What I Wore-Mother/Daughter Fashion

Today is a special What I Wore day because I’m sharing some Mother/Daughter fashion.

I’ve wanted to include Courtney in some of my fashion posts. I know there are some younger women who read my blog and some of you have daughters so I thought it would be fun.

Courtney and I love to go shopping together. It’s quality mother/daughter time and we usually plan our shopping around lunch time. One of our favorite places to eat for lunch is Chick-fil-A.

We had a little bit of a hard time getting a picture because Colt Allen seemed to want to be apart of the action. Courtney’s looking at her husband and asking for a little help.

What I Wore

Colt Allen has decided this is where he wants to play!

What I Wore

Okay, finally we got some help and snapped this picture super quick.


We wore these outfits to church on Sunday. They seemed to coordinate although we didn’t plan it. The only new pieces to our outfit are our riding boots.

Courtney has a great eye for style and one thing she wears a lot this time of the year is hats. She looks so cute in them! She snapped this picture with her iphone camera and shared it on Instagram. Oh how I wish I could wear a hat! (Obviously Colt Allen is hungry.)

What I wore

Who do you all going shopping with most of the time? A daughter, friend, mom??

Beauty For the Heart~~My prayer is that above all else I will have taught my children and grandchildren God’s word. Deuteronomy 6:6-9 says,

“Write these commandments that I’ve given you today on your hearts. Get them inside of you and then get them inside your children. Talk about them wherever you are, sitting at home or walking in the street; talk about them from the time you get up in the morning to when you fall into bed at night. Tie them on your hands and foreheads as a reminder; inscribe them on the doorposts of your homes and on your city gates.”

Have a blessed day!

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  • At 2013.01.16 09:43, cyndi spivey said:

    Sounds like lots of Rhetta! Have a great day!

    • At 2013.01.16 09:49, mandy @ this girl's life said:

      How cute are you two?! You look more like daughters (I’m sure you hear that a lot :) I absolutely love your dress and how you styled it!

      • At 2013.01.16 21:58, Cyndi Spivey said:

        Thank you Mandy and thanks for stopping by!

      • At 2013.01.16 10:36, Jessie @ Dream and Differ said:

        You both look beautiful, and more like sisters than mother/daughter! I usually shop solo, as my mom doesn’t live nearby and my own daughter hates shopping… unless it’s for hockey equipment! ;-)

      • At 2013.01.16 11:03, Bobbie said:

        You both look so much alike! and both so fashionable!

        • At 2013.01.16 22:00, Cyndi Spivey said:

          Thanks Bobbie! I don’t ever think we look alike but after taking these pictures, I do think we resemble. Me-just much older! :-)

        • At 2013.01.16 11:15, Richella @ Imparting Grace said:

          Y’all are so. darn. cute. :)

          Reading this makes me wish I had a daughter! Maybe daughters-in-law some day, right?

          • At 2013.01.16 22:01, Cyndi Spivey said:

            Oh you will have great daughter-in-laws and they are going to blessed have you as a mother-in-law!!

          • At 2013.01.16 11:26, Mandy Rose said:

            Could you two be ANY cuter?! For real! I love the mother/daughter fashion posts…keep em coming!! I even love me a little Colt Allen in the pics! :)

            • At 2013.01.16 22:02, Cyndi Spivey said:

              Thanks Mandy! I told Courtney this week, you have to follow Mandy’s blog. She’s been reading it and loving it. :-)

            • At 2013.01.16 11:42, Bobbi said:

              I LOVE shopping with my daughter, but unfortunately she lives six hours away. We definitely go out whenever she’s home. I shop with my husband, who is also very fun but I have to keep reminding him “I do not look good in everything” . . . oh, love is blind.

              • At 2013.01.16 22:03, Cyndi Spivey said:

                That’s funny!! Men don’t always get it do they??

              • At 2013.01.16 14:23, Megan said:

                I love shopping with my daughter, who is in high school. We are two peas in a pod! However, I usually end up buying much more for her than myself (no wonder she likes shopping with me so much!). But she’s a petite little size 4 and it’s just so fun to buy clothes for her that I know I could never wear!

