What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe

Happy hump day ladies!! Today I’m keeping my What I Wore post pretty basic with a white t-shirt and jeans. We’ve talked about this before, but having a good white t-shirt in the summer is a great thing to have in your basic wardrobe.

I found this one at LOFT. It’s a little longer in the back and is a flowy t-shirt. I’ve seen this style a lot even in tank tops. I like that they don’t fit tight in the stomach area.

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe
I found these gold sandals at Marshall’s. The brand is Malu. I couldn’t find the exact brand but I did find some that are similar (I shared them below). I love love love these sandals. Do I say that about every sandal? 🙂

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe

White shirt-LOFT//Skinny Jeans-Target//Sandals-Marshall’s (similar here and here)//Scarf-Stitch Fix (I found it here but I have no affiliation with this company)

It was sprinkling rain when I took these pictures and my hair was starting to get frizzy. Ugh!

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe
When I went inside, I put it in a ponytail and then decided to snap some pictures. This is one of the nice things about having my hair a little longer.

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe
What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe
What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe
What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe

I’ve been shopping for my 26 days of summer fashion starting next Monday. I can’t believe it’s already time for summer fashion!

Is there anything you are wanting me to style? 

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Beauty For the Heart~~“Following Jesus isn’t something you can do at night where no one notices. It’s a twenty-four-hour-a-day commitment that will interfere with your life. That’s not the small print—that’s a guarantee.”  -Kyle Idleman

Is your faith in Christ interfering in your life?

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I bought a black and white stripe long skirt from target this spring. Have worn with black top and denim jacket and other black knit type tops. Wanting to add some color. Can’t do yellows ? an ideas?

    1. I have a black and white chevron dress that I wear a bright pink sweater with. Red, royal blue, turquoise would all look good and add that pop of color

      1. I have several of these colors…thanks…will have to work with the style of skirt and top and see if I can pull it off…=0)

        1. Your welcome Laura. I have been adding in some brighter colors to my wardrobe and I am loving coral, raspberry,blush, mustard,sapphire. etc. I chose some of these colors to soften my complexion and accentuate my silver strands.

  2. You should wear a ponytail more often. It’s a good look for you. I love the sandals. I’m going to Marshall’s after work today (in Nashville) to see if they carry those.

  3. Reagrding t-shirts: I found the nicest summer t-shirts at Walmart. The White Stag brand – $5.84. Lots of color choices / price is right / great fabric consistency – not clingy / thicker fabric.
    Nice sleeve length. Wash well.
    Worth trying!

  4. I love reading your blog because you appeal to ladies that have lived a little! Most fashion bloggers seems be stick thin so even though I love what they are wearing, it probably won’t look good on someone that carries an extra 10-20 lbs.
    I have a suggestion for you. Maybe once a month you could highlight another woman (over 40) that has great style and we could see into her closet. It would be fun to see different styles that really look fantastic on different body types.
    P.S. Love the pony tail today!

  5. Hi Cyndi,
    I really enjoy your site and look forward to it every day. Is there a rule about wearing jean jackets with jeans? I’ve been told you should not wear them together but would like your opinion! 🙂

        1. Hi Jeanne….I tend to think its a little old fashioned myself. Maybe with darker jeans?? My opinion. ?

          1. Thanks, Lisa–I think I see what you mean! Dark jeans, yes–medium blue jeans, probably not.

  6. You look so cute and im going back to Marshall’s to get those sandals! Had them in my hand the other day and put them back!

  7. Cyndi,

    Thanks for styling for adult women. I love looking at your creations and feel confident that I can copy your style. Please don’t be offended, your blog is saving me. If it were not for creative women like you I’d still be wearing stirrup pants under men’s shirts thinking I was stylin!
    Could you please style an outfit for hiking through Disney World in the humid Florida summer heat. Scarves and layering are not easy to pull off plus walking the parks could put 10 miles on your tennis shoes in one day. I am asking for a cool outfit with “boots (or tennis shoes, or flops) that are made for walking”

    1. Hi Sally,
      I purchased a pair of FitFlops several years ago (upon a friend’s recommendation) to wear to Disneyland. Even though that is typically not my style of shoe, I knew comfort was a must! I wore them for twelve hours in the park and they were as comfy as the day I wore tennis shoes….and much cooler. I bought a dark grey pair with small rhinestones and they match with everything.

