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Fashion Over 40-Winter Outfits

Happy Hump Day! Well, today I’m sharing some winter outfits and can I just say the weather has been brutal. Fashion has not been as important as survival!

For some reason the theme color this week seems to be tan. I have no idea why except again, I was trying to stay warm!

Fashion Over 40-Winter Outfits

Tan cardigan-Kohl’s (similar here)/Black long sleeve shirt-Marshall’s/Scarf-Target//Calvin Klein skinny jeans-TJ Maxx/Black Boots-Target

This cable knit cardigan is not slenderizing at all but boy is it warm! It’s perfect to wear when you’re running errands and don’t want to drag a coat around with you.

Fashion Over 40-Winter Outfits

 Cable knit sweater-Marshall’s/White long sleeve shirt-Kohl’s/Floral Scarf-Target/Colored Jeans-Ann Taylor/Brown boots-Marshall’s

Several  of you have asked about my winter coat. I’m practical when it comes to a coat and I wear a black coat I purchased several years ago at Macy’s when they were having an after Christmas sale. It’s the Via Spiga brand.

Fashion Over 40-Winter Outfits

Thankfully, we’re going to warm up a little so I’m hoping to wear something other than big sweaters, scarves, and coats!

Have you all had some crazy cold weather too?

Beauty For the Heart~~Worship is the awareness that were it not for God’s touch, you’d still be hobbling and hurting, bitter and broken. -Max Lucado

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  1. I adore your cable knit sweater!! It really shows me that looking cute, fashionable, well-dressed is not always/only about finding the most figure flattering outfit…Sometimes looking comfortable and appropriate is all it takes with or without a defined waist. Lesson learned! Thank you for all the great things you teach… Most of them in Beauty for the heart:) Have a great day! Krista

  2. I like each of the looks, Cyndy! They are practical, stylish, and cute. I love boots and scarves and you’ve put the outfits together in a lovely way. I love wearing puffed vests that aren’t so big with a scarf and a warm shirt underneath (CO), and find I don’t need a coat either. Boots set everything off! I also need color, though I can wear taupe, but have to have pops of color here and there. Have a BLESSED day! Hugs!

  3. It must be much warmer in Lexington than Cincinnati, because I’d get frostbite just wearing that sweater in sub-zero weather! 🙂 I t looks very cute and quite chic. I REALLY like your winter coat. I used to live in Montreal where it’s almost this frigid ALL winter so I have a collection of coats in differing weights. I hate to be cold and living in Quebec taught me you CAN be warm and fashionable.

  4. Love your coat! We’ve had horribly cold weather here in Virginia and I’m over it! For the first time ever, I truly understand why people retire and move to Florida! HA! I’m already ready for spring!

  5. It makes me smile when you talk about brutal weather cause I live in Alberta, Canada and we are having a harsh winter with lots of snow and very cold temperatures. I would freeze in that warm sweater you are wearing!! It was -45C with the wind chill last Saturday. Just to give you an idea how cold that is -40 is the same whether its C or F. VERY COLD and not our normal temps just a brutal winter this year and it won’t quit!!

  6. Lynn, I’m with you!!! I’m from Manitoba and we’ve also had -45C with windchill – kids liked the extra Christmas break. But I do LOVE that long cable knit sweater/coat you are wearing Cyndi. Would love to find one like that sometime. Your outfits are an inspiration to me.

  7. Hi Cyndi.

    You look great, as always. It has been super cold here today and yesterday. I believe it was 12 yesterday morning and 14 this morning when we left for school. I haven’t felt this cold since living in Alaska! I had to get out my Land’s End Parka! LOL My mom bought each of us one of the Land’s End parkas last year during a super after Christmas sale at Sears. The coat was $260…she paid $19! 🙂 That’s my kind of sale. 🙂

    We are supposed to warm up to the 60’s this weekend. Crazy weather all across the country.

    Stay warm. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Cyndi, I love all these outfits you’ve posted! The camel and tan colors are so versatile and can be layered with many other colors, a good closet staple! Our winters here in Texas are usually mild, so sweaters are the way to go when being outdoors. Just adding a scarf gives that pop of color and keeps you warmer, I’m so glad scarves have become the “it” accessory!!

  9. You look great! The colors of your outfits are so flattering to your complexion. Glad you’ll be getting some warmer weather soon. I live in Orlando and it’s warm all the time but the last two days it has been cold. I have loved every minute of it because I finally got to wear some winter clothes! It’s headed back up to 80 and while that sounds great to some, it is hot and humid. I’d love it to be about 55 degrees!

  10. I like all the outfits. They look cozy and warm along with looking stylish and as always you look “put together”. Stay warm and keep the outfits coming. I love to look at all your posts. I especially like the picture behind you with the bible verse on it. I cant help but read it aloud each time I look at your posts. Blessings to you!


  11. Cyndi, even though you’re dressed for warmth, you still look beautiful! I actually really love the long sweater you have! You can wear it being slender & pull it off well. I love all of the outfits you shared here and reeaally love your scarves! Your winter coat is very cute! It’s also been brutal here, but warmed up today. It had been well below zero & wind chills got down to near 30 below. We didn’t even leave the house if we absolutely didn’t have to! Stay warm & safe!

  12. I really enjoy your “What I Wore” blogs. I’m in my 60’s and would love ideas for an older woman. I love your taste in clothes! I’m in a cold area so I wear lots of layers: cuddle duds, sweater or shirt, with a wool or cashmere cardigan on top, even in the house!
    Love reading your blog!

  13. Brown with bluejeans has seemingly been my winter colors this year. I have never been fond of brown, but this fall I started gathering more of it in my wardrobe. It started with my brown sued boot-shoes, then a couple seaters or blouses, then my tall boots for my birthday, etc… leaving in my closet, my blacks ,for this year.
    Love all your browns and scarves too!

  14. I have the long sweater in the second picture and love it. Wearing it with bootcut jeans and a wedge shoe or bootie helps to slim the look. Super cute and so warm!

  15. Cyndi – A friend just shared your blog with me, and I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in my life. It has given this 50-something gal the incentive to get out of her fashion comfort zone and try some new styles! I would love to find a long cable cardigan like the one in your photo. Do you happen to know what brand it is? Maybe I can track one down on end-of-season clearance….

  16. Hi Laura!!
    It’s a really weird name, Elsamanda. I’m not sure if you could find it.
    Thanks for stopping by and please tell you friend “thank you” for sharing my blog.

  17. No way you’re 40! You look so much younger. I’m a senior I’m a high school and I stumbled upon this blog. You look fantastic”