Winter Weather Outfit with Sorel Boots

Hi ladies!  I hope you had a good weekend and stayed warm! We have had some brutally cold weather and I’ve been living in my Sorel boots. I love these boots!

Our weather has finally warmed out of the single digits so I could get some pictures. I’m ready for warmer weather but I have a feeling I’m going to be wearing these boots a lot this winter.

Winter Weather Outfit with Sorel Boots

I love big earrings and these disc earrings from BaubleBar are one of my favorites right now.

Winter Weather Outfit with Sorel BootsWinter Weather Outfit with Sorel BootsThis is the first time I’ve been outside without a coat on in weeks! It didn’t last long. Haha!

Winter Weather Outfit with Sorel BootsWinter Weather Outfit with Sorel BootsThis is the type of outfit I have been wearing everyday. Comfy, cozy, and warm!

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Cable Tunic Sweater (I’m wearing a small)//Articles Of Society Jeans (similar here, I’m wearing a size 28)//Disc Earrings//Handbag (similar here)//Sorel Waterproof Boot (sized up 1/2 size)//Ribbed Crew Socks

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Beauty For the Heart~~I stretched out the sky like a canopy and laid the foundations of the earth. I am the one who says to Israel, ‘You are my people!’ Isaiah 51:16

If today, you are wondering if God is big enough to handle your problem?? Let me remind you, he stretched out the sky like a canopy and laid the foundations of the earth.

He is big enough to handle whatever you are going through!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I’m very interested in the Instant Pot – I’m hearing a lot of buzz, but to be honest don’t know a lot about them. Of course, I’ll be honest here and say that I cook very little – my husband enjoys cooking and hey, who am I to deprive him of something he enjoys :). He cooks, I clean, it’s a beautiful arrangement. I do plan to find out more because there are days when we need something fast AND since the way I’m eating has changed it is rocking his world just a bit.
    Love the Sorel boots! and yes, our weather has been COLD COLD COLD too.

  2. I love my Instant pot also.Thank u for the recipe site suggestion! I admire you very much and have really improved my professional appearance thanks to u.

  3. I just purchased an instapot and have started pinning recipes. My husband and I have decreased our carb intake so I’m going to check out the link you posted to.

  4. Those boots are on my list of “wants”! And I love BFTH today! I don’t have an Insta-pot yet but I have heard alot of good things about them! Keep sharing about them….Id love to know if they are worth all the hype.

  5. Hey Cyndi. Love the boots. Ive got to have some. Its been in low single digits here in AR. I feel so blessed to start a new year with you. Thanks for all the Scriptures. And all the fashion! You always look great!!! Blessed day 😊

  6. I’ve had my Sorel boots for over 20 years and love, love, love them. My daughter just recently bought a pair and they haven’t changed much at all. We lived in Moscow, Russia for several years and they were a necessity!

    I received an Instant Pot for Christmas 2016 and still have not taken it out of the box. My bad! I grew up on Crock Pot meals and I wasn’t very fond of them. I guess I’m afraid it will taste the same as when I was a kid. Please tell me it won’t?!?!?

    1. That is so funny that you said that as I was just having a conversation about my old Sorels yesterday.. I had a pair that I got years ago and I ended up getting rid of them because they were so heavy that I was exhausted wearing them out for a while. They were also a little big so clunky. My daughter has been wanting a pair and couldn’t believe I got rid of mine. She just bought a pair and hers are much lighter!

      1. I’m glad I’m not the only one, but now I think I may have to try a new pair—maybe they’ll go on sale at the end of the season??

  7. Such a comfy and wam looking outfit… I must admit I’ve never tried sorel boots as I’m hooked on my uggs which I can wear with bare feet. Your boots look like they would be good for slushy days( thankfully no snow yet). It’s been brutally cold here over the weekend-25 degrees Celsius with windchill. Finally going to start warming up today. We’ve been in a deep freeze since Christmas Day!!! Your BFTH is right on today. Our daughter(23) had a skiing accident on the weekend, and is very fortunate she only ended up with a broken separated rib, along with major soft tissue injuries. She’s not very mobile yet, but I can tell you all that God had his arms wrapped around her as she was falling. Please remember her in prayer for a speedy recovery. She’s off work and is missing her busy lifestyle already. We are all so thankful for Gods goodness.

  8. My Instant Pot arrives on Wed … woohoo! Been saving lots of recipes. The enchilada soup looks really yummy! Will add that to my list just without the cheese and sour cream and use avocados, onions, cilantro, etc. Yumm!

