Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring?

Yesterday, our grandson and three of my sister’s children were at my house all day. They swam in the pool, they played down by our creek and they ran all over the backyard for hours.

Did you have summers like that?

I sure did! I watched them play and thought about all the carefree summer days I had when I was growing up. We would stay outside from morning until night. Mom would finally make us come inside and we would always beg to stay out just a little bit longer.

Scripture says in James 4:14, But you don’t have a clue what tomorrow may bring. For your fleeting life is but a warm breath of air that is visible in the cold only for a moment and then vanishes!

Life is short. I was reminded of this again this week as a friend of mine lost her husband suddenly to a heart attack. He was in his fifties; they had two married children and five sweet young grandchildren, the newest was born in April of this year.

My heart is breaking for their family but their faith is unwavering, and they are clinging to Christ, and I know they will continue to in the day ahead.

We have no idea what tomorrow will bring but my prayer is you know that no matter what lies ahead, God is with you. He is faithful. I have learned that more in the last year and a half than all my years combined.

I love the quote, “You’ve got a broken heart, not a broken life. You’ve got a broken dream, not a broken future.”

Amen! My friend who just lost her husband this past week shared this quote. She knows God is with her!

I recently heard this song and it reminded me of carefree summers but how eventually if we live long enough life gets hard. Hurts and sorrow come BUT GOD…….


Remember the joy that would come without warning
Opened your eyes, woke you up on a Saturday morning
I remember
Running outside to a world with no fear
Wide open spaces and summers that lasted for years
I remember it clear

These days all I feel
Is a longing all too real

You take my eyes off of the future
You lead my heart out of the past
You are the promise here in the moment
Where I find my rest
You are as good as it gets

There have been days that I wished would be over
No margin to give, just the strength to roll over
I remember
Thinking that all my best days were behind me
Tomorrow would come rushing in like some kinda prince charming
I remember it clear

But these days what I feel
In the struggle You are real

You take my eyes off of the future
You lead my heart out of the past
You are the promise here in the moment
Where I find my rest
You are as good as it gets

You make it easy
You make it easy

You take my eyes off of the future
You lead my heart out of the past
You are the promise here in the moment
Where I find my rest
This is as good as it gets

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Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Im so sorry to hear about your friend. Thank you for reminding me that God is with me. Life is tough sometimes. God makes those tough times a little easier to bare

  2. Cyndi, I am praying for your friend’s family. God is a God of comfort and love. I know that He is sheltering all of us. My mother said during her time of sickness, He doesn’t make mistakes. He is an ontime God. I know He is.

  3. Yes I remember those wonderful summer days when I was a kid. Times spent with siblings and cousins and chasing fireflies!!!
    Wonderful memories!! Thank you for your post this beautiful Sunday!!! Praising Him!! ❤️

  4. What a beautiful quote. A truth we sometimes forget when in the midst of pain. Thank you for the reminder!

  5. Hi Cyndi! I love reading your posts and fashion tips, but most of all your inspiring words from God. I’m going through a sad divorce right now, so that quote really resonated with me – although my heart is broken, I know my life is not. This too shall pass… Thank you again for “just being there.” Prayers and blessings for you and your family & friends.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement!!! through loss we still have a hope in jesus.my husband has been admitted to ICU.he received bad news in Feb.that he has liver disease and cancerous tumors in the liver.what a journey..you always think you have more time to do the retirement /fun thing!!!

  7. So sorry about your friends loss and it just goes to show the present is a gift. The other day I was following you on Instagram and you were on the way to Nordstrom and stopped at the cutest CVS and mentioned a podcast you were listening to and a book called Unexpected. Well the next day I was shopping at Hobby Lobby and while in line to pay, there was the book so a grabbed it, not really knowing anything about the aurthor or really what it was about, but what are the odds of it sitting right in front of me the next day after you mentioned it. I just knew it was some kind of sign and just started reading it and boy did it come at the right time in my life. We just never know what’s going to happen in our lives but our faith must be strong enough to see us through no matter what. Thank you so much for sharing this and I thought I was just going to hear more about the Nordstrom Sale and I got this great book instead!

