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Workwear Outfit for Women-Business Casual

Many of you email and ask for workwear outfits so today I’m sharing a business casual outfit. I’m wearing a high heel which might not be good for workwear so I’ve included another option below.

These tassel earrings are from Baublebar and they’re the coral color. Baublebar has a huge selection of tassel earrings.

I’m a fan of nude heels, boots, and flats I think they elongate the leg and I have quite the collection of nude shoes. These are no longer available but I did find a block heel from the same brand that are lace up and they’re super cute.

trench coat is a great coat to have in your wardrobe. I wear mine all the time.

My cuff bracelet is also from Baublebar.

These gray pants are from Banana Republic and this color is on sale (40% off).

Sweater (I’m wearing an XS)//Sloan Pant (I’m wearing a size 6)//Earrings//Cuff Bracelet//Black Coat//Sam Edelman Heel (Option here)//Handbag//Sunglasses (similar here)

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Most of you know I like wearing heels and if I worked outside the home, I would purchase heels comfortable enough to wear all day. I found some comfortable heels that would be appropriate for wearing to work. Of course you have to pay for comfort!

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Have you found comfortable heels that you wear to work?

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Beauty for the Heart~~God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied. Matthew 5:6

In this beatitude Jesus is encouraging us to hunger (crave) justice or some versions say righteousness. There is an urgency about this craving.

God’s standard is what defines true righteousness;  To be righteous is to be right with God. A heart that is right with God results in a life that bears “fruit”

We are to strive for righteousness in our workplace, in our home, in our church, etc. Proverbs says, The LORD detests the way of the wicked, but he loves those who pursue righteousness.

Let’s crave righteousness today!

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  1. What a perfect outfit, Cyndi!!
    I used to wear heels at work all the time and some women would comment wondering how I could do it. I’d laugh and say it’s because I sat on my butt all day, LOL!! But I do think it’s like anything else, and the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Besides, I always reckon that it’s an ab workout and a good way to practice my balance!!

  2. FYI … Payless Shoes has two brands that are pretty comfortable. They are dexflex Comfort and Comfort Plus by Predictions. They do have them in heels – not super high – but 2 to 3 inches. And I know they aren’t super stylish but a plain pump can look really nice for the office too. Just a thought …

    Cyndi – you look super cute in this outfit! And I do love the heels you’re wearing. But definitely not for an 8 hour work day. LOL.

    I pray we all strive towards righteousness. I know I need to!

    Blessings to all!

    1. I agree, Payless has a couple very good comfort brands with classic pump styles that work for the office. Also, I love Aerosoles, they have really improved their styles over the last several years and very comfortable. You can order them on-line and they are delivered writhin few days.

    1. I like the neutral /nude shoe trend, too, and you can style them with many but not all outfits. I think if I wear the nude shoe, I need to have some kind of nude/tan/brown on with it. An accessory or coat or something. Even if it is a tortoise bracelet or necklace. I guess I’m old school, but I don’t think grey and tan coordinate too well. I’d probably have to wear grey or black shoes with that outfit.

  3. I wear Sofft heels most, some Anne Klein kitten heels.
    I’m trying to decide if I’d like the outfit better with something around your neck to break up the red, maybe a scarf, maybe a necklace. Of course with the trench you certainly don’t need anything else. Cute outfit. I wish Banana Republic hadn’t discontinued the Jackson Fit trouser. They leave out the curvy girls now. 🙁

  4. Love this outfit! Question: Are you wearing a cami under the sweater? In the deep South it is often too warm where I work to wear a cami unless I’m going to be outside all day ! 😁

  5. Thank you for the work clothes. I am constantly trying to restyle outfits for work and today I don’t have to do that! Love the trench coat with it too! Another thing I would like to see is how you style an outfit according to the weather. I struggle with looking good on days that call for snow boots, etc.

    Thank you!

  6. You look absolutely beautiful, Cyndi! This formula you shared today is so my style! When I worked outside the home, I’d wear heels all day; nothing over 3.5″ though. I kept my collection, and still wear them on Sundays for Mass or on special occasions. I get my shoes from a site called Andrea. I like to invest in a good pair of shoes, especially leather. They are more comfortable in my opinion.

  7. Cyndi…I’m craving righteousness today!
    …you look gorgeous in that work wear outfit..I need all the help in that department..Ha!

