What To Wear Black Friday Shopping!

Welcome to Day 2 of our 12 Days of Holiday Outfits. Today is What To Wear Black Friday Shopping! I’m partnering with Kristin from BonBon Rose Girls and Jo-Lynne from Jo-Lynne Shane to bring you 12 days of posts about what to wear for EVERY event this holiday season.

If you’re crazy enough to fight the crowd then by all means make sure your outfit is comfortable!

What To Wear Black Friday Shopping!

Here are my tips for Black Friday shopping. Don’t wear a lot of jewelry. When you’re running to catch those deals, you don’t want a bracelet to snag on something and slow you down. No necklaces either, it could fly up and hit you in the mouth. Not good! 🙂

What To Wear Black Friday Shopping!

Eat a high protein breakfast and of course make sure you have plenty of coffee to keep your energy up. Stay away from sugar, you don’t want a sudden drop in energy. This is serious business!!

What To Wear Black Friday Shopping!

Use your shopping bags to hit anyone that gets in your way. Just make sure no one sees you hitting, you could end up in jail. No fun calling the family and telling them they need to pick you up and pay bail. Bail money would cut into your christmas money. Ha!

What To Wear Black Friday Shopping!

No time to do your hair, throw on a festive red hat!! Wear comfortable shoes. I ran around the house a couple of times to test my boots out. I think I’m good.

What To Wear Black Friday Shopping!

Cable knit sweater-Marshall’s//Chambray shirt-Old Navy//Skinny jeans-Banana Republic//Brown boots-Rack Room Shoes//Red hat-Macy’s

Okay, I’m having way too much fun with this post. Some of my sweetest christmas memories with my Mom were the two of us getting up early and going Black Friday shopping.

We never bought that much but we loved the beginning of the christmas season. Everyone would be wishing each other “Merry Christmas.”  I miss those days!

What about you, are you going Black Friday shopping? Do you make it a fun family adventure?

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Make sure to visit Jo-Lynne and Kristin to see what they’re wearing for Black Friday Shopping!

Beauty For the Heart~~Who can add to Christmas? The perfect motive is that God so loved the world. The perfect gift is that He gave His only Son. The only requirement is to believe in Him. The reward of faith is that you shall have everlasting life. ~Corrie Ten Boom

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  1. My daughters are 28 and 33, and we started a tradition a dozen or so years ago. It was always me who took them shopping all through the years and later went with them when they were older. So…they asked their daddy to take them and make it a “Daddy Day” on Black Friday. (I heard them the first year conspiring: “He will take us to nicer – ie., more expensive – stores, and he won’t mind driving in Louisville or Lexington!”) He really enjoys it although he pretends every year to dread it and says things like, “Oh, do we have to do that again??” Ha! I, in the meantime, will be in my housecoat in my recliner searching for online deals that day! 🙂

  2. Thank you for not adding footed zebra PJ’s!!! I’m telling you, we see EVERYTHING on Black Firday in South MS!!! I love your hat btw!!!

  3. When my kids became teens they joined in and loved it! DD and two sons are counting the days.. oldest son thinks it’s crazy and too much for his introverted nature… DD is an introvert too , but her girl power takes over and she is the leader pushing her way through for her brother’s to follow.. I taught her well…It makes for wonderful memories as we laugh the entire espereince! Although I do love a good online sale in the comfort of my desk chair with a cup of hot tea…

  4. Great looks and awesome tips, lol! A dear friend of mine and would go every yr when our kids were small. She would pick me up at 3:30am with the Xmas music on. I was in charge of coffee and we each had the stacks of sale flyers to scout out the best deals! Those are some of my fondest memories of the holidays!

  5. Thanks for the laughs…it’s good laugh every day! I’m off to shop with my daughter today to catch a few deals…the early bird gets the worm, why wait ’til Black Friday! I say comfort is key when shopping. Only suggestion is a cross-body purse. it keeps your hands free and you won’t loose it with it wrapped around your body. But best of all, I loved the reminder from Corrie Ten Boom – that we can’t really add anything more to Christmas then Christ Himself! This will be my main focus during this soon-to-be busy time of year.

  6. Love the outfit and yes it does look comfortable! Great sweater.
    By the way, I still say Merry Christmas and will continue to do so.

  7. When our kids were little, my mom would come over to stay with them so my husband and I could go. Now my parents are gone and all of our kids come home for Thanksgiving if they can. On Black Friday, I stay home with my granddaughters (the best deal of the day IMO) and my husband and kids go shopping. They have so much fun and look forward to it every year!

