Work Wear Fashion from Loft

Many of you have asked for some work wear fashion. I am constantly shopping for outfits that I would wear if I worked in an office setting.

I think Loft has great work wear clothes. I like their pants and they always have some cute tops.

Work Wear Fashion from LoftI freeze inside with an air conditioner so I like to have a jacket or a blazer with me at all times. This blazer from Loft is a great addition to your work wear. I also have this blazer in navy.

Work Wear Fashion from LoftThe peplum top is not online but I found an option for a top that would look cute with these pants and blazer here. I purchased my earrings at a Bevello.

Work Wear Fashion from LoftI purchased these Clark heels to wear to the Rewardstyle conference. I knew I would be standing a lot and I wanted a heel that is comfortable. I paid more for them than I normally do on shoes but I was paying for the comfort and it was worth it!!

Work Wear Fashion from LoftThis blazer would look adorable with shorts and I’ll definitely wear it with a pair of jeans.

Work Wear Fashion from Loft

Outfit details: Blazer//Striped pant (Julia fit)//Clark heel//Top (option here)//Necklace//Ring//Watch//Bracelet

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Let’s talk sizes. About a month ago I received an ugly comment saying I was vain for sharing my sizes. The woman had never commented before and I don’t think she is a regular reader so I ignored it but it was mean.

I don’t mind negative comments but I’m not a fan of mean comments. I try to be kind and I guess I expect other people to be kind. (Of course I know this is the internet and people can say what they want but if it’s rude or mean, I will delete it.)

Then, I got an email from a regular reader who was very kind but did say it bothered her because she wasn’t my size and in some way it made her feel bad. (Let me reiterate this was a kind email and she was giving me her honest opinion.)

My desire is to encourage women and I don’t want anyone feeling bad when they come to my blog. So that’s why I stopped sharing my sizes.

But, now I have to spend time answering comments because you’re asking for my size. What is your preference? Sizes or no sizes??

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Beauty For the Heart~~You must be kind to each other. Think of the other person. Forgive other people just as God forgave you because of Christ’s death on the cross. Ephesians 4:32 (NLV)

Wouldn’t our world be a better place if we lived this verse?

Have a blessed day!

**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!

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  1. You can please some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all the time. AND there are some people who are just never pleased. You are doing a great job! You have a kind, beautiful, heart and it is very evident in your daily writings. Don’t change a thing!!!!!💁

  2. I’m sorry you got a mean comment. I don’t understand that at all. I personally like to know sizes so I can gage fit if I’m interested in purchasing the items shown, which I have TOO MANY times! Thanks for all you do!

  3. I appreciate knowing what size certain items are because it gives me an idea if it may run big or small. I don’t believe it’s being vain at all. All of the other fashion blogs I follow post sizes. I absolutely love how encouraging your blog is. I find it discouraging that someone would think you are vain. Have a great day!

  4. Hi Cyndi.

    I love your blog. I also prefer when you list the size you are wearing. I know to order up one size from what you have if I want the item to fit me. Have a beautiful day!

  5. Please don’t listen to the negative comments. I too, find it helpful when you share your sizes. I have purchased several of the items from your blog and it is helpful when you share the size and how the fit runs. I love your blog, by the way. It is one of the first things I read each morning.

  6. Hi Cyndi. I read your blog everyday and I love your style :). I don’t mind that you list sizes, it makes it a little easier to compare. I understand that some people who are not your size, wish they were…that is unfortunate and not your fault. Keep doing what you’re doing with God’s grace. 🙂

  7. it’s YOUR blog…do what you feel led to do, for pete’s sake(is it Pete? is Pete a person, should I capitalize?), why some women are so petty with each other is beyond me…i’ve never commented before, but on so many blogs, there is always that one person…I love your blog! Keep up the good work,,,

  8. Thank you for sharing why you stopped listing sizes. Many fashion bloggers are open about size, height and a few even share much they weigh (yikes!). Its evident that the spirit of your blog is not vanity but helping women feel better about ourselves. My body shape is very similar to yours, so I appreciate sizes. It makes it easier to guess correctly on my size when shopping online. Sizing from bloggers who are not similar in size, shape or height to me is also helpful, as its a good gauge for predicting my size. I’ll keep reading whatever you decide, but don’t let the haters rain on your parade! Thank you for the inspiration, and the realistic, stylish, affordable and modest clothes you feature.

  9. I am new to the blog but prefer size sharing as I can judge how something may look on me. We have the same shape-but I am a “few” sizes bigger lol. As for the style challenge-I’d love to do one with you! I am currently trying the spring challenge with Allison but my style matches yours much better and I think I would do a better job matching outfits with yours (said in a very kind way 🙂 ).

  10. I really appreciate your indicating sizes. It helps me figure out what I should order. I don’t think you unintentionally are offensive in anything you write. As you know, sometimes people can be in difficult places mentally and certain words or phrases may hit them differently than others who read the same thing. Keep up the great work . Your kindness is valued and admired by many.

  11. I appreciate when you share your size as it gives me an idea of what size I should order. I appreciate your honesty and transparency. For most women sharing their size is hard so I am thankful you do so with us! I actually had a thought last week….isn’t it funny how men who wear Levi’s wear their sizes so everyone can see!! Shew, I am thankful women jeans aren’t like that!! Haha! Have a wonderful day and keep doing what you are doing!

  12. Your blog is my favorite! I love your style and would like for you to share sizes because it is very helpful if I want to order something you have styled. Thank you for all the work that goes into this blog daily!

  13. I enjoy your blogs everyday and find the sizes very helpful. I would like to see your sizes listed. Thank you for your great tips.

  14. Oh wow! You can’t win for losing! I actually find it helpful when you share your sizes and have based my orders on what you have shared. So I personally prefer it. I LOVE the Loft for my work clothes and purchase a lot of items from there. I also love the thought of the challenge you describe and would be interested in more information and possibly participating depending on what would be required of me. If it takes a lot of extra time I probably wouldn’t be able to fit it in, but if it’s part of what we normally have to do, then I’m game. I have loved following your blog and the Facebook page. The Facebook page especially has enriched my life with some wonderful ladies. I have seen a huge difference in my shopping habits, my look, my closet, etc. All for the better. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and I’m so glad I found you. 🙂 I also like what I’ve seen of Allison’s blog too and plan to follow her too. So sorry that putting yourself out there brings negativity with it.

  15. I prefer sizes also. I have purchased many items that I’ve seen first on your blog. We’re similar size except I’m shorter so the sizes have been extremely helpful. All of us women are sensitive and have to keep the comparison/jealousy game in check. I know why bloggers share their size and find it beneficial.

  16. When you give your sizes it really helps me figure out what size would work for me. You are very kind and genuine in your posts; I find them encouraging. You just keep being Cyndi!

  17. It is SO helpful to know what sizes you are wearing each day. Please don’t stop posting them. I have purchased a number of items based on the sizes you shared with us. Love your blog and I look forward to it everyday! Thank you for all your info and inspiration! Have a wonderful day!

  18. Hi Cyndi! I am so thankful when bloggers reference size. I feel it really helps when considering the size for yourself. Many times clothing can run smaller or larger than expected so the reference is always appreciated in my opinion! I love your style and spirit!

  19. Cyndy, you be proud of the beautiful woman God created! Yes, even your size! We all come in different shapes and sizes and I love that you take your time to share with all of us your style and words of wisdom. We r blessed to have you doing this. As with anything, if you are not happy with your current size, shape, life itself CHANGE IT. This process starts with us. Thanks for all you do! God bless 🙂

  20. For sure post the sizes!! We’re all different sizes and shapes but it’s helpful when doing online shopping to have a reference point. It has helped me many times when I’ve ordered something you styled. 🙂

  21. I am a plus-size reader, and I do not mind in the least seeing what size you are wearing. If a reader has a problem with knowing what size you (or anyone else for that matter) are wearing, that is a reflection of how she feels about herself, not a reflection of your intentions. I’ve never sensed any hint of vanity in your posts; on the contrary, you are quite down-to-earth and honest.. Please keep doing what you are doing.

  22. I’m in the show the “show the size” camp, it makes it easier to figure out what size I might be if I want to order. The thought that it’s vain never entered my head, I always considered it kind of you to share what sizes you wear!

  23. I’m 59, 5’2 and size 14. What’s wrong with that? As long as I’m the best that I can be.
    I travelled to Mexico recently and believe me the women on the beach were All sizes and people didn’t care.

    I don’t feel bad about myself and confidence is, KNOWING WHO I AM IN CHRIST.

  24. Share your sizes, please. It’s a really good aid in trying to see how the clothes will fit me. I cannot comprehend being hurt by seeing the dress size of a blogger in print. Maybe because I’m quite tall, I’ve become accustomed to the old adage that it takes all kinds to make a world.

  25. I love your blog Cyndi, and anyone who follows you knows that you truly do come from a place of grace and beauty. I find it extremely helpful when you share the size you are wearing – we are about the same size (though I am a few inches shorter). It seems that most people do find it helpful, so keep sharing and don’t pay attention to the haters!

  26. Hi Cyndi,

    I appreciate your transparent heart. I personally, find it extremely helpful when you share sizes, and have relied on that many times when ordering. Unfortunately, some are going to feel bad about themselves regardless. Our true security comes from the Lord, and while we might all enjoy being a size 2, it has nothing to do with our happiness. :))


  27. Hello Cyndi!😀
    I hope that you’re doing well. My opinion is that the blouse, red blazer and shoes look great. And they look great on you, but the pants 😁 has to go!
    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  28. As far as sizes go, I would like to know if you are wearing your standard size as that is helpful, for example if you’re a normal size 6 but are wearing a size up or a size down in something that is helpful to know. I always read reviews when ordering something to know if it runs true to size or runs small or large.

  29. I am so very sorry this discussion even has come up. Please do not take it personally. People can be so jealous and jealousy can make a person lash out. Everyone has the ability to lose weight if they truly want. There are so many diets out there. Being trim and fit isn’t just about looks but it can truly help prevent a person from getting diseases brought on by obesity. You show us the importance of God, family and self and taking care of each of them. This makes you one special lady. Continue sharing your sizes. You should be proud of you as you work hard to be who you are on the inside as well as the outside. Don’t let naysayers make you second guess your choices.

  30. I love when you tell the size you are wearing! Please look at it as being helpful. When online retailers tell what size the model is wearing, her height, etc, it helps when making a selection, Please continue to share your sizes, Cyndi. Disregard that negative comment….perhaps jealousy was rearing its ugly head. Keep up the good work! 😀

  31. Hi Cyndi,

    I have been following you for about 2 months now and ONE of the reasons that I love you blog is that you DO list sizes. I really hate returning items and with online shopping, having the size reference is extremely helpful. Thanks for helping this over-50 get more stylish!

    P.S. My 18 year old daughter is jealous of my new outfits!!! 🙂

  32. My thoughts on sizing is that you included this in order to help your followers- as a guide. Why anyone would read something negative into this is beyond my comprehension.
    I love your blog Cyndi as so many do. You’ve helped me find my personal style again which I’m so thankful. I don’t particular like shopping…I know I’m weird but reading your blog has helped me enjoy it more.
    Have a great day!

  33. Hi Cyndi! Yes! Please keep sharing your sizes! It is so helpful when trying to decide which size to order. I love your blog and look forward to seeing it in my inbox. Please please do not let negative people with ugly comments change who you are!

  34. Please continue to share sizes! I find it very helpful when ordering online! You are a beautiful woman in all the ways that are important! I love learning from you💕

  35. I prefer to see the sizes, we may not be the same size, however it gives me a reference. I shop online a lot and sizing information is always helpful.

  36. I love your blog. I like it when you share your size because it helps me determine the size I need to order. I’ve never considered it to be vain, only helpful. I would keep posting the size.