  8. Thanks Cyndi! I love the pants and have been looking for a new pair for work. I will definitely check these out. I also love the lower pumps that you had on the bottom, especially the nude and black ones – you could wear those with everything!

  9. I love the outfit, red and grey are a great combination and one I turn to frequently on Monday mornings. It looks great on you. The heels are super cute but at my age their is no way, even though I sit at a desk all day most working women have to run around all day in the office. A lower nude or black heel would work for me. Love the bracelet. How I long for HIS Justice and Righteousness, it’s what I cling too daily. Someday we’ll see him face-to-face and it will all make sense.

  10. I agree with the other comments ! Those of us in the workplace greatly appreciate your advice. I really like the color combo with this outfit. I actually have the back-strappy nude lower heel illustrated (or one very similar) & it works great. Gives a little lift & style but is very comfortable.
    Your emails are the highlight of my day & I so appreciate the inspirational thought you provide — keeps us grounded!!

  11. How about doing a collection for us stay at home girls. Even though we stay at home we want to look cute & stylish too. THX!

  12. Pretty color combination – and putting gray and nude/camel color together is something I started doing last fall and I get lots of compliments whenever I do. It’s one of those that our mothers (I’m 52) would have said, not those two colors together, but I love it. Gray alone can be boring, and tan alone can be boring, the two together just work ;).
    Love the bright color on top – and so looking forward to adding some color back in, although I love my black clothes. Agree that the heels would be too much for my job, and probably too much for my lower back as my chiropractor fusses about the shoes I wear now. For work – and becasue I have to walk in a downtown area to get back and forth to my car, I have found wedges to be best for me. I walk on a lot of uneven/cracked concrete and tiny heels/high heels are frankly dangerous – I have been known to wear tennis shoes or flats or even flip flops in/out of the building.
    Thanks as always for a great look – enjoy the game, er, the commercials!

  13. Cyndi, I would have never thought to put tan and grey together, but it looks so nice. I have not worn heels in10+ years. So, thank you!
    I’m claiming His righteousness!

  14. I love the grey with nude shoes. I have a camel leather jacket that I’m going to wear with my grey jeans. Thank you for getting us to think outside the box.

  15. The outfit is darling, and you look so good in it! I would have never choosen this shoe colour, but WOW! I love it! You are so good!

    I love your Beauty for thr Heart today. We must keep God in our minds, and love in our hearts! No matter…I walk with and for him!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  16. That is a HOT outfit! Either it’s very slenderizing or you look like you’ve lost a teensy bit of wight. Either way I love it! Thanks for the post.

  17. Stunning! I really like the grey/tan combo. It’s not expected but subtle and elongates the leg which I certainly need. I love the sweater and the color but I especially like the Zodiac Blue! It’s a gorgeous color to transition into Spring!
    Have a blessed day!

  18. It must just be me…I usually love everything you wear-but I am not feeling this. I’m not sure why??? Maybe the pant length with the heels? or colors that everyone else loves??? I have loved the tassel earrings, but not with this? I just can’t quite put my finger on it. And what do I know??? But I do hope we all seek justice and righteousness. I always think you’re fab!

  19. Great color combination! My workplace is business casual and this fits the bill. In regards to your question about comfortable heels to wear to work I love Sofft shoes and Clarks. They can be pricily but worth it for the comfort and I also use public transit so the block heel is perfect.


  20. Major cute outfit! You look fab in that outfit with those crazy cute high heels…..love, love love! As with everyone else I love the nude with gray……..will have to remember that. I have some cute gray pants from Talbots that are some high quality fabric with stretch. Looks very similar to those. Usually I don’t shop Talbots but at times buy pants there because of the fit being good in the petite department. I bought nude peep toe booties the other day & have nude BCBG heels for church & special occasions. Thanks for reminding us the leg lengthening trick for nude shoes. 🙂

  21. Cute outfit- I really like it when you add the trench coat. You could add a cute jacket or a scarf too? You look good in everything and every color looks good on you too!

  22. Love the outfit not sure on the shoes. There really cute but I don’t think I could wear them. I was looking at ome of the other shoes that might work for me. Thank you like the pause also.

  23. I love this look and have to say I’d wear heels more if I worked outside the home too. Since I don’t heels are not a big investment piece for my wardrobe. I have found great comfort in Payless Comfort Plus heels and bought them inquite a few colors.