                • At 2013.01.16 22:04, Cyndi Spivey said:

                  Oh fun Megan! I’m sure you’re daughter does love shopping with you! :-)

                • At 2013.01.16 14:34, brenda said:

                  used to shop with my mother. we started at early ages and even when living across the country from each other we managed to have some great fun shopping when visiting each other.She liked it so much better when we added my daughter but even now she is a reluctant shopper. Mom has gone HOME now but those memories are still quite vivid and were always punctuated with laughter.

                  • At 2013.01.16 22:05, Cyndi Spivey said:

                    Oh Brenda i miss shopping with my Mom so much! Sometimes when I’m out shopping I see something and want to call and tell her. I have good memories too!

                  • At 2013.01.16 14:48, Gina said:

                    Hi Cyndi.

                    Love your outfits! You two look amazing.

                    I shop with my mom and my daughter, who is a toddler! I am an “older” mom of a young little girl of almost 3 1/2. Even so, she is already picking out her clothes and telling me what she will and will not wear! My mom had me when she was very young, so we have had many enjoyable years of shopping together. We seem to share a love for it! Her health isn’t great now, so we do not go very often, but we are planning a shopping day for her birthday in February.

                    Thanks for sharing the post and pictures. Hope you have an amazing week.

                    • At 2013.01.16 22:06, Cyndi Spivey said:

                      Gina enjoy every second with that sweet daughter!! It seems like Courtney should be 3 1/2 year old. :-)

                    • At 2013.01.16 15:07, Linda (Phila burbs) said:

                      aw; you guys look way too cute. (and you match to boot!) looks like you were having a lot of fun!

                      • At 2013.01.16 22:07, Cyndi Spivey said:

                        Thanks Linda! We did have fun!

                      • At 2013.01.16 15:26, Joy said:

                        I love this post, Cyndi! Please do it again :) My favorite person to shop with is my husband…. seriously, he is more into style and the latest fashion than I am! I do enjoy shopping with my mom but we are 8 hours apart so don’t get the chance too often. I LOVE your dress, too Cyndi…. and even lil’ Colt. As moms, I’m sure we all understand… gave me a lil’ chuckle when I saw how busy he was :)

                        • At 2013.01.16 22:08, Cyndi Spivey said:

                          I’ll do it again Joy!! Courtney has way too much cute fashion that needs to be shared!

                        • At 2013.01.16 17:42, Gina said:

                          LOVE you blog and really enjoy getting ideas for a 40 something girl to wear! Your dress is too cute, would you mind sharing where you bought it?

                          • At 2013.01.16 17:45, Laura said:

                            So cute! You too look so much alike – as many say about my daughter and me. I shop with my 24-yo daughter all the time, once in a while with dh.

                            • At 2013.01.16 22:08, Cyndi Spivey said:

                              It’s so much fun shopping with our daughters isn’t it?? Thanks for stoppin gby!

                            • At 2013.01.16 18:11, Kelly Palmer said:

                              You both look great! I would love to shop with my daughters both they both live 9 hours away from me. I do however enjoy shopping with my husband. He has great taste and will tell me honestly how things look on me. It is like having my own private shopping consultant :)

                              • At 2013.01.16 22:09, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                Oh that’s nice!! My husband will go shopping with me but he’s not great at picking stuff out.
                                Thanks for stopping by!

                              • At 2013.01.16 18:26, Charlotte Embry said:

                                Wear a hat if you want to wear one!!!! I have a gardening hat I wear when going to garden centers and work outside. I love it! I do get some strange looks but I do not care. My hat is cute and I enjoy it. I have always loved hats. Your outfits are so cute. I wish I had a daughter to shop with….

                                • At 2013.01.16 22:10, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                  I may start wearing them!! Thanks for stopping by!

                                • At 2013.01.16 19:26, The Domestic Fringe said:

                                  You two are SO cute! I absolutely love both of your boots. I wish I wore hats more. Your daughter is inspiring me.

                                  I shop with my daughter too. She’s only eleven and has a crazy style, but we have a blast.


                                  • At 2013.01.16 22:11, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                    I bet you would look adorable in a hat!! Thanks for stopping by!

