What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40

Happy hump day! It’s fashion for women over 40 and it seems to have been a casual week around here. I even forgot to get a picture of my Easter dress. It was such a busy day!

I received a pair of boyfriend jeans from Stitch Fix and I’m still not sure about them. They’re very casual!

What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40

Black lace top and black spaghetti strap-Golden tote//Boyfriend jeans-Stitch Fix//Flip flops-Yellow Box

Several of you have asked if you can wear denim on denim and the answer is yes!

What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40

Denim jacket-Golden Tote//Denim shirt-Cato//Colored jeans-Marshall’s//Nude sandals-Ann Taylor (no longer available)

Two thinks I love, chevron and the color, red.

chevron top

 Chevron Top-Stitch Fix//Skinny jeans-Macy’s//Gold tip shoes -Zappo’s (no longer available)

Have you tried wearing boyfriend jeans? What are your thoughts on them?

Beauty For the Heart~~Grace means that all of your mistakes now serve a purpose instead of serving shame. -author unknown

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hi Cyndi! Love reading your blog but never comment! I thought I would about the boyfriend jeans. I was on the fence like you, until I tried a slim fit boyfriend jean…loved them! They are not quite as loose as a regular boyfriend jean. I got mine at The Limited.

    You look super cute as always and I love your hair!

  2. I love boyfriend jeans as long as they are not too ripped up, not a fan of that for myself but I love the way they fit. Keep the ones you have on – look great on you!

  3. How do you feel about capris? I know a recent YouTube style guru was saying they are a don’t. I love my capris but if it’s time to change it up I’ll consider it…

  4. Hi Cyndi! Loved your clothing choices this week! Boyfriend jeans—I love them! I wear mine with heels and I feel very trendy and hip with them on even tho I’m 42! I got mine from Express and they fit perfectly!

  5. Well I’m usually the odd one out. True I think Boyfriend jeans belong on the boyfriend :0/ I don’t think they flatter the female figure. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder LOL

  6. I just bought a pair of boyfriend jeans but they fit a little more snug than yours. I LOVE THEM! They are super comfortable! I’m curious about capris too…are they “out” this year? I haven’t seen them at all in any fashion blogs.

  7. Cyndi, I like the jeans, not the top. I think the jeans would look cute with the boyfriend T Stitch Fix show on Pinterest……I think the top is a bit to tomboyish for you……maybe something with a shirt tail bottom or even a collared boyfriend shirt….Gap has a style that would work…..let us know what you decide.

  8. Hi Cyndi! Well the boyfriend jean… It looks cute on you… but not your usual classy style that I like much better. I’d say keep these for camping or going out fishing with Wayne… We all need cute comfortable things for times like that:) Blessings Krista

  9. Well, I too am on the fence about the boyfriend jeans. They are not “girly” that’s for sure and are quite more casual than what we usually see you wearing Cyndi. But maybe some days you just want to be more casual??? Anyway, I don’t think they are for me. I love your denim jacket and I would love to hear about capris for this year too. 🙂 thx

  10. Love the boyfriend jeans. Now that I have seen them on you I want some for myself. I am also wondering about capris. I love to wear them but i won’t if they are not in style anymore. And wouldn’t you know I have several pairs.

  11. I’ll agree with Teresa so she’s not odd man out. 😉 I think they are cute but don’t think they are the most flattering style for you. Maybe they are just so much more casual than you normally wear but I’d lean toward not keeping them. Love all the other outfits though! As usual there is so much inspiration here that I don’t know what to do with it all except pin & shop. 😀

  12. I love the fit of a skinny or slim fit boyfriend jean. However I tend to pair mine was a very feminine top and wedges for errands or pointy toe heels for date night and as always fun statement jewelry. Maybe even a fitted blazer. They are a comfy alternative to the everyday skinny. Just make sure not to wear them too big. Make sure the waist still fits properly. I think they are adorable on you when the lace top. However I would suggest a black and cork wedge or ankle bootie w small heel.

