What I Wore-Summer Fashion

Happy Wednesday ladies!! I’m sharing some summer fashion with you today. I loved all your comments yesterday on eyeliner. You all have some great tips and I love how we learn from each other! I’m also going to try some of the eyeliners you mentioned.

Do you remember a few weeks ago we talked about ankle pants and how they look good with a little bit of a heel. Well, these shoes from Macy’s are the perfect heel for me and they’re comfortable, so I’ve been wearing them a lot.

What I Wore-Summer Fashion

Chevron Dolman Sleeve Top- Renee C. (Stitch Fix)//White tank top-SNUG camisoles//White ankle pants-JCPenney//Earrings-Stella & Dot//Natural sandal-Macy’s(similar here)

What I Wore-Summer Fashion

I love this green blouse from Old Navy. I think it’s the only thing I have from Old Navy.

What I Wore-Summer Fashion

Green blouse-Old Navy(similar here)//Necklace-Stella & Dot//Tan ankle pants-The Limited(similar here)//Sunglasses-Tori Burch//Tan Sandals-Macy’s(similar here)

Okay, sometimes I get some pretty funny questions! Someone wanted to know what I wore when I cleaned the toilets. I had to laugh!

So here’s my stay at home and clean the house outfit. I know, exciting isn’t it?? I also wear my hair up in a clip a lot when I’m home.

What I Wore-Summer Fashion

I also get asked if I wear makeup every day? The answer would be yes, 99% of the time. I sometimes will just put eyeliner, concealer and mascara on but I always wear some makeup.

I take a shower first thing in the morning and get dressed for the day. I feel better when I do this and usually get more done. I rarely stay home all day without going somewhere.

I get antsy if I’m home more than one day, I like to be out and about! 🙂

Do you like to stay at home or do you get antsy like me??

Beauty For the Heart~~We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch souls. -Mother Teresa

Have a blessed day!

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  1. sorry – I accidentally published that comment before I was finished typing.
    I meant to type: I love having a day or two in which I have nowhere I have to be. I’m a homebody and mostly do my work from home. I’m so thankful I can do that.

  2. I love how cute you make a simple outfit look! I live kinda “out” from town so I have lots of days where I don’t leave home. (try to group my errands due to saving on gas) But after a couple of them, I NEED an outing! Today, I am actually looking forward to a meeting at my son’s school just so I can justify driving in! Have a great day, Cyndi! And thanks for being real..although I will say your at home outfit is MUCH cuter than mine…maybe if I would fix my hair and wear a little make-up! I often look like a hot mess!

  3. I’m a bit of a stay at home person. I must say though , I never look quite that good cleaning the toilet! lol Love the green shirt. It’s a great color on you.

  4. You have the best collection of tops… I love the rainbow chevron! Funny, I don’t think I own anything from Old Navy… I too wear makeup daily and have to get out , which is why I chose my house so close to grocery, bank, drugstore and even a home improvement store…. Even a short walk is a great mood booster for stay at home moms…

  5. I agree about always wearing eyeliner, concealer and mascara! Even if its just me at home all day!!!
    The quote from Mother Teresa is soooo true. Love it!
    I do like to have a full day at home, but too many in a row….mmmmm…not so much! Have a great day!

  6. Cyndi, I enjoy having 2-3 days to do housework (nothing crazy!), going without makeup, and hanging out in my comfy jeans and Sperry’s.
    Then I love the feeling of getting spiffied up, wearing makeup and a great lipstick, and going out for lunch and shopping.
    I love your blog, Cyndi! Thanks for helping us over 40 ladies!

  7. Great outfits! I wish I looked half as good as you when I stay home! You are a gorgeous lady and you do not look old by any means, but you look about 10 years younger with you hair up! 🙂 I, too, like a lot of other commenters, like to stay home. I work full-time and savor my weekends at home. A great weekend is working around the house, going nowhere except for church on Sunday.

  8. Hi Cyndi,
    Your workout clothes look great, which is why I will ask the question, which should probably go under the strange “say what”? questions. 😉 How do you stop pantylines from showing with yoga or workout pants! Do most women go without undies? see, weird question huh 🙂

  9. Hi Lindy.

    Couldn’t resist answering here. I wear thong underwear with all of my yoga/workout pants. Can’t stand to see the panty lines, not to mention that it bothers me. 🙂

  10. I also wear my hair pulled back with a clip when I’m home. When I’m doing things around the house, I don’t like my hair in my face. I like the shoes you found at Macy’s!

  11. I love having several days at home, with no where to go! Of course, working full time, I always have somewhere to be bright and early each morning, five days a week. And thats’s a blessing, not a complaint.

  12. Just an FYI, but when I post from my iPhone or iPad, when I use emoticons, nothing after the emoji will post……..don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s just a software issue. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has the same issue.

  13. Hello Cindy!
    Do you think you will ever show bathing suits/beach wear? Finding bathing suits can be a challenge. Also, do you have any thoughts or suggestions on how to “dress up” scrubs? I work in the medical field and the dress code is scrubs, or tan pants and black tops. Ugh.
    Thank you!
    P.s. Please keep showing bags, purses and clutches! What to wear with what outfit?

  14. LOL…I cleaned toilets today and I didn’t look anything as good as you do! I am home most days but I usually put eye liner on everyday just in case someone comes to the door. I like getting out at least one day during the week but otherwise I’m a stay at home person.

  15. Oh, I wear makeup everyday, no matter what I’m doing. And, I dress everyday in a put together outfit. It just makes me feel so much better when I do this. Might have to check out those shoes. Happy day!

  16. Love your posts. You have such a terrific style. You look like a teen in your at-home outfit…absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing with us.

  17. Hey Miss Cyndi! Those shoes are PERFECT with your ankle pants. I was thinking that i wanted to go with a flat shoe, but after looking at your picture, I see that a low heel is best. I have to tell you that the color of your Old Navy shirt is fabulous on you! I haven’t seen you wear that color too much on your posts, it’s a keeper. Enjoy the rest of your evening and be so blessed!

  18. Hi Cyndi, I’m sorry to say I don’t love the first outfit. The shoes are super cute but since you are wearing ankle pants and the shoes have an ankle strap, it’s just too much going on at the ankle. But you’re so right that ankle pants do need a little heal so you don’t look like your pants that are too short.

  19. I always wear makeup too! I’m not sure why that surprises some people. I’m not talking gobs of it but maybe some CC Cream, blush and mascara.
    I do like the ankle pants but not sure how they would look on someone as short as me (or if they’d really hit me at the ankle!).

  20. I like to stay home but do get antsy if I haven’t been anywhere in a while. Love those shoes too!

  21. I wear a thong with yoga pants OR no underwear. Just say “No!” to panty lines and workout pants !

  22. I received the chevron top in this month’s Golden Tote. I love it but hope it’s not in my May Stitch Fix!