Eye Makeup Tips For Women Over 40

Good morning! A few weeks ago I got an email from someone asking about how to wear eye makeup for women over 40. So today I thought I’d share some quick tips for your eyes.

Jennifer Lopez is a great example in this picture of a woman over 40 wearing the perfect amount of makeup. Her makeup is soft and light.


Okay, we’re probably not going to look like Jennifer Lopez but we can take some pointers from her.

DO use an eye cream specifically for your eyes before applying your makeup. This helps soften wrinkles and dark circles and will help your makeup go on smoother.

DON’T use black eyeliner. This has a very harsh effect on older eyes. Use browns and grays and try to keep your line thin.

You DON’T have to match your eyeshadow to your outfit. You should try to keep your clothing and eyeshadow in the same color family, or at least a complimentary family.

DO wear soft color eyeshadows like browns, pinks and neutrals in soft pretty shades. Often times a slight hint of color is all your eyes need to really pop and look mesmerizing.

DON’T over pluck your eyebrows. As we age we lose our eyebrows and although you might have plucked a lot in your 20s and 30s, you don’t need to overdo it in your 40s and beyond. Just keep them looking nice and neat.

DON’T ever draw on eyebrows. Yes, we do lose some (a lot) of our eyebrows but painting them on ages you! Use an eyebrow powder or eyeshadow and an eyebrow brush to add color to your eyebrows (I use brown eyeshadow). Dark haired women should go a shade lighter than their hair color. Blond haired women can go a shade darker than their hair color.

You DON’T want clumpy eyelashes. I’ve talked about mascara before but its best to go with a volumizing mascara.

Okay, I hope this helps. Remember soft and neutral colors look best at our age. 

Beauty For the Heart~~I love this quote by Erwin Lutzer, “To make sure our convictions, views, and assumptions about our Creator stay based on biblical truth and not on popular consensus, we must continually check what we believe against the Scriptures.”

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Thank you

  2. I do that every time!!! Rrgh!! :-)

  3. Atheanea says:

    Do not correct a person’s typing errors, we are not in an English or writing class. This site is targeting women 40 and over, have some respect Sue.

  4. Thank you’ such great ideas!

  5. If I have medium brown eyes, should I wear brown eyeliner?

  6. It’s not over due, it’s overdo

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  8. Sorry for the typo! I do make mistakes from time to time. I fixed it.
    Have a blessed day!

  9. Sorry can’t take anybody seriously who can’t spell ‘lose’ properly (at least not consistently).

  10. Can’t believe I ran across this. From Cynthiana

  11. These are great! We teach a lot of these to our MK customers. I will be passing this along to my Sales DIrector. I’m sure she will love It!

  12. Great tips! I have VERY sparse and light eyebrows. I have to draw them on every day. I, too, use a little brush and brown eyeshadow. Works great.

  13. judy hall says:

    Excellent tips Cyndi! I have found that as I have gotten ol….(more mature) that I am much more comfortable with a soft neutral eye and brown eye liner. I recently bought a tube of brown mascara (i have blue eyes) and found that I like It on my eyes better than black.


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