  37. I have followed your blog for quite a while, although I have never commented. I love your style and your positive, inspirational messages. I like seeing the sizes of the clothes you are wearing as I frequently place orders and find it very helpful. I can’t imagine what it feels like to have hurtful things posted online but please don’t let that deter you. Clearly there are many of us that enjoy you and your blog just the way it is! Have a blessed day!! 😊

  38. Hi Cyndi.
    Unfortunately we live in a time where everyone gets offended at the drop of a pin and they get nasty about it. And so…we get to cater to those people whether it’s right or not.
    I say go with the majority!
    I visit your blog daily and really enjoy it. And I use many of your stylings. SIZES HELP! I have ordered from Glamour Farms and if I know you are in a small, I can adjust accordingly and have the right size.
    I feel bad that people are mean on these things. JoLynne had a nasty one not to long ago.
    I’m glad you can *delete*.

  39. God bless your sweet heart….do what you want! I personally love everything about your blog…and since we are about the same size and shape it is helpful to me when you state the sizes. I wake up everyday anxious to read what you have to say in your scripture verses. Thank you most of all for that!

  40. I definitely want to know what size you are wearing so I can determine what size I should get. Every brand and style is different. Knowing your height and the size of an item helps me know if the item will work on my body. It is not about you being vain, it is about informing your readers with pertinent information. It’s the same thing as telling us whether an item is comfortable, itchy, or needs a cami underneath. Every person has insecurities about their body no matter what size they wear. Thank you for sharing your wonderful sense of fashion and your Beauty for the Heart. I look forward to your emails every morning! Love your outfit today but have to say I couldn’t handle the stripes on the side of the pants not matching up or I would be headed to Loft to buy every item. Perfect outfit and perfect pieces to wear so many different ways. Have a wonderful day, Cindy!!!

  41. Hi, Cyndi!
    I love the outfit. I have those pants, and love them. I wear mine with a black top and the beige vest you posted from Glamour Girls. I read your blog daily and receive many ideas and inspiration for style and living. I like that you expose your sizes. It helps me gauge what I need to purchase. Keep doing what you’re doing. You are a true blessing to many.

  42. Keep putting your sizes it helps me and I’m sure others. And I look forward to read your blog every day. Keep up the great work. You are a blessing.

  43. Dear Cyndi, I love your blog, it’s the only one I really follow and it is always a joy to read. I love your honesty and kindness and when you share things, it’s from your heart. You have opened up a whole new way of thinking about fashion for me and while I try to dress nice, there have been some fails, and reading your blog helps me know how to shop better and even branch out and buy cute shoes and accesories. Just wanted to let you know it’s fine with me and helpful if you list sizes. God has made you in a unique way and He is using your talent and good eye for fashion as a way to encourage us in our relationship with Him and others and I can tell you realize that this is all for Him and His kingdom. Carry on, dear faithful one.

  44. I am a new reader, but I have visited your blog every single day for the last week. I would prefer sizes. I appreciate your gentle spirit and classic style. I love the fact that you take time with your appearance & represent a Christ-follower in such a positive way. Thank you!

  45. Please doing exactly what you are doing. I enjoy seeing what size you wear, 1-it makes me strive to get there and 2-it helps me determine what size I should be looking to purchase. I love your blog and Lord knows, you cannot please everyone-thank goodness for the delete button!

  46. wow. Yes, please keep up the sizes, because that helps us all in determining how clothes might fit, even though I am not your size. I also appreciate that about Glamour Farms. It is so easy for some to be mean for some reason. As for upsetting others, they own the problem, not you. Sorry, that is the truth. On another topic – can you explain more about what the design challenge is? I am not sure I know how it functions, its purpose, etc., thanks! Love your blog.

  47. The sizes help me figure out how I should order. Most fashion bloggers leave their height/weight/size not to be vain but to give an idea for comparison. It’s very helpful.

  48. I like the size references! The purpose of posting them is not about vanity but as a helpful guide when we see something we want to purchase. I have bought tops, sweaters etc. at Penney’s and Old Navy based on Cyndi’s references. Posting sizes on a fashion blog is very appropriate and helpful. In regular life it is NOT good to compare yourself with others but when it comes to buying a pair of jeans it sure helps!

  49. I read your email and blog everyday and rarely comment but I felt the need to today.
    I look forward to your styling and grace everyday. You have a kind and positive energy.
    I feel like I know you 🙂
    Your sizing is an excellent reference for me when I am ordering
    something that you have styled. I’m sure that is reason most bloggers give their height and
    size is to give people a guide for ordering not to brag or make people feel bad about themselves.
    Everyone should lighten up!!

  50. I believe sizes listed help us know whether to size down or up when ordering on line. The extra information helps us make better decisions. This is especially true now that you work with Glamour Farms, a local boutique. Without a little help from you (and your sister) I’d be clueless and less likely to purchase online products.
    One thing I will add, I started following you when your look was quite different! You’ve come a long way and have worked hard at it.
    I personally enjoy the more natural poses in showing clothing…..less like looking at a catalog and more like sharing with a friend. I understand the pressure to keep current, it’s just a personal observation meant in a kind spirit.
    I’ve done some of the gypo challenges and they were super fun! But, I like the blogs I follow to be different from each other. When everyone starts looking the same, I’m inclined to drop some because of the time it takes and everyone starts looking the same, it feels like I’m on repeat.
    My favorite part of your blog is the spiritual aspects. That sets you apart! 🙂

  51. Hi Cyndi,

    I’ve been following you for a while now but it’s my 1st time commenting. I’m a 62 year old happy grandmother, definitely a few sizes larger but I’ve never felt your size info was meant in a vain way. I think you are being thorough just as you offer details about where you sourced your outfit. You are as cute as a button & lovely on the inside too. I saw the ‘mean’ comment & I’m not surprised you are handling it with such grace.

    1. Jody, I right there with you, and a few sizes up from where I used to be! Plus a happy 61 year old grandma. I completely agree with your comments about Cyndi & recealing her size. I’m not intimidated at all by her sharing what size she wears in each item she styles. It’s a good point to start at for those closer to her size wanting to purchase an item Cyndi is styling. Cyndi, you truly have a kind, Christ centered heart! My 54 year old sister is 6′,and wears a size 8. After 5 children….would I love to be on the thinner side again, yes, but I’ll never be 6′! The Lord has made us all unique individuals and all different! It sounds as if the “mean spirited” author, has a few more issues, other than commenting on Cyndi’s size. They need prayer for a kind heart & whatever else in their life compelled them to make unkind remarks.

  52. Hi Cyndi, I’m a new follower. I can already tell you pour your heart into this blog. Thank you for all you do to help us that don’t have the time or the know how to put the right clothes together. I love when bloggers post their size. It helps me so much in knowing what to order for myself. I am looking forward to getting to know you. I can already tell I love your style and you heart!!!XOXOXO

  53. I am a newer reader/subscriber to your blog. I am also a plus size girl. I have no objection at all to you showing your sizes! Your blog and pictures are so inspiring to me and I can use your ideas for building blocks for outfits for me, as I can generally find similar items in my sizes. I worked in healthcare for 24 years and wore scrubs. So basically, up until a year ago, my wardrobe consisted of scrubs and tennis shoes, jeans, flip flops, t shirts, and a bare minimal amount of nice things for going out and church. So I had to start from scratch and am working on building my business casual career wardrobe. It is hard, as I have never had much of a sense of style, and expensive too. So, I am really excited about your workwear ideas! You are great!!! Don’t change a thing! I love you and Jo-Lynne!!!!

  54. Obviously you have many more positive comments than negative (why do we focus on the ONE negative). I also say keep the sizes. It gives all of us an idea of what we should purchase. Case in point….I purchased a sweater from the GAP in a M. When I looked at their website recently….I should have purchased the L….keep up the good work.

  55. Please keep sharing your sizing. I am about your size and it helps me know how to order online (I don’t live close enough to Loft or Nordstrom to try on clothes). Your blog is a service to your readers. The more information the better. I like when bloggers tell me if the fit is true to size or if I should order up or down a size. I like to know if the fabric feels soft or stiff and if blouses are sheer.

    The people who make negative comments about sizing are insecure with themselves. It does not mean you are vain or the rest of us are vain.

    I love your blog and your sweet, godly heart!

  56. Cyndi,
    Please keep the sizes and don’t listen to that one negative comment. I love your blog and your positive messages.
    God Bless,

  57. Cyndi, may God bless your kind heart. You are so kind even to stop and think about whether listing your size might be troubling to people. And God bless the dear reader who sent you the sweet email–it sounds like she just needs some reassurance that she too can be lovely!

    I’d say listing your sizes is a good idea. I like the way you say “For size reference I’m wearing a ___.” I think you could do that with everything, including shoes–I think it really does help people, especially since they often click directly from your blog to various vendors. You could also say if a bracelet is tight or loose on your wrist, if a watch is big enough to hang down onto your hand or if it fits snugly around your wrist, and how you make adjustments if something is too large or small. For instance, do you often have pants hemmed to a certain length? Do you have links taken out of watches? Do you buy necklaces with adjustable clasps? The way you give specific information is helpful, and I believe that your desire to be helpful and gracious shines through LOUD AND CLEAR.

    Love you, sweet friend!

  58. If you don’t want to know the size of a piece of clothing for goodness sake’s don’t follow a fashion Blog. Right? We need to know the size so we can make a good choice. We follow you because we love what you do. Thanks for asking our opinion though. The person that posted the ugly comment must be really hurting. As for me posting the size is very important!


  59. First, I love your blog. Second, I am a first time commenter and that’s due to my very low tolerance for mean people–and what little I have is purely from my Christian viewpoint 🙂 Um, it’s your blog and you can do whatver you want. I think sizes are important and are certainly valuable fora pointof reference. Their comments are, of course, a reflection of them, not you and what you are trying to accomplish. I am 53, and follow your blog because for me, age is just a number and I dress the way I want to dress. I am built more like Jo-Lynn but am taller, like you and like both of your styles. Carry on sista and don’t let the turkeys get you down!

  60. Hi Cyndi

    I look forward to checking my email everyday for your blog!! I love it when you put what size you are wearing because I can gauge what size I need to order in it.. Just yesterday I was looking up the pair of jeans you had on and didn’t order because I didn’t know what size you were wearing in them .
    I love your daily inspiration that you use your platform to honor Christ!!
    Remember it’s the unkind people who need our kindess the most 🙂
    Have a great day in our Lord!!!

    1. I too look forward to your posts everyday. Whenever I purchase close online I read the reviews and hope someone has put their height, weight and size they ordered. It is very helpful when ordering and I rarely have returns. Just the other day on your post regarding the blue cardigan from JC Penny I wanted to order it but didn’t because I had no reference point for size. Thank you and have a blessed day!

  61. Thanks for sharing your outfits, and especially for your ‘devotional type’ blog. Social media has many pluses but sometimes some people excuse their bad manners on the anonymity and comment things they would never say to someone’s face (thanks goodness!) I personally like it when bloggers share their sizes, gives me some perspective on their body shape so I can judge whether the look would be good for me (a true triangle) or if I could make some adjustments. But, I’m one of those people who doesn’t desire to be a size 2, just a healthy weight, which differs for all people.

