scriptures with my children all the time! My favorites are in the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ. There are also favorites in the Bible, both Old and New Testament. Whenever I or one of them is feeling discouraged this is one I think of often..

    ” Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.” (D&C 6:36 ) It has much the same meaning as this one, “Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.” (Isaiah 45:22)

    It reminds us all that faith and fear cannot co-exist for fear comes from Satan. I pray everyday that my Heavenly Father will help me and my children to have faith and not fear!

    Thanks for your thoughts today! CG

  13. Hi Cyndi,
    I notice you wear skinny jeans and ankle boots a lot and was wondering if you have trouble with
    the jean bottoms riding up on your legs while you are sitting. Then when you get up are they stuck way too high. This is a problem that really bugs me. I’m finally getting used to skinny jeans, but this part is very annoying. I have to bend over and pull down on the legs of my pants every time I stand up. Is it just my problem or is it universal? I’d love to hear from you and/or your readers.

    1. I would love to know the answer to your question also. I just started wearing skinny jeans and it happens to me also. I don’t know if mine or too tight or if that is just how they are.
      Can’t wait to see what others have to say.

  14. Cyndi, Thank you so much for the the 31 days of Winter Fashion! I loved every outfit you shared! Now I want to copy your closet!! LOL You always look fabulous and I love your blog and look forward to every email you send me!

    Thanks for providing the pictures, which I’ve saved in a pdf file so I can refer to them often!!

  15. Cyndi. It’s January and winter in central Indiana. Well, I hate winter and tend to stay indoors as much as possible with some comfy clothes, hot tea, and a stack of books. But you, your words and ideas, and your fashions have inspired me to get dressed up and get out and enjoy the world. After all, it’s just weather, and why should I let that hold me captive! Thanks to you!

  16. I love that & it gave me several ideas of different versions of it. One was necklace instead of scarf & then do leopard flats. Thanks for all your ideas & beauty for the heart.

  17. My basics are my black pants, skinny jeans and scarves. I recently found NYD skinnies at Marshall’s and I love them, they fit perfectly and are also comfortable!

    Great idea to put them all together to print off!
    Yes, God is so good!

  18. Oh dear. I just got back from running errands and don’t look ANYWHERE near as cute as you. I really need to lose the running shoes, even though Im “running” errands!

  19. Hi Cyndi! I did not get Tuesday’s blog via my email. But I did get today’s. I hope it was just a one-day glitch. I adore your blog and look forward to it each day! It’s very uplifting and I love the way you praise Jesus each day! Cindy

  20. I think this is so pretty on you. You are one of those ladies that could wear a flour sack dress and make it beautiful!

  21. I love your blog. Thank you for putting all of the outfits on one page. It’s been fun to see what’s in my closet that is similar to what you have. I also look forward to the scripture and your inspirational message. Thank You!

  22. I’m not sure which I like better every day – the outfits or the scripture verses! I look forward to Both!

  23. I love this outfit! I just finished assembling pieces for the exact same look and I love it. I have developed a manageable addiction to JAG jeans (or cords in my case)-I recommend them for anyone who doesn’t have a (ahem) defined waist. As I live in Maine no open-toed shoes for me but tall boots and low suede booties both work well. <3

  24. Looking wonderful Cindi! pedi looks great, love, love the outfits and of course JESUS!! God has definately anointed YOU to do this blog. Love stopping by daily, see you soon! Have a blessed week.

  25. Stumbled on your blog, not even sure how I found you, but sure am glad I did! I am going to be 59 next month (when did that happen?) and I am a ‘house wife’. Over the years I have noticed my style has gotten a little (okay/maybe a lot) sloppy. One of the changes I wanted to make for the new year is to not look like such a slob around the house! I love your posts for inspiration and even though you say your blog is for women over 40, I think you have lots that us older women could copy. My figure certainly is not what it used to be in my heyday, but it is what it is and I am tired of not being satisfied with who and what I am. I am what I am! Your nice outfits have motivated me to care about the way I look and I am enjoying how I feel when I ‘dress up’ an outfit with something as simple as a scarf! What a difference it makes in my day! So just wanted to thank you for the shot in the arm I needed. I just have one comment and feel hesitant to even make it because I want you to know that I do love your style…but here goes— I think your hairstyle is a little dated being so full and blown out looking. You are a very attractive woman and you look petite to me and I feel your hair is bigger than you are and detracts from your beautiful face. I would just love to see you with the same style- just not so puffy. Please don’t take this the wrong way- I mean it with the best of intentions and just like you have motivated me and scores of other readers I am sure, I just wanted to offer this suggestion. I would LOVE to see you with less puff. What say you?

    1. You are just so lovely. I love your blog. You are the epitome of style and grace. I’m using your outfits as inspiration over the course of the next few weeks. I live in SC and our weather can not decide what it wants to day. 60’s one day and 20’s the next. It’s crazy. I love your outfits because I can wear them to work (I’m a teacher) or to church. Blessings to you!

  26. Forgot to tell you, I didn’t know what “Ponti” pants were until you explained it in one of your outfit series. Loved them so much, so I went out and found a fabulous pair! as well as the cute black open toe booties to wear with them! 🙂 big grins!

  27. Hi Cyndi, so excited and blessed to read your blog each day! Love the outfit, your pedicure looks great also. I love your hair, it is beautiful, as you are inside and out! 🙂
    I also read verses over my family and myself, I do need to be more specific and I will google verses for specific situations. Your family is very blessed to have you as are we 🙂
    Look forward to your next post!

  28. Love your outfit today! Just perfect! I look forward to your emails everyday, they are a highlight and a delight ;). Thank you for your inspiration and sharing your love of Jesus with us as well as your awesome fashion style.

  29. Hi Cyndi! Just want to say that I have also been so inspired by your blogs and fashion tips! I realized just how much my style has been lacking style, and that just because I’m over 40 ( looking at 50 square on) doesn’t mean I can’t look fashionable! So thank you for that and also for your uplifting Christian commentary!

  30. Just stumbled across your blog today. Wonderful!!! I am 56 and for the first time in a long time I am not painfully thin which I have had a MAJOR problem with. Thanks to your great ideas, I can still look great without feeling like I have to starve myself back down to my former size. You have great style ideas and I especially love that you give “click here” to buy the things you are showcasing. Unlike Pinterest where you are on a search to end all searches to find things. Keep up the great work!

  31. Wanted to jump back to this blog to tell you that I ordered those ponte pants from Nordstrom! Got them on Tuesday…LOVE THEM!!! They are SUPER comfortable and have a fantastic fit! Thank-you!!! Oh…and they are on sale today (2/13) if anyone sees this and is interested! HA!

  32. I love love love your choice in outfits. Please tell me how you are tying your scarf on days 10, 16, and 25. Looking forward to hearing from you.