What I Wore – Travel Outfit

What I Wore-Travel OutfitHappy hump day! I’m headed to Dallas, Texas and I thought I would share my travel outfit with you. Comfort and some layering are a definite must when you’re flying so I kept that in mind.

I am on a gray and black kick lately. I’m not sure why, I guess because it’s winter. I might need an intervention!

What I Wore-Travel OutfitAnyway, I love tops with some contrast and this top from JC Penney has two different fabrics. I love the white in the back.

What I Wore-Travel OutfitThe gray in the front is a little thin but I added a white cami and it works perfect. The top is on sale for $14.99! And it does have really good reviews.

What I Wore-Travel OutfitI’m keeping my jewelry simple for the flight and I added a polka dot scarf from Loft (no longer available) and I’ll be wearing my black coat I shared with you here.

What I Wore-Travel OutfitOutfit details: Long Sleeve Shirt (I’m wearing a small)//White Cami ($10 off with code Spivey921)//Black skinny jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Back Boots//Earrings//Coat

What do you like to wear when you’re traveling? Do you have a specific travel outfit?

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Beauty For the Heart~~When I cannot see hope, it’s not because hope is not there. The hope of the gospel is all around me–ever present–through His glory beheld in the sunset to the presence of His Spirit in my soul. If I am in Christ, I always have hope. Regardless of my circumstances. ~Katie Orr

If you’re feeling hopeless today, remember Christ is your hope. He is always there!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Have a great trip and thanks for the reminder that our Hope is in Christ Jesus……and that is a very comfy looking travel outfit…..hope the boots come off easy!

    1. Funny that you mentioned the boots, Marcia. We flew to Phoenix recently from Atlanta. I wore my over the knee boots similar to Cyndi’s. My husband said the same thing to me. They do come off easily. When we went through security, no one had to take their shoes off, that morning. A first for me! Did the TSA change this?!

      1. I’ve noticed when they have bomb dogs there checking people they don’t make you take out anything from your bags nor take your shoes off. So nice!

  2. very cute, I live in gray, don’t know why, there’s just something about it that works well with my skin tone and hair color so I wear it A LOT 🙂 Travel safe!

  3. Of course, you look great! The top is so cute, especially the back! You could put so many different scarves with it, but like how you kept it all neutral.

    When I fly, I dress a lot like this. Comfortable, but yet fashionable and put together!

    Safe travels!

  4. Cute outfit. Looks comfy. Have a safe trip.

    I live north of Dallas and it’s going to be nice weather. Today mid 50s, tomorrow mid 60s and starting Friday low 70s! Welcome to Texas! 😉

  5. Love the outfit, the top is super cute too. Welcome to Texas. I live outside Dallas and the weather is going to be nice this weekend. We will see 70 degrees this weekend. Safe travels and have fun.

  6. Super cute…and comfy! I’m a germophobe, so when flying, I usually wear a cute, thin hooded jacket and a scarf. I use the scarf and hood to protect me when I sleep on the plane!:)

  7. Great look – but boots for flying? Let us know if that was comfortable or not. I prefer a shoe that can slip on and off through TSA and still be comfortable if my feet swell from the altitude.

  8. Layering important because of the frequent temperature changes. I don’t like to wear a coat for that reason, but of course you know how to gauge when you might actually need it. I noticed the boots right away, too,! I wear my Clarke’s Clogs because of the comfort and ease of removal. Nsfw travels to you.

  9. I don’t like that particular top on you. To me it looks sloppy with cami hanging out in the front. You’re too pretty to look messy. May I ask why you feel the need to mention your size when you tell what brand of clothing you have on? Is that really important? Seems a touch vain. You’re obviously a small/petite lady and you style things well. Who cares that you wear a 6! Your choices would look good on any size.

    1. I’m sure you didn’t mean your comments to be hateful, but they came across that way. I think she mentions her size as a frame of reference for the rest of us.