  62. I want to say this as nicely as I can but I have participated in Alison’s challenge in the past. I would Not be interested. But Thank you for all you do. I also follow Jo-Lynne and others. I wouldn’t have the time and find Alison’s to be no different than what the other bloggers do but that’s just me. Blessings

  63. First of all, I don’t mind sharing sizes. Especially if you compare to prior purchases such as “true to size” or “order up a size”. It really helps me when ordering online. Secondly, we all need to remember that God made us all in his image and we are all beautiful for that reason! Of course we are all different sizes, that is how it should be and a person’s self image and value should not be determined by their size. I recently read a blog talking about comparison being a thief of joy. That is so true!
    As far as the style challenge, I participated in some of Allison’s challenges and the best part of the challenge was the Facebook group. They were such uplifting ladies and their tips were very helpful. However, I found myself buying more items than I normally would and again, comparing myself to others when they posted their outfit photos for the day. I know that is internal but for that reason, I no longer participate in those challenges. I love your blog and will continue to support you but just not in that way. Thanks for being you!

  64. The reason I like knowing what size you bought is because it has helped me numerous times to know which size to order. I am “between” a Small and a Large, and knowing the size that you are wearing let’s me examine the item on a real body (not a magazine model) and determine which size would be correct for me. It helps me GREATLY to know the size!

  65. I am a regular follower…I am by no means your size, pushing plus size-think EGG ON LEGS shape.:( Anyway, I think sharing your size is for a point of reference for readers, not to show off! A person can look at you and see that you have a small stature. I think sharing the sizes are very helpful! You are beautiful!

  66. As a plus size reader I don’t mind if you publish sizes at all. They are helpful for those near your size. I look at what you’re wearing and see if I can adjust it to look good for the size I am. Your style is one I really like and am trying to move toward. I look at color combinations, cut of jeans and slacks. Tops I usually need to adjust since that’s where I’m much larger. As for the work wear style challenge, I would pass on that since I don’t work anymore but would be interested in other ones. I’m sorry for the mean comments. I have always thought your writing was kind, generous and gracious. Thank you for starting my day off right every morning!

  67. I am a fairly new to This website. I like the idea you giving size. Anyway her opinion is not a reflection on you it is on her. I like the styles you model and you speak from the heart. Thank you.

  68. Hi Cyndi- I look forward to your emails every day! I love it when you post your sizes because it helps me to decide what size I need to order. You do a fabulous job with your blog and it is my very favorite one.

  69. I have been following your blog for about a month and look forward to reading them . I had run out of ideas for putting clothes together..but every time I read your blog, I am able to come up with a new outfit using the clothes and jewlery I already have. I would not chang a thing about your blog. I am a plus size woman and you posting your size does not bother me at all. Keep on doing what you are doing. God Bless!!!

  70. Insulting people because of their size be it big or small is just mean; plain and simple! Keep listing the sizes as it may be helpful for those who wish to purchase those items! PS …..I’m a bigger gal who does not wear anywhere near your size, I still enjoy your blog and the outfits you showcase…… Different sizes are available…… I firmly believe anybody, regardless of their size, can look beautiful.

  71. Careful, that is bordering on mean also. Just because someone isn’t a size 6 doesn’t mean they are plus size and any size can draw inspiration from others style. Just saying.

  72. I like that you share your size. It gives us a gage when ordering. Can’t imagine that would offend someone. But you can’t please everyone. You are the most unvain person I know. You do a great job!! (Not sure unvain is a word) 🙂

  73. I am new to your blog but love your style! It would be very helpful to me if you could include not only your sizes, but also your height and wieght, to give me an idea of what size I would need. Thank you so much!

  74. I prefer you to include your size and if the clothing is running big or small. That helps me decide what size to order.

  75. Careful, that comment is a little mean as well. Just because someone is not a size 6 doesn’t mean they are plus size. Also, any size can draw inspiration from others’ style. Just saying.

  76. I am so sorry you’ve received negative comments! Anyone who reads your blog regularly knows your heart and motivation – you weren’t posting the sizes out of pride, but simply to help all of us know how things fit and what size to order. Please continue to post sizes as it is an excellent reference for all of us. Love your blog, love your style and so appreciate your heart for the Lord!

  77. Bless you! Keep the sizes, great reference point. Thanks for doing what you do and for the Spirit with which you do it💕

  78. Please keep sharing your sizes. We are about the same size and I shop at a lot of the same places you do. It is a great reference as I do the majority of my shopping online.

    Love your blog!

  79. This is an adorable outfit for work! I’m not a blazer type, but I’m sure I could replace with a cardigan for a similar look!
    About the sizes…I find it very helpful as long as I know a blogger’s typical sizes and stats for my own comparison. I can’t tell people’s sizes by looking at photos, so having that info, in addition to whether an item is TTS or runs large/small, is always helpful. It’s especially nice for me when I’m unfamiliar with a brand, or if that brand has costly shipping/returns (like Loft!). I’ve read some blogs where they just say their size with no real reference to anything else and that is not helpful at all. However, what you have always done should’ve never been criticized as being vain!

  80. You are doing a great job!! I think you should post your sizes, it helps me have an idea of which size I should order and how it will fit me. Thank you for your work!

  81. I agree with the majority of the comments here, knowing the size you are wearing helps me to determine what size would work for me. I love your blog! It has been a tremendous help to me. I have never been good at putting outfits together. I look forward to reading your e-mails each day.

  82. I was so happy to hear you are collaborating with Allison! I get overwhelmed with all of the fashion blogs, so for the past year or so I have been following just the two of you. Both of your blogs have been very helpful to me! Thank you for what you do! By the way, listing your sizes is helpful…just like they do on the Glamour Farms website. It helps so much when purchasing online to see the model stats and the size chosen. Thanks for introducing me to Glamour Farms, too!

  83. I am a plus-size woman, so publishing your size is not helpful to me, but it also doesn’t bother me. It is not unusual for many of the products you feature to not be offered in plus-sizes by the manufacturer. I’m okay with that because I am really looking at your blog for style ideas that I can duplicate using products from clothing lines that fit me. I think you offer a realistic, yet fun approach to fashion. And your Christian witness makes your blog all the more beautiful. Keep up the good work!

  84. I like to know the sizes !! It helps me to know what size I should order or try on at the store !! I love your blog!!

  85. I too have been a follower for quite awhile but I don’t think I’ve made any comments. I am in my 60’s and was pleasantly surprised to see that I’m not the only “senior” in the mix. I thought once that I should probably unsubscribe but there just aren’t many Christian blogger/vloggers and while the fashion may not be suitable for my age all the time, your Christian messages are for all ages. (Come to think of it….I think I did make one comment about all the pointed toed really high heeled shoes not being so great for feet and regrets for wearing them later in life). In regards to mentioning your size…I think it is good to have a reference point. It says more about the person who made the unkind comment. The person may have insecurities about their size. We come in all sizes and shapes and while I wish I wore a smaller size, my real goal is to look the best I can with the size I am. I may not be able to wear many of the things you style but it still gives me ideas as far as colors, patterns etc. at putting things together in my own sizes and age appropriate clothing. Mostly I just enjoy keeping in “touch” with young women as I do have daughter-in-laws and I want to be in the “know” so we can talk “girl talk”.
    March on…you are doing a great job. God Bless

  86. There are people who attempt to heal themselves by hurting others, sounds like that is what your reader was doing.
    I am 56 years old and I look so forward to your posts EVERY day!! Not just for your style tips, but to read the scripture you have chosen for that day. You have been a huge help to me as I have been trying to “find myself”, after some very trying life experiences. Let’s all pray for the reader who was hurtful to you, because you do not deserve that at all.
    Thank you for being YOU, and sharing YOU with all of us 🙂
    GOD bless you

  87. People if you don’t like the lady’s blog, don’t be mean, just get off. The rest of us DO LIKE IT. Cyndi, just delete the negative and move on. I hope you can see the majority love what you are doing. Thank you.

  88. I like when you share your sizes. It is helpful to know how something fits in a certain size.

    Also, I love the idea of a style challenge and would definitely be willing to pay the $39. However, I don’t need a workwear style challenge in the summer, because I am in education and don’t work in the summer. So, I hope you’ll do it again in the fall!!

    I love your blog and look forward to your posts every day!!

  89. Sizes are very helpful! I like it when a picture of a model gives her weight and height and size because it gives me a better idea of what size to get for myself. I also like commentary about the fit running too large or small. I am bigger than you so obviously some things may not look as good on me as they do on you, even if I do order the right size. However, I am never offended when a model gives her size. It is very helpful!

  90. I enjoy your blog and like knowing the sizes. It’s difficult to ignore hurtful comments, and I think you handle them gracefully.

  91. Thank you for your wonderful posts, and for showing us that Godly women are also human beings with human bodies AND human feelings. As for the size issue, there are many days when I purposely scan through your item descriptions to find recommendations about sizes, sometimes based on your height/weight/size, etc. And I love the boutique-type websites that also offer size/height/weight descriptions for their style models and find it VERY helpful when ordering online since I can’t try on the garments. So thank you for doing that for us as well!

    God bless you in your continued efforts. Looking forward to what’s coming in May and, of course, whatever is coming tomorrow!

  92. I think it’s helpful when you give sizes. It’s also your blog so if someone doesn’t like something that’s their problem not yours. You seem so very kind but you just can’t please everyone so I think you should do what’s easiest and best for you!

  93. Cyndi, I am one that has a different type of figure. My waist is a 6 or 8 but my hips are more in the 10 range. I am learning to try on before purchasing because of my figure. Posting your size could help. For example; I ordered a pair of shoes that didn’t come in half sizes. The online store shared the size of what the model was wearing and said that she normally wears a 7 1/2 but was wearing an 8. Right there told me what I needed to do. I ordered the size up from my normal size and they fit perfectly. IF that wasn’t noted I would of either not ordered the shoes or had to send them back if I bought the wrong size by guessing. Either way your post are so helpful in so many ways. Posting your size or not.

  94. I am so thrilled you’ve received so many comments encouraging you to add the sizes back in to your description. It does help. Your blog is helpful and uplifting to many people. Thank you for taking the time to help us look fashionable but also modest. I’ve done two of Allison’s style challenges. I would not be interested in doing anymore for various reasons.

  95. I would vote to keep the sizes. This is especially helpful when buying from a site you have never purchased from. I share your love of Loft! And because I shop there and buy there often I know my sizes based on their sizing and fit. But when you introduce us to new sites – I have no clue. I will often look in product reviews for height, weight and size ordered of the reviewers. That is extremely helpful.

  96. I look forward to your emails and blog everyday and I found it on Pintrest little over a month ago. I am definitely in favor of you posting sizes because it helps me determine the size I need because I believe everything runs different! I can a size 10 in one type of pants and then a size 6 in another brand of pants. I have also found that shirts and dresses are the same way so please continue to post sizes. You are always so encouraging, faith based, and I love your blog!! Thanks!

  97. I am glad you post your sizes in garments. Let’s me know how to order. I have ordered some cute things from Glamour Farms, they also post size models are wearing, along with model stats. Makes my ordering so much easier, and with fewer returns because something doesn’t fit! Saying a prayer for the person who said the rude comments, they need prayer.

    1. Size please…you make my life easier by providing size. Also, providing how items seem to run; larger or smaller. Ordering clothes and having to return them because they don’t fit is a hazel and let’s not forget the let down factor.
      Remember ladies we are all beautiful in all sizes,shapes and colors.

  98. I love your blog and look forward to seeing your daily post in my inbox everyday! Please keep posting your sizes! I find it very helpful! Thank you!

  99. Don’t change a thing! Your blog is lovely and perfect. You share ideas and your heart and Christ. I think you should share your sizes and anything else you would like to share 🙂 That would be a silly thing to get upset over, but I know we are all human. Bless you and I look forward to reading your blog every morning!

  100. I appreciate it when you tell your size. It’s an excellent reference point for me. In my mind, size is only a number and a marking point for if I need to go up or down. Simple as that. Your daily email is one of the best parts of my day, for multiple reasons (not just the clothing). Banish those negative comments — you are doing a great job!

