My Fashion Failure With Sequins

I’m lovin’ all the sequins. I’ve been seeing it pop up everywhere and I shared this pin from Pinterest with you on Friday.


I just knew if I tried a sequins top on, I’d love it. Hmmm, I’m not “in love” yet!

Some days pictures just don’t work for me at all. Yesterday it was incredibly windy, it sprinkled rain and of course it was getting dark. None of these are a good mixture for pictures.

I’m going to work on finding the right way to wear this sequins top and hopefully I can share it with you but today I’ll share my failures with you.

I paired a silver sequins tank top over a white button down and added pearls and my black blazer (obviously trying to copy the Pinterest picture). Not loving it.

Next I paired the same sequins tank top with a silver silk blouse. Oops, forgot to take my glasses off, it’s been one of those days. I don’t like this look either.

Bad picture day=undecided about sequins.  To be honest it was warm here yesterday and I could have worn the tank by itself! Or maybe I was just having a hot flash. Who knows!

What would you wear with the sequins top? Have you tried adding sequins to your wardrobe?

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Beauty For the Heart~~Some of you probably saw this video on my facebook page but in case you missed it I’ll share it here too. It gave me chills, it’s worth watching!!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. It was hot here too yesterday! So, I rocked a black sequin tank with skinnies and leopard flats for a holiday brunch! I heart sparkle!

  2. Hey Pamela!
    I got the artwork here:
    I love everything they have!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I don’t know about the top, but I love, love the verse behind you. :-) Can you share where you got it?

  4. One word of advice, if you decide you like the sequins. My girls bought me a sequined top for my 50th birthday. I wore it to fly to visit the daughter who picked it out, and discovered that sequins going through a body scanner get you a upper body pat down. I won’t wear sequins to fly again 😀

    Keep trying the sequins, they are really fun!

  5. Cindy Gilbert says:

    I agree with Diana. You need to have one with a higher neckline and also the blouse hem shows at the bottom. I have this same pin on my board, just haven’t gotten a sequined tank yet. You write a great blog.

  6. Hi Cyndi!

    You’ve inspired me to try sequins. I would wear the sequin tank over a black silk blouse and pair it with black tuxedo skinny pants. I love black, so my only color would be the tank. I’ll try it and let you know what I think. I like both of your pics, especially the first one. Don’t give up…keep working it! :)

  7. I’m going to keep trying so check back! I may take this one back and try another one.

  8. Thanks for your input Diane. The neckline is too low but I might could wear a tank under it and then add a cami.
    I’m going to keep trying!

  9. You can definitely pull it off!! I think I’ll check at Kohl’s and see if I like their tops better. I got mine at Old Navy and i think I’m going to take it back.
    Merry Christmas!!

  10. Oh if you do Paola, I hope you’ll share it. I need the help. :-)
    Hope your sweet family is doing well. Your children are beautiful!

  11. Thanks Peggy!! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog. You’re right the neckline it too low. I think I’ll take it back and try to find one with a higher neckline.

  12. Thanks Andrea for your help! I think I’m going to take this sequins tank back and start over. I think I can find something I like better.

  13. Oh thanks Kim!! I’m going to work on this until I get it right. So check back I’ll post it as soon as I find the right look.

  14. It does Tracey! I think I’m going to try to find one with a higher neck line too.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  15. Hi Cyndi! I’m definitely going to try something different. It’s just not working.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Hi Lindsey!
    I think you’re right the neckline is too low, I’m taking it back tomorrow. :-)
    I hope you all are doing good!

  17. Thanks Monique! I’m glad I was still inspiring. :-)

  18. I agree Teresa, none of this worked. I think I’m going to take it back and find one that has a higher neckline.

  19. Bonnie I have lots of fashion failures. Maybe I should have Fashion Failure Fridays! Haha!
    I thought this outfit would come together perfectly–wrong!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Thanks Jennie!! I hate wearing glasses but I’m having to wear them more and more. Ugh!
    I think I’m going to take the tank back and try to find one I like better. Thankfully, I kept the tag on!

