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What I Wore-August 2015

What-i-wore-august-2015Happy Hump Day! It’s hard to believe this is the last Wednesday in August. I love the month of August but I have to admit by this time of the year, I start to get a little tired of my summer clothes.

It seems like I just shared my 26 Days of Summer Fashion and it’s now time to move on to fall fashion. How did that happen?

Anyway, Wayne and I attended a beautiful wedding on Saturday night and I wore this pink dress. I added a small clutch I purchased from Marshall’s.

pink dress
Here is a recap of my Wednesday, What I Wore posts for the month of August. I’m ready to start transitioning to my fall wardrobe. 🙂

I shared 3 ways to style these burgundy pants from LOFT.

burgundy-and-plaidDrapey Tee//Scarf//Skinny Ankle Pant//Boot

burgundy-and-blueNavy blouse (similar here)//Skinny Ankle Pant//Crossbody bag//Wedge heel (similar here)

pink and burgundySwing back sweater//Skinny Ankle Pant//Necklace

I also shared some Zella workout clothes from Nordstrom.

workout-gear-zella workout-gearZella short sleeve tee//Zella capris//Nike training shoes//Water bottle

I styled some flare jeans with some leopard heels.

flare-jeans flare-jeans 2Sleeveless top//Flare jeans//Crossbody handbag//Leopard print heel//Watch//Bracelet

This pale pink top has been perfect for this time of year and it’s 50% off right now. The top also comes in a plum color.

neutrals 3 neutrals 2Swing back sweater//Skinny Ankle Pant//Necklace

Are you tired of your summer clothes yet?

Jo-Lynne and I are planning on having a 26 Days of Fall Fashion Facebook group. I’ll be sharing more information about that soon!

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Beauty For the Heart~~Let’s be honest, there are people in our lives that are difficult to love. Whether it’s a friend that is mean spirited, or a family member that is constantly causing drama. You probably have someone in your life that makes loving them hard.

Romans 5:5 says, And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.

Thankfully, we are loved by God and he allows the holy spirit to fill us up with love. We can’t love the unloveable in our own strength. We need God’s love pouring through us.

Let’s pray for an unexplainable amount of love today!

Have a blessed day!


**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!

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  1. I clicked on your What I Wore link and it took me to your August 2012 What I Wore posts. You can see how your style has evolved over the past 3 years, as mine has as well. Love everything from August 2015 and can’t wait to see yoyr fall fashions!

  2. What a great picture of you and Wayne! You look beautiful Cyndi.
    I’m ready to transition into fall clothes too!

    1. Hi Tina!
      I purchased those shoes from Marshall’s a few months ago. I wish I could link to the exact pair but I can find them online.
      They are my favorite wedges and I wear them all the time!! So comfortable.

  3. I remember when you posted the pink dress – liked it then, love it still and the color and style of the dress if VERY flattering on you, of course I think you would make a burlap bag look good :)! Yes, getting tired of summer and enjoyed walking in to work at 59 degrees this morning – brisk and bright – helped with the Wednesday slump.

  4. Y’all make a beautiful couple! Love how you two color coordinated in pink!!
    I love summer, but tired of my clothes. Ready for a change!!

  5. I really like the dress . It is very simple and less is more. I also think you and your husband look great together. You both coordinated the pale pink tie with your dress.

  6. beautiful dress and great clutch to go with it. It is funny that you mention that you are tired of summer clothes. I have been feeling the same way, thinking something must be wrong with me. I really don’t want the summer to end, but I do love the fall. I love your posts. Thanks for sharing grace and beauty!

  7. I just LOVE this picture of you & your husband going to the wedding! What a beautiful couple you are! And the pink dress is so flattering w/the bag & shoes!

  8. I am definitely ready for a change in weather, and clothing, I am looking at 90 degrees today and tomorrow, and as much as I hate to complain about it, a change to cooler fall weather will be lovingly received 🙂

    Your message about loving the unlovable is certainly what I needed, as I was thinking about one of my sisters this morning who is an alcoholic, not a very nice person, and haven’t spoken to her in 6 years. I pray for her that God will soften her heart and make her receptive to those who love her, she doesn’t make it easy, but I remind myself that a person like her needs a lot of love, and I have to try to look past the flaws and love her anyway, the way God does with us.

    Also love your pink dress, beautiful color and perfect for a late summer wedding.

  9. You look beautiful in that pink dress. I’m never tired of Summer or summer clothes. Although I really like Fall, the end of August makes me sad somehow. I also get stressed to finish all my outdoor projects before the cold sets in.

  10. Beautiful couple! Love the dress…but I agree with others, you would look great in burlap:)
    I’m a hot weather gal, so I dread summer coming to an end. I do love fall…just doesn’t last long enough in NE TN. Looking forward to your fall Posts with Jo-Lynne

  11. Can’t imagine that the bride and groom looked any better than you guys at their wedding! That dress looks perfect for a late summer wedding, and I love men who are willing to color coordinate with their ladies – makes for great photos! My daughter has gradually gotten my son-in-law to do this and their recent photos are so flattering. It will be quite a while before it cools off here in Texas, but I’m so ready for fall clothes. Trying not to shop, but when I followed the link to your LOFT swing-back top and saw that it not only came in plum, but that it’s on sale, I had to have one. Not sure I can wear something that short and loose, but wanted to give it a try since it looks so cute on you. Thanks for the continuing inspiration, both in fashion and spirituality!

  12. Cyndi,

    I bought that dress when you styled it in early summer. I have worn it over and over and always get complimented. It works for every occasion. Thanks for being a fashion mentor! Bought my first new Fall piece, a gray marled duster! Love it already and still too hot to wear it.