8 Basic Wardrobe Essentials That Every Woman Needs

I have some basic pieces in my wardrobe that I wear a lot and I’m always mixing and matching them with other pieces. These 8 Basic Wardrobe essentials help me to create different looks. I love adding pops of color, and accessories to each of them.

These pieces are worn a lot so they need to last. I would suggest buying them at places like Banana Republic, Gap, or J. Crew or find quality pieces at discount stores. My personal favorite is TJ Maxx.

Here are the 8 basic wardrobe essentials:

1. A sophisticated white collared shirt. You can never go wrong with this item!  Look for details like buttons, 3/4 sleeves etc.  Whatever you decide, just make sure it’s not too trendy, we are looking for classic here.

2. A long sleeve and short sleeve white t-shirt. These are great for layering, especially in cooler climates. They also help take an outfit from season to season. Layer under a sweater or cardigan in the fall.


3. A Chambray Shirt. The chambray shirt can be dressed up or dressed down. Wear it on casual friday with a pair of khakis or with a skirt and a blazer for a dressier look.


4. Great fitting jeans. I recommend having jeans you can wear with high heels and another pair to wear with flats. Also, make sure they are flattering for your body type. If you find a pair you like that fits you well, you can buy them in two lengths to wear with flats and heels (or you can just buy one length and have the other one hemmed.)


5. A slimming pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are a classic piece but they also happen to be on trend right now. The best length for a pencil skirt is right above the knee.


6. The “little black dress”. The “little black dress” is a closet staple, and should be made of a sturdy but lightweight fabric . Avoid heavy wool fabrics that counteract the slimming effects of the color and limit wear during the warmer seasons.


7. A black blazer. I love a black blazer and its a classic piece that needs to be in every woman’s closet. Try finding in a seasonless fabric like a wool blend to get the most wear (you can even buy a suit and use the blazer for my next tip…

8. Trouser pants in gray, black or camel. Trouser pants are perfect when you want to dress up a sweater or a blouse. They look great and are a classic item that will never go out of style!


These 8 basic wardrobe essentials are “must haves” for you wardrobe. Once you have these, you can start adding pops of color, and accessories like belts, shoes, and jewelry.

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  1. Awesome collection of apparels every woman needs basically. Thanks for sharing this helpful series.

    Bookmark your blog!

  2. Thank you for the wealth of helpful information! Do all body shapes and sizes look good in a pencil skirt? I have bigger hips and a small waist which makes finding a flattering pencil skirt nearly impossible. This style seems to accentuate my hips. Should I keep searching?

  3. It hanks for sharing this website. Today I was clothes shopping (sigh) And saw several women who were very fashionable but seemed fake and it was obvious that fashion was their everything. Thanks for reminding us that beauty begins within. I’m trying to. Get more stylish thanks for your help

  4. Betty Rich says:

    I’m new to your blog and I love it! I’ve been in a fashion rut but you’ve given me great ideas. I’m not a ” clothes shopper” by any means but this week I’ve bought a 4 core pieces for my wardrobe (plus my first scarf). It was fun coming home and mixing and matching with I already have- who knew I could have so many stylish outfits. Thanks so much!

  5. I think I have three out of eight:( My white collared shirt has this ruffled look. My husband says it looks like I’m a waitress if I wear it by itself. I recently tried it with a belt around the middle and it looked fabulous:)

  6. I need to do some updating in the wardrobe essentials department. I like your idea of having jeans in two different lengths. Question: do you have any suggestions of brands of jeans that look good on women? Also, do you have any advice about how long pants should be? I know I have some pants that really need to be hemmed (my legs are short), but I’m not quite sure of the ideal length.

    Thanks, Cyndi!

  7. I read your blog all the time, but I am loving this series. You are doing great, Cyndi!

  8. Regina Lane says:

    Thanks!! Love your site!! :)

  9. Thanks for posting, this is very helpful!


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