  9. I bought an Instant Pot in Nov 2017 and I love it and couldn’t live without it now. It has changed my ability to cook delicious and healthy food in minutes. So helpful when you work. Thanks for sharing the recipes, I am going to make the one with spaghetti squash for dinner tonight. Keep sharing your best loved recipes. I have had a pair of Sorrel boots for 10 years and love them. In Colorado, we have been having such warm weather we don’t have snow on the ground and need some moisture. Tomorrow will be 60 degrees and we may get rain on Wed. Weird weather this year!! But I am going skiing in the mountains on Friday. Look forward to your posts each day!!

  10. What a cute and comfy outfit. I’m so glad it’s warmed up a bit. Keep sharing your favorite recipes. I’m always looking for good ideas that are recommended. I’m doing FWTFL too and I’ve been struggling a little with low carb days so new ideas are fantastic. I was so tempted to get an instant pot while there were great sales over the holidays but didn’t know if it would be another thing that sat in my closet. Thanks for all you do!!

  11. Classic winter outfit! Love the pattern on the cable knit sweater. I bought a pair of Sorel boots recently and have had to wear them a lot with our bitter cold the last few weeks! They are a great investment for winter.

  12. I love my Sorel boots! Been living in them lately since it’s been frigid out – I’m near Philadelphia. I usually like cold weather but I’m over it

  13. Cute and cozy. That’s the name of the winter game. I’m so happy you love your Instant Pot. I bought one back in the fall and it just sat in the box mocking me for about a month so I finally returned it. I just didn’t really know how to use it (even after pinning a ton of ideas). Something about it intimidated me. I’m seriously thinking about taking another run at it though. I just keep hearing people like yourself raving about it…and I’m feeling left out. HA! That looks like a delicious dinner! I’ll need to give it a try. I have a spaghetti squash on hand right now and we love mushrooms. How wonderful to live closer to your daughter now and especially with a sweet little baby coming. Happy Monday, Cyndi!

    1. You definitely need to try the instant pot! It’s so different than a crock pot. I love that you can saute in it and then add the rest of the ingredients. Super easy and the food is delicious!! 🙂

  14. I am waiting on a pair of boots to arrive that I ordered from DSW. I didn’t order the Sorel brand because they don’t have arch support. I am going to investigate the Instapot.

  15. I got that sweater on sale a couple weeks ago and love it. Love the boots but we have so few days that are cold enough to wear them.

  16. Love the outfit!! I WANT those boots so bad but will have to wait until next year☹️. I did get an Instant Pot and love it!!! It is still freezing here in Pa!!!

    1. I bought some super cute boots that look similar at Maurices for $27! They are red plaid and sooo comfy and warm. They have a fur lining and are water proof. Just thought I would share.

  17. I have 2 pairs of the Sperry duck boots and absolutely love them. They have definitely been worn this winter. I took then to Chicago with me and I was so glad that I did. Very comfortable and warm! I’m going to have to look into the instant pot. I use my crock pot a lot.

  18. I received an Instant Pot as a Christmas gift! Still trying to figure it out and having fun experimenting with recipes. Thank you for the link to Skinny Taste! Excellent resource for recipes. And your outfit is adorable. Love that sweater!!

  19. I love your blog! I got an Instapot last Christmas and I love it! I use it quite a bit for dinner but I also make my own yogurt. It’s delicious! Love Skinnytaste too. I’ve been using her recipes for about a year almost exclusively.

  20. I love your outfit, comfy & warm for our cold weather. I have been on the fence about an Insta-Pot. I have made a few Skinnytaste recipes & all habe been great. I would love to hear how you like tonight’s recipe. I would have to modify since I can’t eat red meat & allergic to dairy. Love today’s BFTH!! Have a Blessed Day!

  21. Thanks for sharing the recipes for the insta pot. I have had one for 2 years now. Just made baby back ribs in mine tonight. The cooking time was 20 minutes and they were fall off the bone tender. I mostly use mine for pressure cooking. Like you said you can sauté and do everything in one pan. Always on the look for new recipes.

  22. Thank you for the comfy and warm looking outfit. I have Sorels and love them. I sometimes wear them without socks. They are so warm,have a wool liner and keep the snow out. I had to laugh when I read Jodie’s comment. Any shoe I wear all day feels HEAVY, but that’s just me.👣 barefoot is my fave

  23. Do Sorels have any arch support? I have a high arch so that is a must.
    You look so very happy today – a gorgeous smile.

  24. I have an insta-pot I got for Christmas last year. I haven’t used it too much. I have a hard time finding recipes that are super yummy! I’d love to see you share some of your favorites sometime!

  25. I bought that same navy sweater and it is a bit longer on me. I’m 5’6”. Would you ever put leggings with it? You look so cute in it, but on me looks too long with jeans. Thank you for your input!