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What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40

Here we are, the last day of April. It’s hard to believe! April has been a crazy fashion month, I’ve had some hits and some misses.

If you’re new around here, I’m so glad you’re here! Today I’m sharing some fashion for women over 40. Here’s what I wore this week.

A denim jacket is a must for me year round. In the summer, I keep one in my car, in case I need it because I freeze in the air conditioning. I recently bought this white denim jacket from The Limited. I think I’ll being wearing it a lot.

What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40

White denim jacket-The Limited//Polka dot top-Ann Taylor//Black pants-The Limited//Sandals-Kohl’s(older)//Sunglasses-Tori Burch//Earrings-Target

I’ve been wanting a crochet lace dress. I found this one at Marshall’s but after wearing it, I’m not loving it. I think it needs to be straight instead of A line. Oh well!

What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40

Croquet lace dress-Marshall’s//Denim jacket-Golden Tote// Shoes-Macy’s (similar here)

This is my run errands outfit. I love a chambray shirt with white jeans.

What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40

Chambray shirt-Cato’s//White denim jeans-The Limited//Shoes-Marshall’s (Brand-Franco Sarto)

Here’s a look back at April 2014. It was a fun fashion month. Dare we ever talk about boyfriend jeans again? 🙂

What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40

What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40

What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40

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Can you believe tomorrow is May 1st? Time is flying by!

Beauty For the Heart~~I’ve been researching verses on the heart. I recently read Psalm 119:111. I’ve read it before but it stood out to me this time.

Your statutes are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart. I hope God’s word will be a heritage passed down to my children, grandchildren, great grand children and so on.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Cyndi I say you had a good fashion month (minus BF jeans HA)!! You’re such a lovely lady! I love Beauty for the Heart. I too want The Lord to be my heritage for all generations from myself forward! HE desires that none perish and so do I! You get to start your sabbatical and have a lot to look forward to! Have a blessed day.

  2. I love the verse you chose. I have never focused on that verse, it hits so close to what I am trying to accomplish as a mother. I want so many good things for my boys, but above all, I want to raise Godly young men, on fire for Jesus, and with a love of the Word in their hearts. Thank you for sharing the verse you chose, it blessed me greatly <3. As for jean jackets, if you ever run across a white that is more fitted instead of the traditional straight cut, please post it! I have a denim from Talbots, years ago, that has a more fitted silhouette and I love it! Would love a white!

  3. Cyndi, you are too cute! I discovered your blog via Pinterest and have loved it! I have to laugh that you call this ‘fashion over 40’. I am in my early 20’s and totally wear some of the same things! Good taste is good taste, no matter the age!

    I did want to ask wear you got the earrings you are wearing in the first picture? They look adorable! Thanks!


  4. Cyndi,

    I just found your blog this week and am loving it! I am a 40 something gal as well who loves fashion. Love the tip about the white denim jacket! I have one from the Loft that is cropped and I use it all the time (Cheryl). I love all of your looks including the boyfriend jeans. I have a pair that I wear for casual events with a white tee, colored flats and cute jewelry. I do love the lace dress , but with your small frame, a straight fit would probably fit a little better. thanks for sharing with us , and look forward to more great info!

  5. Love the lace dress and the way you styled it! Stunning. One of my favorite looks. Thanks for inspiring us spiritually and fashinably.

  6. OMGoodness I LOVE that lace dress on you! I want one! You’re so bad on my checkbook…& I LOVE IT! 🙂
    Thanks for making me stylish!
    I think I see a trip to Marshall’s in my near future!

  7. I think maybe you meant to type “crochet” dress instead of “croquet” … the backyard game. Anyway you spell it, it is still a cute dress.

  8. I love them all, including the BF jeans. I guess I have to check out The Limited for jeans as yours are darling with a great fit. Funny, I just saw that jacket in the window of The Ltd last night at the mall and thought, “I could use that”. I’ll have to go back.

  9. Looks like you had an amazing, fashionable April! I love the way the white, lace dress looks on you! I’ve got a similar lace dress in black that I picked up at Kohl’s. The white lace pattern on your jacket looks like it was made for that dress!

  10. Love that first picture of you in the white denim jacket. You look so cute and hip. 🙂 Reminded me that I bought a white denim jacket last month. Better go find it.

