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Winter Fashion For Women Over 40

Good morning ladies!! The last few days have been crazy around here. We’ve had single digit temperatures and now we are under a Winter Storm Warning. We are supposed to get over a foot of snow.

This is what it looks like right now, it’s hard to tell but it is snowing in these pictures and as I’m typing this the snow is coming down even harder. It’s days like this that I’m glad I work from home!

Winter Fashion For Women Over 40
Yesterday, I decided to pull my white jeans out again and wear my poncho. I have a turtleneck on underneath the poncho since it’s only ten degrees outside!

Winter Fashion For Women Over 40

Poncho-Marshall’s//Black turtleneck-snug brand//White jeans-The Limited//Black boots-Rack Room Shoes

I’m trying to let my hair grow out and I’m afraid it’s going to get ugly before it gets better. I’ll probably be wearing my hair up in a lot of pictures while it’s in that in between stage. You could also see it chopped off quickly if I can’t deal with it.

Winter Fashion For Women Over 40
I would love to wear it in a low messy bun eventually.

Winter Fashion For Women Over 40
The above pictures were what I had planned to wear but at the last minute I succumbed to extremely cold temperatures and put on my Uggs. They are so warm!! But they are also not as cute. Let’s just be honest. Practical maybe, but not cute.

Winter Fashion For Women Over 40
I’m excited about March because it’s going to be all about spring fashion! I’m sooo ready!

28 days of spring fashion
I purchased these cute leopard print flats from Target. They’re Sam & Libby brand and they run true to size. I wanted a pair of pointy toe ones for spring and these were a good deal and they look like an expensive pair. I can’t wait to wear them!

Spring Fashion
That’s it for today! I’m going to be working and sipping on hot chocolate most of the day! 🙂

What’s the weather like where you live?

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Beauty For the Heart~~I’m excited about a small group study that my husband and I are attending on Sunday nights. We’re doing Francis and Lisa Chan’s book, You and Me Forever.

I’ll be sharing about it over the next few weeks. For today, here’s a quote from the book.

“Marriage is one of the most humbling, sanctifying journeys you will ever be a part of. It forces us to wrestle with our selfishness and pride. But it also gives us a platform to display love and commitment.”

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Adorable outfit! I love the black boots with the outfit – but I usually go for ‘practical’ myself! Have a great day 🙂

  2. Hi Cyndi! You look so cute in your poncho and white jeans! I love your knee boots and love love the little leopard shoes… I think I’m going to run out to Target and see if I can find them too! I have a question for you… As you are working from home now… Do you usually dress like this every day? I stay home full time as well… I always try to look cute for my husband and family and myself even if I don’t leave the house at all. Since moving to MN from TX we don’t wear our shoes in the house so as not to track snow muck all over the floors. But I feel frumpy in slippers even if the rest of my outfit is cute… What do you do? Should I just give in to the frump and be comfy ha ha? Blessings Krista

    1. Wear your cute flats, softer boots, clean sneakers, etc. Antibacterial wipes are very useful to clean the soles and keep them presentable for in-house wear. I confess to an attachment to Birkenstock slides for expedient donning and doffing but shoes I would wear to work are not the shoes I wear outside in our Maine winters!

    2. Another idea would be to keep a pair of shoes just for indoor wear. It’s not that much trouble to change shoes if you need to go out. Depending on the reason for going outside, I sometimes just slip on some Birks or some flip-flops. Easy peasy.

  3. The Uggs and the black over-the-knee boots offer two great options for the white jeans. If you love the contrast black and white will always serve but the marled grey next to the white is in interesting contrast in texture-I like the softer look personally, but that’s what would suit ME better. You can clearly sport either look to different effect.

  4. Hi Cyndi…your day looks like a typical winter day here in AB, Canada. Today we do have sunshine, but spring won’t be here until April, March is usually a bad month. I am so glad I stumbled across your website. It has encouraged me spriritually, and emotionally, and I’m wearing some real cute outfits to work. I am just over 50 and love all your advice. Thanks. Stay warm and cozy today. 🙂

  5. I was writing down your Beauty From the Heart quote and Bible Study reference in my journal, and my husband walks by and sees the cute Sam and Libby shoes on my iPad. “Already looking at shoes?” Couldn’t convince him otherwise, so I will just have to go to Target and get them. LOL!

  6. Cyndi:

    I really like your look, and inspiration to grow your hair. I’m also feeling that urge.

    The marriage quote resonated with me. Since my husband died unexpectedly in January 2015, I’ve discovered that the love and faith we shared still remain. Just this morning, I realized that we were 2 imperfect people, perfectly suited for each other. For 27+ years, our individual imperfections challenged us to grow in ways that strengthened us and our bond. Now I live surrounded by that strength, even as I walk through the valley of grief.

    1. May God continue to strengthen and comfort you, Gina! What a wonderful way to look at your marriage. Blessings to you this day.

    2. Gina,
      I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my sweet hubby over 8 years ago after 31 years of marriage due to a brain tumor. The advice that helped me the most in those early months was from Elisabeth Elliot , “just do the next thing”. And to be honest, sometimes the next thing was brush my teeth or get out of bed. Besides the Bible, the book, ‘a Grace Disguised’ by Jerry Sittser , helped me and I now give it to those with a loss. I will add you to my prayer list…and pray Isaiah 41:10 for you. The Lord still encourages me with that verse.

  7. I’m a teacher and am enjoying this cold day off from school for Presidents’ Day . Staying inside sipping on hot tea and grading papers. May get some ice later on today here in NC. Love the cute Target shoes. My favorite flats are the dexcomfort flats from Payless. I can wear them all day with no problem!! Stay warm!

  8. Always like your styling. I live in Southern California and it’s in the mid 70’s today. Sure would like some rain here.

