What I Wore-Printed Top

Happy Hump Day! This spring one of my favorite trends has to be printed tops, shorts and pants.

Yesterday I wore a printed top from Stitch Fix, the brand is Pixley. I’ve received several things in my Stitch Fix box that are Pixley brand and I love them.

What I Wore-Printed Top
Some of you asked about what I wear at home when I’m working and running errands. This is a typical day. The weather was a little cool so I wore sleeves. If it’s hot, I would have a sleeveless top on.

What I Wore-Printed Top
What I Wore-Printed Top
One of the things I received at the Rewardstyle conference was a selfie stick. So this is my selfie stick picture. 🙂

What I Wore-Printed Top
Now that the weather has warmed up, I have been trying to take pictures in different areas. The best time to take pictures is in the evening as the sun is setting.

Of course that’s when everyone is home and some little fella was not cooperating with me. He never wants his picture taken but since he knew I didn’t want him in these pictures he wouldn’t leave me alone.

What I Wore-Printed Top
He’s working me!

What I Wore-Printed Top
Really Colt?? You have your old play clothes on buddy. If we’re going to get some pictures could you please go change?

What I Wore-Printed Top
I got one picture without him and then I gave up.

What I Wore-Printed Top
What I Wore-Printed Top

Printed blouse-Stitch Fix (options here and here)//Jeans-Nordstrom//Sandals-Old Navy//Necklace-Kendra Scott//Necklace-Nordstrom

Oh well, have you all tried any printed clothes this spring?

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Beauty for the Heart~~“I think we would do much better as a whole if we focused more compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience than on how all the non-Christians are ruining society with their bad behavior and politics.” -Kelly Minter

Pray our lives will be filled with the fruit of the spirit! But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness. Galatians 5:22

Have a blessed day!


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  1. You look so cute and love the new little accessory! 🙂 Colt is a doll!
    I dress like you for running around town and at home. If I got up and put on sweats etc I would feel yucky the entire day.

  2. I love everything about your blog, from the careful thought to the spontaneous moments (Colt) to the scripture. As a 60-something follower who doesn’t want to “settle,” your blog gives me confidence that my look is neither “over-the-hill grandma” nor “trying too hard to be young and fooling no one!” And that confidence translates into being my best self each day, and praying that those around me benefit. I feel blessed to have found you, and I know others feel the same.

  3. Cyndi, What brand jeans do you have on? I like the way you dress. I have a new goal of wearing something other than a t-shirt and knit shorts or pants when running errands. I know that will impact my overall mood. I have a printed tunic I’m anxious to wear with leggings/skin tight pants, as soon as my ankle has healed enough from the surgery. I hope to purchase one pair of printed shorts. Oh, your little guy is so cute!

    Have a blessed day!

    1. Ginger, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but one of the things I LOVE about Cyndi’s blog is that below the pictures, she includes a link that shows the brand she is wearing, and even where to purchase them! How great is that? ?

      1. Obviously I missed seeing the brand of jeans. I need to look again. I agree, it’s great that Cyndi does that. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Cyndi, Nice to see what you wear on a typical day and having Colt beside you is precious, which also shows you in your normal life! I would add him more often! 😉 You are a beautiful Grammy!

  5. Hi, Cyndi!

    You look great, as always. I love that printed top on you. I’m finding that prints go with so many kinds of pants. I used to only ever wear them with black pants or blue jeans, but I’ve been trying to switch things up with colored pants, white jeans, and even maxi skirts. It’s so fun!

    Wanted to ask you…and should have done so yesterday when you wrote about how you style your hair. Approximately how long does it take you to “get ready for the day” in the AM? Do you get ready right away, or do you get up and have coffee, read the paper, etc. first? Do you pick out an outfit the night before? Just curious about all this! I love hearing people’s routines. For me, well, I always need my coffee before ANYTHING!

    I loved your post yesterday, by the way, and am hoping you’ll consider do a post about how you do your make-up. Just a thought! You are so beautiful! I showed a pic of you to my husband and he thought you were in your late 20s/early 30s! 🙂

    Lastly, I just have to say — Colt is A-DOR-A-BLE. What a sweetie pie! So, so cute.

    Have a blessed day!

    “The Busy Brunette”

    1. I get up at 5:30 and have my quiet time and then I do my exercise routine. I take a shower and get ready for the day. It takes about an hour to get ready.
      Then I head to my office (at my house) to start work for the day.
      Hope that helps!

  6. I have a very similar shirt and I love it, it is so comfy. I have to try the coral long necklace though, I love the navy and coral together. Thank you so much for sharing your outfits they are great inspiration!

  7. great post. thanks for the closeup on the print. and great to have growing taller and quite handsome grandson Colt.