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What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe Pieces

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe Pieces
Happy Hump Day!! July has been a fun month around here and I’m ending the month with some basic wardrobe pieces.

For those days when I’m running errands and I don’t feel like getting too dressed up, I love to wear a basic white shirt with boyfriend jeans and add some cute accessories.

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe Pieces
This leopard clutch is a fun accessory to add to my outfit. ( I can’t seem to find a similar clutch that isn’t crazy expensive!)

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe Pieces

I’m a huge fan of boyfriend jeans. I typically size mine down so they are not too baggy. These boyfriend jeans are on sale for $27.99 and they have a five star rating!! (For size reference I’m wearing a size 4.)

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe Pieces
White shirt//Boyfriend jeans//Shoes//Earrings//Watch//Bracelet here and here//Short necklace//Long necklace (Stitch Fix)

Here are my July 2015 outfits. I try to style a variety of outfits and I think there’s a pretty good mixture.

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe PiecesOne/Two

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe PiecesThree/Four

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe PiecesFive/Six

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe PiecesSeven/Eight

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe PiecesNine/Ten

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe PiecesEleven/Twelve

Every Friday, I will be styling several outfits from Glamour Farms. They have so many cute clothes, I want to share them with you.

August, I’ll be sharing some transitional pieces for fall and talking about fall fashion trends and then September will be my 26 days of Fall Fashion.

Thank you all so much for stopping by here, I’m so thankful for each of you!

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Beauty for the Heart~~

What I Wore-Basic Wardrobe Pieces

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Cyndi you look so comfy in your jeans and tee. Love all your July outfits. Don’t you just love summer clothes? ahhhhhh!!!!!!!

  2. I so love reading your posts. My question is regarding the length of necklaces: what length is best for one who has a little tummy pooch? I feel like the long ones that hang almost to the tummy draw attention there. I really like the look of the longer necklaces because they compliment my square face – but it’s the tummy thing that I’m concerned about. I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts. I’m a fairly new reader, so you may have answered this previously. Thank you. And there is rich beauty in your heart.

  3. You look good – as always!

    Your mention of white tees as a go-to staple of your wardrobe brought to mind something I’ve been wondering about. Do you have any tips on keeping white tops and camis white? It seems like they look dingy way too soon!

  4. I love how casual you look….My go to outfit for running errands this year, maybe because I’m perimenopausal and the Texas heat is sweltering:D has been cute sundresses and sandals.

  5. Love all the outfits but really like the basic ones! Now that I am getting a bit more mobile I am looking at starting from “square one” with my wardrobe……being laid up for a year has wrecked my body and my wardrobe……I will be looking forward to the transition pieces as I start this process on a budget! Oddly I am not excited about this process so I will need all the inspiration I can get!!!!!

    1. Marcia
      You can do it! Be patient and don’t buy on a whim. I often see items I like but walk away and return days later to see if it is still there. And if it is on sale and I really love I get it. But I hang on to the receipt until I actually wear it.
      Hope this helps.

  6. Hi Cyndi,
    Happy Hump Day to you as well.
    I love this look. At first I was hesitant about wearing boyfriend jeans, but now I love them.
    Visiting a girlfriend in Charlotte, NC this weekend. I will be sporting my boyfriend jeans with Grace and Beauty☺

  7. Cyndi .. I love your blog and your outfits forJuly. How tall are you? Everything looks so proportions on you.

  8. Love your style and your blog! Crazy question the Megan Matt quote you have included where did you find it? I’m looking for a new cover for my Erin Condren planner and I’d love to use that!!

  9. I was just looking through your July outfits. I was wondering if you could possibly do a post on what to wear underneath tops that are strapless or off the shoulder. What is your best advice? Thanks!

  10. Wondering whether you’ve tried any pull on jeggings & what your opinions are. I am tired of my skinny jeans with the button hitting right on the pooch of my tummy and making any t-shirt look frumpy. Eager to hear your opinion!


    1. Hey Donna,
      Sorry I’m just getting to your question. Those wedges are my very favorite!!! I purchased them at Marshall’s so I don’t have a link to them because Marshall’s doesn’t have their clothes and shoes online.
      Sorry about them but if you have a Marshall’s close, you might check and see if they still have them.