Favorite “Pins” Friday

Oops! I’m a day late with my Favorite “Pins” Friday. Technically I guess it’s Favorite “Pins” Saturday. Sorry about that, we are housing 8 boys for Relevant weekend at our church. Let’s just say it’s crazy around here!

One of the easiest ways to make any outfit look great is adding accessories. It’s so much fun! I love these gold bracelets.

Favorite pins Friday


I just purchases a similar pair of earrings. I think they’re so cute! I didn’t know when I pinned them, they were from Francesca’s, which is where I purchased mine.
Favorite pins friday


How can we forget about a pop of color with a handbag. Dont’ you love this one?

Favorite pins Friday


Lastly, don’t forget to laugh. Sometimes life is so serious but laughter is a good thing. So watch a funny movie, or hang around someone who makes you laugh. It’s good for the soul!

favorite pins friday


When is the last time you belly laughed? Doesn’t it make you feel good?

I’d love for you to follow me on Pinterest! Also I have a facebook page and I love to chat over there.

Have a blessed weekend!

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  • At 2013.03.02 13:59, Tracy Greenlee (@tagluv2read) said:

    I love that turquoise purse! Can’t find the link to it! Thanks for sharing!

    • At 2013.03.02 15:36, Vicki said:

      I love it all especially the gold bracelets. I’ve been into gold recently (I usually wear silver).

      I completely agree, laughter is a good thing! Have a GREAT weekend!

      • At 2013.03.02 21:46, Vickie said:

        Agree with the comment about the turquoise purse – where’s it from?

        • At 2013.03.03 14:27, Kris said:

          Can’t remember the last time I laughed really hard. Isn’t that sad? Must be time to catch up with some old friends.
          I also LOVE the turquoise bag.

          • At 2013.03.04 11:30, Charity said:

            I laughed a LOT yesterday watching Kid History and Bored Shorts on YouTube. They are so cute and funny and clean – great for the whole family.

            • At 2013.03.04 22:18, Vicki said:

              Does anyone know where I can find the gold and aqua chunky bracelet?

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