What To Pack For A Beach Vacation

Happy Thursday, ladies! One thing I hear more and more is vacation spots are open, and people are traveling. We are headed to Mexico in fifteen days, so I’ve started putting things aside to take on my trip.

Today I’m sharing what to pack for a beach vacation, I have all the items below, and they are going in my suitcase. I will take more than one swimsuit, maxi dress, and short dress.

Typically I wear swimsuits during the day and a dress to go out to dinner in the evening. I pretty much live in my hat and sunglasses.

What To Pack For A Beach Vacation

Beach Cover-Up//Sunglasses//Straw Hat//Sunscreen//Statement Earrings//Swimsuit//Beach Bag//Tank Top//Floral Skort//Black Maxi Dress//Denim Shorts//Flip Flops//Sandals

Last year we went on a cruise, and I wore this hat and earrings. My sunglasses are from Warby Parker.

One Piece Swimsuit//Straw Hat

Aruba is so beautiful, and we hope to go back there someday soon.

Straw Hat//Sunglasses//Earrings//Coverup (similar option here)//Rattan Crossbody Bag

Is there anything that is a must-have for you on a beach vacation?

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Beauty For the Heart~~I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid. John 14:25-27

In a world that is so full of chaos, we can have peace that only Jesus gives.

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!


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  1. Cindy- I am really enjoying the BFTH bible study. Thank you for offering it and thank you for your help when I had a technical issue.
    Have a wonderful trip, things do seem to be opening up- we are looking forward to our vacation in August.

  2. Oh how fun. So neat you get such a great vacation. Mentally I’m not ready to fly. Enjoy time away with friends. Love the items you are taking. Great list.

    1. Both from a comment you made and missing from your picture, I highly recommend and suggest a luggage scale. Wouldnt travel without one anymore. Saves overweight fees and that frustration of moving things around in the airport.
      Enjoy your vacation….here in Ontario we can’t even camp yet…our restrictions are ridiculous.

  3. Hi Cyndi! Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. It is such a relief to me that things are opening up again. My husband and I are going to Aruba in October and I’m so excited! I would love to know what makeup items and skin care you are taking on your trip. I always overpack and would like to downsize. My makeup and toiletries take up most of the space in my suitcase!

  4. Thank you for the BFTH bible study, I am really enjoying it. I also appreciate the help when I had a technical problem.
    I am so happy that you are going to enjoy a vacation soon, we are looking forward to ours coming up in August.

  5. Hi Cyndi, great list of things to bring. The one thing I would stay away from is the sunscreen. I’m am getting up there in age and am trying to go more natural and organic with my products. Unfortunately this sunscreen has two ingredients you should not be using. We plan to go to Aruba next year as we didn’t make it this year for our anniversary.
    Have a blast on your vacation!!

    1. I agree about the sunscreen too. My daughter and I use Beauty Counter sunscreen and also banana boat came out with one with 25% fewer ingredients..

    2. Hi Gloria B, Do you mind sharing more natural and organic face and body sunscreens you have found and like? Cyndi, lots of good choices for your beach vacation! Thank you

  6. Did you buy your normal size for the black swimsuit? I usually wear size 6 in clothes, but always buy an 8 in swimsuits. I’m thinking of ordering it and not sure I should trust the size chart. Thanks!

  7. Oh I love what you’re taking so far on your trip!! Glad you went with the off the shoulder romper it was my first choice too… our border restrictions even within Canada will keep us close to home again this year but we do have a cottage( beach vacation) booked so hopefully we can go… other than that back yard pool and many trips to the beaches we don’t live far from.. I’m like the other reader I’m not quite ready to fly yet either… soon though!!! Hope you have a wonderful time I’m looking forward to traveling with our friends again soon🙌🏻 Question do you ever take your own pool/ beach towel? And any plans for a good book to read?

  8. We live near Destin FL and thankfully our state was set free from lock downs long ago. I love being by the pool and our beautiful Gulf and other than sun screen I make sure I have a really good sport sunscreen for my face. Have a great time there is no place like a beach vacation…..I am on one everyday!😎

    1. Marti….same here girl! Sunscreen, hat, towel bathing suit. Living here you realize ya don’t need to pack the kitchen sink for a beach vacation!

  9. Have a wonderful time! We have already booked a cruise for May 2022 and are in the process of booking a 6 day getaway to Cabo for this August. Ready for this!

  10. I see some talking about sunscreen. So hard as I too have switched out all my beauty and cleaning supplies over the years to natural, plant based organic ones. But, I can’t go without sunscreen or I burn and get more age spots. I found the Tizo brand. I use the non tinted (comes tinted too)spf 45 plant based mineral sunscreen for body and face with titanium and zinc oxides. Also has antioxidants C and E. I don’t think there is a safe one to use so this is best I can do. It’s a 4 Oz bottle only and expensive. 🙁 I buy it off Amazon. Mineral ones can go on white, but this one rubs in well. Not too greasy but wish it was alittle less. Hope this helps anyone who is looking for a sunscreen.

  11. Agree a luggage scale is key to traveling with less hassle. Great list of items to take. We are traveling more now. So good to get back out enjoying life.

  12. Love the J Crew swim coverup and just ordered in it black to go over camo swimsuit! I ordered a different hat too from previous link in another post from you and such a fun hat!!! Also thinking of ordering flip flops….so cute! Thanks so much!