Work Wear: The Perfect Black Pant

Happy hump day! Today I’m sharing a Vince Camuto blouse that I wore when I spoke on Mother’s Day and the perfect black pant.

I’m always looking for a black pant that’s comfortable and stylish and these Halogen black pants fit the bill.

Work Wear: The Perfect Black PantI love the back of this blouse with a longer hem line and pleated back.

Work Wear: The Perfect Black PantI styled this blouse with a pair of black Halogen pants. These are a great pair of pants for work. On Mother’s Day I wore this top with my Harper pants in blushin up from Old Navy (on sale for $26 plus 20% off of that!).

Work Wear: The Perfect Black PantI can’t say enough about these Sam Edelman lace up heels! I love them and they are sold out everywhere except Dillard’s.

Work Wear: The Perfect Black Pant

Work Wear: The Perfect Black Pant

Outfit Details: Vince Camuto blouse (I’m wearing an x-small)//Black pant (I’m wearing a size 6)//Lace up heel//Harper Pant from Old Navy ( I wear a size 4 in this pant)//Bracelet//Clutch//Earrings

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Beauty for the Heart~~Let’s be honest, there are people in our lives that are difficult to love. Whether it’s a friend that is mean spirited, or a family member that is constantly causing drama. You probably have someone in your life that makes loving them hard.

Romans 5:5 says, And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.

Thankfully, we are loved by God and he allows the holy spirit to fill us up with love. We can’t love the unloveable in our own strength. We need God’s love pouring through us.

Let’s pray for an unexplainable amount of love today!

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  1. So simple and classy! I have some similar items in my closet and had not thought of putting them together like you have. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Great outfit ! Those shoes are awesome! Can you tell me what nail polish you are wearing? It looks like a nice neutral/white. Thanks!

  3. You are right if it wasn’t for the holy spirit it would make it difficult to be with people that aren’t as nice as they should be towards you. I deal with this from my own sister but i have realized that it is her and not me. I let God do the work and it makes it a lot easier to deal with. God Bless.

  4. I loved the blouse when I saw you in the church video and was hoping yo
    would share the details. I am doing a study on shame right now and your
    talk really spoke to that – how God is the answer to our shame. Thanks.

  5. So cute. Love this outfit! I am looking for some casual crop pants to wear with tennis shoes, etc. Something in a cotton blend maybe? cuffed? I like the rise to sit at my waist, not low waisted. I need something casual to wear on casual Fridays and to baseball games, etc. with tee shirts. Any ideas? I am too old for shorts, need the longer length. Thanks.

  6. I clicked on the link for the blouse…just so you know, you look WAY better in it than the model does!

  7. I love the combination for the office. Classy and work appropriate but not stuffy. How thin is the blouse? Do you have a cami underneath?

    1. I am wearing a nude cami. It’s too thin without one because of the color. If you wore one of the other colors, you wouldn’t have to wear a cami.

  8. Cindi, First of all, Loved your Mother’s Day Message. My son will be gone 6 yrs.tomorrow. Their wasn’t a day that went by when I wasnt praying for him he was only 31 .
    Now I pray for my 2 grandchildren for God to lead and Guide them.
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  9. Loved your message today of hope in this world of difficult people. I can only do it through Christ who strengthens me. And I’m going to need all the help I can get when my husband retires. Love the outfit too..but what about one of those tassel necklaces? I think it’s missing something?

    1. Umm…I forgot my necklace. I’m forgetting a lot these days!! I think there’s an essential oil for that. 🙂

  10. This is a very sleek looking outfit. So, I take it that it is OK to keep my leopard print out through the summer, huh? Are you wearing a undergarment under the blouse? I’m ordering the top and wondered if I need to be thinking about what goes underneath.

    1. I wear leopard print year round! I’m wearing a nude tank under the blouse. I think I wore a nude cami (spaghetti straps) when I wore it the first time but I couldn’t find it. I might have already packed it! 🙂

  11. Love today’s outfit!! is there another place to find the clutch?? They dont offer that one at Nordstrom right now… I watched your sunday morning video, and all i can say is WOW!!!! Even tho everything about it was awesome, the thing that spoke the most to me was that you and your husband KNEW the will of God, and were not swayed by all of the negative comments coming against you!!! God’s plan is ALWAYS Amazing, and i’m so happy for you and your family. Thank you for sharing you life with us!!! I am so encouraged by you in every way!! blessings!!!

    1. Thank you Bonnie, you’re sweet. Unfortunately they are out of the leopard print clutch and only have it in nude and black. 🙁

  12. Cute outfit! Black, white, neutrals and leopard print is always adorable! I was admiring this white blouse on you during your speech. It’s funny, my husband was watching it with me and he said “I like her shoes?” LOL I thought you would appreciate that. My work wardrobe needs some serious help, this combo would be great 🙂 Thanks for sharing your quote.. I was just praying this morning for this very situation. The Lord is hard at work as usual! xo

    1. That is funny because my husband doesn’t love all my shoes but every time I wear those, he comments on how much he likes them. Ha!!

  13. Love the pants, the top, the shoes, the purse!! Love it all. My friend and I were just talking last night about loving “unlovable and mean spirited” people. We were encouraging each other with scripture and prayers and then today God led you to encourage us even more. She and I both read your blogs each day and you encourage us more than we can ever express. Thank you!!

  14. Beautiful outfit! Thank you for the message today as I was struggling with that this very morning. God always knows our every need!

  15. Good Afternoon Cyndi, love that blouse, and like many on the Macy’s review, the photo online doesn’t do it justice! Thanks for introducing me to Vince Camuto, i bought two shirts actually. Have a great day. Amy

  16. I love this look Cyndi. The blouse actually looks so much better on your than the model. I wouldn’t have looked twice at it on the website but really like how you have it styled. And those shoes…love!

  17. I noticed the blouse when I watched the video of your Mother’s Day message and was so excited that you are sharing it today!! I live in Canada and it’s on sale so I’m ordering it now!

  18. I love this outfit, everything about it looks gorgeous, and by the way it looks great on you too!

  19. Thank you again Cyndi, at this hour of the morning I do not usually read many emails, but feel God led me to you. I have a difficult family member, and tonight was again very stressful. Your words have given me strength. And lovely outfit!

  20. Hi Cyndi! Love this outfit as well. It’s so nice to see how classic colors can look so updated in the way you style them, thank you for that! I saw your answer about your fingernails, may I ask what color you do your pedicure?

  21. Hi Cyndi –
    I’m feverishly looking for the book by Beth Moore you spoke of in your Mother’s Day video on Minot in control- I cannot find it- please help on the title . I need to read it!
    You are amazing and so inspirational!!
    Thank you