Joseph Nogucci Giveaway!


Accessorizing is an important part of creating an overall look. It’s fun to add accessories to your outfits!

One of the most popular jewelry trends is adding bracelets. That’s why I was excited to share this Joseph Nogucci bracelet with you.


Joseph Nogucci bracelets are hand crafted blown glass for brilliant shine and beauty. The charms are as unique and special as the person wearing them.

These bracelets would make a great Christmas gift! For the next 72 hours, ALL IRIS bracelets, beads and charms are 50% off with coupon code FORMOM.

How awesome is that?

Here’s something else you might like! I’m going to give this gorgeous bracelet away. One of you can win this just in time for Christmas!


All you need to do is use the Rafflecoopter to enter! But hurry this giveaway ends quick!

If you would like, you can follow Joseph NoGucci on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Beauty For the Heart~~The giving of gifts is not something man invented. God started the giving spree when he gave a gift beyond words, the unspeakable gift of His Son. - Robert Flatt

Have a blessed day!

**I received this item courtesy of Joseph Nogucci to facilitate this post.

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  • At 2013.12.07 18:47, Sarai said:

    Love it!

    • At 2013.12.07 19:11, Stephanie said:

      So pretty!!

      • At 2013.12.07 19:16, Cynthia said:

        Yes! Any of the females in my family would love this bracelet!

        • At 2013.12.07 19:29, Kelly Palmer said:

          I would love to give this to one of my daughters for Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway!!

          • At 2013.12.07 20:20, Patricia said:

            Beautiful bracelets! Love the look of the glass.

            • At 2013.12.07 20:34, Siobhan said:

              Love the colors!

              • At 2013.12.07 20:49, Luke's GiGi said:

                Very pretty bracelet! I may be nice & give it to my daughter.

                • At 2013.12.07 20:49, Donna said:

                  I think that I would love that bracelet for Christmas! It looks like it would go with everything!

                  • At 2013.12.07 21:02, Rachel said:

                    It is beautiful! I would love it!

                    • At 2013.12.07 21:09, Renae said:

                      Just discovered your blog tonight. Love it! Thanks for a chance to win!

                      • At 2013.12.07 21:21, Janice said:

                        Think it is perfect! Sometimes a bracelet is the only piece of jewelry I wear.

                        • At 2013.12.07 22:05, Debbie said:

                          I would love to give it to my mother. She would love it!!

                          • At 2013.12.07 22:22, Diana said:

                            Love your website!

                            • At 2013.12.07 22:35, Dorothy said:

                              Beautiful bracelet! Will go over now to check out his site.

                              • At 2013.12.07 22:35, Pam O said:

                                O would love this bracelet myself.

                                • At 2013.12.07 22:57, Vicky said:

                                  This is gorgeous! Bracelets are my favorite jewelry! :)

                                  • At 2013.12.07 23:32, Melinda said:

                                    Love your site! Love Christmas! Love the bracelet.

                                    • At 2013.12.07 23:52, Debbie said:

                                      This would be perfect for my daughter!

                                      • At 2013.12.08 00:08, Margaret said:

                                        Beautiful bracelet! Lovely giveaway

                                        • At 2013.12.08 00:54, Kim G. said:

                                          Beautiful bracelet! Would love to win!

                                          • At 2013.12.08 02:49, Christina said:

                                            Love ur Instagram pic of u & ur daughter. Both of u have such beautiful smiles!

                                            • At 2013.12.08 09:46, Heidi @ Decor & More said:

                                              My precious sister in law would love this bracelet! Truth be told, it would hard to give it away, though. ;-)
                                              Thanks for hosting, Cyndi! Hope your day is blessed… xo Heidi

                                              • At 2013.12.08 10:01, amanda said:


                                                • At 2013.12.08 10:23, Dori said:

                                                  I would love to give this beautiful bracelet to my best friend who is going through chemo right now. Thanks for the chance to win!

