Why I Use Essential Rewards With Young Living

Essential Rewards with Young Living are pretty much the best thing ever! Essential Rewards (ER) is YL’s auto-ship program or as I like to call it, a monthly wellness box.

Why I Use Essential Rewards With Young Living

Let me explain! If you love your oils and you want to order new products regularly or even the ones you may be running out of at this point, then I STRONGLY recommend looking into ER.

Young Living not only has essential oils but they have cleaning products, nutritional supplements, skin care, makeup, and more!

ER is different than just placing a quick order every month. You sign up for the program and commit to placing orders of at least 50PV each month (Most items points values are 1 PV= $1). BUT before you get scared off again, here are some cool things about ER.

• You can cancel at ANYTIME! You’re not locked into a certain amount of months once you begin ER.
• You can change the date your box ships AND items in it each month (Unless you want to order the same oils monthly then that’s okay too).
• You get cheaper shipping.
•YOU EARN BACK FREE PRODUCT CREDITS!! What!?! Like I said, if you’re planning on ordering more oils, this is a no-brainer! Free oils?! Yes, please!

Each month you log in to your Virtual Office, and go to the Essential Rewards menu, change out the oils you want to order, choose your date, payment method, and shipping method, and hit confirm. Wait a few days, and then those oils show up at your door.

– Months 1-3 on ER earns you 10% back of the PV that you spend on your order.
– Months 4-24 you earn back 20%
– Months 25 and beyond earn back 25%!!!

As if that’s not awesome enough, you also get surprise gifts after 3, 6, and nine months on ER and then after 12 months you get a Loyalty Oil Blend only available to members who have been on ER for a year.

I seriously love free stuff and boy have I gotten a lot of it through this program! You only have to spend 50pv a month to keep your ER account active. A total no-brainer if you love the product and order regularly anyway!

Just go to the Essential Rewards tab on the left side of your virtual office to get your ER set-up! I can’t wait to see what goodies you get this month!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hello – This is Catherine from Buffalo – I enjoyed your video that you and your sister had regarding essential oils and hormones. The slides with the benefits were beneficial and the questions that were being asked were helpful. I really enjoyed being the winner of your drawing. Looking forward to receiving! Thank you again!

      1. Hi Cyndi = yes I did – I sent my info to your sister to the email she provided. Let me know if you need me to resend – Thank you!!!!

  2. Hi Cyndi!! Looking forward to tonight class. I had to miss the one on supplements for Menopause. Is there any way to go back and watch that one??

    Thanks! blessings!!!bb

  3. I signed up for the last class and didn’t get an email on how to connect to it. Just signed up for tonight’s class, and am looking forward to it. How do I connect?

    1. I have done the same thing. I wondered if it was just me. I wish we could go somewhere to watch all of her oil videos.

  4. Hi Cyndi!
    I am interested in signing up with Youngliving EO, but I can’t I must have deleted the post with your info for signing up. I hope this makes sense. Have a Blessed Day!

  5. Hi Cindy,
    Can you please explain how we connect to your classes that you do? I sign up for them, but don’t know how to connect.
    Thanks so much. Sure appreciate all the info you share.

  6. I signed up for the class also. How do I join? Really interested in watching the ones I’ve missed.


  7. Hi Cyndy!! I signed up the the classes too. I haven’t received the replays. I am thinking about becoming an associate for Young Living but would love to hear more from you and your sister.