  101. I love it when you share what size that you are wearing. I think it helps us readers understand the fit of the piece. I just don’t understand why people would personalize a fashion/lifestyle blog! Keep on keeping on!!!!

    1. When I purchase things from your blog I look at your size to determine what size I might be. I was actually disappointed when I noticed you weren’t posting some of your sizes. With that being said, I would like to see the sizes. Thank you! Your blog is something I look forward to every morning.

  102. I have never commented on your blog before but read it everyday. I have to coment on this sizing issue though… This is YOUR blog and if YOU want to say your size or not is up to YOU! If someone is offended by you telling what size you are then they can find another blog. There are a ton of them. My goodness, it’s clothing for goodness sakes, size is part of that. People can be so crazy and way too sensitive like you were out to get them. If they are not happy with the size they are then they should change that and shut up about you! Maybe they could start their own blog called, I’m over forty but don’t ask how much I weigh or what size i’am? I could just go on and on. Anyway, I have a fashion question, do you wear t shirt dresses ever? I’m just wondering if you think they are too young. I’m a 39 year old stay at home mom and have a very casual life. I just wanted something casual I could wear like shorts for the summer. I bought them from the loft and they are Lou and grey. I’m short stuff at five ft three so I don’t always have to worry about length. Oh and dare I say I weigh 110 and I’m proud of that after having two babies after 35. I don’t exercise which I’m trying to change but I do eat healthy. More protein and less carbs works for me.

  103. Share your size, It helps me determine what size would fit me. You are so kind to try and please everyone. Theodore Roosevelt had it right (comparison is the thief of joy”. I struggle with this and keep reminding myself that God created me and ultimately He is the only one I need to please.
    Love your blog!

  104. Cyndi I love your post.
    Please do not quit telling about your size it helps me on what size to order.
    You are fabulous do not let mean spirited people affect you wonderful blog and your wonderful passion.
    Thank you for all you do!!!

  105. Hi Cyndi,

    First, let me say, I love your blog! However, even if I didn’t, or if there was a part I didn’t agree with, I would not be mean.

    I really like when you share your size as it helps me know what size to order. I have ordered many of the items you have styled.

    I think you do a great job picking beautiful, trendy items that are affordable and appropriate for over 40 women 🙂

  106. I like it when you let us know what size you are wearing. As almost everyone has said, it helps us know how the item runs…large…small….true to size. I’m sorry to hear that anyone was unkind to someone as sweet as you! Don’t change a thing!

  107. Wow so many comments today about “the size issue” yes or no? I guess putting the size is useful as your US readers are
    In need and familiar with your Sizing in different stores. Here in the UK the bloggers I follow here generally share their size and say if it needs sizing up or down. Size will always be an issue, I firmly believe everyone should be happy with their bodies, wrinkles and all, Health is of greater importance, to have good health is all you can want. Off my soap box now, great work outfit Cyndi and always look forward to your emails, it keeps me smiling in the pouring rain! Ha.
    Nicky xxoxx

  108. For the sake of efficiency, sizes please! You continue to inspire on a daily basis, both spiritually and fashion-wise! Thank you

  109. When I found your blog, I was a size 14/16 and have since gotten on a plan to help me lose weight. I am (so far) down to an 8/10. My point being, regardless of size I’ve enjoyed your blog and found it helpful and have recreated many outfits irrespective of my weight. Your notes on size and fit have been very helpful to me.

    I followed Allison until recently. I liked some of it but I never really could figure out the style challenge or didn’t think I would see it through. I work full time in a business environment, and I am still not sure, but if you do it, I will consider trying the work wear challenge. I’ve always been “style challenged” and work wear is a definite problem for me.

      1. Gina, first let me say that most of my life I have not had age/weight issues and I know that for some it plays a huge part. But I’m closing in on 50 and over the course of two years I gained a whopping 45 pounds! Last year I tried 4 different “diets”, or “strategies” to try to lose the weight that simply did not work.

        A friend of mine introduced me to Medifast (Take Shape for Life). It is pre-packaged meals that you eat 5 times a day and 1 “lean and green” of your choice. Please no negativity… I know there’s a lot of criticism for this type of plan. However it has worked very well for me. I started January 20 and am down 31 pounds. I still have about 15 to go to get back to my “normal” weight. Except for the first week, I average about 2 pounds a week. Sometimes 1 sometimes 3. You buy their meals but with that, you get a Certified Health Coach. I weigh in with my coach each week and she sends me encouraging messages via text and/or email. I’m a Christian and it happens that my coach is as well so I get some spiritual encouragement along the way. I’m not a coach but could put you in touch with her if you’d like.

        There is also a website. You can google them and get more information. I also have three other friends who started the program after me and they are all doing very well on the plan.

  110. I also like that you share your size. So helpful! I am shopping the Patagonia sale right now and many times a reviewer will list her height and weight, and even bust size. Perfect! Helps me to know whether I should order up or down in size, or order at all.

  111. Yes to the sizes – very helpful!
    Not sure about the “challenge” as I’m not certain I know what that means exactly as I don’t follow the other blogger you referenced in your email.
    Keep styling and praising God 🙂 as I look forward to your emails daily.

  112. Hi Cyndi, I have been a plus size for many years and I understand the hurt when you see someone who wears a small size. It’s a hopeless, “I’ll never look like that” feeling, however I still believe it’s a helpful gauge when ordering. I am now your size and I truly appreciate knowing what size you are wearing. Clothes run so differently from style to style that unless you can try it on or see it on someone it’s hard to know whether to go up or down in size so I always appreciate it when you put down what size you are wearing. Perhaps a comment about how it runs would better? Maybe, “these pants run a little small so would recommend you go up a size” something like that? I don’t know, just thinking out loud, 🙂 Hope your day is filled with blessing in all shapes and sizes!!!

  113. I truly love your blog and look forward to it each and ever day. The size is meant to help us in our ordering of things you wear never meant to me vain. Don’t change a thing..

  114. Please keep posting the sizes! They are so helpful when ordering especially if something is made bigger or smaller. I just bought a Loft sweater in my normal size medium and it is a HUGE SACK on me. It’s going back.

  115. Hi Cyndi —

    Having the sizes is very helpful to me, or rather knowing if I need to size up or down. I am not an “over 40” but yet a 30 year old working mom of 4 who was stuck in a slouchy slump. LOL. Finding your blog has helped me tremendously with my style and given me back my confidence. I love taking inspiration from the outfits you put together and sometimes copying them all together. I get compliments on the daily and I feel pretty and stylish again. I just started the GET YOUR PRETTY ON Spring Challenge and am loving it!! I would love to do a challenge with you, so I am all for it!!

    Have a great day!

  116. Share the sizes, Cyndi and ignore insensitive comments like that. I just don’t get people sometimes. As another reader said this is a fashion blog and sizes matter in this setting

    Keep up the great work


  117. First, i participate in Alison’s Style Challenges – love them b/c they give you budget options for each piece as well as moderate and more pricey ones – great flexibility. I purchased her year long membership, but one of my peeves is that it does NOT include her work wear challenge. And another peeve is that she only posts a work wear challenge once a year. So, YES, I would be interested if you did a work wear challenge if your will be similar to hers in that it gives me options for how much I want to spend on an option – and if it incorporates seasonal pieces as well. What I would like is a work wear capsule and then seasonal (and less expensive) challenges to incorporate seasonal pieces with the work wear capsule.

    Secondly, I like that you include your sizes. It gives a good frame of reference for readers. We women need to be confident – no matter our size. I am not thin – 30 lbs heavier than I want to be – but it is on me to take care of my body better if I want to be smaller and want clothes to fit better!

  118. Please share your sizes Cyndi – it helps me not to have order 2 of everything. Thank you for all you do to make “fashion” easier and more fun. Deborah

  119. I appreciate you sharing with us your size as it does help in trying to figure out what size we might order.
    Thanks for all your fashion tips, I truly appreciate your blog. I will not be signing up for the 21 day work wear fashion as i am a retired women who wears casual clothes most of the time but I do think it’s wonderful that you try to please everyone!

    Thank you

  120. I am a new reader who happened upon you very recently. I was on Pinterest searching for exactly what you offered – styles for women over 40! I am not a huge social media follower as I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.; however, I do love Pinterest which is where I found your “27 Days of Spring” and after further reading, I was so happy to find your Grace & Beauty website!

    Cyndi, you have a gift. In His grace, God has given you physical beauty which is matched by your inner beauty. You generously share your gifts with other women so kindly and you do it well. Thank you for taking the time to pass along what works so well for you to women who may not have the time, creativity, etc. to achieve your stylish look. For those who may not appreciate your gifts, efforts or do not agree with whatever you choose to share, then perhaps they should read elsewhere. It’s as simple as that. There is no need for meanness or negativity when your intentions are nothing but honest and good. I am excited and encouraged to use your fashion tips and I look forward to reading your daily posts!! Job well done Cyndi and many blessings!!

  121. I love it when I read your daily blogs! and also love the fact that you are telling us your sizes, I cannot tell from a picture (on the computer) if a size will fit or not, so in that sense, it is a very helpful tool! After reading that comment that day, I too was a little shocked that someone would write that in to you… adore the way you run your site, I don’t think that people realize how much work is involved with all that you do for gals that you have never met! I for one, appreciate it more than you know; you touch so many lives and truly are an anointed woman of God. Count me in for the Challenge, thinking that would be awesome !

  122. Cyndi,

    Please share your sizes. As others have said it really helps as a point of reference. And I am sorry you received an unkind comment. I really appreciate your blog and Bible verses.

  123. I don’t think telling your size really helps, what does help is if something is your normal size, did you have to go up or down from your normal. I was at the Loft yesterday ordering a pair of pants, I’m tall and on the thinner side the sales lady was short and rounder. When I told her my size, she said “that’s my size too”. If you put the two of us next to each other you would never think we were wore the same size. So knowing what size someone is wearing doesn’t tell me anything.

  124. I really hope you will continue to share your sizes. We are about the same size and it is extremely helpful to know what size you are wearing for reference. This is especially helpful to me for online ordering, since I really dislike having to return or exchange. It is also good to know when an item runs small or large on you so I can order accordingly.

    I have never thought you were bragging when you mention your size, as it is always just as a reference. One of the main reasons I follow you is that you are very sincere and have a good heart. I think it’s very noble of you to be sensitive to all of your readers’ feelings. Maybe you could provide a separate link “Click here for Size info” so only those interested would read it? I really enjoy your blog and I know you will figure it out.

    Have a great day Cyndi!

  125. PLEASE continue to share sizes! And it is MOST helpful when you relay that things run bigger or smaller, or that because of the fit you chose to size up or down. That is sooooo helpful. I’m a busty woman so it particularly helps me for tops, sweaters, and blouses.

    And if it means anything, I never questioned WHY you were giving sizing. I clearly got that you were doing it for informational purposes. I’ve only been following you for a couple months. But I remember seeing an outfit and wondering what size you wore so I could determine what size I needed.

    Keep being YOU!

  126. I would love to join your style challenges. I wouldn’t be interested in the work wear challenge but something more casual would be awesome!

  127. Cyndi,
    I enjoy your blog daily! Although I am very small, I wear a variety of sizes, depending on the store, the brand and the style. At the Loft for example, I can wear a 0 in their pants, but at a store such as Penney’s a medium fits. People need to stop placing such a stigma on size and think as long as it looks and fits well, nothing else matters! I agree, I like to see the sizes you get, as I can take my own proportions into account when I order. Keep up the good work and I enjoy seeing work clothes as well!

  128. Wow! Lots of comments. I agree with the others in saying this is your blog, we love it, keep up the GREAT work!

    First, I don’t mind reading sizes, it’s especially helpful when you give your height and how something runs, small, big, etc. I’m tall and if something runs short, especially in the arms and shoulders, I’ll think twice about trying it.

