What I Wore-Summer Fashion

I know you’re not going to believe me when I tell you this, but this is the last Wednesday in June! Can. not. be. possible! Well, here’s What I Wore-Summer Fashion in June.

What I Wore-Summer Fashion

I decided to give the gladiator sandals a try, some of you liked them and some of you didn’t.

I also received some red ankle pants in my Stitch Fix box. I love these pants!

I also wore these shorts from New York & Company.

I found a pair of boyfriend jeans that I love. They’re Kut From The Kloth brand. I’m also wearing a lot of sleeveless tops and this is one of my favorites from Stitch Fix.

boyfriend-jeans (1)
This top is from Golden Tote, I shared about Golden Tote here.

This is another sleeveless top I received last year from Stitch Fix. (BTW, I specifically ask for sleeveless tops in my fix, because I know I’m going to wear them all summer.)

Lastly, I wore this Chambray dress from INC. Oh my goodness, it’s so comfortable and perfect for summer!


I need your input!! I’m thinking about doing 31 days of Summer Fashion in July. Basically, I’ll be sharing an outfit everyday. I’ve never done this before, would that be something that would interest you? Let me know!

Beauty For the Heart~~Have you ever read the book, Radical by David Platt? He definitely challenges us, as believers, to live out our faith. Here’s something he shares in his book, in case you’re wondering why you’re here, or what’s your purpose.

“Enjoy His grace and extend His glory.” -David Platt

Have a grace-filled day!

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  1. I would love 31 days of summer fashion! I don’t even mind when you wear things more than once……makes me feel I am normal:) Please do it!!!! I love seeing how you mix and match:)

  2. I’ve been listening to Platt lately on Moody Radio and I read a couple of his books a few years ago. He’s definitely not in the mainstream because he says so many hard things. An example he recently gave in one of his messages was about a publication which had two articles nearly side by side. One was about a church that just completed a multi-million dollar building project and the other was about a church that just gave $5000 to starving, diseased children in Africa. He didn’t think the placement of the articles was intentional but it sure gives a picture of what the American church has become. What if our (the Church’s) priority was sending more to countries where children die each day from preventable situations and keeping less for ourselves? We’d still be rich by the world’s standard.

  3. Time sure goes by quickly……only six months ’till Christmas! 😉 I would love to see daily fashions during the month of July. I have to wear business casual for work and it’s too hot for many accessories, so any summer fashion ideas would be welcomed. 🙂

  4. Cyndi: I would love 31 days of July outfits! I would especially like it if you styled some basic pieces in different combos so I could learn to extend my own wardrobe! 🙂

  5. Yes, I would love to see 31 days of summer fashion. I’m always looking for fashion inspiration and I love your style.

  6. Yes!!! Please do! I am in need of some fresh summer fashion ideas!! You are such an inspiration! Reading your blog is my daily pick me up!!

  7. Yes! Yes! Yes! I love that idea. I also like it when you show how to make different outfits using the same pieces of clothing.

  8. I would LOVE 31 days of fashion for summer! It gets HOT,hot,hot here in Texas so would love tips on dressing well but dressing cool.

  9. I love the 31 days idea . . . it would be great to see “what I wear at home”, “what I wear to work”, “what I wear to church” just to get ideas on how to always look pulled together. Thanks Cyndi.

  10. Love to see what you are wearing, we are about the same age &that is one of the reasons I started following your blog 🙂

  11. we are not a mega church in the way of the media attention type but we are also not an itty bitty one. It seems that the more giving we are though (very mission minded here and abroad) the more He blesses us.

  12. and can we all say a resounding “yes”!!! you’re adorable cyndi!! thanks for your blog, it’s an inspiration!

  13. I second wanting to see some business casual (maybe even occasionally business professional) idea. I realize it’s not what you wear every day, but for those of us who are trying to “style” ourselves after your taste, I would love to see what you would pick out! Thanks!

  14. I’m new to your blog and think its great! Please do 31 outfits! I get a lot of inspiration from your OOT posts -you’ve got great style!!!!

  15. I would like to see your 31 days too! I love your style. And I echo some of the others in hoping that a few of those days will show us some business attire ideas. I work in an office that requires a professional look and we only get business casual and jeans days a few times a month. Thanks!

  16. Cydi,
    Love your blog and inspiration from the Bible. Yes I would love to see 31 days of summer fashion.

  17. Hi Cyndi.

    I love the idea of 31 outfits! 🙂 Maybe you could pick 20 pieces and use those for the entire 31 outfits. Maybe? Just an idea. You look great in all of your outfits. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Love the 31 days of outfits for July ! Helps those of us that struggle with putting things together and it seems like it is so easy for you as you always look so cute.

  19. Oh! I think the 31 days of summer fashion would be great. I like Gina’s idea of picking 20 pieces to mix and match into 31 outfits. Most of us don’t have a huge wardrobe and need some tips on mixing and matching or changing the look of an outfit with accessories. I think we could all benefit from something like that!

  20. We’ll sounds like to me you have to have a 31 days of fashion! Yay! Can’t wait to see your wordrobe! You give me great ideas!

  21. Oh yes Cyndi, please do the 31 days of summer fashion! It would be great fun and I for one will look forward to seeing your fashion everyday!!!!

  22. yes, by all means do the fashion in July. I love seeing your outfits and it would be fun to see every day. I have a Fix coming next week and am hoping for some great summer fashions myself.

  23. I would also love to see how you would work in a bit of business professional among your 31 days of July!!

  24. Yes — we can wear sandals, sleeveless tops and nice Capri and cropped pants. Thanks for asking Cyndi!

  25. Would love to see the 31 days of fashion. What do you wear for work? Love to see any work combos you might have for an office. Thanks!

  26. Would love to see 31 days of fashion! I like it that you have the links on your site and we can see where we can purchase the pieces when we like them! Thanks for the great site!

  27. I’d love to see a 31 days. Maybe pick several clothing items and accessories and show how you can change the look on different days.

  28. I like the idea of doing a 31 days of outfits: what you wear at home, out and about, to work, on Sunday, out on the town, etc.