  9. Glad to see those white jeans as I just bought myself a pair! Now I want those leopard flats too, oh my, I am afraid Spring is going to be an expensive season for me!

  10. Our Almond trees are in blossom now and looks like spring here in California. Did we have a winter? No But we rest assured that God is in control… Love your blog and can’t wait to see what fashion ideas you have for spring.. No sweater for me today… 73 degrees….

  11. Winter storm warning here. Hoping for about 10″! It’ll be our first snow of the season! One good one and I’ll be ready for spring! 🙂

  12. Such a comfy outfit! Those UGGs are a lot cuter than some of their other styles, I think. 🙂 My husband thinks the sweater boots are weird, but they do look cozy. I also need to get myself some white jeans…

  13. Love the leopard flats! I too have been want some leopard shoes but prefer loafers so found a pair at J.Crew Outlet on sale plus 10% off … score!!

  14. Looking forward to the Bible study! Also following you as you grow your hair out since I am trying to do the same. First time in I do not know how many years without bangs…eek! So glad I have a really good stylist!

  15. since my parents are both in Heaven now, I will have to be satisfied with letting KY resident rather than Ohio ones know that we are to have hi 80 to low 90 temps again today. Actually, from here the snow scenes are quite beautiful and bring some very fond memories. we used to have fun with each others preferred temps. they liked to remind me of their lower temps while we were sweltering in triple digits. Have a great day and wish I could get more benefit from my pretty poncho. ha

  16. great leopard flats! We went to the Casino (Mohegan Sun) at 7:30 this morning for breakfast and a little shopping. It was minus-3 degrees. On the way home it was a balmy 11 degrees. If we get any more snow I just don’t know where we will put it! Come on SPRING!

  17. Cindi, God has definately anointed you to do this most uplifting website! I have gotten so many exciting ideas for my own wardrobe and of course been inspired by your posts from the word of God! Keep it up, seeing the outfits is such a bonus! Have a blessed week!

  18. I think your hair will look good in a low bun. My hair is not long enough to be able to vary my style much from day to day. I miss that. Messy buns are the best.

  19. Love your outfit with both boots! The snow from your window is beautiful! We’re having ice today in NE Tennessee, would perfer snow! Lol! But I’m staying in! Can’t wait for SPRING & your spring fashion ideas! Stay warm Cyndi 🙂

  20. I tried on those leopard flats but unfortunately they hit right on my bunion so OUCH. And I feel like pointy toes make my feet look huge.

    If anyone is looking for boots, Target had theirs on clearance where I was Saturday. Sizes 6.5, 7, and 7.5?could have made a haul.

  21. Cute outfit Cyndi. Cold here too. We have single digits and below freezing with the windchill! brrrrrr!
    I would LOVE to join your Bible study again. I loved the first one. Unfortunately, I am swamped with my own Bible study here. I’m in charge of the local CBS and that keeps me pretty busy. I’ll be thinking of you all and praying God clearly shows you what He wants each lady to understand. God bless you and Traci for leading it again. Awesome to be used by HIM!! 🙂

  22. Love the outfit!!! I live in Northern Ca and it is going to be 76 here today. Beautiful and sunny to go out with the kids. I just wish we would have had more of a winter.

  23. We are expecting the winter storm to hit us around 5:00 p.m or so today, here in Wake Forest, NC. My daughter was out of school today for the holiday and just may get another day or so this week! I hope the bad weather misses us, but I don’t think that will happen.

    Everyone stay safe and keep following Cyndi. 🙂

  24. Those Ugg boots look so cute and appropriate to the weather. You’re going to look great with longer hair…just keep it layered in the front. So are you no longer a dental assistant? Are you blogging full-time? How did I miss that?
    I always take off my out door shoes… I have pretty slippers in the winter… in the summer I love bare feet. Better for the feet and leg muscles, too.

  25. I love your poncho and over the knee boots! Being 5’3″, I think they would just swallow me up! You wear them well, though! You have great hair, and it looks long enough already to wear in a bun.

    I live 45 miles east of Atlanta, Ga. We’re having a little freezing rain tonight, but no snow. North Georgia may get a little. Your snow pictures are so pretty! My husband travels with his job and has been working in Louisville, KY. I believe they’re getting 8 inches. He came home for a long weekend, and now I’m worried about him traveling back on Tues. It’s going to be brutal cold all week there as well. I’m dreaming of Spring, and I’m sure you are too. Can’t wait for 28 days of spring fashion!!

  26. Love the shoes. I live in Northern California and spent the long weekend in San Francisco where the weather was fabulous – a sunny 70 and NO wind. I really can’t imagine living in cold country.

  27. Shelby, NC is in the middle of a winter “sleet” storm . Precipitation has been falling for the past 6 hours & not expected to stop until 5 a.m. Praying that the power stays on & mad at myself for not having my gas logs serviced in Jan. -like I was supposed to !! Love the flats, gotta have a pair!

  28. Hey Cindi, we,re going into our winter in Queensland , unfortunately there’s never snow. But we,re off to Wanaka, in the South Island of New Zealand, where ther is plenty of the white stuff, so have been following your ideas and purchasing clothes to take. Love spending money on clothes, but am enjoying trying to stick to a budget, and hunt out bargains. Keep up the good work. P.s. Trying to grow out my hair as well but keep cutting the fringe, it’s always in my eyes. Good luck. -:)

  29. Your Beauty for the Heart spoke to me today. I have the privilege of watching my mother care for my father as he struggles with physical weakness as well as dementia. The devotion she shows is the best example I could ever have in front of me, although it is so hard to watch. Thank you for these words.

  30. Hey Cyndi! Love your style and taste! I have a wedding to attend mid-March and we wondering if you have ant suggestions? Then wedding is not going to be too formal. Thanks!