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What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40

Happy Hump Day! The weather has been warm and I’m super excited. So, here’s some of what I wore this week.

The maxi dress is from Stitch Fix. I’m not sure if they still have this exact one but if you’re getting a box this spring/summer, I would ask for a maxi dress. I’m sure they’ll have some cute ones. I added a tank under mine because I felt it was a little low cut for me.

What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40
Maxi dress-Stitch Fix//Gold necklace-Stella & Dot//Sandals-JCPenney

The sun popped out right when I was getting these pictures, sorry for the squinting!

What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40

I went for a monochromatic look with this outfit except for my shoes.

What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40

Sleeveless top-JCPenney//Ankle pants-The Limited(last year)//Wedge heel-Macy’s(similar here)

This boatneck sweater is from JCPenney’s and I’ve already worn it a lot.

What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40

Boatneck sweater-JCPenny//Necklace-Stella & Dot//Ankle jeans-TJ Maxx//Sandals-JCPenney

Let’s talk shoes for a minute. I found these sandals at JCPenney’s and I’m in love with them. They’re perfect for summer and they’re on sale for $24.99!! Go here if you want a pair, I have a feeling they’ll sell out quick.

What I Wore-Fashion For Women Over 40

 Have you purchased any summer sandals? What’s your favorite pair?

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  1. Cindy, Always enjoy stopping by and sharing in your “sense of style.” I’ve heard so much about Stitch Fix but I’ve never participated. I found myself two really cute maxi dresses just this week and I’m so excited!

    I invite you to stop by and visit my blog. Happy Wednesday!

  2. You are adorable! I bought a maxi dress last summer to go on vacation and thought I was so hip (I am 47!) Then, I saw my sister’s vacation pictures and her mother-in-law (age 77!) had on the same dress! I guess they really are for all ages! haha!
    I did buy some sandals for summer that I hope I will enjoy. I have picky feet and struggle to find a good mix of cute and comfy, but these seem to be. They are a perforated t-strap style by b.o.c. (called Orenda in case anyone else wants to check them out!) They seemed on trend without being over the top.
    Lastly, I have a purse question for you! 🙂 What is your opinion of cross body bags for “girls” our age? My 22 y/o daughter loves them, but I am not sure what I think. I’m sooo used to a shoulder bag or tote!
    Thanks for sharing your darling style!!

  3. I love a maxi dress and wore one on my blog recently. I can’t believe I use to think they weren’t for petites.. I love the all white outfit with the brown wedges. I just ordered some new wedge sandals for the season…

  4. You look amazing in all of these outfits, Cyndi. I love that you shop in different places…have I said that before? JCP is affordable to everyone.

  5. Well you finally bought you a maxi dress. It looks really great on you. I have one that I bought a Belks last year,it is really low in the front so I wear a cami under mine. Have a Blessed day!

  6. Cute! I purchased a similar pair from Target, but am not thrilled with the quality. I might get those from JCP to wear for work, church, etc.

    I love that it is maxi dress season again!


  7. You look darling as usual, Cyndi! That maxi dress is really cute–the cutest I’ve seen, I think! I think part of the reason I like it is that it appears to fit you really well–not snug anywhere but not too loose and a good length. And of course it’s on YOU–I swear you could make a burlap sack look good!

  8. Love the maxi dress! May have to try one this year, even though I’m 5’2″. 🙂 Just bought some really cute gold sandals from Payless. I’m wondering if it’s okay to wear accessories that are not gold when I wear them? (Like silver). God bless you!

  9. That maxi dress looks awesome on you! I must say it’s hard to find one out in the stores that isn’t too bare in the bodice area. This one has good coverage, although the tank under it is a great idea. As I was looking at today’s pics I have to say you look really young! I would have thought you were in your thirties if I didn’t read your blog!

  10. Those are all adorable. Love both sandals. I have two pairs just like the last ones, but in black and fuschia that are over 20yrs old! I guess what goes around comes around if you can hang onto it long enough!

