What To Wear To An At Home Holiday Party

Welcome to Day 4 of our 12 Days of Holiday Outfits. Today is What To Wear To An At Home Holiday Party! I’m partnering with Kristin from BonBon Rose Girls and Jo-Lynne from Jo-Lynne Shane to bring you 12 days of posts about what to wear for EVERY event this holiday season.

12 Days Of Holiday Outfits and More!

Okay, if I weren’t my own boss, my boss might fire me. Why? Because I’m sharing such a traditional look! I meant isn’t it a no brainer to wear red at Christmas??

I’m definitely not stepping out of the box. But I’m a traditional girl at heart. I still love to decorate with red and green at Christmas. I love fresh greenery with berries and some magnolia leaves. Let’s just say I have a southern flair!

If the temperature were not 12 degrees outside, I might have skipped the black long sleeved top with this sweater. But hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

What To Wear To An At Home Holiday Party
Am I freezing!! Umm, Yes! That’s why I have my coffee sitting close by. I’ve been drinking out of this cute coffee cup I purchased at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. So festive!

What To Wear To An At Home Holiday Party
It’s not just cold, it’s windy!!! Here’s an action shot of how most of my pictures look. This picture makes me want to start singing, “I’ll fly away oh glory, I’ll fly away in the morning, When I die hallelujah by and by, I’ll fly away” Please tell me someone knows that song??

What To Wear To An At Home Holiday Party

The one thing I would tell you is to wear a pair of shoes that you wouldn’t normally wear. A few years ago, I would have worn a pair of black boots. But I love my short boots and my scarf has some tan in it so I opted for a brown bootie.

What To Wear To An At Home Holiday Party

Plaid scarf-JC Penney//Red Sweater-JC Penney (not online)//Skinny jeans-Banana Republic//Brown booties-(similar here)

So what do you think? Are you traditional at Christmas? What’s your favorite color to wear?

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Beauty For the Heart~~Suffering is inevitable but misery is optional.

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him. Psalm 28:7

Next up we’re going to share What to Wear to Your Holiday Family Photos. I’m so excited about this one!! I’ve got some cute pictures to share with you.

Make sure to visit Jo-Lynne and Kristin to see what they’re wearing for What To Wear To A Work Holiday Party!

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  1. Cyndi, I love the look, and i also love a traditional Christmas look. It just makes me happy, as does drinking out of festive Christmas coffee cups. I’m a coffee fanatic and actually rotate my cups by the season…again makes me happy. As for “I’ll fly away”…of course I know that. Just sang an upbeat, southern style version of it last Sunday on the Praise Team at church. Thanks for today’s post!

  2. I love the boots, Cyndi! I just bought some similar last weekend, can’t wait to wear them! (Way too much snow here in Michigan at the moment) :). And “I’ll fly away” is a precious song to our family, as we sang it at my dad’s funeral. A Song of hope, for sure! Have a blessed day. 🙂

  3. Cyndi,
    My dear daddy passed away just a month ago, and we sang this song as a congregation at the end of the service. It was one of his favorites and was a fitting song to celebrate his heavenly homecoming. So needless to say, it holds special meaning to me even more so, now!

    1. Oh Jennifer I’m so so sorry! The “firsts” are hard so I’ll be praying for you.
      So glad to know he’ll be spending the holidays in heaven!!

  4. Traditional, for sure….loving this series! And I like that your practical, when it’s cold, we have to adjust…and dress appropriately. None of this skimpy holiday garb that some of the sites are saying is “holiday wear”! Thanks bunches!

  5. Happy to see you in the short booties. I’m getting kind of tired of the skinny jeans and riding boots look, especially for over-40 ladies. Thanks for the series!

    1. I love the short booties also. I have short legs and a long torso so tall boots aren’t my friend. Love the red sweater, scarf and even the black shirt underneath. I rarely wear red, however I always sport at least a little at Christmas. Thank you for these 12 days of Christmas; I believe it is my very favorite of your “series” so far!

  6. I still struggle with wearing booties and the whole sock issue and all – I’m 5’7″ with a size 9.5 shoe which makes me look like I have skis on with the skinny jean or legging look with booties which although I’m 47 I opt towards the riding boot look personally but do you have socks on with your booties?

  7. Loving your red sweater Cyndi. I like red and green for Xmas, even if purple and silver look good in the store. It’s still 80 degrees her in the Caribbean, so I’m really jealous of your Fall weather.

  8. All these posts have been great and have given me some great ideas for this Holiday Season. Traditional is great, and I agree the booties make a great addition. I feel like I need to go get a festive mug now, but I will be using it for hot cocoa!