  21. Thanks Kate! A red cardigan sounds great, I have one and I might try that. I also may take it back and start over.

  22. I completely agree Judith! I’m going to start over, take the top I have back and try ti find one I like better.
    Wasn’t that video incredible?? I sat and watched it in awe with tears flowing. Loved it!!

  23. Hi Louise!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love hearing from my readers and 61 sounds pretty young to me these days. :-)
    Is your niece Jo-Lynne??

  24. Thanks CC! I think you’re right, the silver shirt is too much. I think I’m going to start over with a different sequins top. It’s just not working for me.

  25. Thank you for stopping by my blog Dianne and I’m so glad it’s encouraging!
    I loved that picture with the gold belt too. Wow! I’m not sure I could pull it off, but I like it.
    Blessings and thanks again for stopping by,

  26. Oh believe me, I have fashion failures. I think I’m going to take the sequins tank back and try to find one that works for me. Oh well we live and learn. :-)

  27. Thanks Bobbie, I do think cream would look better. I was trying to use what I have but it’s not working!

  28. You’re sweet Jill! I think I can do better, update coming soon (when I figure it out).

  29. Guess I’m in the minority, but I think you look great in both ensembles!

  30. I’m thinking your sequin top would look better with a cream color jacket.

  31. You’re never a fashion failure! I love the fact that the photos of you that you don’t like are better than nearly any photo I ever take. :)

    As for the sequins, I think maybe I prefer them on a shorter top. But I’ll bet you’d look lovely in just the tank, maybe with jeans and heels. Seems to me like you need something a little “rougher” to balance the shininess of the sequins–but of course I know very little about fashion, so that maybe way off-base. You’ll look great no matter what!

  32. Cyndi,
    First of all, I love your blog. When I see it pop up in my inbox, it’s the first one I click on. You have such a sweet spirit that I find so encouraging to me. Also, I love your pictures in front of Proverbs 3:5 & 6. It feeds my spirit each time I read it while looking at your pictures.

    Regarding thet sequins..I really liked the photo you posted via the link: From While it did not show a full picture of the outfit, I liked the gold belt and it looked like it might have a dressy skirt or slacks with it. Anyway, that has my vote. But you would look great regardless. Thanks for asking our thoughts.

  33. I don’t think either look is really a failure as you look lovely in both. 😉 I do think the silver shirt might be a little too much shine. You might try the top on it’s own just under a cardi? I have two sequin tops and never wear either because they irritate my skin! 😉 I’ll have to give the layering a try. :)
    Also, I think you look lovely in your glasses! 😉 (I have a glasses giveaway going on my blog right now, if you would like to come check it out!)

  34. Louise Cross says:

    I am enjoying your blog and all the fashion tips. As one of your more ‘mature’ readers (61) not all things work for me but I do like to stay current. I enjoyed your conversation on panty hose and was surprised today to see one of the talk shows for a couple minutes while surfing for channels and what caught my eye was all of the ladies had on hose except one! I think it really dates them and have been using black hose or tights for several years now and love it. You really need to sign up to be their dresser! I love the sequins but save them for very special occasions and usually wear a nice very light weight, I don’t think they call them sweaters but am having a senior moment, thingy over the sequin top so that I don’t have to wear a blouse under it, maybe just a cami. Black skirt, black hose and shoes and it’s very chic looking. I appreciate so much your fashion standards of modesty and taste, just too much skin showing these days on young people and old! I read my nieces blog, Musings of a Housewife, and enjoy her fashions also as she keeps things modest. Kudos to you both!

  35. judith hall says:

    Okay, now that my glasses are full of tears and my body is shot through with chills from that humbling video, I will collect myself to give you me opinion (for what ever it is worth) I liked your sequin tank better with the contrasting blouse than with the white. The only thing that separated your look from the one pictured (which I loved and pinned) is the neckline. I think you’ve just got too much shirt showing which loses the sequin top look.