  11. Love all of it, especially the wedge shoes. Thanks for the idea of wearing a similar color necklace and top. I am going to try that!

  12. LOVE THE MAXI DRESS!! Just got my first Stitch Fix a few weeks ago. Got some cute things but really wanted a great Maxi like this one. I’m definitely going to Pin this to my Stitch Fix Board. In fact, in my return comments I said “Dress me like Cyndi Spivey. I love her style!”

  13. I am certainly asking for this dress in my next Fix! I love it! I bought a pair of black sandals from Gap recently. And I love Target’s sandals. I bought my daughter a pair of Clarks flip flops in pink and she loves those too! Susan

  14. I love those sandals! I have such a time trying to find cute sandals without the little thing-a-mabob between the toes–like flip flops. Years ago, I could wear them, but now they just make my toes cramp up! I will have to grab a pair of those before they’re all gone. Thanks for the shopping info!

  15. Hey Cyndi girl, You are rockin’ that maxi dress! It looks ADORABLE on you. The sandals and jewelry are the frosting! I really like every outfit you showed. I especially like the monochromatic look. Monochromatic outfits, done well, and of course yours is, always look so fresh and polished; ready to go at any moment. I like the white on you, very much. Your sandals are ultra cute. I always tell you that I am the “problem fit child” and that doesn’t stop with my body. For as short and thin as I am, I have a size 8 wide foot!!! Try fitting that into ANY kind of cute style…it won’t happen. Of course we are always so much more critical of ourselves than others are of us; but I think my petite body standing on these 8 wide feet looks ridiculous. So, I try to find a black and a neutral wide width flat espadrille and hope that my feet disappear. I love all of the sweet strappy sandals I see on other women and yours are especially cute. Be Blessed!

  16. Cyndi, you always look so nice. Do you ever have a day you don’t get fixed up? When I am doing housework or yard work I never put make up on or fix my hair. I am wondering if other women are like that. Sometimes it just feels good to not wear makeup and mess with it all. I’d like to hear yours or other’s comments on that.

  17. they all look really good on you.
    Where do you get your tanks ? what fiber content ? are they racer backs ? I really have a challenge with the lower necklines with a narrow shoulder. I tried the little dicky type panels that attach to ones bra straps but while they do help having narrow shoulders creates a need for a bit more coverage.

  18. Oh that maxi looks so good on you !! Love the necklace with it also. Since you got it from StichFix I guess I won’t be looking for it in the store 🙁 Love the color of it also. It seems with sandals, I’m always looking for a pair that will cover the top of my foot as I have bulging veins and that helps cover them. Isn’t it funny how we each have areas that we “feel” stick out ! Love how you showed the white on white also. I’m like the others and feel that there isn’t anything that you don’t look good in. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Hi Cyndi.

    You look beautiful in the maxi dress! I have a few…most of them black. I plan to wear them a lot this summer.

    What do you think of jumpsuits? I love them, but don’t own one…yet. I was just reading the new issue of In Style Magazine, and they show the jumpsuit as the “new maxi dress.” They have a section with the following:

    The Jumpsuit is the new Maxidress
    Pastels are the new Neons
    Pool Sandals are the new Ballet Flats
    Colored Aviators are the new Cat’s Eyes
    Orange really is the new Black
    Python is the new Zebra
    The Panama Hat is the new Sunscreen
    Pouches are the new Totes
    etc., etc., etc.

    What are your thoughts on these? For women over 40?

    Love your post, as always.

  20. Hi Cyndi, the maxi dress is so cute! Did you need to have it hemmed? I am 5’5″ and I find most Maxie’s so long for my height. I also don’t enjoy heel’s! You look so great. Love your style!


  21. Love the sweater and pants. Just for fun, you should show us what you wear when your cleaning toilets, or painting or gardening!!! On a more serious note ( 😉 ), I use Birkenstocks alot in the summer, due to foot pain. Got some ideas on styling them?