                                  • At 2013.01.16 21:34, Amy said:

                                    Ya’ll are both so cute! I SO wish I could wear hats! You’re right, she looks great in them :)

                                    • At 2013.01.16 22:11, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                      I can definitely see you in a hat with your cute style!! You should branch out and try it.

                                    • At 2013.01.16 21:56, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                      We do that a lot Tracey! We have the same taste.
                                      Have a great day,

                                      • At 2013.01.16 21:57, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                        Thank you Jenifer! Thanks for all your encouragement!

                                        • At 2013.01.16 21:57, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                          Thank You Heather!

                                          • At 2013.01.17 00:40, Cathy Grasinger said:

                                            Love your dress and jean jacket….where did you find them? My daughter and I will have plans to go somewhere and we will end up dressing in the same colors!!! Now she is 8 months pregnant so her wardrobe now is pretty limited!!! But here’s the fun thing I work part time Forever 21 and it’s a blast!!! I love helping people pick out outfits!!! Loved your post!!! And Colt’s a doll!!!

                                            • At 2013.01.17 23:16, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                              Cathy I got my dress at TJ Maxx and my jean jacket at Gap. I hope that helps!

                                            • At 2013.01.17 07:09, Lisa said:

                                              WOW! That first pic of you and Courtney…she looks JUST LIKE YOU!! You two look so cute. My daughter and I like to shop together too. Love your boots. Thanks for the cute post :)

                                              • At 2013.01.17 08:21, Lisa said:

                                                Cyndi~ I have a question I’ve been meaning to ask you….Regarding tall boots…I am only 5′ 4 1/2″ (can’t forget the half inch…. :) ) tall. Do you think that when shorter people, like myself, wear riding boots with a pair of jeans, it makes us look shorter? Am I too short to wear them? How tall are you? It helps to know and get some perspective when you show us what you are wearing :) Thanks for your input. Have a blessed day :)

                                                • At 2013.01.17 23:16, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                                  Lisa I’m 5’6″ and Courtney is 5’5″. I don’t think you’re too short at all. I hope that helps!!

                                                  • At 2013.01.18 08:35, Lisa said:

                                                    thanks Cyndi :)

                                                • At 2013.01.17 09:58, gail said:

                                                  Hi Cyndi! would mind telling me where u got your dress? love it. thanks!

                                                  • At 2013.01.17 23:13, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                                    Hey Gail,
                                                    I got it at TJ Maxx. Sorry! I buy a lot there especially dresses.

                                                  • At 2013.01.17 09:59, Kelly said:

                                                    So cute! Love your scarf! I’m blessed to have two daughters (both in their 20s, one married with a baby) who live close enough to go shopping often! Your shopping days sound like our shopping days … lunch at CFA is always in the plan! Have really enjoyed reading your blog and all the great tips for women over 40! Thanks for all the great advice … so far I’ve purchased a denim jacket, changed my lip color, finally tried on/purchased/love leggings and a skirt … all thanks to your great tips!

                                                    • At 2013.01.17 15:03, Judith Hall said:

                                                      You and Courtney look so cute and coordinated, even though that was not your intention. Courtney is lucky to have inherited her Mother’s sense of style. I love he dress you are wearing Cyndi and Courtney in her hat is so darling and trendy. I prefer to shop with my daughter more than anyone! She tells me like it is and shows me how I can incorporate younger, trendy styles into my “over 50″ wardrobe without looking like a wannabe 20 year old. Bless you both and bless that sweet baby, he made your pictures all the more special!

                                                      • At 2013.01.17 19:48, CC said:

                                                        Such a great post! Love the mother daughter style! ;) And your little photobomber is too cute. :)

                                                        • At 2013.01.22 01:05, Stephanie said:

                                                          Thanks for sharing. I hope to do the same with my daughter. There is a great blog, http://www.sweetminime.com, that showcases new mother and daughter coordinating fashions. Might be a great place for even more great memories!

                                                          • At 2014.08.17 15:09, Gem said:

                                                            Adorable! I especially like your dress. Can you tell me where you found it? Thanks!

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