  8. Beautiful quotes and scripture. Thank you for sharing!
    So sorry for your friends loss. Life is going by so fast and only a whisper it seems sometimes. Enjoy remembering those days you never want to end.
    Can you share the name of the book mentioned in Gloria’s comment?

  9. Thank You Cyndi,
    I so appreciate this today, your words, the quote and the words in the song. God sent this for me today! My heart is broken as all my children have families and now they have all moved far away. I will miss my grandchildren terribly. I don’t know what my future will be or what God has for us, but this a good reminder for me to be happy in the moment and He is in control.
    I love your posts on fashion and all the tips,and beauty for the heart but on sundays especially, what you do is a real ministry!! Thank you!
    Blessings, Rita

    1. Rita thank you so much, my heart is ministry and my desire is to make sure women know they are not alone on this journey.

  10. Yes I had wondered what happened to you on Friday, but there are definitely times in our lives when they take first place over fashion and this is certainly one of them. Our message this morning in church was about prayer and that we can pray for people we don’t even know and this is one of those times. I will certainly remember your dear friend and her family in prayer and for the comfort and healing that only God can give them at a time like this. Your blog for today was beautiful and a sweet reminder. I too remember those days as a kid not wanting to come inside how carefree and fun those days were…. Like you said if we could only bottle that up…


  11. Cyndi,
    Thank you for the absolutely beautiful reflection today! It really spoke to me and I forwarded the song and words to a friend who is in need of encouragement. Our Lord speaks to us through people, words, and song. You are an amazing women who talks fashion and beauty and has a love for the Lord. Have a wonderful Sunday and thank you again for being you!!!💕💕

  12. Cyndi…I have not been a member of your fabulous blog for very long, but I wanted to tell you that today God used you to answered a need for me. I woke up this morning thinking of those with broken hearts and who are discouraged. When I got home from church and opened my computer, your message was there for me to share – it was a miracle! I shared your blog today on my FB page. Thank you for sharing your heart for ministry. And I love seeing you in all those adorable outfits, too!!! I know God will continue to use your willing heart.
    Heartfelt thanks and blessings,

  13. Thank you!! I really needed this today. I received some very upsetting news on Friday. I know Gos is faithful. 💕🙏🏻 Praying for your dear friend and all who are hurting.

  14. What a great post Cyndi! I am so sorry about your friends husbands death. You are so right, we don’t know what lies ahead for us. The quote is fabulous. We are not promised tomorrow, but as believers, we are promised that He will always be with us. God bless!

  15. So sorry for your friends lose. So hard. I’m sure you will be there for her and her family. Thanks for BFTH. I needed it today. Rough day. 🙁

  16. Thank you Cyndi for these words of encouragement today. I lost my husband of 28 years 3 months ago to cancer. It’s a journey you never think you will take. It took us by surprise and came hard and fast. My dreams and plans have been drastically changed. We truly don’t know what tomorrow will bring. God has blessed me with tons of support of friends and family. Love on your husband and take time with him while you have him because we never know when it will be the last moment you have with them.

  17. What perfect timing. My best friend and college roommate lost her husband last night. Going from great health to ICU, then on to meet his Heavenly Father in only two short weeks. We never know what tomorrow holds, but we know WHO holds tomorrow. Thank you for your inspiring ministry though this blog.

  18. I’m so glad you are ok, but so sad for your friend who lost her husband. I know your support and faith were so comforting to her. Thanks for the great message today and the song. You always deliver the most meaning ful messages that speak to me. Thanks for the time you spend to share with us.

  19. Thank you Cyndi, I needed this reminder today. I lost my Mom in August of last year and have been struggling with her death especially as the first anniversary approaches. We are also getting ready to send my oldest son off to college so lot’s of turmoil lately for me. I’m so sorry for your loss, prayers for you and her family!