  36. I love your glasses! I would put it with a red cardigan for a Christmas party. Maybe even buttoned in the middle with a thin black belt

  37. As a person who STILL lives in my own personal summer, I would never layer three pieces without having a heat attack. I agree with others that the top is too long and the neckline too low to be layered over a blouse. The pearls and the top by themselves under the blazer would be beautiful. And you rock the sexy hipster glasses as well.

  38. Thanks for showing that things don’t always work out! I thought it was just me…I try to create something from a picture and it just doesn’t look the same. Of course, I’m more critical of myself and end up comparing instead of just looking at the outfit!

    I agree with Lindsey that maybe the neckline is just too low to work right with the collared shirts. Of course I have no clue what would work!

  39. I think Peggy nailed it with the too low neckline and too long length. Definitely the white blouse as the silver is too much bling. That’s what’s nice about the inspiration photo: the contrast of the tweed jacket and sequined tank. I think your jacket could work although it’s much longer, so long as there is no sleeve showing from the blouse. Again, it’s just too distracting. That said, I think you’ll get it in the end either by altering this tank or perhaps getting another. I wasn’t even aware of the sequined trend and I really like the look. I guess need to get out more! CTD

  40. I think the first option (w/the white top) looks adorable on you! And now you’ve inspired my next shopping trip. 😉

  41. Lindsey Spivey says:

    You look great as usual. I think its the neckline that is the problem here. Its too low. I like the idea of sequins, but I also think a richer color would look better with your skin tone.

  42. I think the silver and the white shirt are too much of a match and blend right together. Maybe a different colored button down with the silver sequins? Just an idea.

  43. I feel like the difference between the inspiration photo and yours is that her sequined top is darker and offers a much bigger contrast between the white blouse than yours does. Your top seems much more like a neutral and is not taking center stage. I hope this helps…

  44. Can you adjust the straps on the tank with a sewing machine, so that it sits up higher on you, without the arm holes being uncomfortable?

  45. When you posted on Friday…..I was thinking I sure hope she posts what she comes up with…..cause I would love to copy it! I even saw sequin tops at Walmart over the weekend. Keep the ideas coming… are kind of like my personal shopper. I am loving the sweater from Kohls you posted a while back with a leopard print scarf……thank you!

  46. I like the sequin top. Maybe you could find a pearlescent white/offwhite tank that comes up a bit higher to wear under the sequin top. Then I recommend a dainty silver necklace, not to distract or over-embellish the sequin.
    It is a very pretty outfit idea.

  47. I think you could do it- the neckline on the sequin top is just too low for the collared shirt look compared to the Pinterest sample. I think you could just do the sequined top under the blazer without the pearls. (like I know fashion) lol

  48. The sequin tank neckline is too low to wear with a collared blouse and looks a little too long. If the armholes are large enough, you could take it in at the shoulder seams to both raise the neckline and length. If not, just wear the tank alone or with a rounded neck cami. The sleeves on the blazer need to be longer, too much blouse showing.
    I have thoroughly been enjoying your blog. It is both informative and fun :) You do such a great job with showing outfit options without spending a lot of money on designer pieces.

  49. I like the sequins top and I think it worked with the white button up, but maybe the pearls were a bit much. Sometimes less is more! :) I haven’t tried sequins yet but am itching to! I have some holiday parties coming up so I may have to pick something up.

  50. I keep picking up the sequined tanks at Kohl’s … and then putting them back. Feels pretty risky! But I love the look you shared on Friday. You can definitely pull it off, girl! And go for it by itself!! :)

  51. I like the look on you. The first one is best. Too much shine going on with the silver shirt for me. I think you might like it better with a tank tank that wasn’t so low cut. The original picture has a higher neckline. I agree. The tank alone also is good!

  52. On its own. The blazer would probably still work. Let’s see! :)

  53. You need to wear it on its own … you would totally rock the look!


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