    Regarding the challenge, I might be interested. My only reservation is that I work in a very casual work environment where I can dress up or down so I get LOTS of style tips from your regular posts. But looking forward to hearing more about the challenge.

    Thanks for all you do, Cyndi … you have the perfect balance of fashion and faith!

  129. Hi Cyndi – sizes are really helpful, especially if you order online…now that I have been following for a bit I am better at ordering my size once I know what size you have…for example, if the pant size you have is one size up, i then know to also order up..based on how it is fitting you…i suppose you could say “true to size” or fits slim or fits baggy, but, for me, the size is really helpful 🙂 thanks so much for all your ideas, suggestions and encouragement!!

  130. I’m so sorry that woman was unkind. I prefer that you share the size. No, you and I are not the same size. However, knowing your size, and whether you needed to go a size up or down is important information. People need to get over themselves. And I mean that in the nicest of ways. Really, I do. Die to self. The goal is to be healthy, not obsessing over a number. My daughter is very slim and she will never be smaller than a 6 in her life, and is much healthier at an 8. She’s got hips and a round backside. My daughter-in-law, at just about the same height, hovers between a 4 and a 6. Different body type. And it’s fine. I’m healthiest at a 10/12. Do I miss being a 4? Sometimes, but I have a much healthier lifestyle now and my body changed A LOT with my pregnancies. Sorry for the long, wordy post. I just can’t stand body shaming on either end of the spectrum. God made us all different for a reason. We need to trust Him in this.

    1. How rude !you are nothing but sweet ,kind and,wonderful person !I appreciate you giving the size your wearing !store sizes are all a little different and it’s nice to have an idea!I love your blog !your not showing off because you wear a size such and such it’s for reference people !love ya

  131. I enjoy your daily blog and the fact you do sometimes include size information. It is helpful. Keep it up – it does more good than harm!

    I’m on the hunt for the perfect white t-shirt and look forward to reading more about your finds with this staple.

  132. Cyndi I don’t usually comment, because you always look cute in everything you wear, you have very good taste. I’m one of those women that is a little overweight , but your site has helped me out a lot because I can see what looks good and what styles are in for older women. I always trust your judgement in styles. I have bought several things you have had on your blog, even though they didn’t look as good on me as they did you. I still like to look to keep up with the trend. Thanks for being so nice.

    1. Renee!! Please don’t compare!!! You are BEAUTIFUL just the way and size you are!!! Dress the body you have right now and enjoy your own beautiful self!!! God “Fashioned” you!! Gen 2:22 Blessings!!

  133. I don’t mind the size sharing at all! Much like the Glamour Farms website, I find it helpful to know your personal stats and sizes so I can guesstimate how an item might fit on me. I’m taller and larger than you, but your size is your size, and I’m just different. I’m sorry others feel upset or offended by that. Your regular readers should know you and the purpose behind sharing. We’re all unique — let’s celebrate that.
    Love you and your blog!

  134. Cyndie,
    I am a homeschool mom with two teens at home. Within the last few years I have lost around 90 pounds. Before children I wasn’t very “on trend” but always tried to look classy. Ninety pounds, two kids, 15 moves (for my husband’s career) to usually very rural locations and “coming home” to work changed me. I suffered through years of depression.

    My decision to arise to the woman God made me to be was BATHED in prayer! I knew I was not being who He made me to be. I got very real with myself and with Him. He has blessed me with so much and I am eternally thankful.

    Since losing the weight I have struggled with how to dress. I don’t want to look like my teen daughter but I also don’t want to look frumpy!!!

    Your blog has helped me so much with that. I look forward to it everyday because I am from Kentucky but live in the Midwest now. My Southern roots are deep! As soon as I saw your first pictures I thought to myself…”now that is a Southern Lady!” I knew immediately that you had to live somewhere near or below the Mason-Dixon!

    You sharing your love of Jesus, everyday so fervently brings such joy to my heart. You have taught me it is not sinful to desire to look nice. So often I feel ostracized for even wearing skinny jeans! Women can be mean and hateful! Your blog has helped me with that also!

    My point is…Please don’t change anything. A great friend and I were talking recently about fashion, body image and other females comments. We decided to “stick together” and encourage each other. And that is exactly what you are doing for me and many other women over 40!

    Blessings to you today and always,


  135. Posting sizes is a good reference, especially for websites that use very young, very tall models. I am clearly NOT the same size as you, but I can get a better gauge for my size and shape. Thanks for your website and the ones you link to. I stumbled on it when looking for age appropriate (not old lady) clothing.

  136. I appreciate the sizing info – I (and I think most if not all of your regular readers) understand that it is for reference. This is a big help because so many brands having different sizing, and even within brands sizing can run differently depending on the exact style. Even though there are some good retailers that make it easy to buy multiple sizes so one can try things on and return the non-fitting ones, it is still helpful to get some sort of reference point.

    So, in short – please keep providing it for our reference. Thanks!

    1. I agree with the above comments. Sizing just gives us perspective. It’s not a judgement on any one else. Thanks for sharing and being open about all that you are wearing and doing; it makes it feel like we are all shopping together like girlfriends like to do. Thanks

  137. Good Morning Cyndi! I am a big fan of your blog and enjoy each one. I understand that when you are in the “public eye” you are open to all opinions, and please remember that is what it is an opinion. Harsh words which may not be meant in the way they are expressed, at least that is what we hope! I am nowhere near your “size” but it does give me a reference point as to how the fit is. I am on a very limited budget and do not order online very often, but I do enjoy getting ideas on mixing and matching the clothes that gives an updated look. Thank you for all you “suggestions” and I so enjoy your quotes each day. Blessings to you and your family!

    1. I, too am on a budget. I like shopping at and I can find most of the styles and brands that Cyndi shares, too!

  138. I don’t understand people saying mean things. I’m with everyone else please continue to share your sizes. It’s a good reference point.

    Thank you for being an example to all women on how to be beautiful both on the outside and more importantly on the inside.

    God bless everyone.

  139. Please continue to share your size! It is extremely helpful, regardless of our own size, as ordering online is often challenging….so having a reference point is wonderful! I am in my 60’s, still young at heart and in spirit, am a regular reader of your wonderful blog which is an inspiration to many! I don’t often comment but felt compelled to on this subject. We appreciate all of your inspiration….You have great style, and also give terrific style tips….I have ordered something several times based on your outfit for the day, and have always been pleased. You are never unkind….quite the opposite! I follow your sister, Traci’s, blog as well….Both of you seem very very kind and caring! Your mom raised you well….She seemed to be pretty wonderful herself, and the perfect mom! You keep up the good work ,and continue to be true to yourself and to what feels right to you. We all benefit, and feel fortunate that you have this great blog!

  140. Love the size comments, helps when you are ordering. I am not your size but I have not problem with the postings. Stopping at LOFT on my way home today for the sale!

  141. Hi cyndi
    People need to remember 2 things
    1 God made us in all different shapes, sizes and Colors. How boring would it be if we all looked the same. Before turning 40 i was never more than a size 8. But after 40 gravity and any few other things have taken hold so now i am a size 12. This is how God made me and i am learning to except that. except that. God made you the size you are so you should share it for reference. I love your blog and i love the Godly woman that you are. You are helping me every day

  142. Precious Beautiful Cyndi………I say “keep the sizing info” and your blog is very informative and helpful to many of us with all shapes, sizes and ages. Also, I would like the work wear challenge as our office dress code is business casual. I enjoy reading your daily blog and you have a gift to put outfits together as well as share the gospel. I agree with the comment to keep marching on. ~Lisa~ 🙂

  143. I love this blog! As a fellow pastor’s wife I find there are days when it seems as though you can’t please ANY of the people ANY time. I do not find your reference to sizes at all threatening or telling of a negative aspect of character. Please keep posting as you feel necessary. I look forward to your style tips and daily encouragement. Blessings

  144. First, let me say that I look forward to your daily email showing up in my inbox!! I’m a plus-size girl so nowhere close to your size, but I love to look at your outfits and get inspiration to go looking for my own sizes at my favorite online & brick-&-mortar stores. I don’t mind you sharing your sizes at all. We’re all different sizes and shapes. I always see others asking what size you are wearing & I know it helps them to know how the item will fit if they are getting the exact same item. I think it would be a great world if we stopped comparing ourselves to each other so much and just lived in our own skin.

    Now, about the style challenges! I have followed Alison for over a year now & I think that’s actually how I found your site. I’ve done almost all of her style challenges & I love them. I would love to see your take on a challenge! My only suggestion is to not forget us plus-size girls if you link to specific items in the shopping list like Alison does. I love that she always finds a few plus-size options to each piece she styles in the challenges!

    Well, there’s my 2 cents worth! Have you heard Tim McGraw’s new song “Humble & Kind”? I think it goes quite nicely with today’s Beauty for the Heart! Have a great day!!

  145. I like having the sizes posted. For me, we are similar in size so it helps me as what size I order varies by brand, and it gives me an idea if I should order up or down a size. Thank you, love your blog. Still just wish that your faith message was at the top or the middle, so that is not after the emails link. I often forget it is there!

  146. Love Allison’s challenges, but have purchased the work wear one, so would not repurchase it. But think it is great you are going to redo it.

  147. As a daily reader, but a seldom commenter…PLEASE don’t change a thing!! Sizes and all!! People can be mean, but the good totally outweighs the bad!! Keep up your BEAUTIFUL work at spreading YOUR GRACE and BEAUTY!!

    With lots of love and appreciation…

    Loretta 😘

  148. I think sharing the size you are wearing helps us know what size we should order. Don’t change a thing about your blog! We love it just as it is.

  149. Cyndi, I love your Blog. Posting the sizes you have purchased is very helpful. Please don’t stop. I am 52 and work full time and don’t have time to keep up with style. Your blog is my daily devotional on style!! It is so so helpful. One thing I would like to see more of on your blog. I am sure other working women encounter this as well. Many companies require employees (and visitors) to wear closed shoes (no toes or heels) for safety reasons. I love how you style the flats, but I prefer comfortable heals from 1 1/2 to 3 inches. I love wearing tight ankle pants and I rarely wear skirts because it just isn’t appropriate with the work I do. Also, regarding todays outfit. I would have loved a shot from the back in this outfit. I just want to see how the shirt hangs out from under the suit coat. I don’t think I would have done this under a suit coat, but I am glad to see it because I love it under more casual sweaters or cardigans. Keep up the good work Cyndi.

  150. HI,

    I love your blog and I’m sorry your feelings were hurt. Some people can be so thoughtless.
    I like size info only if just to say if an item is true to size or not.
    Another blogger I follow simply says “I’m wearing a small so it’s true to size or I’m wearing a medium so I recommend sizing up unless you’d prefer a snugger fit or this item has a bit of stretch so I ordered down a size.” That info always seems helpful when I’m ordering off the internet.

    Keep your chin up!
    Ann from Chicago

  151. Cindi love your blog, Particular being that you are a Christian, and you will share modest and age appropriate outfits. I am over 50, but want to be modest yet be stylish.

    I do have a question, I bought a couple of outfits from The Loft, that are Navy, though I am having a difficult time finding some cute shoes, particularly espadrilles to match, is a neutral color shoe ok to wear with Navy. I am use to shoes matching the outfit. Thanks so much

    1. Hey Marianne, Yes a neutral color shoe is perfect!! I have a navy dress I’m going to style with a nude heel. I think nude is better because it elongates our legs. I know it’s hard but we have to try not to be too matchy matchy. Hope that helps!!

    2. I just found fabulous navy and natural fiber espadrilles at TJX…..they were $49.99 but GREAT looking AND comfortable. then I noticed that they featured those on an email I got from them a few days ago…so check online!