      1. Julie, I agree with you. I use Cyndi’s size reference as a reference for me when I order things she has posted on her website. She will jump up a size (sometimes) depending on the cut and then I know to order a size above that. I appreciate that she does that because it’s very helpful to me.

      2. I think you look beautiful! I agree, I think it is great to mention what size you bought as a reference. As we all know, different brands fit in different ways.

    2. Mary, I think you have misunderstood Cyndi’s motives. If you look back in the archives, she has gotten request after request asking what sizes she is wearing in particular garments, so that people can see if they run true to size.
      Cyndi is anything but vain! She makes fun of herself all the time!

      1. I have to agree with Julie. You’re post is coming across as mean spirited. Like others have said, she gives the size she’s wearing as a reference. I have to disagree with you on how it looks. I don’t think it’s messy at all. It’s a great casual outfit. I would even wear that out to lunch. Totally cute!

    3. Ouch, Mary! Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect your right to yours (though I personally disagree with yours in this case). Kindness is never overrated. Perhaps you are just having a rough morning.

    4. I have to agree with the others, Mary. Your comments seem a bit rude, and I think Cyndi gives her size so we can reference that if we order. Whatever happened to “if you cannot say something nice, don’t say anything?”

    5. I can only assume you didn’t mean this to be as harsh as it came across. Cyndi has had numerous requests to provide her sizing for refererence. She has shared her height but not her weight 😃. I believe photos can be deceiving and so she does this for our benefit not as a vain person. Hoping your day gets better.

    6. It’s obvious that maybe you are having a bad day! Maybe you should consider keeping your rude comments to yourself. Anyone who reads Cyndi’s blog on a regular basis knows that she is graceful and kind. Vain would never describe her.

      1. This is my first time posting. I do love reading and looking at Cyndi’s post for the day. I believe that everyone has an opinion (mean or nice). Can’t make everyone happy all the time. My opinion is that Cyndi has helped me figure out how to dress my age but still dress in today’s style. I do appreciate her giving the size of her outfit because I too feel like it is useful.

        Cyndi I love the grey two material shirt, in fact I ordered it at JCP right after your post. You are truly a remarkable beautiful women.

    7. This is just my opinion, and I do not want to be rude back to you, Mary, as you have to Cyndi, but by the comments you wrote, I would have to guess that you are not a size 6 but a larger woman, as I am also not a size 6, but am a larger woman and I agree with the top not being the right style for a larger woman, because of the flare that would make larger women look even larger….. BUT, that being said, there is no excuse to be rude. I am sure Cyndi gives her size for a reference because now days, when ordering online especially, you have to be careful when ordering a size too small or too large according to the material and then have to go through all the fuss of returning the item. If you have ordered online you know it is best to know the material and better yet, to know the size on an actual person. That is why I love when she posts the size, then I know how much larger to order for myself. This top is not “my”” style, but it looks great on her and I love the rest of the outfit, it’s another perfect match!!

  10. Cyndi, safe travels! You look adorable as usual. Looks totally cozy, but classy too. I wish Loft still had the scarf. Love it.

  11. Before I got Global Entry I always wore ballet flats, pants with no belt, wrinkle free tops and a sweater. I always liked to see how fast and efficient I could get through TSA screening, it was my own little challenge. Global Entry is nice but I have to admit it takes away some of my fun. I still go with wrinkle free comfy clothes and layers and pack a blanket in my carry one, I always freeze on planes.
    Have fun on your trip!

  12. Cyndi:
    I missed a couple of days, so just catching up on your posts. Love, LOVE your decorating style. It fits exactly as I had imagined your home would be: Simple, yet elegant. A perfect pairing to your fashion sense: Classy and Fun!

    I, like others, appreciate you letting me know your size as a reference point. It helps me to not feel badly when I have to go up a size depending on the brand, or happily size down – Happy Dance! =)

    Friends, through Him,

  13. LOVE the entire look on you. Love the contrast of white to black with the gray. AND….I am one who appreciates the size reference greatly. So much help. Safe travels!