  9. Red has always been a favorite and especially at Christmas! I love the scarf, I have the tan version but the ivory is perfect! Is yours an infinity or regular scarf? I noticed JCP had both.

  10. I love this outfit and the song. One of the things that I love about this song is that all ages love it. I have a daughter that is 25 and she isn’t that much into the Southern Gospel/Bluegrass type much but I’ll Fly Away comes on and that girl will sing along every time. 🙂 You just can’t help it. A good one thru the ages!

  11. As usual, you look absolutely adorable. . .traditional but completely on trend!

    I still haven’t found any short boots that will work for my finicky feet, but I’ll keep looking.

    And I know every word to every verse of “I’ll Fly Away.” Let’s sing it together sometime! 🙂

  12. Love the song and you look so pretty in red! Never knew it was windy in KY! My hair is like that everyday in OK. 🙂

  13. Love all these pix, love the funny “fly away” pic too. I can tell by your blog you are a great person to be around! I didn’t used to like wearing red till I got older. But I do love wearing red and black around Christmas! I guess my fav color for the Holidays is always BLACK with a color, and with gold or silver etc…. You are lovely in your red sweater!

  14. Thank you for sharing this outfit. I love everything about it. I am going to J.C. Penney to try to find that red sweater! And because of you I am going to buy short boots. I have one dressy pair with higher heels that I love but they really hurt my feet after a while wearing them. And “I”ll Fly Away” is one of my favorite songs!

  15. I love your outfit, especially the scarf and tan booties. And yes, I know the song “I’ll Fly Away”, grew up singing it in the 50s!!!!

  16. Love “Ill fly away” … you look great. I like tradition but also love something new every once in awhile. love the series! God bless you Cyndi!

  17. Great look! Is the scarf infinity or regular? How did you get it to lay so nicely? Mine always look bunched up. What fabric is it made of?

  18. Love the outfit, especially the cozy red sweater! Of course I know that song 🙂 My favorite version of “I’ll Fly Away” is on the soundtrack for “O Brother Where Art Thou.” Have you heard it? It’s an odd little movie with some interesting music.

  19. You look darling, as always! I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to wear the booties. Do you have socks on with yours? I think I would almost have to or my ankles/feet would freeze!

  20. Thanks to inspiration from you and a few other bloggers, I tried ankle boots for the first time this winter. Like a previous commenter, I worry that my size 9 feet look huge in them, especially in contrast to my skinny ankles, so I’m only wearing them with jeans and pants for now, but the mid-height heel is such a blessing to my tired 55 year old feet, and they are proving to be very warm. I am wearing them with tights and an extra layer of very thin wool socks, but they are also comfortable with just the tights. Also just wanted to say that “I’ll Fly Away” will be sung at my funeral, as it’s been one of my favorite hymns since my teens. I sing it out loud any time I am facing things I’d rather not deal with, and like Richella, I know every word to all the verses! Loving this series – keep the great ideas coming!

  21. Thank God you are a PRACTICAL, Traditional Girl with Southern Flair!
    You are perfect to be doing this blog. You are reaching a group of women that need some influence with today’s crazy fashion trends.
    It is hard for us 40+ women who want to look good, but not silly.
    The fashion industry ALWAYS markets to the Young, Tall & Thin.
    Your blog shows how to implement some trendiness and still look up to date. Please stay practical.
    And for the other ladies out there reading this. About the Ankle Boots….
    If they make you feel uncomfortable, whether it is style or fit. Don’t wear them. There are so many foot ware styles out there to choose from, look for comfort and fit.
    Cyndi, Stay Practical and keep sharing the good news of our Savior.

  22. I do know that song! I sing in our church choir & we’re putting on a southern gospel concert tomorrow night. Anyway, that part of the song is in one of the songs we’re singing. Gonna be a good time! 🙂

  23. I’ll Fly Away was a staple in my country Southern Baptist church. I grew up with the song and we always sang every verse!

  24. Love the outfit! I have the same exact scarf! Would love to know how you got it to look like an infinity scarf; such a good idea!

  25. I love your style. I have 2 questions for you. I’m 60 years old. Do you think that’s too old to dress in the styles you picture. Also, I’m disabled so I can’t work and my husband is retired. Of course we live on a fixed income. As I said I love your style but are there cheaper places to shop and look just as good?

      1. I am 54 and started putting together alot of these outfits. I think
        Cyndi has style and grace in her outfits and dont think that goes out of style for any age…..Happy Wearing!!!!!

  26. I love the color block look that long sleeve black shirt gives this. And I find myself wearing red for the holidays too. AND, I love the song I’ll Fly Away! Something to look forward to, isn’t it?