  152. Hi Cyndi, I dont usually comment but I appreciate u sharing the size…it really does help me decide what size I need…in my work, I am the human resource manager for a plant of 450 very different and individual people and have learned that I cant always please everyone…which is tough because I want to everyone to be with that being said, I try to find ways that meets the majority of the people…is there a way where u can link to ur sizes so that those of us who want to know can click to find out and those that dont can not click? My other managers always chide me for trying to make people happy, but my personality is to do everything within my power to create an environment where everyone feels valued, and appreciated…it doesnt always work, but I at least come away feeling that I did my best to try…I truly appreciate your heart and it comes through in ur blog. Thank u!

  153. Please continue giving the sizes. Every time I have bought something related to your blog, I know I need to go up one size on tops and I wear the same size pants! I appreciate the fact that you also note whether it runs large or small. Good job!

  154. It is so sad you got a mean comment about sizes. One day last summer I read your blog while in my car in the Old Navy parking lot. I ran into Old Navy and knowing your size of the dress you posted I tried on next size up and bought it!
    Thank you!

  155. Hi Cyndi, I LOVE your blog and truly appreciate you sharing your sizes! Please continue doing so. In fact, today I am curious about the size of the Loft blazer you are wearing. I need a navy one and am unsure what size I should get. It looks great on you! Thank you again and God bless you!

  156. Cyndi -keep posting the sizes! I am so sorry someone was so unkind in assuming you were posting your sizes for vain purposes. You are doing great work with a kind heart for all of us lucky ladies who have found your site and get to hear from you daily. Don’t change a thing! Have a blessed day!

  157. I love having the sizes for a reference point so I say keep it up!
    AND those striped pants! Oh how I love them (running off to my nearest LOFT)

    Thank you for being you and being REAL

  158. Please continue to post your sizes Cyndi! You are an inspiration to me with your fashion sense and your Bible verses. Even though most of us know our sizes, every piece of clothing we try on can be different. And, your sizing gives us a reference point. I am truly sorry that woman hurt your feelings. If she were a regular reader, she would know where your heart is. God bless you!

  159. I find the sizes very helpful. While I’m not your size it gives me a sense of how the clothes look and I can figure out whether someone taller and larger (I’m 5’9″ and a size 10-14 depending on the brand) could wear them. I also appreciate if you can say whether a given brand runs smaller or larger (like Loft seems to run large). Unfortunately, the internet always seems to have a few people that just don’t understand the spirit of a blogger. I hope you’ll keep sharing and realize the mean spirited person is speaking only for herself.

  160. Please continue to post sizes. It is helpful and informative; not vain at all. You can’t please everyone all the time. Don’t change what’s been working for a small sampling of opinions. I love your blog and read everyday!!

  161. I value the fact that you share your sizes. I shop at LOFT a lot, but regardless of the brand, it gives me a sense of how a particular item of clothing will fit should I decide to purchase. I also read online reviews and appreciate it when there are size references. That way I know if I need a medium or large, etc. I love your posts. And not just for the fashion. You exude happiness and HOPE. I love how sincere you are. You are more than just a blogger, you are more like a sincere, sweet friend. Xoxox’s

  162. Hi Cyndi,
    I am a big fan of your blog and love what you share! I tend to be a quiet follower, but today I felt that I needed to share how much I enjoy your posts. I am saddened that rude comments are made. I appreciate you sharing your sizes. Loft and Old Navy tend to have sizing that is trickier for me, it is good to see the items on you, since we are close to the same size. There are many times I am in my closet looking for something to wear and I look up your outfits and recreate them! As a new 50 year old, it is wonderful to follow a faithful woman who is Sassy and helps me continue to be the best version of me.
    Thank you for your positive and inspiring messages!

  163. I would prefer your commenting on your size of clothing, your height and whether the item seems to run big or small. Sometimes people even give their weight which helps as well. I follow several blogs and really appreciate it when a clothing item is being worn and the blogger indicates this type of information. I seem to be doing more online purchasing and this really helps me to determine whether the item is going to be too long, too big or small for my height and weight. Thanks and you are doing a great job of giving different items of clothing out there (not just Nordstroms) for those who don’t wish to spend as much on their clothing.

    1. I agree with Linda. You are adorable, and I am sure some women are a bit jealous. I am also sure you work at it, and you take good care of yourself.
      It does help especially to state if items run big/small or true to size.
      I also agree with her comment about Nordstrom’s prices. I am usually able to find a few things at Old Navy and appreciate what you show from there.
      Most of my clothes and shoes are from TJ Maxx. Great quality at good prices.
      Keep doing what you are doing!
      I appreciate you, and the fact that you are not afraid to talk about your faith!
      You make me want to be a better woman.
      God Bless,

  164. Dear Cyndi – I am a newbie to your blog and am a HUGE fan. I have always struggled to be cohesive in my style and fashion appropriate for my age (40’s). Your blog has inspired me so much since I love Jesus, Loft clothing and coffee too 😉 I am now excited about my wardrobe and have already bought several of the pieces you have shown.
    In following the apparent consensus – please post sizes. You will never please everybody and if someone is feeling badly about their own body image, that is something they need to deal with. Your intent to help and inspire is very apparent and I’m so sorry that you have to deal with hurtful people in the process.
    Keep shining His love!

    1. I agree with Heather! I’m sorry you have to deal with hurtful people when you’re just trying to be helpful. Keep up the good work!!!

  165. I’m sorry that someone felt the need to ridicule you. We are all made differently – size, height, coloring, body shape, etc. When following fashion blogs, I expect to find detail about the products being shared – whether it’s clothes, make-up, shoes, jewelry, whatever. I actually prefer ALOT of detail. LOL If you tell us what size you are wearing, whether the product is true to size, runs small, large, etc., it’s a good reference for your readers if we want to order. I have been following your blog for quite some time and I’ve never felt that you come across as vain. And you are such an inspiration with the Beauty for the Heart postings each day. My vote is to continue what you’re doing and if someone doesn’t like it, then they can read something else! 🙂

  166. I have been following your blog for almost 3 years now. Never is those three years have I thought that you were/are vain. You have a fashion blog. You do fashion. I come here to see what’s fashionable and to get a little daily soul food as well. As you can see the majority isn’t bothered by you posting your size. I actually like that you do. When I go to purchase something that I see you wearing I think to myself, Cyndi is wearing a size ? so I probably need the next size up. This mathematical equation hasn’t let me down yet. I’ve also bought things and thought”yee, this looks way better on Cyndi than it does me” and I will take or send it back. One of your readers commented that they like it when you say “I wear a size 6 but I sized this up one size. It runs small.” Those are very very helpful suggestions. Keep on keeping on friend.

  167. I like those pants! But they look really big on you! Is that how they are supposed to look like or are they big on you?
    Thank you!!

  168. Wow, so many comments! I’m a little late to this party but I agree about size information and I love love love your blog everyday!! I’d be interested in jackets other than a jean jacket or military style, both of which I wear often.. Like many km always cold in air conditioning. What other types of jackets are out there besides the afore mentioned and the blazer? Thank you for being you Cyndi!

  169. I remember being abit jolted by that mean comment. I think the consensus is clear. Post your sizes. Hight is also important. thank you for blogging.

  170. Cyndi,

    After getting a rude comment on my blog a while back, a reader shared the following idea with me: “You can be the prettiest, juiciest, most delicious peach in the orchard but there are always going to be people who don’t like peaches.”

    I vote you post sizes. It helps

  171. Hi Cyndi – I follow your blog daily. WOW….look at all the comments today!!! What does this indicate? It indicates that we all support you! Don’t stop listing the sizes. It helps a lot! You are beautiful inside and out, and you look amazing in everything you wear. I admire you all the time. Put a BIG smile on your face, and shake off the negative, mean, jealous remarks!

    Stay beautiful in God’s grace 🙂


    1. I’ve not posted until today and have posted twice now (the other post was in response to where to find a great pair of navy shoes!)….anyway, I, too, look forward to your daily post and have found a kinship in you in that you love the things I love…..the Lord, family, friends and stylish clothes! I always read your inspirational words and admire how you are leading a balanced life.
      RE. posting sizes……it IS helpful for you to post the size you buy in various items….no, I’m not as tiny as you are, but at 67 I am fine with that! You’ve introduced me to the Loft and I’ve found some appropriate things that I’ve mixed in with other items. I even showed the Loft ladies in Atlanta your blog on my phone and they didn’t know about it and what a great marketing rep you are for them!! I’ve been a huge fan of Chicos but have to watch the styles to make sure things are too boxy. Their clothes wear well and last forever. Keep up the wonderful job that you’re doing and remember: “Birds always peck at the fruit at the top of the tree!”


  173. Cyndi, I, too, love your blog and how you inspire women to try new things, look their best, but mostly to remember that beauty starts on the inside.
    You inspired me to….BUY WHITE JEANS the other day. Never did I think I would wear white jeans at 46! I always thought they’d make me look fat. Oh dear, I sound like a teenager. So glad I took the plunge and bought them. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep doing what you’re doing! And, post sizes. It’s so helpful for the rest of us when we order or shop.
    Be blessed!

  174. Cyndi,
    wow, so many sweet, thoughtful comments today! What a joy to see these ladies lifting you up and affirming your work and your heart. Please continue to be the person the Lord has chosen to help so many of us. We really appreciate all you do, and wish only the best for you! As one sweet lady said your beauty shines from within. On another subject, we continue to pray for your cousin, please let her know that!

  175. I just purchased 3 pairs of Clark shoes. All 3 were wedges in different colors black, brown & blue. I normally don’t pay that much for shoes but they are very comfortable. Elderbeerman has Clarks 40% right now!

  176. Youre so very kind!!! I am down from a 14 to a 10, and still loosing!!! I LOVE that you list the sizes because it helps see how the items should fit, and is such a big help ordering!! Im a 54 year YOUNG grandmother of 4, who has accepted that i will never be 17 again, and don’t really want to be!! LOL, but do want to look my best thru the aging years. EVERY woman of ANY size is beautiful!! According to Genesis 2:22- We are “fashioned” ladies, by the Creator of everything!!! My husband says it this way: ” God just spun some dirt around and made a man, but he “fashioned” us ladies, so we are all beautifully created by God for his purpose. I certainly hope this particulat lady will revisit your blog, but most of all, will find her “beauty” in the Lord, as it is meant to be. OK!!!Sorry!! didn’t mean to preach!! my vote is a big YES!!! for sizes!!!

  177. Hi Cyndi,
    I really enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it daily. Your style is one I aspire to, so please keep doing the great job that you are. Personally, I like that you offer the size you are wearing and how it runs (large/small, etc.). It is a good reference point.

  178. Oh, wow! I guess that lady hasn’t noticed that stores reference what sizes the models are wearing? Some even put the models’ measurements…I’m not suggesting you do that! So, yes, I think you should keep putting what size you’re wearing; I also thing it’s helpful if you point out “runs small,” “runs big,” etc.

    I hope you’re feeling affirmed and appreciated today. We all love you, Cyndi!

  179. Cyndi…..please do post your sizes. I appreciate that you do… helps me to order online if I know what size you are wearing! Even though I am taller than you it is still a big help and I would imagine that it helps others.
    Thank you for all that you do, you are an absolutely beautiful sister in Christ and I love your blog and posts, I look forward to them in the mornings, along with a verse so that I can focus on that every day!

    Take Care and have an absolutely beautiful weekend!


  180. Post your size and be proud of it, we are all beautiful in the Lord’s eyes no matter what our size, 2 or 22! And as the song goes, haters gonna hate, hate,hate,hate, don’t waste your time or energy on those people, we all love you girl!