  13. I agree with Terry……I think the jeans are cute on you but not loving the top (or the flip flops). Maybe a bright (orange, coral, red?)plain tee and some tan or brown sandals. And of course, some jewelry! 🙂

  14. Hi! Cyndi! It’s so interesting to read all the varying viewpoints!! I recently got a pair of skinny ankle pants (they are about 3′ higher than the ankle) from the Loft and I love them. I think I’ll wear them instead of capris this summer. I’m not so fond of the boyfriend jean unless they are a slim fit. I think they can make a woman look bigger than she is. I love your chevron shirt and skinny jeans, and I really like the casualness of the grey/black lace top. How does the latter top look with skinny jeans?

  15. The boyfriend jeans are cute….but I wouldn’t pay alot for them because I bet they will be “out” before you know it. And Stitch Fix is pretty pricey.
    Just a thought. If you really want a pair I’d go to Marshall’s and get a cheaper more fitted pair. But really you look great in everything.

  16. Lots of interesting comments today, so here are my two cents: I am not a fan of boyfriend jeans myself, but they are adorable on you, so if they are super comfy, keep them. By the way, I love the top you are wearing with them! Your entire chevron shirt ensemble is GREAT…LOVE the whole look! Wish you had taken a pix of your Easter outfit because I was curious, but I know how busy my Easter was, so I understand! PTL for the warm weather! 🙂

  17. I think you look terrific in the coral jeans. Love that color too. I also like the black top, but the boyfriend jeans don’t seem like the right cut for you. I really enjoy your WWIW posts. You’ve got great style and are an inspiration to me.

  18. Hey Cyndi.

    I love boyfriend jeans! I think they are cute on you. Try them with your red chevron top and some wedge heels. Do a front tuck with your top, add a belt, and I think you will love the boyfriend jeans. I think the idea is to add some “girlie” touches to the jeans. I have two pair from Old Navy. I wear them to feel skinny! LOL

    I think your denim skinny jeans are a fabulous look on you. You are not a big person anyway, but the skinny jeans make you look about 10lbs. thinner than the other two looks.

    What are your thoughts on slim, cropped ankle pants? I think they flatter our bodies more than a traditional crop pant. Capris…I am curious as to your thoughts. Personally, I’ve never seen any body type that I think they look good on. That is totally just my opinion though. I’m no expert.

    Thanks for sharing. You are beautiful, as always.

  19. Cyndi,

    You look so cute in everything you wear. But I might tend to agree with the rest of the comments in regards to the boyfriend jeans. They don’t seem to be your style.

    Hope to hear your thoughts on capris soon. I have several pairs . . . but don’t want to be “untrendy”.

    Be blessed!

  20. All I hear about anymore is boyfriend jeans! LOL 😉 You look cute in whatever you wear! My Mom used to tell me I’d look cute wearing a paper bag & I think the same could be said of you. 🙂 I think it’s a personal feel for the b. jeans, so just go with your comfort level. I sure hope the capris question is answered…I have a ton of them. Thanks for a great blog & great fashion-AND as always, the beauty for the heart touches MY heart. God bless you!

  21. You are one of the lucky women who look really nice in everything you wear! But I have to agree with many who commented that they didn’t care as much for the first outfit – with the boyfriend jeans – as the others. Something’s just not as “put-together” with that outfit as the others. Perhaps, as someone suggested, a pretty, “girlie” top and shoes might balance it out. Even though the top has some lace, the overall look (in the pic anyway) is very casual. Of course it’s all just personal opinion!

  22. I think boyfriend jeans are fun for casual days. I have a slimmer fit pair though from the Loft a few years ago. I am not a fan of the overly distressed though.
    You look fabulous in everything.

  23. I don’t know about where you live but Capris never go out of style here in the Deep South. It’s too hot for jeans in the summer but there are places where shorts are inappropriate so Capris it is.

  24. Loved all the look’s,the boyfriend jeans I might wear while gardening or housework.I don’t think I’d leave the house in them.I do love the way you put together the denim on denim.I enjoy your fashion show’s so much my day’s are not the same without it.Would also like to see your Easter out fit.