  14. Living in Ohio where it’s gray skies for most of the winter I don’t like the color gray, never wear it or use it in my house. I visit the grandkids in Southern CA a couple times a year, I have a good packing list so it’s easy to pack the evening before my early morning flight.
    Safe Travels !!!

  15. Love you outfit and enjoy Texas… Hope you get to go to WACO for your “Fixer Upper” fix….
    I am so enjoying you and your sister’s blog. Blessings and have fun…

  16. Have a wonderful trip! Right there with ya, hate packing, but LOVE this outfit. I have those boots thanks to you. 🙂 Definitely checking out that top!

  17. Safe travels! When I am get on an airplane, I always wear shoes that are super easy to get on & off, such as clogs. You look very nice as usual! Adding a bright scarf would change the outfit. Have a great time!
    I really
    I like today’s Beauty for the Heart!

  18. As an airline employee, the first thing I thought of was the boots & going through security, just like some of the previous commenters. We have a certain dress code when flying stand-by if we want to be able to fly first class, should there be an open seat & no one ahead of you on the list (meaning, it doesn’t happen often!). Cindy’s outfit, except I would wear ballet flats instead of boots, would be perfect – comfy and classy. Enjoy your trip!

    1. I thought about having to take them off going through security but if I want boots where I am going I wear them on the flight so I have more luggage room as most of my flights are transatlantic as I live in England! Don’t always have to take off shoes in England either.
      Love your blog!

  19. Very cute. I used to dress well to fly, bu t now I don’t want to pay for baggage, so I usually wear my heaviest or bulkiest items , which generally means my running shoes in summer or boots in winter. it was way more fun to be fashionable because actual running shoes only look good with running clothes. Maybe I just need a cute jogging outfit. 🙂

  20. You look so cute as always! I live in Fort Worth and the weather is supposed to be really nice this weekend. Thank you for sharing.. PS.. I love the boots and I would wear them on the plane too.

  21. Hey Mini Me! Love your outfit and would prob wear almost the same thing but with my new black Lucky cut out booties and no coat. 🙂 Its going to be so nice in Dallas! Have a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to see what all you find!

  22. Hey Mini Me! I would probably wear about the same thing except I’d wear my new cut out Lucky booties and no coat. 🙂 The weather should be really nice! Have a wonderful safe trip! Looking forward to see what all you find!

    1. Since Cyndi is traveling, I’ll help you out … They are from Payless. I got them and love them too! I’m not normally a Payless shopper and thought for sure I’d be returning them but they arrived and I had to make room for them in my closet! They are classy and comfortable.

  23. As another airline employee…
    Love outfit and like that you give us sizes for everything.
    My only comment is I see so many girls on airplane daily with yoga pants!
    Do as cyndi has done wear a long blouse.
    Enjoy Dallas!

  24. SO SO cute – love this outfit! You look adorable. Have a great trip! I look forward to seeing your outfits on your trip!

  25. Very cute travel outfit! Gray is my new black!,I purchased a very similar Gray top from JCP. They really have some great deals there

  26. After seeing you in these great black boots several times, I ordered a pair for myself. They are really wonderful! They are comfortable, so slimming with black leggings AND I got them for LESS than $30 online from Payless! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

  27. I ran to JCP this weekend to get the top you have on here, but was a little disappointed when I really looked at it. The back panel was quite wrinkled on several of the shirts, and looked like it would wrinkle every time I sat down. Did it do this to you, or was I mistaken in not buying it? ( I would actually loved to be proved wrong, I really wanted this top, just my style) Does anyone else own this top?

    1. Mandy I didn’t think it wrinkled very much at all. I even went and grabbed it from my hamper after you commented and I think the gray side wrinkles more than the white side. I wore it all day on the way to Dallas and it didn’t look that bad.