  181. I’m sorry that people make mean comments to you. Good grief, it’s only your size. I like it when you post the size you are wearing, and your height, for comparison purposes. I also like it you say you are wearing a camisole, or shaper underneath an item. If an item runs small or large, please state that. or say the fit is close to the body, for a looser fit size up. thanks for what you do Cyndi.

  182. Cyndi, I appreciate your desire to be kind and honest. I appreciate that you are considerate of your readers and our feelings. You are a true duaghter of the King. I appreciate that this weighs on you.

    There have been times when reading your blog or other’s that I get irritated when I read the size. NOT because you share it!! I get irritated with myself because I wish I was still that size!! It’s my own insecurity and frustration with myself. It really has nothing to do with you!!

    I agree with so many, knowing your size helps us know how to order and helps us invision it on ourselves. Knowing that you are skinnier and taller helps me evaluate what that style would look like on my body. I know that when I order I will have to order a larger size than you. I’m glad to know that rather than pretend or think I”m the same size as you only to be disappointed when the item arrives and is too small.

    The spirit and attitude with which you share your personal information is pure and genuine. You don’t need to feel bad about that and don’t let others make you feel bad for that. If it’s upsetting to someone it’s likely because they are insecure or not happy with their own body image—that is something that person needs to deal with, not you.

    Just the fact that you’re concerned and asking our opinion tells me that you are not a proud or flaunting.

  183. We are all beautifully and wonderfully made. Post your sizes – it is helpful to know how something fits – whether it may run big or small. I love your posts always!

  184. I love your blog!! I look forward to reading it every day. I always recommend my friends to start reading your blog. Pleas continue posting sizes, especially if something runs larger than smaller than normal.

  185. Keep listing sizing! I think listing your size is helpful for the one who might want to purchase the item you’re wearing. OR, as an alternative, instead of saying your actual size, you could say “true to size”, or “this ran big/small”, etc. so it is still helpful to someone wanting to purchase.

  186. Please keep sharing your sizes in items. It helps so much and decreases the potential for returns! I just realized this is likely my first post but I have been reading your blog for over a year.

  187. I would love for you to share your size. If I have your size as a reference, it helps me make decisions when ordering on-line. It is so costly to have things shipped and then have to return them when they don’t fit!!! Thanks!

  188. That is ridiculous that you posting the size of the clothing on a fashion blog offends someone. It is obvious you are a small size, perhaps that is what really bothered the reader!! Please keep posting the sizes, it is very helpful when ordering.

  189. People can be so petty. One thing I have noticed about your posts that sometimes I think “She has too nice a figure to hide in flowy tops and dresses.” Then I realized that you are showing fashions that would flatter those of us who have a bit to hide. You are lovely from the inside out!

  190. I prefer to know your size. It helps me to shop! Don’t stop listing sizes even if it offends a very few 🙂

  191. I love your blog, comments, sizes, and advice. I am shorter and a bit more on the “plump” side, but love myself and find it helpful to know your size and if you feel the clothes run a little on the larger or smaller size.

  192. I like it when you include the size you’re wearing. I’ve found that we wear similar sizes, so it’s a guide for me if I’m buying online.

  193. I vote keep the size. I appreciate what you share. It is inspirational and you are so sweet. Keep sharing sizes, verses, humor, and life with us. Thank you Cyndi!

  194. I believe you should post the sizes you are wearing. It is very helpful to those of us that are a similar size. Please don’t let one mean person dictate the direction of your blog. I haven’t been viewing your website for very long, but so far I really like it and have purchased a few of the items you have shared with us. I really like the scripture you share each day and would be upset if you removed it because someone complained. Keep up the great work, it is very inspirational and helpful to me and others.

    1. Hi Lynn, Thanks for stopping by! Scripture and sharing about my faith are not an option for me. That’s one thing that will not change. 🙂

    2. I agree with Lynn about sharing the sizes. We are similar in size and I appreciate the reference point when I’m looking at the items on line. Everyone is different and I think that woman that are over forty should realize that and be able to use the sizes you post as a reference also. Not everyone is a size 4 and that is okay. God made us each unique and in His image. Which makes us all beautiful.
      I would love to participate in challenges that you sponsor. I did one of Allison’s challenges and liked it, but really like how you actually wear the clothes. I like being able to see how they look on real people.

  195. Cyndi,
    I know this isn’t about today’s post but I didn’t know which one I should post this to. I ordered the indigo Heather cardigan from JC Penney from your April 6th post and it looks gray instead of blue. Is yours more gray than blue and there is just a difference in monitors? Or did they send me the wrong color? Help?

    1. Well I would have said mine was definitely light blue but when I went and looked again, it’s not as blue as what’s on the monitor. I would not have said gray but I can see what you mean..
      It even looks bluer on the JCPenney website.
      Hope that helps!

  196. Anyone who has read your blog for any length of time knows you’re anything but vain. Posting the size is for reference, not to one up (or down) anyone. I’m a few sizes up from you but even with that the size reference makes it easier to gauge how things run. I agree with the many who have commented, keep the size references and thanks for all the time you take putting these posts together.

  197. Anyone who has read your blog for any length of times knows you are anything but vain. I’m a few sizes up from you but the sizes are a gauge either way. I agree with the many who have commented, keep it up and thanks for all your work in putting these posts together. You’re my favorite!

  198. Speaking of telling your size, something I find enormously helpful is to know a little more about the fit of your shoes. Are your feet high or low volume? This is especially useful to know with sandals. For example, the Target sandals you have been wearing a lot here recently… it your feeling they would work for my low volume feet?

  199. HI,
    I prefer the size information also, it helps me to know what sizes I may need when I order online. Everyday I am encouraged by your words and testimony. God Bless!

  200. I think you should continue to post your sizes. It’s obvious that you do it so that your readers can see what size to order themselves. And it has inspired me to lose weight. I’m down 11 pounds so far. Yay!

  201. Hi, Cyndi! I appreciate that you include your size. It makes it so much easier to shop online or fins size quickly at the store. Thanks!

  202. My preference is that you list your size and height, which gives ME a better idea of where the clothes you’re styling would hit on me. I’m 5’10”, so crop pants on you would be much shorter on me. Dresses and tops would be shorter, so it helps to know what size you’re wearing and how tall you are, to begin with. Anyone who sees that as vain, is totally missing the point on finding fashionable clothing.

  203. Personally, I prefer when sizes are shared because it helps to know when items run big or small – that way if it’s something I’m interested in purchasing for myself, I know what size to buy. It’s unfortunate that some readers are uncomfortable with size sharing, but I think that unease is within themselves and isn’t really connected with anything you do or don’t do. The size you wear shouldn’t have any effect on their self-image. God made us all different.

      1. Hello Cyndi

        I’m so sorry you received mean comments. I want to encourage you to keep doing what you’ve been doing, because it’s working for many people!

        I really love your posts!

        I’ve been a long-time reader of your site. I’m impressed with your fashion choices and that you feature a diverse range of clothing options from casual to work wear and up to to dressy. You provide such helpful details about the fashion, the retailer who sells it, and the scripture is an added bonus. Also, I like it when you post the sizes because it gives me perspective on the size I may need for myself and how my size might look on me. It would also be helpful if you could comment if the item runs true to size, small or large.

        Thank you again for sharing your great fashion sense! Your ROCK! 😄

  204. I am interested in your workwear style challenge.

    I think you should keep posting sizes. Your never going to be able to please everyone, you just need to hold your head high and keep doing what your doing. You’re a beautiful lady and I look forward to your blog everyday.

  205. I’m happy when you post your sizes. It really helps me to know how to order from different companies. You are such an encouragement to others. I think sometimes people feel a certain freedom to comment online when they would never say such things in person. It’s so hard to forget negative comments. You know it takes 7 positives to erase 1 negative?!?!? 🙁
    Hopefully you’ve gotten enough positives today to erase the meanness and keep doing what you do best! You share the love of Jesus to others AND cute clothes too!! <3 I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  206. Unlike your insecure readers, I not only want your size, but your weight and height as well so I have a true frame of reference. If you’re like me, though, you’d never want that printed 😉

  207. First of all I am loving Loft this season!! I love these pants and am either going to pick up this pair or the geometric pair you wore last week. I prefer it when bloggers tell their size because it helps me gauge what size to choose for myself. I try not to compare myself to other women – although it is hard sometimes. Not everyone can be the same size or look the same. Dont change anything about your blog – it is perfect the way it is – just like you(: Susan

  208. I’ve been following your blog for some time, but I’ve never commented. First off, I would like to thank you for offering a Christian fashion blog. It’s so refreshing and encouraging that you share God’s word while helping all of us feel our best. Continue to share your sizes. People always want what they don’t have. I love the work wear suggestions!! Those of us that work in an office would love to have suggestions to keep us looking fresh and in style!

  209. I also vote that you post your sizes. When I go to online stores and read the reviews, I am usually looking for information from the purchaser on their height and weight and what size of the garment they ordered, and then how it fit them. Keep up the good work on your blog! I thoroughly enjoy it!

  210. I love you Blog and look forward to reading and seeing photos everyday. I like that you post your size because it helps me know what sizes to order when I go to the link.

    Jesus shines in you always!

  211. Please share the size you are wearing. When I don’t see it I scroll through all the comments to try and find it. I use it as a gauge to decide what size I should order. Thank you for your blog and sharing so much with us. You are a blessing!!

  212. I have to admit I didn’t read down as far as I should yesterday (I was rushed). I had to come back to see the section about “sizes”. Well, I agree with all the others the ability to know what size you are vs. what size you are wearing in specific pieces is extremely helpful. I have items that range from a 00 (yep, thanks Chico’s) to a 8 (many tops just cause I like the way they look/hang) so knowing what size you are vs. the item will help be determine what size I might need/be interested in so that it keeps me from having to return too often. It’s your blog – do what makes you feel comfortable. No complaints here 🙂

  213. Cindy, Please list the sizes, most fashion blogs do this so the reader can use these sizes as a tool! I am sorry that someone would post a mean comment, not nice! I have enjoyed your blog for a while now, I am a 40ish mom of 4 and a 2nd grade teacher! Your style really fits my lifestlye!! Please keep up the fantastic work!!

  214. I love your blog, it’s definitely my favorite!!! You always look beautiful! I appreciate you posting sizes because I know whatever size you are wearing, is the size I will need 🙂 I’m sorry someone left you a mean comment. You come across as the nicest person! I turn forty this year & I am so glad I found your blog!! I always love your outfits.

  215. So sorry you received a negative comment. If that person shops online at all they would see that some sites offer the size the model is wearing. By you providing your size only helps in making the right purchase for others. I like to know if something runs big or small. I enjoy reading your posts and love your style. You’ve helped me spruce up my style!!!

  216. Mrs. Spivey, I love this blog. Thank you for sharing it with us each day. I love that you not only share your size but you also share where to find the items. It helps when you like the items you see to be able to go directly to that site and find what you are looking for. ( Time saver for sure ) I also enjoy the fact that you share items from every perspective to try and meet everyone’s budget. I think you should stay doing what you have been doing (it’s obviously been successful) and don’t worry about the few you can’t please. Jesus taught me when you come across those like that, to just love them like He would. Keep your head up – Keeps you feeling the “Son” on your face ! Have a great day.

  217. Oh Goodness! I missed the comments yesterday, I’m an early riser and read your blog the moment it hits my email… and yesterday I had some time off, so after reading your blog, which featured that beautiful “Tomato Puree” textured jacket, I decided I need to try it on. So off I went for a day of shopping starting at LOFT. They didn’t have my size, but they ordered it at the sale price to be delivered to the store so I don’t have to pay shipping!

    Cyndi, I use your size listing to figure my size (usually one size larger). Please don’t stop posting your size. It really helps me a lot.

