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Winter Clothes For Women Over 40

Today I’m sharing winter clothes for women over 40. Basically, I’m trying to share something other than jeans and boots.

One of the trends I love in winter clothes, is mixing patterns. While this picture might be a little extreme for me, I am wanting to incorporate some mixed patterns into my wardrobe.

mixing patterns


In this outfit I wore a leopard print scarf with plaid pants.

Winter Clothes For Women Over 40

Black blouse-The Limited/Leopard print scarf-Amazon/Plaid dress pants-JC Penney/Black heels/TJ Maxx

I was trying to create a more casual look with the same pair of pants. I think I might have liked it better with a back shirt.

blue jean jacket

Jean Jacket-Gap/White blouse-JC Penney/Plaid pants-JC Penney/Black riding boots-Target

So have you tried mixing patterns with your wardrobe?

Beauty For the Heart~~Wouldn’t you love to have a hope-filled heart? Wouldn’t you love to see the world through the eyes of Jesus? Where we see unanswered prayer, Jesus sees answered prayer. Where we see the absence of God, Jesus sees the plan of God. God never promises to remove us from our struggles. He does promise, however, to change the way we look at them. -Max Lucado

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hi Cyndi!
    I have been on the lookout for a leopard scarf and have yet to see one in the stores where I shop. I saw that you got yours on Amazon. I went to their site and saw many choices and price points, some very cheap!! They have mixed reviews regarding fabric, and not being the same scarf seen in the picture. Any advice? They only thing I have purchased from Amazon so far are books!
    Thanks! Kim

  2. I just wanted to say that I just found your blog online yesterday and love it already! I am 45 and always want to look fashionable but not too “young”. I have gotten some great outfit ideas from you using things I hardly ever wear in my closet! Love that! I also think I could use a little dose of “faith” every now and then! Keep up the great work!

  3. I have loved expirmenting with pattern mixing and the fear factor has disappeared, allowing me to do it with great confidence…. I have somehow lost my leopard scarf and it is driving me crazy.. Might just have to replace it as it really is such a versatile piece…
    Love the Leopard with the pants and wonder if you could do a striped top under the denim jacket as another option…

  4. Great quote from Max Lucado, Cyndi! I like mixing patterns… but feel this is an area where one should tread lightly so as not to over-do it:) You’re pants and scarf are very nice! I think pairing your denim jacket with that exact outfit would work very well. It would make a nice subtle blend of patterns and textures without being too over the top! Have a great day! Thanks for the great ideas! Krista

  5. THANK YOU!! My favorite outfit is the jean jacket, crisp white blouse and your pants. It just looks sharp. I’d like your comment on black pants with suede, medium-colored BORN boots, and a mid-thigh length sweater for church. The black pant that aren’t leggings, as they have a little room, but they give the needed look. Would you wear leggings or something like I described to church? THANKS!

  6. another good one ! as always the beauty of the heart was perfectly timed. for scarves, I have found the fabric stores are really pretty terrific. with a bit of care in the selections they can even be no sew; especially the leopard or others that will be in cool weather use. just an idea for anyone wanting to be frugal and creative.

  7. Loved your posts yesterday and today…loved the bible verses you shared…seems they always hit home with me. For those looking for the animal print scarves, try Stein Mart, Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I coincidentally am wearing mine today, silk, beautiful leopard pattern, exactly what I had been searching for, and it was less than $15.

  8. I know they have mixed reviews buy I got mine fine, although it did seem to take a while to get it. It was cheap enough that if I didn’t get it, I wasn’t going to sweat it. 🙂