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How To Dress The Banana Body Type

To begin the new year, I’m talking about the different body types of women. To dress with confidence, we need to know what looks best on our body type. Remember God made each of us unique!

On Tuesday, we discussed the Apple body type. Today, we’re moving on to the Banana body type. This is also referred to as the rectangle body type. (If I could pick, this is the one I would want.)

How To Dress The Banana Body Type

Here are the characteristics of the Banana Body Type. Do any of these describe you?

    • Your shoulders, waist and hips are all about the same width
    • You have a small- medium bust
    • You are balanced and your waist is not defined
    • You tend to put on weight in the stomach especially after menopause

How To Dress The Banana Body Type


Here are some guidelines on what the banana body type can wear. Remember these are only guidelines and they’re a good starting point.

As a banana body type you will want to create more curves to bring out your feminine side. You can do this by wearing clothes that help define the waist.

      • Wear tops and jackets that emphasize the waist
      • Wear a belted coat
      • Strong blocks of color help define your body
      • Tops that are boat neck or scooped neck look best. Highlight with a statement necklace.
      • Jackets that taper and end right below the waist create curves.  A belted jacket is the best.
      • You will likely look good in A line dresses and pencil skirts
      • Loose dresses with waist defining belts
      • Skinny jeans will look good on your body type
      • Slightly flared trousers will also look great on you as it will add more shape to your body
      • For shoes go with the rounded look in flats and pumps

Clothes for the banana body type to avoid:

  • Plain straight dresses in plain colors
  • Avoid shapeless clothes
  • Avoid anything that is boxy

Here are some clothes that would work for the Banana Body Type. All these pieces can be found at Macy’s and I added them to my Fashion Over 40 Pinterest Board.

How To Dress The Banana Body Type

 I think I try to dress like I’m a banana, but I’m a pear. Yikes!

Are you a banana? Does this describe you?

Beauty For the Heart~~“We are sent to bless the world, but we are never told to compromise with it.” -AW Tozer 

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Good morning Cyndi! Love your beauty for the heart. You have such a cute small figure I would think you could wear anything you want! Have a great day in The Lord.

  2. I’ve been called a toothpick, a board, and a pencil but never a banana. That’s so cute! I think I’ll go with banana!

  3. Thanks Cyndi. That’s me the banana, he-he. Great advice, will be looking into the closet to make sure i am following these tips. Many Blessings to You, look forward to your articles every morning when I turn my computer on.

  4. Hi Cindi, I guess I am the banana type but with a muffin top. Will belts emphasize the muffin? Thanks!

  5. Banana stumped me too. 🙂 I think everything you showed would work for a pear also except maybe the tunic. I’m a pear and tunics have to fall just right on my hips or it’s not good. Thanks for your wonderful ideas.

  6. Hi Cyndi. I love your blog! I am blessed to be a banana. As Tracy said I’ve been called a lot of things but never a banana…I like it! I often find myself wishing I was a bit more of a pear so I could have a tiny waist. I guess like most of us I need to be satisfied with what God blessed me with. I enjoy your blog and truly love the Beauty for the Heart segments. God bless…Melissa

  7. I am so a banana. I agree with all your tips except the shoes. I do like rounded toed flats, but I gotta have my pointy-toed pumps. Thanks for the tips. Hafe a great day.

  8. Hi Cyndi.

    I never heard of the banana type until your post. I am somewhat of a combo of the banana type and the hourglass type, I guess. My hips and chest are about the same measurement, but my waist is about 10″ smaller. Maybe you can tell me my body type. 🙂

    Have a great evening.

  9. Well, I know I’m not apple and I know I’m not pear, so I must be banana! Even though I’m not a skinny banana! I agree totally with the no boxy type clothes. They are not for me. I do better with more “flowy”, “feminine” styles. My daughters and I enjoy this kind of ” right shape” and “right colors for you” thing. Fun!

  10. Great post ! Im not a banana but I love to eat bananas. Not sure what my body shape is but I know if I keep coming back I will find out. Loving this series. My favorite part is looking at the clothes and outfits you show.

  11. Good morning,
    although I am late on getting to read this blog, I do get around to reading them all. I love each and every blog…they are very fun & educational reading!
    I have heard of the banana type, but have always known it to be called “The Boyish Body Type.” You know, straight up and down…no hips or chest, just like a boy. hee hee
    I sadly am not an apple nor a banana….I am a pear also, and a slightly over weight pear that, at this time, is getting peeled one day at a time! LOL 🙂
    Have an awesome weekend Cyndi (stay blessed and unreformed to this world!

  12. Well, I am a banana and have been doing it all wrong. Never wear belts! Guess I should start. Thanks, Cyndi, for tips.

  13. I love reading your articles! Your explanation on banana body shape (my shape) is so useful and a great guideline for me