    Your size postings as well as your incredible heart are a compass for me… The beauty and tenderness of your heart towards all your readers is such a great example of Christ’s love. Have a great day, Cyndi! You are a great leader of Grace and Beauty!

  218. Please continue to post your sizes. I follow your blog because we are about the same size. I do not follow a plus size blog because the clothes they style would look foolish on my size 4 frame. Perhaps we can all suggest some good plus size blogs for the unhappy followers.

  219. I love your blog and have been a follower for several years. I find your style to be very similar to mine. I am in my 50’s, tall and thin. I find it very helpful that you include what size you are wearing and I’m sorry some people are so mean. You are a great inspiration to me and I look forward to your posts every day. Keep up the great work!

  220. I have never commented before, but I have read your blog for years. I am a 42 year old 8th grade teacher and love the outfits you style. I work with young teens all day and they notice how I dress. I love that I can be fashionable, modest, and stylish. It’s hard to teach this age group and try to be stylish while staying age appropriate. I don’t want to shop in the Juniors section, but I also don’t want to look frumpy. There are so many things I’ve purchased because of your blog. Last week, I was on spring break. I saw the blue cardigan from JC Penney on your blog and it was sold out in small, so I jumped in the car and went to buy the last size small at the store. I did this because I trust that when you put something on your blog you have approved its quality and value.

    When the person said you were “vain” she was incorrect about the meaning of the word. Vain means “to show an excessively high opinion of one’s appearance, abilities, or worth.” You are not writing a fashion blog to promote Cyndi with a “look at me!!” attitude. You are generously providing a service to your readers who have grown to trust your opinions and value the work you put into creating an entertaining, fun, helpful, and uplifting blog. Please keep the sizes!! It’s part of what makes your blog a practical, helpful resource.

      1. I agree, VERY WELL SAID Angie — not only was this size complainer mean, they are ignorant too!! Not worth a minute of your time Cyndi. Love your blog!! Like other writers, I’m a different size than you, but when you give the sizes you’re wearing it provides an important point of reference when ordering the size(s) that will fit me. In Him,

  221. I enjoy your blog so much Cyndi and if anyone is a reader, they know your heart! Your blog cannot be all things for all people. If they don’t appreciate the blog, they should move on. I say keep doing what you are doing as it is clearly working. Hang in there! You have loyal followers that love the blog as it is!

  222. I enjoy seeing the sizing information. It is so difficult sometimes to tell what size I should order if I see something I like online. You offering the size you are wearing gives me a guide as to how the garment actually fits and I can adjust my ordering accordingly. Yes, I get a little disappointed when I make the determination that a size you are wearing would never fit me but it is actually the silhouette that won’t work for me, and not how it looks on one specific person. I have lived in my skin long enough (almost 60 years, yikes!) to know what looks good on me and what doesn’t. I enjoy seeing the creative and joyful way to put items together to make an outfit. I seem to have lost that somewhere along the way. So, my vote would be to keep doing what you are doing and not let what other nameless and faceless people say bring you down, sometimes that is purely their goal. All we can do is be the best we can be and you are doing a fabulous job at being you! Thank you!

  223. Hi Cyndi, personally, I appreciate when you state the size you are wearing, it helps me to see the fit. I know on Glamore Farms site they also comment on models height etc…that’s a big help too! Chin up girl!! xoxo

  224. I don’t understand why people get offend because of size. I love your blog and look at it everyday. I love all the ideas that I get from you. I believe that if people get offend then, please don’t leave mean comments and look for another blog. You are doing such a wonderful job and are giving encouragement to so many people that follow you like I do.
    As for posting size that should be up to you, but a another follower said, it does help to get an idea of how some pieces will run in size. Please don’t change anything….

  225. Oh for the love… First of all, I really enjoy your blog, positive attitude, and fun fashion choices. Thanks for sharing them with us. I have never commented before but wanted to after reading about people getting their feelings hurt about sizing. I read several fashion blogs and have never ever thought the bloggers were being vain. Telling readers your size simply gives us an idea of what the outfit looks like on a real person. It’s nice to see real women wearing clothing and not a 17 year old size 00 model in a studio shot.
    Do what you’re comfortable with. Most of us are happy to be along for the ride!

  226. Oh my about the size emails….just this weekend I was going to comment and thank you for posting your sizes but time got away from me. Here is my opportunity.

    I have bought both the pink Old Navy pants and am currently wearing the white Loft Modern Skinny jeans. I am your size and have realized that we probably have similar body types as what fits you…fits me exactly. We are sort of in the same age range too. I was shopping for white jeans in Loft this weekend and had the curvy jeans on, the sales lady told me to try the Modern Skinny….yup they fit like a glove, like you said…and in the same size as you. I am a working mom with a serious chronic illness without a lot of time to shop so you are really helping me by listing your size.

    We need to embrace the bodies God gave us and just do the best we can to keep them healthy. We are all a work in progress. Day by day.

  227. You are a blessing – and thank you for being gracious and forgiving. You are a sweet example of Jesus. Love your fashion tips! I am not a shopper so the fashion tips help me when I do have to venture out and find something nice to wear.Have a blessed day!

  228. I am so happy to see so many rsponding with such love for you to be louder than the one voice of chaos. Your intention for mentioning sizing was to help others for reference and that speaks volumes. In no way have you ever done anything for anyone to believe otherwise about you. Hoping all this love from readers has quited the chaos from the toxicity of one unhappy person who wanted to spread that to you. Let’s pray for her!

  229. Hi Cindy, I love when bloggers share their height and size. It absolutely helps me make choices. Haters are going to hate. Social media and the Internet have exploded this. It’s terrible, but unfortunately when you choose this route as your business you’ll probably need to suck it up and consider it a minor cost of business. Your brand is “you”, and likeartists, actors, musicians, that can be painful to experience. I’m sorry for your experience with the mean people of the world, luckily I think you’re seeing the likers are winning! Call out to us, the quiet, loving majority . We need to speak up more to bring joy and love to the world. Carry on girl, we all love your blog. Kind regards, Amy

  230. I don’t think sizes are necessary, but this isn’t my blog! The good news is, you can do whatever you’d like :). I do not wear the same size as you and that’s ok! I love love love the loft and know whether a top you’re showing will work on me or not, no biggie.

  231. I don’t know that sizes are necessary in the blog, but for those of us who take a gamble and try to order things you have styled, it is nice to know if things run “true to size” or not.

    I just wish I could find even half of the pieces after I see you rockin’ your style. I’m not that lucky! But if I was … I’d be a happy stylin’ school principal!

  232. Hi Cyndi, I starting reading your blog last Fall when my sister, Cindy(!), showed me your picture because she liked your hair cut! I have been a fan ever since. I turned 50 last year, and without boring you with details, I have never had a moment to even think about fashion until now. Now I want to look great! I appreciate that you share your sizes on the clothes you are styling. (for heavens sake, Zappos gives measurements and sizes on their pencil thin models; it helps!) It really does help me, especially since I must do 95% of my shopping online. I am sorry someone was mean, how she must be hurting inside to hurt another that way. She needs Jesus! Anyway, you will probably never read this, but that is my opinion as a reader, for what it is worth.

  233. Please share sizes! That is the whole point!!!! Your blog has inspired me in so many ways! I am dressing better, I have started exercising and eating right because at 46 I want to look my best! And I want to shine the light of Jesus and you help me to do that too! Love you! 😘💕

  234. I am so thankful that you post sizes. When you go up or down a size, I do so accordingly. I have ordered several items that you have modeled on your blog. I am in my early 60’s and I love our style. I don’t want to dress old, so your style is perfect for me….not too young or too old. I look forward to your daily post to see what you’re modeling each day. I appreciate what you’re doing because it takes a lot of time to keep up a blog AND fashion those clothes every day. It’s also nice to know you;re a Christian woman too. Keep up the good work!!!

  235. I love your style and the messages you share each day. I am a larger size and I know that all your outfits may not fit my body type but I still enjoying seeing them and I get a lot of good ideas. I have never been offended by the sizes – it is a good reference. Keep up your good work and know that we appreciate you!

  236. Seriously? Has she ever looked around her or in a magazine? There are women all around in this world of all different sizes and shapes. That’s exactly why clothing comes in all sizes. Hmmmm. If you tell us the size you are wearing, then it is a good gauge for what size we might need. Math and measurements are a part of this world, not only in clothing but in every other part of our lives. Be proud of what God gave you and keep inspiring us with your fun fashion and beautiful words of wisdom. Say what you want to say; after all, it is your blog! Yay, Cindy!

  237. I really appreciate you providing size and fit information as it is helpful if I want to make a purchase. Unfortunately in this social media based world intent does not always translate. I love your blog and appreciate the details that you provide. Have a blessed day.

  238. Always read, but never comment … until now. I appreciate the sizes because it gives me a frame of reference for my size and idea of whether the style would work for me. On another note, it’s your blog to write as you see fit. 😉

  239. I am a plus size woman but I like when you put in your “reference size”. I can use that to look at how a garment hangs or sits on you and get info for “translating” to my size if I find a look I want to copy. Do I wish I was your size? Yes! But that’s under my control and until I am, I am the size I am and I love your fashion sense and am able to use it as a guide when shopping. As others have stated – it’s YOUR blog. Say what you want. Rock on sister!

  240. Good morning Cyndi! I will have to say you are so far from being vain! I have to agree with the majority here that you should keep sharing your sizes. Whether they are petite, average, plus it helps to determine if you have to go or down in sizes actually seeing it on you. (Based on their own body size). If the world was only a “Cyndi’s” size imagine how boring that would be. That is why God created us as individuals. Please keep moving forward with whatever you do decide- this is YOUR blog. I wish I could get every single outfit you model. You ROCK girlfriend!!!
    God bless- Have a great day

  241. My vote is to continue providing size information. I definitely use that when deciding what to order for myself. You and I are the same height, but you weigh quite a bit less than I do. So, I know that if you ordered a Medium in something, I’d better get an XL. If you style a Small, I’m usually good with a Large. Do I wish I were the same size as you? Sure. But that’s my doing, not yours! LOL

  242. It was very rude of that person to send you a mean message. I personally think the sizes help. I am currently wearing a larger size than you, however, different sizes from different companies do fit differently. If you wear a larger than normal size in something, then that clues me in to the fact I would need to order up as well. I think it is very helpful and shame on the person who was rude to you! We appreciate your fashion posts and your uplifting messages, Cyndi. Keep up the great work!

  243. Women can be so petty and it really gets on my nerves. I’m a size 0 and I get so tired of women who are total strangers coming up to me and making snarky comments about my weight. How about if I go up to a woman who is a total stranger and call her fat? What’s the difference? When women read my size on line without seeing me they immediately accuse me of having an eating disorder. I’m 51 years old and have dealt with this since I was a teenager. I really wish women would grow up about body sizes, you don’t see men acting like this.

  244. Hi Cyndi — since all stores are different in their sizing – I appreciate you telling us what size you’re wearing. The point sometimes is to get us interested in what you’re wearing so perhaps we’ll want to buy it — so of course hearing what size you are wearing is helpful when we go to order the item. I enjoy your blog very much – don’t let the rude insecure commenting get you down. Have a great week 🙂

  245. Hi Cyndi,

    I love your blog! This is the first time I have responded to a blog but I really wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you do. I really do like it when you put sizes with your clothes. One of my favorite store websites lists the dimensions of the model and the size she is wearing. This REALLY helps. I have often found myself wondering if I should order something in one size or another. It’s nice to know what size the model is wearing because it gives me a reference point. I can get an approximation that helps me know to size up or down. Don’t let negativity have any power over your decisions. Thanks for your help!!

  246. I so look forward to your blog as you inspire me to be a better person by your positive energy. Please don’t stop listing your size in the item of clothing as it gives me an idea as to what size I need. 🙂