                                                  • At 2013.12.08 14:02, Erika said:

                                                    Both of my daughters, my mom, and many friends would love this bracelet. I wouldn’t even mind one myself.

                                                    • At 2013.12.08 14:28, jennifer said:

                                                      My mother would love this bracelet!
                                                      thanks for the opportunity.

                                                      • At 2013.12.08 14:58, leigh said:

                                                        So beautiful! I don’t wear bracelets but my sister LOVES bracelets and would love this one! Thanks for the opportunity to win! What a splendid gift for her!

                                                        • At 2013.12.08 18:46, Lil said:

                                                          Gorgeous bracelet! Perfect for my sis.

                                                          • At 2013.12.08 18:55, pat h said:

                                                            Wow, what a beautiful bracelets…..perfect for my best friend.

                                                            • At 2013.12.08 18:55, pat h said:

                                                              Sorry if forgot to sign my name Pat H

                                                              • At 2013.12.08 19:29, Andrea Petersen said:

                                                                Though I would love this bracelet, my sister in law would adore it!

                                                                • At 2013.12.08 22:10, Gena in Texas said:

                                                                  Beautiful bracelet for my best friend!

                                                                  • At 2013.12.08 23:26, beth said:


                                                                    • At 2013.12.09 07:06, Kathy said:

                                                                      Any of the women in my family would love this. So pretty!

                                                                      • At 2013.12.09 07:25, Joanne B. said:

                                                                        One of my daughters would love this.

                                                                        • At 2013.12.09 09:32, Lisa T. said:

                                                                          I love it! What a great gift this would be for my Mom :)

                                                                          • At 2013.12.10 11:34, Michelle said:

                                                                            What a beautiful bracelet! Would be a great gift for my friend!!

                                                                            • At 2013.12.10 12:32, teresa said:

                                                                              How did I miss this. these are beautiful and would be a great way to update how I hear some outfits. thanks. T

                                                                              • At 2013.12.10 15:00, Loretta Patzner said:

                                                                                Would be great gift for my friend at church.

                                                                                • At 2013.12.10 15:06, Dana said:

                                                                                  Love it!!

                                                                                  • At 2013.12.10 15:49, Christel said:

                                                                                    It would be the perfect gift for me. I’ve been wanting one for a long time.

                                                                                    • At 2013.12.10 15:54, Gina Samia said:

                                                                                      Beautiful! Would wear this one a lot! :)

                                                                                      • At 2013.12.10 16:14, Donna Sawyer said:

                                                                                        This would be a perfect gift for my mom! It would look beautiful on her!

                                                                                        • At 2013.12.10 16:18, Suzy McDowell said:

                                                                                          This is so beautiful. I would just love to have it!

                                                                                          • At 2013.12.10 16:45, Angie W said:

                                                                                            How pretty! My mom would love this (so would I!).

                                                                                            • At 2013.12.10 17:23, Carol said:

                                                                                              Beautiful bracelet- I wear bracelets more now than ever- since my watch quit working. I have found that a bracelet on my left arm does not get in my way too much!

                                                                                              • At 2013.12.10 17:27, Elena S. said:

                                                                                                Very pretty!

                                                                                                • At 2013.12.10 21:27, stephanie said:

                                                                                                  Lovely bracelet, thank you for offering a giveaway!

                                                                                                  • At 2013.12.10 22:21, Marta K. said:

                                                                                                    It is so pretty and dainty. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it each day!

                                                                                                    • At 2014.03.31 09:31, Thierry said:

                                                                                                      Wow, I think you will be a great OB. It seems like you have a real love for children, faimiles, and people in general. Sad to say that those qualities are rare traits in todays world. I believe not just anyone should be in just any job because you could be in a job that you hate and end up making everyone who comes in contact with you at work miserable. You have the joy and care to be great at your job and effect those you will be working around not only by your knowledge , but by your love for what you do.

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