What I Wore-Winter Fashion

I really don’t know what to say except it looks like I’m going to be sharing Winter Fashion until March 1st. We are having some brutal weather! Help me!

The sad thing is the temperature is supposed to get to 26 degrees and I feel like that’s going to be a heat wave compared to where we’ve been. 🙂

This is what I woke up to this morning. Another winter storm is headed our way. We still have about 14 inches of snow outside right now. Sigh.

What I Wore-Winter Fashion
I think I told you all that I’m trying to grow my hair out. It’s in that in between stage but I can get it in a small ponytail. Yay!! I shared this picture on Instagram a couple of days ago.

What I Wore-Winter Fashion
I have not been out much this week and I’m getting cabin fever. Yesterday I was down right irritable. Ask my husband. He tried to get my Dad to keep me at his house for a few days. Ouch!

I’m headed to the dentist today to get a broken filling fixed. I’m so excited to be getting out!! How sad is that? I’ll do anything to be out and about!! Ha!

This blue and black top is from LOFT and I purchased it last fall. I’ve been pulling some things out that I haven’t worn a lot and trying to get some wear out of them.

What I Wore-Winter Fashion

Top-LOFT//Scarf-Target//Black Jeans-Stitch Fix (Mavi brand)//Black boots-Rack Room Shoes

So I’m going to be inside most of the weekend. What are your plans this weekend? Does anyone else get cabin fever?

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Beauty For the Heart~~It has been a crazy week but I keep thinking about Philippians 4:4, Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!

Seasons come and go. Life has ups and downs but I want to have an attitude of gratitude.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Cute outfit … love the pony tail! Colorado weather has been beautiful and warm! We’re getting a forecast of 8-16 inches of snow this weekend. I say YAY because living in Colorado, I love the snow and cold (in the winter!). Ready for a little cabin fever this weekend. Hope you get some relief soon!

  2. Yes on the cabin fever…….ugh! When your puppy is walking on the top if the snow it’s to darn cold and to slick to safely be out in it! Going to try and find a chore I have been putting off to fill my time up this weekend…….at least I will feel accomplished! Praying winter leaves us soon! Hugs, m

  3. I love blue and black together like this. Really cold here in Michigan, too – 18 below, this morning. Shudder. But I have a fun indoor week-end ahead – we are going to our second home on Lake Huron and taking our two year old grandson AND my 16 year old niece along with us! She actually asked to come – all by herself!! Grandson’s mommy and daddy will come up tomorrow and it will be so wonderful to be all together.

  4. I don’t get cabin fever at all. I use the time to catch up on my reading and cleaning. And if I do get bored there is always Pinterest! It is cold here in Georgia too!

  5. O yes cabin fever. We are in ohio and a storm heading our way tonight. I can just tell its our turn in west central ohio for a big amount of snow. But I telk myself the sun is bright and it is still daylight past 6 pm. Spring is coming!

    1. Yes I do have cabin fever.Saw your new products you are using for face,great they are organic,natural, but very pricey.I have found USA made product line,One love organics,very reasonable,and they work.you should give them a try also,you will not be sorry

  6. Yes getting tired of the cold and snow here too. We are getting approx 7 inches tonight and tomorrow in Central Ohio. At least days are getting longer. Hope Spring hurries!

  7. Love hearing everyone’s stories about where they live & coping with this never ending winter! I live in the North Pocono Mountains of Northeast PA, where sometimes we get it good & sometimes we don’t! I’ve kept busy this winter, between watching our 3 grandchildren (1,3 & 5) while their mommies deal with school delays/cancellations or my purging projects. After celebrating 40 years of marriage, all in the same house, boy do I need to do some serious purging! So no Cabinet Fever for me, at least this winter!

    1. I hear you, Gina, I took a year to purge my house, knowing I would be moving in a year’s time. Clutter and “junk” happens, doesn’t it

  8. I also am tired of staying in but it is FREEZING out there. Plus, we are having more snow starting tomorrow afternoon. Have no idea where we will put it. Our snowbanks are actually dangerous when you are just trying to back out of your driveway.

  9. Cyndi, I live in Savannah but if I lived in a cold climate I would hibernate like a bear. 🙂 cute pony tail & outfit.

  10. Right now I am with my granddaughter who is having a “Frozen” themed 7th birthday party! Twelve little girls were singing “…the cold doesn’t bother me anyway” a few minutes ago 🙂 as well as “Do you want to build a snowman?” Appropriate with our 12+” on the ground and more coming. Glad she could have it as we thought for a while it might have to be rescheduled. I told my daughter to plan a tropical theme next year for her! Ha. Ready for spring here!