  11. Love the white denim jacket Cindy, I have gift cards for Macy’s so I’m going to look there for one! I’m pretty sure I’m going to get my haircut Friday like yours…love it! Pinning you now!

  12. White denim jackets are usually available at Chicos in the Spring/summer. If you don’t like the one they have now, check back in a few weeks. They are always changing.

  13. I actually bought a crochet dress this spring and have been trying to decide how to wear it. I love it with the denim jacket. Maybe add some beaded bracelets for a boho look. My favorite outfit of this month was the floral pants, but I loved them all! Blessings! susan

  14. seriously Cyndi – if you had any misses this month, I didn’t see them. and this week you outdid yourself. I love the polka dot blouse, the white denim jacket and especially the lace dress. you look great. wishing you a wonderful month of May!

  15. Is the lace dress lined? Or is that a slip? I think would look better if lining was as long as dress. Shape is pretty, but straight would be pretty, also.

  16. Cyndi…I thought you looked adorable in your BF jeans…they are in style and hip…and perfect. Boo to anyone who says differently. I love mine and where them all of the time!!! 🙂

  17. Just gotta add my 2 cents to all these pix ~ You, my dear look fabulous, cute-as-a-button, and very beautiful in everything you wear !! You should be praising the Lord for your slimness that you can wear anything and look so great and elegant in it!! Sorry for carrying on like this but I personally have NOT seen you wear anything that I have not liked!!! Even the maxi dress that I do not like, you pull it off with grace and a femininity that a woman of God does! God bless you and keep you in His care constantly! 🙂

  18. Hi Cyndi Girl….I think you look really cute in the crochet dress, it is so attractive on you! You can do it up with all different kinds of belts, wear scarves and do it with jackets, love pairing it with the denim jacket. I think you should give that one a chance. I’ve been wanting a good all ’round jacket to replace a short canvas-like olive trench that is begging to be put to rest. I never thought of the white denim…that is IT! Your chambray and white running errands out fit looks like something I wear all the time, my jeans are a light khaki color. It always works. Of course, you always look more polished because you never forget accessories, something I’m terrible about buying. I never know which or what. The boyfriend jeans? I think we send those out to sea. 🙂
    Bless you sweet lady!

  19. Cyndi: Love you in the crochet dress! I definitely think you should keep it and wear it on date night with the hubby! I recently bought I crochet white skirt that hits just below the knee, and thanks to your great style, I am going to pair it with my jean jacket :); so thanks for the tip! Blessings.

  20. What a great selection of outfits this month! I especially love the white denim jacket – thanks for the reminder that I need to get mine out for the coming summer months. (Like Cyndi, I am always freezing when the A/C is blasting in the Texas heat!) But the piece I truly covet is the polka dot Ann Taylor blouse in the first photo – tried to find it on their website but it must be from a previous season??? Oh well, it wasn’t a wasted trip to their site. When I searched for “polka dot” I found a gorgeous new navy polka dot dress that is knee length, comes in tall sizes AND was eligible for a $50 coupon savings with free shipping! I can’t get enough polka dots in my closet, and I may even be able to dress it down with my white denim jacket – double bonus points!

  21. I absolutely love the white denim jacket. Thanks so much for sharing your style with us. You have given me so many ideas.

  22. if you are handy with a sewing machine , I would imagine your being able to straighten the side seams on the white lace dress. if not maybe you can talk Traci into helping with it.

  23. Well, I’m wayyyy over 40 but love, love fashion and staying classy and sassy. I like the A line dress and especially with the denim jacket, smart looking. In fact, I like all your looks this month. A fun blog and glad I found you.

  24. I love the look of the crochet dress as it is. It looks great the way you’ve styled it. Actually, I LOVE all the outfits you’ve featured this month–there isn’t one I wouldn’t wear (ok, maybe not the BF jeans–Ha!) Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. Do you find buying the “skinny” jeans that they run true to size? Or do you order larger? These are everywhere and I’m afraid to try them since I’m a little overweight. I’d appreciate your advice.

  26. Hi – I am new here and just love your outfits … for real people. You inspire me to dress it up a little – love your “put together” look. Next week the first box from stitch fix will arrive – never knew about it until I found your blog – linked from your sister 🙂