  8. You are too cute Cyndi!! SO funny… 🙂 love the outfit, looks very comfortable. I would not carry a handbag either . Usually just cash and a debit card in my pocket so I don’t have any extra baggage!! Have a blessed day 🙂

  9. Too funny! I love you outfit. I am never brave enough for Black Friday.
    But always love going shopping during the holidays…just not the day after Thanksgiving.

  10. My funny memory from Black Friday was a few years ago when my daughter was home from college for the holiday and, to my surprise, she was game to go shopping with me. Great! It will be fun! Wait, not so much! We were in our first store about to check out when I looked over and saw my pale sweating girl about to pass out! Needless to say, I took her home and put her back to bed. haha! Light weight! I finished the shopping alone!

  11. Loved this, Cyndi–thanks for the smiles this morning! But, it was your comment about your mom and missing those times with her that so struck me. So I prayed for you and wanted to send you hugs across the miles…I can’t imagine how much you must miss her during this special season.

  12. Great tips for Black Friday shopping! Very funny too. My daughter and I have the most fun and a lot of laughs that we joke about all year long during Black Friday . It’s not about the deals for me, it’s the fun and quality time I spend with her… Have a great weekend!

  13. Hahaha!!!! Love this… we have huge rule….. there is no deal good enough to fight over, if you break that rule, we don’t know you and you go to jail by yourself and figure out the bail on your own!!!! But in all seriousness, we never buy much either, we just enjoy getting coffee and soaking up the Christmas atmosphere..what nice memories you have of you and your mom, thank you for sharing them.

  14. You look adorable! I have been looking for a sweater exactly like the one you are wearing in this post! Would you be willing to share the brand name?

  15. OMGosh Cyndi, you are too funny today! I needed a laugh. I don’t like crowds as I’m claustrophobic so I avoid Black Friday unless it’s online. But I absolutely love Christmas season! Have fun!

  16. Loved your post…still smiling! Love your outfit too! I’m going to look for a similar sweater…I’m sure my husband regrets me finding your blog! Lol!
    Blessings to you! 🙂

  17. This cracked me up..you look adorable but I think I’ll just stay in my pj’s on Black Friday! Unless you are going for the festivity of shopping with family/friends, no deal is worth it to me!

  18. Love the out fit!! Want that sweater! Don’t have a Marshall’s here in Green Bay, Wi. Does anyone know where to get a similar one???

  19. Hey Shoppin’ Girl! Don’t you look comfy and cute for a tough day of shopping? I like the way you’ve layered with a sweater over a shirt. I always hate to be dragging my coat around when I’m trying to shop. Love your cute red cap So you’re one of those “killing snakes” Christmas shoppers who will resort to whacking other shoppers should they get in your way? You are so funny! My girlfriend, Nancy, used to drag me out of the house to go black Friday shopping with her every year. Two years ago, I finally got up the nerve to tell her it really wasn’t that fun for me. Now, she has a mutual friend of ours who gets dragged out with her every year. I think that friend was not too pleased when I left her as the “target”! Oh well, Happy Shopping!

  20. Did you really tell people to hit other people with their shopping bags?! Are we not seeing enough inconsiderate behavior in our world without bloggers claiming to be experts actually giving people more ideas? Shame on you!

    1. I don’t think she was serious about hitting people with shopping bags, it came across to me as a joke she was making. Cyndi seems like too nice of lady to tell someone to really hit them with your shopping bag if they get in your way.

    2. Really Melissa, did you not see the humor in the post? I was having fun with some of the craziness of Black Friday.
      Some times it’s nice to laugh. So sorry if you were offended.

  21. how long ago did you buy that sweater at Marshalls? I was going to check ours out but not if it wasn’t recent.

  22. Cyndi
    I love your outfit, my kind of style. That sweater is lovely it looks good on you. I have one similar, but not as nice as yours!

  23. It is perfect and I think I’m going to steal I mean borrow my daughter’s cute hat! What fun idea!

    Have fun!

    P.S. I shop on BF simply because I love the sport of it. I rarely buy much, it is about being with my girlfriends and having fun! Some good deals sure — but community is the best!

  24. I haven’t done the black Friday shopping in a few years, but I used to go with my friend and my older daughter every year. We would get up super early and make a day of it. I usually got some of my Christmas shopping done. The last time I went my husband and I went to a few places, and then we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We then went home and back to bed! I don’t have to buy much to go and enjoy it. I think it’s just the fun of being with your friends and family.