    2. Sally,
      Sketchers go walk shoes are super comfortable! I have the slip on ones in gray. I love them! Nice and light weight too!

  8. So cute Cyndi! I love your pony tail too! I really love your beauty for the heart today! Thank you! Krista

  9. I am a big fan of good quality white tees, can’t go wrong with a classic IMO. Also, you look great in the pony! I especially like hair up with scarves so the top of ones body isn’t so heavy visually.

  10. I LOVE your ponytail!!! It looks so good on you.
    I second the poster who thanked you for styling outfits for adult women. You always look so nice and classy, yet a little trendy.

  11. It’s so hard for me to find tee shirts! I will have to check out the one you’re wearing from the Loft. I always look for those that don’t hug through my mid section!
    I’m so excited about your June fashions!!

  12. Love those sandals! And congrats on patiently waiting for your hair to grow out! Cute pony!!!! I am finding I can’t wear scarves in the summer……too hot! But I sure love them in the winter!

  13. Love the fit and longer length of the back and sleeve on this t-shirt. It suits someone like me who is a little older, and has a more comfortable body type (you know a little extra padding). The variety of tunics this season has inspired me to shop more often for myself because I love the style. I would like to see tunics for various occasions, as well as hot and humid attire. It’s hard to feel you look good when it is muggy and you feel like you are wilting! Praying Jesus interferes with my life today.

  14. I think you are just darling AND you love Jesus! Me too! I am over 50, but your blog caught my eye… Love your style, so what do older women do about ” shorts” for summer, that is, if they should wear at all? GBU Leah

  15. I’ve been following your blog only a short time and I’ve discovered that I LOVE your style! Could your 26 Days of Summer Fashion include some tips on what is best for we “pear” shapes to wear?

  16. Cindy
    Always love a Godly woman’s perspective on beauty from the heart! Thank you for your boldness!
    I was surprised at TALBOTS the other day…great Tee shirts, longer arm length and lovely cotton/spandex mix for wash and wear this summer. Grabbed one in every color, conservative yet fashionable!
    Enjoy this Summer Season

  17. I love a white shirt & jeans, whether it’s a great tee or a crisp button down! And, I love your ponytail. Adorable!

    I pray you all aren’t getting the rain we’ve had in Texas. No school today due to rising water. Not a problem at my house or campus, but in other areas of my district. Two years ago, we were in full drought. Prayers for all those affected.

    1. O’ my word!!!! Brandye, the rain was so horrible, truly life changing…scary and felt like it would never end…I am east of Houston. Today was such a blessed dry day! Praise Father God!

  18. YAY! Love the ponytail. I’m so proud…we made it!!? It gives you some different looks. I think it looks great! Shows off your scarf and earrings too. See ya Tuesday?

  19. Hi Cyndi~ I love those sandals too! I’m gonna pop into my local Marshalls and see if I can find them . They looks so comfortable too and I like that they go with almost any outfit!! Love your white t-shirt too. The scarf is pretty but I cannot wear them in the hot, sticky, humid summer days here in NJ! I would just suffocate! 😉 I choose a necklace instead. Love your beauty for the heart too… oh and your pony tail is just darling! 😉

  20. Love this outfit. Looks like something I would wear. Like the cut and the way the t-shirt fits but can’t afford the price. Will have to look else where for something like it.

    1. Jeanne~ The LOFT website has similar t-shirts to the one Cyndi is wearing but its $25 instead. Comes in a variety of colors and has a v-neck instead of cowl neck. ( I just entered linen tee in the search window) Hope this helps 😉

  21. Cyndi,
    I wore an outfit almost just like this this past weekend, so glad to see that my style inspiration chose the same thing! 🙂 The white shirt with the light scarf looks so summery. Really looking forward to your 26 days of summer fashion! I’m getting too self-conscious to wear sleeveless shirts or shorts any more, so I’d like to see what you come up with. I hate sweating in longer sleeves and pants. It’s always such a challenge finding flattering summer clothes. Love the pony!! 🙂

  22. Wedding dress amd fashion ideas for summer . Circular or pleated skirts? Skirts amd tops with shoes..

  23. Hi Cyndi- Love your hair in ponytail. Here are a few ideas.
    How about showing us a dressy outfit with the hair up. How about dressing up or down a black dress? Might combine with the dressy outfit idea.
    What would you wear to a pool party? A nice cover up? Sundress?