  11. My goal this weekend is to organize my clothes closet for the hundredth time, and to get rid of the things I don’t wear. I may also start a new book that I saw on pinterest.

  12. It’s a balmy 38 in GA today. The counties north of me have a chance of littke snow overnight. A wintry mix for metro Atlanta, but up to 55 degrees by Sat. afternoon.
    I’ve been busy putting my outfits together for a week at Disney World! I’m ready for the 83 degrees when we arrive on Mon. It’s suppose to be cooler the rest of the week. I’ll still take 73 degrees:)
    Cyndi, and all of the other ladies in the cold, Spring is only 27days away!!!!! Prayers for warmer weather and that there will be NO MORE SNOW! Wishing all a warm and cozy weekend!!!

  13. I’ve only been a reader for 2 weeks and have already worn the black dress with long sleeves underneath, leggings, boots and leopard scarf and got rave reviews at work. Also, purchased Birch box and Stitch Fix. My husband is going to take my computer away from me! 😉 Thanks for the advice!!

  14. No cabin fever here! I love being cooped up. I’m so busy otherwise that I enjoy time at home. No snow here in the NW. It’s been a very mild winter:(

  15. I also get caben fever, but looking and reading your blog helpes me. I enjoy erading beauty for the heart! Thank you, and may God continue using you on this blog.

  16. I’m right there with you on the cabin fever. I hadn’t left the house since Sunday night until today! I was losing it! HA! It’s super cold here too – like -2 this morning and we have six or so inches of snow on the ground. I’m ready for spring NOW! I also can’t wait for your spring fashion next month!

  17. Ice storm here in St. Louis. Actually, will be whistling a happy tune while cleaning house. Getting ready for big family reunion–oldest son will be here next week with his wonderful wife and our 2 grandsons. He is in the military and this is is first trip home in 3 years:) My sister is coming in from Florida too:)

  18. Cyndi,
    Friday night at 10:37 it is 8 degrees. That is very cold for us here in Yorktown, VA. We have about 6 inches of snow which have caused schools to be closed all week. We are not prepared to handle clearing the back roads. My 12 year old Springer Spaniel has cabin fever along with doggie dementia so I could use a break. Keep up the winter fashion. We need your help to get us to Spring. Can’t wait to see what your new hair style will be. PS My neighbor is from Kentucky. What town are you from? She goes back home once a year.

  19. It was a long cold icy week in Knoxville, TN, but with interstate roads clear I came to SC yesterday to see a good friend. We have gotten some much needed retail therapy! Here that Knoxville is getting more bad weather tonight- hope I can get home on Sunday

  20. Oh how I long for some cooler days:( I live in Southern California where the temperatures have ranged between 80’s & 90’s these past couple of months. We have been unseasonably hot for over a year & are experiencing a terrible drought. I wish I could exchange some of our sunshine for your snow & cold. Even if just for a little while. I have a closet with beautiful sweaters & boots that rarely get out to play.

  21. Beautiful outfit. Love those boots!
    I also love that “Trust in the Lord” canvas hanging on the wall. Did you make that?

  22. Love the boots. Love the outfit. Blue is my favorite color. I live in SC and it’s been a cold week but we get up to upper 40’s today and in the 60’s tomorrow. It’s driving me absolute nuts. It’s making my allergies nuts. Oh my with growing the hair out! My hair was all the way down my back and January 2014, I decided to cut it off. Then I remember why I don’t like my hair short, it’s way too much work. I have let it grow out and am constantly fighting with the layers. I will be so glad when it gets off my neck more. Thank you for the encouraging scripture!

  23. Currently at 35 degrees here in Jackson, KY. with our 16 inches of snow melting it feels like a spring day hee hee. Cabin fever not yet set in since we were able to get out among the living Friday for a few hours. Glad you all got out too, Cyndi. I love this outfit, I love the black and blue…. but I’ve just got to ask you if you have had anyone say it is not a fashion to wear the black and blue together? I posted a pic of an outfit on me of black & blue and had a lady tell me that it is not in fashion to wear those colors together, and that she would never wear them together. What is your say on this. I really didn’t know what to tell her… I’ve never heard of that! 🙂