  25. I wouldn’t wearboyfriend jeans myself but to each her own. If you like them and they’re comfy go for it. I wear denim on denim if the jacket and pants are different colours. I wear capris in the summer because I wouldn’t wear shorts most places and long pants can be too warm. This summer I’d like to wear more dresses and skirts, we’ll see if that happens:) I sometimes don’t like the look of capris on myself, especially the shorter ones. I’d like to know what you think about them as well.

  26. I think you look great in your boyfriend jeans. I have several pair, and I especially love my white ones from Loft. That chevron top is also gorgeous on you! Have a great week.

  27. I hated the boyfriend jeans…until I tried the Old Navy SKINNY boyfriends. Best boyfriend(s) I’ve found since my husband! And with the b.f. jeans, I’ve had to go down a size and then they’re perfect!

  28. I love the boyfriend jeans! I think they are really cute on you.
    I love when you take pictures of your outfits. I really liked it when you put your outfits together from regular stores rather than ones that send you outfits.
    I tried stitch fix and didnt really have great luck with it.
    I think you have great tastes in clothes and I love the outfits that you pick.

  29. Hey Cyndi Girl! I tried on some boyfriend jeans just last week and promptly put them back. I haven’t seen anyone wearing them that I think look great….not that you aren’t gorgeous 🙂 I just can’t find anything feminine about them. Love the black top and Yellow Box flip-flops, they make the cutest shoes! You look fabulous in the denim jacket with the coral denim pants. That is a TRUE Cyndi look!! Be blessed!

  30. Reading through the comments, I’m freaking out about the capri thing. Out of style?! What on earth would you wear in the summer?!?! It’s over 100 for several mos where I live in the SW! Shorts & capris are what we live in!

  31. Personally I’m not a fan of capris as I think they make me look old, and the cut my leg off at a not-so-flattering point. I gravitate to ankle pants or shorts.

  32. I have 2 pairs of boyfriend jeans…a dark wash and light wash…and I LOVE them! I agree with other though that I wouldn’t pair them with flip flops. I wear mine with my Toms or a cute pair of wedge sandals. BF jeans look great with a dressy blouse and heels to dress them up.

  33. You might try some ankle pants in a nice light weight fabric like broadcloth or even a light weight denim. They are just a bit longer than capris and hit at a more flattering point on the leg. I love mine!

  34. Woot Woot!!! Love you in those Boy-friend jeans…Not only do they look fabulous on you but this is the first outfit that really makes you look younger and sexy!! I love your outfits for an older woman style, all great outfits, but this one in the black blouse and boyfriend jeans is sooo youthful and stunning at the same time!
    Yes, I have a pair of boyfriend jeans bought about three years ago, and I love mine too. Very much more relaxed fitting and comfortable. I use mine to garden in and around the farm. I love them! Not much of a “red” wearer myself. but it looks great on you. I have heard and noticed that the older generation starts wearing red more and becomes a fav color of most older women. So I know I will start wearing it sooner or later. 🙂

  35. No capris or crops! Get ankle style or those that hit below the calf. They make us look taller and much slimmer if you have a bigger calf muscle.

  36. I think you have styled them well and you look cute in them, but I think you need to get a smaller pair that are not deconstructed. I think that is a look better suited for the younger gals. You might try Chico’s. They have boyfriend jeans that look a little more grown up. I bought the white ones in petite and regular and really like them, but am not sure which length looks better. I’m still on the fence–who knows, I may end up returning them both!

  37. I own two pairs of boyfriend jeans and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. They are from the Jennifer Lopez line at Khol’s. They can be dressed up with wedge heels and a cute top for casual Fridays at work or dressed down with flip flops and a tank for a laid back weekend.

  38. Cyndi, Love the Casual comfy look of the BF jeans. I think the problem with the pair you ,doled is that they are to big for you. I do love all the options you posted:) love your style!

  39. I like boyfriend jeans for the right occasion…relaxing at home or a baseball game. I tried a pair on at T.J. Maxx and they were super comfy. I wish i would have bought them!