  24. Cute outfit 🙂 A possible blog post: how to keep summer makeup & hair looking good in the heat & humidity! I would love some help with this.

  25. Hi Cyndi, I love the basic outfit. I also think you’ve got to have a great white tee for each summer. I’ve found that even the best quality rarely last more than one summer. I just bought the t you have on last Friday in hot pink and black, and bought a basic PIMA white t at J Jill. You jsut can’t go wrong with great t’s, i lvoe to wear them with skirts to work in the summer as well. Your hair looks adorable in the little ponytail. I have to keep mine a bit longer in the summer too so i can put it up, i have lots of curl so it really can get crazy, but seems to look so cute in a ponytail taht resembles a messy bun. Have a great day…and yes, you do say that you love all of your sandals, you really are a shoe girl aren’t you 🙂 Amy

  26. A great help to me would be for outfit options for specific events, such as afternoon baby shower, evening casual wedding, morning wedding, graduations, even funerals. As I get older I still stick to what my mother taught me was appropriate but find I’m a little out of tune with the more casual younger generation.

  27. Your outfit may be basic but its right up my alley. I love a white T and that scarf is beautiful! You have helped me by just realizing an accessory or two and SHOES can really amp things up. Love your hair up too!

  28. Hi Cyndi,

    I recently found your website through Pinterest and I signed up for email notifications. I like your modern and classy style and your hair always looks great. As my teenage daughter would say, you totally rocked that pony tail today!

    I have a formal indoor wedding to attend later in the summer and I have no idea what to wear. Also, I could use some inspiration for work wear. My work environment is business casual but no jeans allowed. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    I really enjoy your blog and I’m so happy I found you!

    1. Thank you Tonya!! I’m going to try and style some of your ideas. Have you ever shopped The Limited. I love their clothes for work wear. It’s best to catch their stuff on sale but they have some cute clothes.

  29. I love the little pony tail!!! You look so pretty and what a great way to beat the heat and humidity!! Cute outfit too. Simple but elegant… Thanks for sharing.

  30. Traci!
    I have loved your hair for so long I finally had my hairdresser copy the look! 🙂 You style yours so much better than me and I was wondering…do you use a round brush when you dry your hair? I know you use the large velcro rollers too but I wasn’t sure how you dried it? You get such a perfect “not too round” look and mine ends up looking like a helmet! Ha!!
    Love your style! 🙂

    1. Laura I do use a round brush but I don’t style it very much when I blow dry my hair. Mainly the ends and the top just a little. The velcro rollers give it volume and straighten it for me.

  31. Love the ponytail look, especially for summer. I would love to see how you use the velcro rollers. Blow drying in the summer heat gets to be too much and I would love some tips on using rollers.

  32. Love this look! I always buy two white tees just because it never fails I get something on it and it won’t wash out! I wear my boy friend jeans rolled just a little with converse shoes or sandles, I tuck just the front in with a belt. Also I buy v-neck tees I’m a little larger on top and a v-neck top makes me look smaller. I always learn something new from you and feel more confident in what I’m wearing.

  33. On the subject of styling for summer, keep it light. We are so hot here in Florida that “layering” and sweaters and jeans are a sure fire way to pass out :-). Thanks for all you do!

  34. Cyndi- I think you look good with your hair up, away from your face. Either in a pony tail or half up. Looks youthful and opens up your face/neck. I am fairly new to your blog and LOVE it!

  35. I wore the same shirt yesterday, but in Emerald. I just got it (and 3 other colors) delivered the day before and I couldn’t wait to wear them. They are very comfortable and flattering!

  36. Just a suggestion, with the upcoming summer break I plan to buy new work clothes, high school teacher appropriate. I am so excited to shop just for me! I have 5 kids so it is truly a treat.. But I would love casual, comfy, modest- professional ideas!
    Checking your blog is a wonderful part of my day!